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Bodyweight Exercises For Stronger Arms

You want bigger arms. But when you look at most articles for arm exercises, you’ll usually see, like, 17 different versions of bicep curls. To build huge arms, you don’t need to constantly blast them with heavy weights. In fact, you don’t need to use weights at all. Show More Summary

This Guy Lost 200 Pounds By Following This Diet

From nothingness, the universe was created. From a simple caterpillar, a butterfly emerges. A dorky teen grows up to be a fashion model, or a bodybuilder. The one constant in life is change, and in our newTransformation of the Week series, AskMen is celebrating men who have turned their lives around through dedication, commitment and hard work. Show More Summary

The Two-Hour Marathon

This article was originally published on AskMen UK. In endurance sports, one time more than any other is now the frontier that athletes are seeking to break: two hours. Just as previous generations dreamed of the four-minute mile, or...Show More Summary

Two Regular Joes Get Ripped By Trying Chris Evan's Captain America Workout

Getting in shape can be a real daunting task. Where to even begin? Especially if you're a little clueless as to what to do when you finally get your behind through the doors of your local gym, getting the results can be a real challenge. Show More Summary

Models Who Train Harder Than You

We know, your social feed is full of gym selfies. It's stuffed with sport bra-clad women in locker rooms all over, flexing their biceps and their hashtags so that the world knows a workout happened. And then there are the ladies that really get after it. Show More Summary

How To Use A Foam Roller

There's nothing better than the feeling of a good massage, especially if your muscles are screaming from yesterday's workout. The minor issue? All that kneading packs a punch on your wallet, too. But what if we were to tell you there's a solid one-time fee of roughly $40 that could give you all the same benefits? Friends, meet the foam roller. Show More Summary

Motivating Bodybuilding Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Even if resolutions aren’t exactly your thing - and definitely not something you brag about on Instagram, if you post at all -- the first month of the year is often a time when most people start to think about their life, their choices and their goals. Show More Summary

Bench Press Workouts For A Bigger Chest

“Train the chest; forget the rest.” The mantra of many a Gym Bro. But when is comes to building the chest, your typical chest day probably consists of a barbell bench press and then some other “stuff.” Most likely biceps curls and some abs. Show More Summary

Best Gym Bloopers

Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep the night before, or a deadline at work is stressing you out, or you’re fighting with your lady -- whatever the reason, we all have off days at the gym where we definitely don’t give 100 percent to our workouts. Show More Summary

Why Do Expectant Fathers Put On Weight?

This article was originally published by AskMen UK. The Dad Bod Project is AskMen editor Ian Taylor’s attempt to take a pre-emptive strike on his misshapen, doughy torso before he becomes a father. He’ll be charting his efforts in weekly...Show More Summary

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