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5 Reasons Why Every Caregiver Should Participate in a Clinical Trial

The only way to find a cure, or effective treatment, for Alzheimer's is through participation in clinical trials. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomRight now, only a small fraction of Alzheimer's patients and caregivers are participating...Show More Summary

Parkinson's disease protection may begin in the gut

The gut may play a key role in preventing the onset of Parkinson's disease. Biologists found that in roundworms, an immune response from intestinal cells sparks a series of chemical signals that ultimately preserves neurons whose death is associated with Parkinson's.

Public Attitudes About Dementia Patients

There appeared to be a general acceptance that once a person is diagnosis with dementia they are viewed negatively in society. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomAround one half of respondents agreed as soon as someone is diagnosed...Show More Summary

The Connection Between UTI, Dementia and Memory Loss

Researchers have found a link between common infections, such as a cold, stomach bug or urine infection and an increase in inflammation like reactions in the brain which can exacerbate dementia symptoms. Study results show that people who got an infection had twice the rate of memory loss as people without infections. Show More Summary

Care home dementia study finds failure to reduce antipsychotic prescribing

There has been no sustained reduction in the prescription of antipsychotics to UK dementia patients, despite government guidance, according to a report.

Alzheimer's Care, I Had to Remind Myself My Mom Was Deeply Forgetful

When dementia strikes the majority of us are overwhelmed by the stigma attached to Alzheimer's. Our brain tells us, there is no hope. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomLet's face it, when Alzheimer's strikes we are immediately overwhelmed...Show More Summary

The Fit to Drive Test for Dementia Patients

One of the most difficult problems we face as dementia caregivers is when and how to convince a person living with dementia that it is no longer safe for them to drive an automobile. As dementia progresses, a time will come when your loved one will no longer be able to drive safely. Show More Summary

Trial helps doctors tell Lewy body dementia from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Knowing that many clinicians find it difficult to correctly diagnose patients with Lewy body dementia, researchers set out to develop a clinical profile for these patients.

Spotting the disease before it reveals its presence

A vast class of incurable neurodegenerative disorders are characterized by the aggregation and deposition of aberrant proteins like the amyloid bpeptide or the a-synuclein, considered to be a factor behind the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, respectively. Show More Summary

First results from world’s biggest body scanning project

Data from the first 5,000 UK Biobank participants taking part in the world's largest health imaging study has been released for health researchers worldwide to use in their own research. Researchers unearthed some rather complicated patterns of correlation. Show More Summary

Genetic 'switch' identified as potential target for Alzheimer’s disease

An important part of the machinery that switches on a gene known to protect against Alzheimer's Disease has been discovered by a team of scientists.

Dementia Care, Are You Trying to Convince Someone with Alzheimer's?

I finally learned that you just can't convince a person living with dementia to do what you want them to do. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomAfter reading Communicating in Alzheimer's World -- our reader Judy commented:So thisShow More Summary

Potential schizophrenia 'switch' found

A key mechanism that explains how compounds they're developing can suppress schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice without side effects has been discovered by researchers. An estimated 3 million Americans have schizophrenia, which is associated with excessive amounts of the neurotransmitter dopamine in a part of the forebrain called the striatum.

Alzheimer's Care, Always Be Kinder Than You Feel

Alzheimer's care is difficult and dementia patients often say things that seem nonsensical to us; or, say things that leave us exasperated, confused, frustrated, and sometimes angry. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading Room What does the...Show More Summary

What is a Memory Care Facility?

Memory Care Facilities may also be called communities, neighborhoods, units, wings, or hallways. They are all designed and devoted to serving people with Alzheimer's and dementia. By Rachael WonderlinAlzheimer's Reading RoomAs a former...Show More Summary

Poison in the brain

There are factors that facilitate the formation of putatively toxic structures in the neuronal nuclei of Alzheimer’s patients, report scientists. A research team compared brain samples from Alzheimer's patients with those of the healthy individuals in the same age group. Show More Summary

I’ve come to think of these lessons as mum’s dementia blessings

Initially, I found it very hard to accept that mum was living with dementia. I knew very little about the condition or what to expect, and frankly I found it terrifying. For some it seems elusive but as Alice Ashwell has explained in...Show More Summary

New strategy to obtain a specific type of amyloid-beta aggregate that may underlie neuronal death in Alzheimer's disease

For the first time, researchers describe how to prepare a specific type of aggregate of the amyloid-beta protein with the ability to perforate the cell membrane. What causes neuron death and the subsequent cognitive decline in Alzheimer´s disease is still unknown.

The Fake Alzheimer's Checkbook

A huge charade ensued – all of my mother’s experience of managing the checking account remained the same: receiving the bills into her home, and sitting down to write the checks. There was one important difference. By Pamela R. KelleyAlzheimer's...Show More Summary

Network physicist sheds light on Alzheimer's, schizophrenia

A new study comparing mouse and macaque brains has found evidence of an evolutionary universal brain structure in mammals that could provide insights into brain disorders such as Alzheimer's and schizophrenia.

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