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What is the Plural of Anecdote?

You Have A.D.D./A.D.H.D. and You Will NOT Be Rich and Famous is one of my more contentious posts as evidenced [...]

Separating Life’s Wheat From The Chaff

This podcast is a recording of a presentation I had given at a business breakfast meeting. The subject is one of self-discovery and how I discovered an inner peace that I did not think was ever possible.

Frustrastration and Adult ADD / ADHD

This past week Jeff Siegel joined me as my guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio. We had a candid discussion about Frustration, Humiliation and Adult ADD / ADHD. Many of my readers know Jeff from...

Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Can’t Effectively Clear Sticky Plaque Component

Alzheimer's patients can't effectively clear sticky plaque in the brain. Neurologists finally have an answer to one of the most important questions about Alzheimer's disease.... Alzheimer's Reading Room In a study published in Science,...Show More Summary

Text4baby – Maternal and Infant Wellness Info Via Free Text Messages!

I wanted to share this exciting news with you!  If you haven’t heard about the Text4baby initiative let me tell you a little bit about it.  This is a brand new, totally free and first health education program in the U.S. of its kind to use one of the most widely-used technologies in America–the cell [...]

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