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Childhood Bipolar? Parenting Advice

When you have a child with bipolar, parenting advice is never in short supply and is understandably not very welcome. However, in my practice, I spend far more time undiagnosing […]

Zapping between channels in the retina

Visual information is processed long before it reaches the brain. As early as in the retina, numerous types of cells are responsible for decomposing images into their diverse components, and for feeding these to the brain on several parallel channels. Show More Summary

My Blog is 10 Years Old! Hooray!

Happy 10th birthday to this blog! If it were a person, it’d be in its last year of primary school. Bloody hell.  When I wrote my first entry, I was newly dispatched from a psychiatric hospital, newly having just-lost-my-dad, and trying to find my way in the world through a fugue of medications and grief. […]

Area of brain linked to bipolar disorder pinpointed

A volume decrease in specific parts of the brain's hippocampus -- long identified as a hub of mood and memory processing -- was linked to bipolar disorder in a new study.

House Hunting

We got a wonderful surprise the other night. Bill’s mom took us out to dinner and delivered some awesome news about a decision she made that would affect Bill and me. Since Bill’s brother died at Thanksgiving, that meant that the money...Show More Summary

Goodbye Carrie Fisher, drowned in moonlight,  strangled by her own bra. 

?I generally dislike the snowflake especial, self aggrandisement of bipolar disorder, where it’s treated like some sort of wonderful gift or quirky personality trait.  It’s usually a thing that men do because famous men have so very much less to lose by being open about mental illness and bipolar disorder gets them their, “Tortured genius” […]

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Well, I’ve been getting ready for the holidays, and trying to stay stress-free and out of an episode, like I do every year. I’ve also been trying to keep everyone around me from going into an episode as well. See, my husband’s brother,...Show More Summary

Take the Bad Days with the Good

When you have bipolar disorder, you have to take the bad days with the good (which is true for life in general, but especially true when it comes to this disorder). You can’t take it to the extreme, however. What am I talking about?Show More Summary

Sorry for the silence… 

… I’ve not been very well over the past few months,  unsurprising given its autumn and I’m always ravaged by depression at this time of year. I don’t really know why I ever hope it’ll be different.  In the last few years I’ve had round the clock anxiety too which has been lots of fun. […]

Going to College With Bipolar Disorder - Part II

The second half of a two-part blog post pertaining to the issues faced by college-bound high school students with bipolar disorder.

Going to College With Bipolar Disorder - Part I

The first half of a two-part blog post pertaining to the issues and challenges faced by college-bound high school students with bipolar disorder.

A Simple Trick

I don’t know about you, but one of my bigger problems with dealing with my bipolar disorder – to this day – is organization. Quite frankly, I am one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet. Maybe you are in the same boat.Show More Summary

Life is Good

Recently I saw a bumper sticker on the back of a car that read, “Life is Good.” I thought about that today and, you know, life can still be good even if you have bipolar disorder, because life is what you make it. If you have a bad attitude,...Show More Summary

BBC Ouch Podcast-me and Mark Brown talk mental health 

Hello!  ?I was on the BBC Ouch podcast this morning with Mark Brown talking about celebrities coming out with their mental health, disclosure, the changing nature of celebrity, social media, sexism, Zayn Malik, mentalism and tea. And I also talk a bit about this blog (which is now so old it’s in its last year […]

People with bipolar disorder more than twice as likely to have suffered childhood adversity

People with bipolar disorder are more than twice as likely to have suffered childhood adversity. Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme depressive and manic states which impair quality of life and increase suicide risk. An urgent need in this field is better understanding of risk factors that can be used to improve detection and treatment.

It’s Not the Answer That Really Matters

Today I’m having trouble coming up with some moving, intellectual, quotable words of wisdom for you to take away with you that would change your lives for the better!  So, instead, I’m going to use someone else’s words:  “It’s not the...Show More Summary

Group psychoeducation offers 'early intervention' for bipolar patients

Structured group psychoeducation sessions could be more successful in treating patients in the early stages of bipolar disorder than standard peer-support offered by the NHS and the voluntary sector, research has found.

Risks of developing mental health problems if brother or sister affected

What is the risk of developing a mental disorder if a brother or sister has the condition? Now a large survey using data from all patients hospitalized in psychiatric wards in Israel, and their siblings, has given some answers: having...Show More Summary

One Thing You Can’t Afford

If you have bipolar disorder, there’s one thing you can’t afford – complacency. Complacency is just too darned close to giving up. And giving up, for us, can really do us in. It can mean that the bipolar wins and we lose, and we just can’t let that happen. Show More Summary

The Loneliness At the End of the Story

Mark’s piece has made me want to try and put something into words that I’ve long struggled to, and that I probably will struggle to now (edit: reading over this, yeah, I did). I am struggling to write generally at the moment. I’ve been writing this blog for almost a decade now (which is fairly […]

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