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Emotionally Present

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - September 21, 2016 Quote of the Week “When you understand your own emotions and triggers, you can learn to be present in difficult situations and not let your emotions control you.  This allows you to have...Show More Summary

Stress in Your Life

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - September 14, 2016 Quote of the Week “When stress goes up, cognitive ability goes down.” - Jerome Schultz, Ph.D. in ADDitude Magazine Stress in Your Life You may not be aware of this, but stress has a huge...Show More Summary

Donald Trump is a Narcissist. Your Partner with ADHD Probably is Not

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 09/13/2016. ADHD Marriage: Start here Anger, Frustration & ADHD I cannot tell you how often I have had a non-ADHD partner contact me and say something such as “I have a partner with ADHD who is also a narcissist.” ...Show More Summary

ADHD medication reduces risky behavior in children, teens, research finds

New research provides some of the first evidence that medications taken by millions of American children to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder offer long-term benefits.

College students who misuse stimulants more likely to have ADHD, substance-use disorder

A new study finds that college students who misuse stimulant drugs are more likely to have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder or substance-use disorder than are students not misusing stimulants.


ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - September 7, 2016 Quote of the Week “My husband watches four different sporting events on three different devices while messaging with friends on four different continents.  All this multitasking yet he can’t...Show More Summary

Tips for Supporting Adult Children with ADHD

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 09/07/2016. ADHD is highly heritable, which means you may well have children with ADHD.  As they age, how to support them becomes less clear, as parents need to let go of the organizing support they provided...Show More Summary

What About Lunch?

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - September 1, 2016 Quote of the Week “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?” - A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh What About...Show More Summary

A Cure For ADHD?

Is it possible to ‘cure’ ADHD? To answer that we need to time travel… Our documentary, ADD & Loving It?! is a surprise hit on PBS. The network is delighted. I am stunned and sent reeling. (I’ve yet to recover. I wake up reeling. AndShow More Summary

You have the Power!

Can you believe it's already September? It's a new month with new energy. I know that I'm sure ready for new energy and positive changes this month. I've been hearing from so many people, especially...

What Do You Need?

4 weeks agoMental Health / ADHD : ADD Moms

My mission here at An ADD Woman has always been to serve you. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail. i base my ideas about what you need on what I need or needed at one time, but that might not always be accurate. I need to hear from you because I need to know what […]

The Least You Need To Know

By Rick Green, Like many adults diagnosed many years ago, I learned about the disorder by reading books... Okay, skimming books. I have to tell you, there was far less information, but I was overwhelmed by what there was. And because the research is ongoing, today there’s even more to learn. Show More Summary

He’s Not Lazy…!

ADHD & Marriage Weekly Tip - August 25, 2016 Quote of the Week “It never occurred to me that there could be some logic behind his habits, not just sheer laziness…” - Jancee Dunn, in her article for RealSimple Magazine entitled “How to...Show More Summary

How ADHD Ignites Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

The extreme emotional pain of perceived rejection is a feeling unique to people with ADHD, and it can be debilitating. Learn how RSD may be impacting your patients.

Share This With Your Physician! 11 Steps to Prescribing and Using ADHD Medication Effectively

Medical school doesn’t teach it. The research can be confusing. Every patient is different. But physicians can help their patients effectively treat symptoms with ADHD medication using these concepts.

The Best Gift I Can Give My Son

The pressures of high school are looming for my son, who still struggles, at times, to manage his ADHD. That's why it's important that I give him space to breathe, be creative, and prepare himself for the challenges — and triumphs — he's about to face.

Turn Your Discouraged Child Into a CAN-DO Kid!

Teaching resilience to kids isn't always on the minds of today's teachers or parents. But it should be, argues Jerome Schultz, Ph.D. — especially for children with ADHD, who often face discouraging setbacks to their self-esteem.

Solving the ADHD-Bipolar Puzzle

Dealing with ADHD is a challenge. Bipolar disorder? Even harder. And when the two of them occur together, it can be downright dangerous. Here's how to sort out symptoms and get adequate treatment now.

"Life Was Good From My Perspective" — An Adult with ADHD Recollects His Childhood

Matt Curry, a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Hybrid Shop, sounds off on his childhood with ADHD — and how it shapes his success today.

All You Need Is Love, Right? Managing ADHD Self-Criticism with Positive Exercises

Once you start criticizing yourself — and when you have ADHD, it can happen a lot — it's important to focus on the positive aspects of your life. Here, Dr. Hallowell outlines 10 strategies to get your self-esteem back on track.

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