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The TOP 9 Supplements for Your OPTIMAL Mental HEALTH

We work so hard to maintain emotional and mental balance. I mean, we fine-tune meds, make lifestyle changes, work on relationships, and more. Still, we wonder if we've covered our bases. Hmmm. What about vitamins and supplements? Tap-in to a great post from our expert guest, Amanda Porter, NP...

How X-Men Helped Me Recover from PTSD

Have you ever felt depressed or anxious? Have you felt alone in these experiences? Connections with people or fictional characters might help us better

Do You Contribute to Your Own Depression?


How I Learned to Stop Lying

I couldn’t tolerate even one person knowing what had happened to me – even my therapist. The shame was crippling.

Emotional Strength in Uncertain Times

In this era of malignant ignorance and weaponized incompetence in high places, use the Stockdale paradox to develop emotional strength.

Feeling Stuck, Lost or Overwhelmed? There is Hope

Some people are better at managing life’s many challenges. You can learn to be one of those people by developing your ability to mentalize.

Post-deployment screening with tailored advice does not help reduce mental health disorders in UK Armed Forces, study finds

Few Armed Forces personnel seek help for mental health disorders and novel approaches will be needed to encourage personnel at risk of PTSD, anxiety and alcohol abuse to seek treatment, suggests a new study. A trial testing a potential...Show More Summary

Happy-Sad: Charity Fundraising, Grief, and Hope

These events are not called “Cycle for Loss” or “Into the Darkness” for a reason. They are focused on coming out of -- surviving -- something that can be devastating.

3 Strategies to Talk With Kids About Suicidal Thoughts

There is no age limit for suicidal thoughts. Parents and healthcare professionals can learn to talk openly and safely with children about suicide.

Mothers and infants connect through song

New research provides insight into the importance of song for infants and mothers. The work explored the role of infant-directed singing in relation to intricate bond between mother and infant.

World's First Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for Depression

Groundbreaking research proves that dietary choices have the power to help reduce and even reverse depression.

After the Germanwings Crash

A psychological autopsy into the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 and the co-pilot who was responsible.

Fears, Beliefs, and Facts

Whether one is an optimist by nature or a pessimist instead, it is important to keep perspective—especially under stressful or ambiguous circumstances.

Mental shortcuts: Many physicians choose insomnia meds based on habit

Clinical decision-making and treatment choice is a complex cognitive process influenced by multiple variables, report researchers.

When Your Heart is Breaking

When you lose someone you love, it can feel like your heart is breaking. Attending to emotional suffering is as important as taking care of physical pain.

Keeping up the pressure

Besides the classic stress response – an acute reaction that gradually abates when the threat passes – our bodies appear to have a separate mechanism that deals only with chronic stress, research indicates. These findings may lead to better diagnosis of and treatment for anxiety and depression.

7 Ways to Express Your Love

Are you feeling depressed? Have you run out of ideas on how to show someone you loved them? This article will offer you tips which will help you honor the love in your heart.

“BOTTOM of the Morning to Ya’!” Whatcha’ Need to Know About MORNING DEPRESSION

"This just has to stop. Not only am I waking-up two hours before the alarm, I can barely get out of bed when it's time. And the dread, the heaviness, the hopelessness - the dark depression. Yeah, I can't live like this anymore." I'd say it's time to learn about morning depression...

Emotional Trauma, Context, Authenticity

Emotional trauma discloses painful truths about our existential vulnerabilities.

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