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QALO Ring Review

If you live an active lifestyle, or you’re a gym rat or work with your hands, wearing a wedding ring can be an obstacle. Inevitably, the band is going to get dinged, scratched and bent. That’s if you don’t lose it first. The first time...Show More Summary

3 Workouts Vs. 1 Short: Putting WOLACO's North Moore Shorts To The Test

The one short you need for your even your toughest workout. Whether you’re feeling lazy after a long football Sunday or you’ve just had a frustrating day at the office, hitting the gym can sometimes be mega daunting. When you don’t necessarily want to put your fastest foot forward, the last thing you need is your go-to gym gear holding you back. Show More Summary

Bachelorette's Shawn Booth Reveals His Fitness Routine

Shawn Booth was the last man standing in Season 11 of The Bachelorette. The personal trainer captured the final rose and the heart of Canadian Kaitlyn Bristowe, and the couple are still going strong as ever. Since the cameras stopped...Show More Summary

Can Pre-Workout Supplements Lead To Better Sex?

It started out as a joke. Sex is a workout, right? So what would it be like if you prepped for a bedroom romp by downing a pre-workout supplement? Think about it. If having intoxicated or otherwise high sex is a thing – yes, it’s definitely...Show More Summary

Antibacterial Sprays And Wipes For Your Gym Bag

Crushing a new PR is fun, dealing with germs and germ-related infections and illness is not. The gym may feel like hallowed grounds, but that doesn’t make it immune from the germs that can lead to colds, athlete’s foot, and skin infections. Show More Summary

From Depressed And Single To Confident And Ripped

Michael Jeffries never felt right in his own skin. He was 27 years old, overweight, and was struggling with the fact that his band broke up. He felt lonely. 'I was a bit depressed with that,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 'I drank aShow More Summary

Why Everyone Should Use An Ab Roller

Even if you don't actively work to achieve them, no one would turn them down if having a six-pack were an easy choice. And even if you are trying to carve out your midsection, you're probably having a tough time -- getting body fat levels...Show More Summary

How To Stay Fit On The Road

Traveling can be a whole lot of fun, but it can also be a whole lot … extra. Extra ice cream. Extra whiskey cocktails. Extra snacks. Extra beers. Extra everything-ever-invented-that’s-a-carb. Granted, vacation isn’t an everyday thing, but when I found myself amidst a month of business and personal travel, I knew I was in for it. Show More Summary

TRX Total Body Workout

A TRX suspension trainer is the perfect piece of summer workout equipment for two reasons: you can take your training session outside and you can put yourself on the fast track to ripped abs. That’s because a stability trainer makes sure that you’re always working double-time. Show More Summary

What Are BCAAs?

Do you need to take supplements? The short answer is no. You don’t. But if the question is should you take supplements? Well, that when things get murky because it really depends on your individual goals. That is particularly the case with BCAAs. Show More Summary

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