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Nine Ways to Get Emotionally Stronger

There may come a time in your life when your emotions have been depleted, and you need to find ways to recharge yourself.

A New Way to Understand the Narcissistic Male

Pathologically narcissistic men often engage in high-risk behaviors, aggression and substance abuse. New research focuses on their feelings of distress and need for treatment.

5 Ways the Change of Seasons Might Affect Your Mental Health

Seasonal changes may impact your mood. What do you need to know and what can you do about it?

Get Your Teen Off the Phone

Therapy, sleep, exercise, and socializing in person may be more likely to help your depressed teen than an antidepressant.

When a Sibling Dies by Suicide

Samantha recounts the grief she experienced after losing her brother to suicide.

St. John's wort for depressed mood

Considering trying St. John's wort for your problem with depressed mood? Some people respond well however research findings are mixed and there are outstanding safety problems.

Takin’ a Time-Out This Week

Sometimes you just need to know when to call time-out - and make sure it happens. Gonna' pass on an article this week...

Solve 5 Baffling Problems Using the Latest Psych Research!

You've got problems. The latest psychology research has answers. Learn to: Look more attractive, ease depression and anxiety, decide when to socialize and when to work...and more.

Why Get Out of Bed?

What would happen if I didn’t rip back the sheets, slap one foot on the floor and then the other, and then keep on moving all day long? A meditation on functional depression.

The Real Reason Behind Teen Anxiety and Depression

The real reason for increased anxiety and depression among young people is deeper and bigger than is often recognized.

Yes, I'm an Introvert. No, I'm Not Depressed.

The introvert must be suffering from depression, because why on earth would someone want to stay home when there are parties to attend and fun to be had... right?

Childhood ADHD and Poor Self-Esteem

Does your child with ADHD constantly put himself down? ADHD, anxiety, and negativity commonly go together. As parents, we have to figure out how to battle negative self-talk.

Time to Put Your Childhood Demons Behind You?

Everyone has baggage from the past that haunts or handicaps them in some way. The 3 common sources and ways to finally put these demons to rest

The Existential Dread of Climate Change

Denying climate change is no solution. But is being fully aware of its consequences making us depressed?

Psilocybin May "Reset" Brain Circuitry of Depressed Patients

Psilocybin may help "kick-start" recovery from treatment-resistant depression by "resetting" neural mechanisms, according to new fMRI brain imaging study.

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