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Mom Died, and My Heart is Broken

Mom died on Christmas Eve, and my heart is broken. I miss her so much. She had had trouble breathing, so she had been in the hospital, where they found fluid on her lungs. However, then she got a perforated stomach (we never did find out how), and refused surgery. I think she was just […] The post Mom Died, and My Heart is Broken appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Christmas love to you all

I’ve been a bit AWOL, apologies. Just wanted to swing by to wish everyone a nice Christmas, or at least, one that’s not too shit for you. Or if it’s just another day, then I hope it’s one of the better ones. If 2017 has been bollocks for you, I wish you a better 2018 […]

Mom Going to Rehab

Well, it’s debatable whether Mom is getting better or not. I guess you could say she is better in that she is not combative any more, but that could be because she is no longer in the assisted living facility, because she is in the hospital. She has pneumonia and had trouble breathing, so she […] The post Mom Going to Rehab appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Traumatic stress interacts with bipolar disorder genetic risk to increase odds of suicide attempt

Genetic susceptibility to bipolar disorder can increase the risk for suicide attempt, but only among those who also have experienced traumatic stress, reports a new study.

Simple electrocardiogram can determine whether a patient has major depression or bipolar disorder, study finds

A simple 15-minute electrocardiogram could help a physician determine whether a patient has major depression or bipolar disorder, a groundbreaking new study reports.

Millennial Distress: Why More? Why Now?

A discussion of current socioeconomic and social media influences upon emotional and psychological distress of today's millennial generation

Tune Out the Bad News

I was recently interviewed by Meredith Carroll for her article in Redbook, “My 6-Year-Old Is Obsessed with National Tragedies — and I Doubt She’s Alone,” which is based on the […]

Gene breakthrough on lithium treatment for bipolar disorder

Genes linked to schizophrenia in psychiatric patients suffering from bipolar disorder are the reason why such patients don't respond to the "gold standard" treatment for bipolar -- the drug lithium -- according to international research.

Mom is Not Herself

Mom is just getting worse. Her roommate tells my dad, “She is just not being very nice.” The nurses tell him, “She is being very mean.” And I can attest, according to my last phone call with her, that she is being downright “nasty.” She is just not herself. This is just opposite her personality. […] The post Mom is Not Herself appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Always Be Yourself

Well, my mom is back in the hospital again. She had gotten out and was in a rehab facility, but she became anemic and her blood pressure dropped to 30 so she fell down and hit her head, and they had to call 911. Remember, this woman is 80 years old, too, so she was […] The post Always Be Yourself appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Brain training shows promise for patients with bipolar disorder

Computerized brain training can result in improved cognitive skills in individuals with bipolar disorder, researchers have discovered for the first time.

Brain chemical abnormalities in earliest stage of psychosis identified

A new study of young people experiencing a first episode of psychosis reports elevations in the brain chemicals glutamate and glycine.

I Am SO Mad!

I am SO mad! My mom is in the hospital with pneumonia and had a heart attack (she’s 80), so my brother and I have been calling the hospital daily for updates on her condition. Well, I just got an email from my brother saying that the hospital called my dad asking us to stop […] The post I Am SO Mad! appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Me talking self harm on Metro’s “Mentally Yours” podcast

Absolutely lashing with sweat due to illness, and having just burst an eardrum by being stupid, I went to a restaurant in West London to meet Yvette and Ellen of the Mentally Yours podcast in which, now having listened, I was surprisingly coherent in retrospect. I don’t find self-harm the easiest topic to discuss. It’s pretty hard to without […]

Hurricane Irma

Well, we are in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and I guess it could have been worse, but it was pretty bad as it was. I think about how bad things could have been for me if I had stayed in Florida and not moved back to Tennessee, and I’m so thankful that I did […] The post Hurricane Irma appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Well, did you get to see the solar eclipse last week? I didn’t. I tried, but we didn’t get it real good where I live. They got to see it real good about 60 miles from here, and we thought about going, but it’s a good thing we didn’t – it turned out they ended […] The post Once in a Lifetime Opportunity appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Reflecting on a Few Things

I’ve just been reflecting on a few things lately… When I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my reaction went from one extreme to the other – for one thing, I was just happy that they had a name for what I’d been through for so long; but at the other extreme, I was petrified. […] The post Reflecting on a Few Things appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.


I’m not the most exciting person. Most days, the most exciting thing I do is break our geriatric tap in the kitchen. Whoosh, there is goes again. The momentary crisis of grabbing cloths and jumping back and hot geysers, a tiny little flood. That’s about as exciting as life often gets for me. Occasionally, I […]

Taking Each Day as It Comes

My dad is dying. He has emphysema, because he smoked all his life. He quit several years ago, but I guess it caught up with him, and he’s paying for it now. It started a few months ago, when he couldn’t breathe, panicked, and called 911. They came, and took him to the hospital, where […] The post Taking Each Day as It Comes appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

Shifting Perspective on Bipolar Medication Weight Gain

Jake and his parents arrive early for their appointment with a list of concerns to review in our limited time together. I encourage patients and families to bring lists; a […]

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