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A Runner's Guide to Weightlifting

There are only three moves runners need to do to get faster and avoid injury.

10 Questions With Ron Howard

The Oscar-winning director shares his philosophy for good health with WebMD Magazine.

Is Your Bathroom Gym Selfie OK?

Robin Arzon quit her job as a corporate lawyer to devote her time to making fitness her full-time career. She loves Wu-Tang and 2-Pac and has a special, albeit imaginary, friendship with Beyoncè. And she likes to curse. Not like a surly...Show More Summary

Michelle Payne Claims Historic Melbourne Cup (Men's Health)

Aboard a 100-1 outsider, Payne claimed the Cup and took aim at a "chauvinistic sport" in a historic win

WATCH: WWE Moves Finally Make It To MMA With Devastating Effect (Men's Health)

MMA fighter Luis Nogueira unleashed a Rock Bottom during a fight to devastating effect

You're Probably Drinking Too Much Water

Overhydration can be life-threatening, too. Let your thirst guide you before, during, and after[...]

Stop Scratching: The Cure for Jock Itch

Some smart hygiene could save you a week's worth of itching and pain.

Running Technique

When faced with the prospect of altering my running technique, my initial response was No. Friggin’. Way. I mean, who really needs a running coach? Humans have been running for millennia. We just put on some shoes and go out and do it. Show More Summary

The GEL-Quantum 180 and Recovery Wear

This is article is presented by ASICS. You’ve just finished yet another grueling workout session or run and have two things on your mind: food and your couch. Your main mission right now is to get some fuel into your body and find somewhere to crash so you can recover from the self-administered brutality you just endured. Show More Summary

Sweetened Drinks May Up Men's Heart Failure Risk

Two servings daily linked to higher odds for the disabling condition, study says

Are Erectile Dysfunction Supplements Dangerous?

Lamar Odom’s recent medical troubles have spurred increased attention to a problem that’s existed for a long time. Men are embarrassed to talk to their doctors about erectile dysfunction, and so they resort to over-the-counter products that promise a quick fix. Show More Summary

WATCH: UFC Champ Conor McGregor Bare-Knuckle Boxes Europe's Strongest Man (Men's Health)

UFC Interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor is one of the most lethal men in the Octagon - but that means little against The Mountain, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

30-Minute Workouts

Today’s social newsfeed serves as a constant reminder of how active and fit everyone seems to be. Your friends are checking in at the gym, posting their workout photos to Instagram and tweeting the newest exercise craze they’re trying out. Show More Summary

Making Exercise A Routine

You know those “one weird trick” ads? This piece includes a trick that actually works, and does not come with recurring charges to your credit card. A number of times I’ve discussed how important it is to develop passion for the exercise you engage in. Show More Summary

Stephen Curry's First Date

Stephen Curry has been in the center of a debate about who is the greatest shooter to have ever lived. There’s evidence in the 40 points he dropped on New Orleans on the opening night of the NBA season. He won the NBA MVP last season and then he led the Golden State Warriors to their first world championship in 40 years. Show More Summary

Is There Really Poop in Your Beard? Will Forte Gets Tested

The 'Last Man on Earth' star gets his very full beard tested for serveral bacteria, and feces.

The Only 4 Things You Need to Know About Bacon And Cancer (Men's Health)

Our exclusive interviews with the scientists behind the World Health Organization's report reveal the truth about meat and cancer

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