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Opening Doors to Recovery Program in Georgia

At our previous National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) meeting in Crawfordsville, IN, a couple participants mentioned that the state of Georgia provides a good model for how mental illness should be managed. In Indiana, we don’t have a well-coordinated system in place to help people with mental illness find their way back into society […]

The Mentalist’s guide to… putting on your make up

Back in the day, I wrote a tongue in cheek series of posts called, “The Insane Guide to…”.  They covered topics like looking like shit at a psychiatric appointment, mixed episodes and medication. Over the past day on Facebook, a few mentally interesting folks have been making make up tutorials, actual, useful ones like the […]

No Quick Fixes for Mental Illness

The first voice you hear is mine.  And I had kind of forgotten I was ill.  Does this happen with you? It’s gone, so it never was?! Filed under: Bipolar Disorder

More Cowbell

Seriously, if you were walking through hell, and had to keep going, wouldn't you want a little more cowbell to help you on your way?I can't get these darn You Tube videos to load for some reason, but. here they are. More Cowbell-Blue Oyster Cult- original Saturday Night Live version starring Will Farrell. Show More Summary

Have truer words ever been spoken?

The loneliness and sad ache is overwhelming tonight. i don't feel alive, yet again, I feel like I don't belong to my body, mind or soul. Urge to put my hand through the mirror to see if I can get into a parallel universe. Then I found this quote. Show More Summary

For Dave, Whenever I May Find Him.

To my best friend in the entire universe, even though our paths will never cross again. I love you always and forever until I am simply dust and stuff of stars. Happy New Year mon cher ami. Does the moon still shine on the Moors?...

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