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6 Simple Ways to Make Yourself Happier Today

If you are tired of being down and dragging yourself through the day, try one of these 6 things to increase your happiness.

Finding Gratitude in Mistakes

Are you having trouble coping with the holiday family get togethers? This might help.

Tai Chi proves feasible and beneficial for vets with PTSD

Veterans with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who participated in in Tai Chi not only would recommend it to a friend, but also found the ancient Chinese tradition helped with their symptoms including managing intrusive thoughts, difficulties with concentration and physiological arousal.

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Happiness

If you are tired of being down and dragging yourself through the day, try one of these 6 things to increase your happiness.

A Self-Esteem Manifesto

As invisible and alone as you may feel take this opportunity to declare, first to yourself and then to others, that you are committed to becoming fully engaged in life.

Surfing Your Brain: Know Which Brain Is Talking

Your brain goes in and out of its rational state many times over the day. The key to successfully surfing your brain is recognizing what state you are in and taking action.

Enzyme research provides a new picture of depression

Depression is the predominant mental disease and constitutes the most common cause of morbidity in developed countries. Now researchers have managed to find a connection between development of depression and the existence of an enzyme in the brain of the fetus.

4 Ways You Can Start Treating Yourself Better Today

It can be frustratingly hard to change negative feelings about ourselves. Instead of focusing on your feelings, start with your behavior.

4 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression

These common statements can do more harm then good for someone dealing with depression.

Trauma Documented Three Decades after Chernobyl Disaster

To this day, those affected by the explosion continue to struggle, living in fear of long-lasting consequences such as birth defects and contaminated foods.

Workaholism And Psychiatric Disorders

There has been an increasing amount of research into workaholism but was is the relationship between work addiction, ADHD, OCD and depressions?

10 Things to Think About When CHANGE Is Knocking at the Door

The reality of pain and suffering. It gets real old, real fast, doesn't it? But though it can torment us, there's an upside. The seemingly endless downward spiral often brings change to mind. 'Course positive change doesn't come easy, so let's take a look at 10 things we need to think about when change is knocking at the door...

Pet Ownership Impact on Well-being Depends on Marital Status

Pet ownership is unrelated to well-being in married Americans. Single women benefit from a pet; single men appear burdened by one, regardless of age, education, income and kids.

Moving Beyond Electoral Trauma Part 3

Here is my third suggestion for helping us be more fully ourselves and act more creatively and effectively in the days and months ahead.

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