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Woman with Dangerous Strain of Drug-Resistant TB Flew to the U.S.

Just last year, everyone was talking about Ebola, the gruesome and contagious disease that ravaged West Africa and spread on a much smaller scale to other parts of the world. This year, people might be talking about tuberculosis. According to … More » The post Woman with Dangerous Strain of Drug-Resistant TB Flew to the U.S. appeared first on EveryJoe.

10 Reasons To Buy The July Issue Of Men's Health (Men's Health)

Want to write your own triumphant ending? Listen to the latest MH Cover Guy, who knows a thing or two about unscripted plot twists.

Are Carbs Bad For You?

This is the first entry in a two-part debate: are carbs bad for you? Stay tuned for the rebuttal. Carbs. So… are they good for you or are they bad? Well, some doctors are now saying that cutting carbs can ruin your health and make you fatter. Show More Summary

Two Cups of Coffee a Day May Keep Erectile Dysfunction Away

Millions of men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. One study says caffeine might help you stay out of[...]

Should You Be Using Brain Stimulation?

Thync says their new gadget can give you energy and help your mood — but scientists remai[...]

US Open Fantasy Golf

This article is presented by Draft Kings. Click Here For Your Chance To Win A Million Dollars With Fantasy Golf From DraftKings Everyone is getting into the DraftKings craze and that includes us. Fantasy sports, simplicity and not having to wait six months in a pool to find out that half the other members didn’t pay up are the main reasons why. Show More Summary

Nike Zoom Camp Running

If it ever came down to fight or flight, I think I’d rather fight. My flight quickly becomes a fight with my legs, my body, and especially my mind. My sprints are pretty fast, but my fast doesn’t last. At least, they don’t last as long as I’d like. Show More Summary

Champions League Final 2015

The biggest competition in club football celebrates its 60th birthday in style in Berlin’s Olympiastadion as Spanish giants Barcelona take on Italy’s Juventus this Saturday. Both sides have already locked their domestic league and cup...Show More Summary

Why Getting Rejected Can Be Good For Us

Ask to cut in the checkout line. Ask a stranger for gum. Self-improvement comes [...]

Fitness Lessons From Prison

Paul Wade is the author of Convict Conditioning. The third volume, Explosive Calisthenics, is out now.Speak to most guys trying to get in good shape, and you hear the same story, over and over again. They miss workouts due to too many commitments—school, work, family, social stuff, work again, etc. Show More Summary

Tony Horton's "No Excuses" Bodyweight Workout

Tony Horton, P90X mastermind, shares the four moves that are guaranteed to get you in shape&nbs[...]

How Being Cynical Could Drain Your Bank Account (Men's Health)

People with negative outlooks pull in smaller salaries, research shows. Are you screwing yourself out of a fat pay cheque?

Celebrate National Running Day by Getting Off the Couch

Today is National Running Day, and you don’t have to be a marathoner to celebrate. While there are a lot of events and festivities going on around the country to mark this day, just getting up and moving can get … More » The post Celebrate National Running Day by Getting Off the Couch appeared first on EveryJoe.

Not Your Average Joe

Actor Joe Manganiello is proof there's no magic pill for fitness – just hard work.

How to Take a Big, Crazy Family Sabbatical

Last year, Bruce Kirkby traveled halfway around the world with his family to live in [...]

Phil Pritchard Interview

Among the Big Four sports in North America, one championship trophy stands alone. Football, baseball and basketball all have perfectly nice hardware. But the truth is that hockey’s Stanley Cup is legendary, nearly mythological. Perhaps...Show More Summary

The benefit of healthy friends (Men's Health)

Shedding kilos – or, indeed, gaining them – isn’t always a matter of individual will

Master the Jump Rope Double-Under

Four tips to perform this essential CrossFit move perfectly.

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