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What is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and How Does it Relate to ADHD?

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 11/24/2017. Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD ADHD Voices A participant in my most recent ADHD couples seminar recently made a life-changing discovery – he has suffered all of his life from Rejection Sensitive...Show More Summary

MRI shows brain differences among ADHD patients

Information from brain MRIs can help identify people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and distinguish among subtypes of the condition, according to a new study.

What Cost, Wisdom?

ADHD & Marriage News - November 20, 2017 Quote of the Week “The lessons of love can be costly and the price of wisdom very steep.  Yet, these initially unwelcomed tutorials hold seeds of great potential to liberate us to live more authentic...Show More Summary

Brain imaging reveals ADHD as a collection of different disorders

Researchers have found that patients with different types of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have impairments in unique brain systems, indicating that there may not be a one-size-fits-all explanation for the cause of the disorder. Show More Summary


ADHD & Marriage News - November 1, 2017 Quote of the Week “How we interact with and support each other affects the way we age. Compassion is critical." - Elizabeth Blackburn, Researcher on Aging Compassion One thing about compassionShow More Summary

How did ‘ADD & Loving It?!’ ever make its way to PBS?

It’s been a few years since our friend Alan Foster called to ask,  “What have you been up to?  Got anything that I should look at?” Alan was the man who got The Red Green Show onto PBS despite a lot of concerns that audiences wouldn’t enjoy a show that featured a bunch of dorky […]

ADHD Across the Lifespan

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 10/26/2017. Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD ADHD Voices The severity of ADHD symptoms – as well as what symptoms you exhibit – change with environmental factors such as stress, lack of sleep, or an increase...Show More Summary

To Change…

ADHD & Marriage News - October 25, 2017 Quote of the Week “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." - Buckminster Fuller To Change… When...Show More Summary


ADHD & Marriage News - October 18, 2017 Quote of the Week “There is no crime, absolutely none, that connote be condoned when ‘our’ side commits it.” - George Orwell Justified Well, I might not agree completely with this statement asShow More Summary

Shame is Riding Shotgun

ADHD & Marriage News - October 12, 2017 Quote of the Week “It’s always helpful to remember that when perfectionism is driving, shame is riding shotgun.” - Brene Brown, in Rising Strong Shame is Riding Shotgun Satisfaction, happiness,...Show More Summary

Medication For ADHD

Medication for ADHD.  It remains a hot button topic for parents and kids, fodder for scary headline writers, and of course ‘the enemy’ for websites promoting all-natural cures for ADHD. How do you ‘cure’ ADHD?  I mean it’s not like a wart or cancer where you can see it is there, treat it, and then […]

Parenting an ADHD Child

By Rick Green, I struggled in elementary school. I struggled in High School. Guess how I did in university?  Yes, I struggled.  Sank into Depression in fact, though I didn’t recognize what was happening until decades later. Not so much struggle in my career.  Because I got to choose what I was going to do […]

7 Ways to Save Money on Your ADHD Prescriptions

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 10/12/2017. One of my current seminar participants happens to be an M.D. After someone asked how to pay less for ADHD medications that are currently costing her north of $300 a month, this doctor sent me six...Show More Summary

Know Better

ADHD & Marriage News - October 6, 2017 Quote of the Week “I did then what I knew how to do.  Now that I know better I do better.” - Maya Angelou Know Better Once you have learned just how much adult ADHD can impact your relationshipShow More Summary

October: ADHD Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again! October is ADHD Awareness Month. I’ve been thinking about what “ADHD awareness” means to me. And the short answer is: everything. My own diagnosis […]

All I Wanted was a Recipe

2 months agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

Have you ever started to do something simple, something that should only take a minute or so, only to have it consume hours of your time? Oh, and while it’s consuming your time, it’s also testing your threshold for frustration? I bet you can relate. All I wanted was a recipe. That’s easy, right? I […] The post All I Wanted was a Recipe appeared first on An ADD Woman.

Being Alive

ADHD & Marriage News - September 27, 2017 Quote of the Week “It matters not where or how far you travel…but how much alive you are.” - Henry David Thoreau Being Alive One of the things that attracted me to my husband was how much energy...Show More Summary

ADHD Awareness Month Expo

October is ADHD Awareness Month and the ADD / ADHD Community is coming together online at the 8th Annual Online ADHD Awareness Expo. The World’s Leading ADD / ADHD Experts will be joining us by Video to share their favorite Tips and Strategies on how to live Successfully with ADD / ADHD. The ADHD Awareness Expo will also be featuring products and services in the […]

Tackling Big Projects When You Have ADHD

By Rick Green I have a lot of days where I can’t seem to get anything done. Other days I get a bunch of small, inconsequential things done. And now and then, I have a day where I’m actually feeling very productive, going almost non-stop. Surprisingly, the productive days leave me less tired, less worn […]

ADHD Partners and Time - Being Late Isn't Just About Time Management

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 09/15/2017. Communication Tips with ADHD Conflicts Around Household Tasks “What time is it?” “7:55” “What time did I say I would be here?” “8:00” Big cheesy grin…“That’s right.” This simple conversation occurred...Show More Summary

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