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Opening Doors to Recovery Program in Georgia

At our previous National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) meeting in Crawfordsville, IN, a couple participants mentioned that the state of Georgia provides a good model for how mental illness should be managed. In Indiana, we don’t have a well-coordinated system in place to help people with mental illness find their way back into society […]

The Mentalist’s guide to… putting on your make up

Back in the day, I wrote a tongue in cheek series of posts called, “The Insane Guide to…”.  They covered topics like looking like shit at a psychiatric appointment, mixed episodes and medication. Over the past day on Facebook, a few mentally interesting folks have been making make up tutorials, actual, useful ones like the […]

No Quick Fixes for Mental Illness

The first voice you hear is mine.  And I had kind of forgotten I was ill.  Does this happen with you? It’s gone, so it never was?! Filed under: Bipolar Disorder

Chris Matthews Needs To Apologize

I don't write about politics here so much and I'm not really dipping into it now as much as playing media critic. That said, last night I was appalled when MSNBC's "Hardball" host Chris Matthews described West Point cadets as...

The Onion: Pres. Obama Has Bipolar Disorder

Among other things, America's most trusted news network reports that the signs were there in President Barack Obama's campaign last year--the euphoric emails to supporters, his unflinching belief in the airy concept of "hope." And so on....

Les Paul

Les Paul died earlier today, aged 94. I don't even know where to begin with this great, great man. He was the inventor of multi-track recording, designed one of the greatest guitars ever (Gibson's Les Paul), wrote a hit song...

Ex-Abilify Spokespatient Slams Abilify Side Effects On YouTube

A good number of you are aware that Andy Behrman, author of "Electroboy," was a spokespatient for Bristol-Myers Squibb's Abilify for a time and, according to yesterday's Wall Street Journal piece on him and his broken relationship with BMS, he...

Video: Depression Hurts, Cymbalta Hurts More

I can't figure out who made this YouTube video, but it is a very angry attack on Cymbalta, Eli Lilly's star anti-depressant, and toys with Lilly's "Depression Hurts" ads. It was brought to my attention by If You're Going Through...

Fox News Reports On Zyprexa Settlement

I pass this along not because Fox News reporter Douglas Kennedy is breaking any new ground (he's not), but because none of the other TV news networks, cable or traditional, would touch the settlement Lilly reached with the feds and....

More Cowbell

Seriously, if you were walking through hell, and had to keep going, wouldn't you want a little more cowbell to help you on your way?I can't get these darn You Tube videos to load for some reason, but. here they are. More Cowbell-Blue Oyster Cult- original Saturday Night Live version starring Will Farrell. Show More Summary

Have truer words ever been spoken?

The loneliness and sad ache is overwhelming tonight. i don't feel alive, yet again, I feel like I don't belong to my body, mind or soul. Urge to put my hand through the mirror to see if I can get into a parallel universe. Then I found this quote. Show More Summary

For Dave, Whenever I May Find Him.

To my best friend in the entire universe, even though our paths will never cross again. I love you always and forever until I am simply dust and stuff of stars. Happy New Year mon cher ami. Does the moon still shine on the Moors?...

Seattle Snowball Fight

I was going to do a couple of posts for today (my vacation actually starts on Tuesday), but Seattle basically got snowed in and shut down over the weekend by a big dump of snow and I have far too...

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