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5 Things All Dads Need To Know In Order To Age Well

Fathers may get the hero treatment one day a year, but being a dad is a demanding, full-time job, and it can take a toll on the body. From increased stress to sleepless nights and developing a “dad bod,” fatherhood is full of things that can make you feel that you're operating at way less than 100%. Show More Summary

Best Sleep Memes

Ahh sleep, that elusive thing we all crave yet can never enough of But before you close your browser on account of “I can’t trust this guy” just know that I’m not here to give you any sleep advice. We already... got you.....covered on that front.I am, however, here to talk about the funny side of sleep. Show More Summary

Best Punching Bags

Sometimes you just want to punch something. Maybe you’re a boxer in training, stuck in traffic, or your boss said something that ticked you off. Of course, you don’t want that something to punch back, or break, or make a mess all over the floor. Show More Summary

The Worst Cardio Machine In The Gym

Dear Assault Bike, I don’t want to mince words. I hate you. I’m not bias. Like most sane people, I have a general disdain for most cardio machines that are either intensely boring or snatch the air from your lungs, or both. Yes, I know. Show More Summary

Best High Energy Foods

Despite best efforts to relax more, let’s be realistic—you’re always working. At home, the gym, the office, you’re on 24/7 and that requires endless energy. While food isn’t the ultimate fix, you can hack your diet to help reduce fatigue. Show More Summary

Speed Training Workouts

Even Jim Loperfido, the owner of CrossFit Solace in New York, can hit a rut at the gym. His deadlift was stalled at 405 pounds, even though he was doing everything right. Tucking his pelvis, avoiding hyperextension in his back, emphasizing the breathe while thinking about keeping the weight in his heels. Show More Summary

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