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Can Coping With Stress Help You Live Longer?

How does chronic stress affect life expectancy in people already dealing with serious health problems? New research examines the stress-mortality connection.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The fairer time of the year has passed and winter is upon us. With that come the many individuals who will experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Mindfulness and Mind-body Practices in Mental Health Care

Curious about the benefits of meditation and mind-body practices for depressed mood or bipolar disorder? Research findings show improved mood and functioning with regular practice.

The MOTION of EMOTION: Leonardo Knew It Well

Are you fascinated by words? I sure am. We send and receive them so freely and most often don't consider their origin and literal meaning. "Emotion" is a huge word in the mood and anxiety disorder neck of the woods. So huge it begs a closer look. With the help of Leonardo da Vinci, let's do it. Tap in...

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About the ICD-10

American mental health professionals are often quite unfamiliar with aspects the ICD-10, despite its relevance to their work. Here is some basic information to help them.

Can Ketamine Help Suicidal Children?

Early research suggests that the psychedelic drug ketamine may help suicidal children, but are there risks?

The Burdens Posed by Invisible Physical and Mental Illnesses

I look healthy. My friend, whom I’ll call Gail, also looks healthy. The difference is that I suffer from a physical illness and she suffers from a mental illness: depression.

Exposure to Heat Can Improve Mental Well-Being

Are you dreading being alone this holiday season? Schedule in some hot baths.

Can a Hot Bath Replace a Warm Hug?

Are you dreading being alone this Holiday season? Schedule in some hot baths.

Our Youth Deserve Better

Transition-age youth (age 18-25) are at high risk for mental health, physical health, and substance use problems, yet they are falling through the cracks due to the lack of service

Advantages of E-Therapy Over Conventional Therapy

The research is growing for the effectiveness of online psychotherapy. Not only is it as effective as conventional, face-to-face therapy, it can be more affordable and accessible.

Are We Taking Concussions Too Seriously?

Taking "a hard hit" is a sign of toughness. But is pulling yourself out of action still seen as "weakness?" Dr. Harry Kerasidis explains why concussions deserve our attention.

A Possible New Treatment for Bipolar Depression

A six-week course of bright light therapy administered midday led to substantial improvement in 68% of persons with depressive symptoms associated with bipolar disorder.

Triumph or Tragedy: How You Tell Your Story Matters

While making mistakes is not an especially pleasurable experience, when people become depressed, it is usually because they mistake difficult chapters for the entire plotline. They also under-value the important lessons that come from harder chapters which, if we read them correctly, can help us move on to happier ones.

Study Suggests Patients Can Treat Depression on Their Own

In general, the participants expressed higher life satisfaction and self-efficiency.

Surrogate decision makers experience psychological distress, study finds

A new study explores predictors and frequency of surrogate decision-maker distress and has found high levels of both anxiety and depression.

Exercise for Depression, Dementia, and Anxiety

Research findings show that regular exercise improves depressed mood, reduces anxiety, and reduces the risk of dementia.

What We Know About the Holiday Blues

The holiday blues are a real phenomenon, but they are likely to have different effects than you might think.

Four Practical Ways to Build Self-Esteem in Students

Teens today have the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient did in the 1950s. Find out the four ways you can help these young adults develop self-esteem.

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