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ADHD & Anger – I’m frustrated & overwhelmed

By Rick Green, When I was first diagnosed with ADHD, I wanted help with time management, organizing, clutter, scheduling, and so on. The ‘logistics of life.’ Mastering these ADHD challenges is an ongoing project. Always improving. Never perfect.   My success requires an arsenal of mutually supporting tools.   However when one strategy stopped working well for […]

Upcoming Events

Adult ADD Productivity Circle The next Adult ADD Productivity Circle begins on May 8th.  There are now 3 different membership levels for the Productivity Circle too.  Registration opens this Friday at 12:00 pm EDT. If you are interested in the Super level make sure set up a reminder to register on Friday. The Super section […]

ADHD and Me: How a Google Search Changed My Life

Submitted by Katie in ADHDland on 04/25/2017. Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD Women with ADHD ADHD Voices The Background For five years, my husband thought I was I was a lazy, selfish, apathetic person with a questionable moral code....Show More Summary

ADHD Marriage Mobile Friendly Site Kicks Off 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 04/25/2017. Resources Ten years of helping couples navigate the ins and outs of living with adult ADHD is worth celebrating!  So last year I challenged myself to start thinking about what else I ought to provide that would help struggling couples fall in love all over again. Show More Summary

Rock Bottom

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - April 12, 2017 Quote of the Week “Rock bottom is an identity changer.  I was a mom and a wife and a writer, and those things were good.  If you ask a woman who she is, she’ll tell you who she serves and sometimes...Show More Summary

Featured ADHD Experts Podcast Website

I want to let my blog readers know about my new ADHD Podcast Website for ADHD Support Talk Radio. On the new ADHD Podcast website, you can you listen to the most recent podcast episodes and featured episodes. The featured podcast episode pages include detailed information about the guest experts. You can find their bios, […]

6 Reasons Your ADHD Partner May Not Lead…and What To Do About It

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 04/06/2017. ADHD Marriage: Anger, Frustration & ADHD Communication Tips with ADHD While it is not always the case, I observe that many people with ADHD are not all that great at reaching out to partners and family in order to engage, even if they are really good in general social settings. Show More Summary

The Martyr

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - April 5, 2017 Quote of the Week “If you’re chronically overextended, under-appreciated and very, very angry, there’s a simple solution: Stop playing the martyr…a martyr is sweet on the outside, but inside...Show More Summary

Powerful ADHD Affirmations

I want to let you know about a book I just came across called The 100 Most Powerful Affirmations for ADHD. If you have heard me speak recently you may have heard me mention that affirmations can help improve the mindset of Adults with ADD / ADHD. Improving your mindset can increase productivity and help […]

My 12 Year Blogging Anniversary

I recently realized that as of March 3rd I have been blogging here on My ADD / ADHD blog for 12 years!  Wow! That’s a long time! Thank you to all my blog readers who keep reading and commenting on my blog posts! I’m also honored to have received several... Read more »

ADHD Productivity Tip: Stop Trying to Catch Up

Did you catch the episode of CrusherTV last night called Stop Trying to Catch Up? Guess who was the featured expert? It was me!! Hosted by productivity coach Alan Brown, CrusherTV takes an informative and entertaining approach to improving productivity and quality-of-life for busy people. I joined Alan in providing interesting... Read more »


ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 29, 2017 Quote of the Week “It is in compassion where our security lies.” - Representative from the House of Peace, Ipswich, MA on NPR Security Power struggles abound in relationships impacted by ADHD. ...Show More Summary

How to Treat ADHD with Diet and Nutrition Changes

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 03/28/2017. Want to treat your ADHD with dietary changes?  Here is what you need to know, from a recent review of multiple research studies on the topic. Your best bet - try specially designed multi-vitamins. One...Show More Summary

Choose to Grow

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 22, 2017 Quote of the Week “You can let life’s inevitable torments cut you down – or you can use them to grow.” - Elizabeth Gilbert Choose to Grow I was talking with a therapist one time about the pain...Show More Summary

Words of Encouragement from a Man with ADHD

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 03/16/2017. ADHD Marriage: Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD I am a 72-year old retired professor of International Relations and Middle East Politics, with life-long experience dealing with my ADHD.  In my case this involves highly inconsistent memory, impulsivity and a restless mind bouncing from topic to topic. Show More Summary

Look Inside Yourself

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - March 15, 2017 Quote of the Week “One thing to watch out for is the belief that your transformation will bring you external validation, fame, or love. Placing our ability to feel worthy or loved outside ourselves...Show More Summary

Household chaos makes bringing up children with ADHD more difficult

Researchers often observe inadequate parenting, a negative emotional climate and household chaos in families of children with ADHD. A research group has now explored how these factors interrelate. The result is astounding.

The Best Type of Schedule and Structure for ADHD

What's the best type of Schedule and Structure for adults with ADD / ADHD? Unfortunately, there's not a one size fits all approach when comes to Schedules and Structure when you have ADD / ADHD....

Harnessing ADHD for business success

The symptoms of ADHD foster important traits associated with entrepreneurship. That conclusion was reached in a study conducted by an international team of economists, who found that entrepreneurs with ADHD embrace new experiences and demonstrate passion and persistence. Show More Summary

ADHD and Tapping - Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you stressed out? Join the the club! I just recently heard that we are the most stressed out in the United States than we've been in any other point in time. That's the general...

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