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Are Women with ADHD Confident?

13 hours agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

What does it mean to be confident? Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (self-esteem), and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. Those of us with ADHD are often lacking in confidence, for a number of reasons. Show More Summary

The 10 Basic Dos and Don’ts of Depression

There are a number of simple things that anyone can do to improve their mood.

Benzodiazepines, related drugs increase stroke risk among persons with Alzheimer's disease

The use of benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine-like drugs was associated with a 20 per cent increased risk of stroke among persons with Alzheimer’s disease, shows a recent study. Benzodiazepines were associated with a similar risk of stroke as benzodiazepine-like drugs.

House Hunting

We got a wonderful surprise the other night. Bill’s mom took us out to dinner and delivered some awesome news about a decision she made that would affect Bill and me. Since Bill’s brother died at Thanksgiving, that meant that the money...Show More Summary

New research study creates new opportunities for treating brain diseases

Immunotherapy has proven to be effective against many serious diseases. But to treat diseases in the brain, the antibodies must first get past the obstacle of the blood-brain barrier. In a new study, a research group describes their development of a new antibody design that increases brain uptake of antibodies almost 100-fold.

Link found between concussions, Alzheimer's disease

Concussions accelerate Alzheimer's disease-related brain atrophy and cognitive decline in people who are at genetic risk for the condition, research has found. The findings show promise for detecting the influence of concussion on neurodegeneration.

The Lysergic Acid ‘Solution’ for Depression?

Can microdoing acid (LSD) help a variety of serious mental and addictive disorders?

Found: Neurons that orient bats toward destination

Bats – like humans – can find their favorite fruit stand (or coffee shop) even when it’s hidden behind a screen or tall buildings. How? Scientists have now identified the neurons that point bats in the right direction, even when their destination is obscured. This could aid understanding of some aspects of Alzheimer’s.

They Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Dementia patients might not be able to tell you how they feel, but if you pay close attention you will learn by their behavior how they are feeling. By Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room In a recent email conversation with me Rudy Tanzi wrote, people only remember how you make them feel... Show More Summary

Caregivers Report Sadness, Loneliness, Less Enjoyment in Dementia Care

Adams suggests that caregivers might benefit from support groups that “normalize” the emotions that surface while watching the dementia of their loved ones worsen. They can also be taught caregiving and decision making skills and given “permission” to increase pleasurable activities and engage in self-care. Show More Summary

Depression Takes a Heavy Toll On Your Heart, Study Finds

The latest findings of a ten-year study show that depression can be just as hard on your heart as obesity or high cholesterol.

Let’s Rock 2017!

I have had so many people say that they are looking forward to 2017 – or more precisely – they are looking to be done with 2016. Do you feel that way? Was 2016 a bad year for you? It’s certainly ending in a bad way, what with all of the celebrity deaths in the […] The post Let’s Rock 2017! appeared first on An ADD Woman.

How Detoxification Will Improve Your Mental Health

Detoxification is an essential part of a prevention and treatment program for recovery of mental health, including PTSD, depression and addictions.

The Signs of Deep Grief

How deep is my grief? What are the signs and symptoms of deep grief?

With the Flip of a Switch, These Mice Attack

With a flash of light, researchers have induced mice to pounce on anything in their line of sight. Researchers from Yale University and the University of São Paulo isolated the regions of the mouse brain that control both hunting and...Show More Summary

How to Avoid Depression Induced by Social Media

A review of the research finds certain social media behaviors lead to depression.

Counseling with Visual Metaphors

We are bombarded with visual metaphors on television every day. Clients use metaphors to understand their dilemmas and plan strategies for change. The case history is helpful.

Princess Diana Spoke Candidly About Postpartum Depression And Self-Injury In 1995 Interview

(Photo credit: Paisley Scotland) This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. She remains a vivid icon, remembered for her charisma, grace and tireless activism. Now, thanks to footage and transcripts from a 1995...Show More Summary

Where I Needed to Be

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - January 11, 2017 Quote of the Week "I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” - Douglas Adams Where I Needed to Be I suspect your life, like mine, hasShow More Summary

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Here we are a week and a half into the new year— how are YOU doing with YOUR resolutions?

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