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Men Get Baby Blues, too

Men can get badly depressed with a newborn, and affect the child's future.

A Thought Is But a THOUGHT: REALITY and RESPONSE Are Up to Us

We hear it ad nauseam. "If you'd stop thinking so much, or at least change what you're thinking, you wouldn't be so depressed and anxious." Duh. Okay, the concept may seem jaded, but it isn't going away. And that's a good thing, because excluding meds, it's really all we have. Let's talk, okay?

Music as a Shoulder to Cry On

Sad music seems to accommodate emotional healing by allowing people to safely get in touch with negative emotions that might otherwise be repressed.

The Mental Wellness Routine That Will Change Your Life

Do you know what you need to do in order to be happy? Here are 5 essential activities that if done regularly will bring about positive emotional well-being.

NatCon17 Is Coming and I’m Going on an Airplane!

It's hard to stay inspired in the field of behavioral health without exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking. National conferences like NatCon17 help remedy that.

Psychologists enlist machine learning to help diagnose depression

Cognitive neuroscientists are using the Stampede supercomputer to provide accurate predictions of risk for those with depression and anxiety. They have been able to classify individuals with major depressive disorder with roughly 75 percent accuracy using a machine learning approach. Show More Summary

Emotion: An important link to HIV prevention in black adolescents with mental illnesses

Could unique psychological factors that hamper emotional regulation help explain differences in HIV/STI risk-related sexual behaviors among heterosexually active black youth with mental illnesses?

Playing to beat the blues: Video games viable treatment for depression

Video games and 'brain training' applications are increasingly touted as an effective treatment for depression. A new study carries it a step further, though, finding that when the video game users were messaged reminders, they played the game more often and in some cases increased the time spent playing.

How to Find Light in the Darkness

Do you sometimes feel as if the darkness overpowers the light in your life? Here are some tips on bringing the light in.

Donald J. Trump: Why Does He UPSET Us So?

Donald J. Trump. Love him, hate him, leftist, or rightie - he upsets us. Why is that, anyway? Some would say it's purely politics or personality revulsion. But I'm thinking it's a little more complicated than that...

Have You Got the "Too Busy" Blues?

Feelings of low mood and depression seem to be the norm these days, especially for women. Could it be that your too-busy life is largely to blame?

How "Daily Uplifts" Can Counter Depression

When we're depressed we tend to think that nothing will lift our mood. Results from a new study suggest otherwise.

Do Good Things Cheer Us Up When We're Depressed?

When we're depressed we tend to think that nothing will lift our mood. Results from a new study suggest otherwise.

Ketamine: The New Wonder Drug for Depression

Ketamine could be our first real wonder drug for the treatment of serious depression. But how does it work exactly?

5?-reductase inhibitors not associated with increased suicide risk in older men

Using 5?-reductase inhibitors is not associated with increased suicide risk in older men, but risks for self-harm and depression were increased during the 18 months after medication initiation, although 'the relatively small magnitude of these risks should not dissuade physicians from prescribing these medications in appropriate patients,' according to a new article.

Aligning depression treatment to patient need leads to efficient care

Not all depressed patients need intensive therapy, according to new research. Instead, prognosis can drive treatment.

Deep brain stimulation provides long-term relief from severe depressions

Doctors have produced the first evidence of deep brain stimulation's lasting effectiveness in a four-year study. The method could serve in the future as an optional therapy for critically ill patients, suggests a new report.

Is Mental Illness the Rule Rather than the Exception?

We hear all the time that 1 in 5 people struggle with a psychiatric disorder. New research now suggests that we have it backwards.

When Meditation is Not Enough

Bringing mindfulness into everyday activities can greatly enhance the quality of our lives.

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