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Mindfulness Art Therapy Can Reduce Depression and Anxiety

A new study discovers the health and psychological benefits of combining art therapy with mindfulness.

Beyond the Feel-Good Factor: Exercise and Mental Health

Neuroscientific findings support the view that a healthy mind really does depend on a healthy body. The right exercise can both treat and prevent mental ill-health.

Stopping exercise can increase symptoms of depression

Stopping exercise can result in increased depressive symptoms, according to new mental health research.

Can Empathy Heal?

With one out of four people managing depression, chances are the person next to you can empathize and offer help.

The Miracle of Gratitude

Can a chance meeting with another person influence our attitude?

Walking the Walk of Mental Illness

How can one rebuild after a relapse of depression and the loss of a friend?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: What You Need to Know

It's frustrating, isn't it? I mean, not having a clue what intervention may work for your mood or anxiety disorder - if any. Dang! Well, I guess that means we have to be diligent in examining all options. Just now, let's take a look at transcranial magnetic stimulation. Please, tap-in...

The Case for Ketamine in Treating Suicidal Ideation

Although ketamine may decrease suicidal ideations in persons with depression, little is known about its use in other conditions associated with suicidal thoughts.

What I Learned When I Nearly Died, and the Science Behind It

We value excitement, stress, hustle, and bustle. What we fail to realize is that by staying calm we conserve our energy, are happier, and more emotionally intelligent.

Fighting Depression Stigma: The Ends Justify the Memes

Ironically, a profusion of angry, silly memes is likely to do more for our public conversation about depression than many rounds of sober sloganeering.

Blue-Gened Girl?

Is depression really heritable? Can you pass it from mother to daughter? Anthea Rowan argues not.

Strict Gender Roles Hurt Men, Too

The threat to men who have accepted a narrow definition of what it means to be a man is very real.

How Authoritarians Make You Sick

As part of the ongoing authoritarian wound series, we examine how authoritarian wounding can lead to lifelong physical problems and ailments that can elude medical diagnosis.

Curiosity: The Big Life Preserver

How to stay interested in your life when depressed. One way is to stay curious!

Childhood trauma link offers treatment hope for people with schizophrenia

Researchers have shown that childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse are associated with severe hallucinations in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

LSD blurs boundaries between the experience of self and other

LSD reduces the borders  between the experience of our own self and others, and thereby affects social interactions. Researchers have now found that the serotonin 2A receptor in the human brain is critically involved in these intertwined psychological mechanisms. This knowledge could help develop new therapies for psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia or depression.

Study casts doubt on ketamine nasal sprays for depression

Researchers have questioned the efficacy and safety of intranasal ketamine for depression, with their pilot trial stopped early due to poor side effects in patients.

Frequent 'I-Talk' may signal proneness to emotional distress

People who talk a lot about themselves are not narcissists as one might expect. Instead, those who say 'I' and 'me' a lot may be prone to depression, anxiety and other negative emotions, researchers found.

Be It Ever So Humble, There’s No Place Like Home

Never ceases to amaze me how long-forgotten thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can unexpectedly knock on our doors. Sure, it can be jarring; however, what an opportunity for reflection, and realizing the changes between what was and what is. Tap-in and I'll take you there...

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