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Emotional security system

A security system that analyses a user's brainwaves could determine whether the user is in a fit mental state to be granted access to resources, suggests new research.

5 Myths About Refugees

If we really want to help refugees succeed, here are five myths we need to get beyond.

Is It OK To Have Fun When Someone Is Dying?

Sure, you need to take death seriously. If you were of sufficient illumination, you could take it as a gift, even. But even a regular guy like you can take it playfully.

Why Music Matters

You haven't outgrown the music of your teenage years. You just need reminding. So when you are down, bring out the CDS and tapes of your favorite music.

Did breastfeeding pressure lead a new mother to suicide?

How much suffering will it take before we repudiate the pressure tactics of breastfeeding advocates?

What if You Were Granted One Wish, What Would It Be?

If you truly want peace and happiness, accept what is happening now, as what is supposed to be happening now.

Thank God the Holidays Are Over: Coping with Diabetes

How can I enjoy social gatherings if I have diabetes? Holiday gatherings can be stressful for men and women coping with diabetes.

Adolescent Depression: Early Mental Health Services Are Key

Young teenagers with depressive symptoms—who make contact with mental health services—are seven times less likely to develop major depressive disorders later in life, study shows.

Procrastination, Depression and Creativity

A brief post to highlight a recent podcast and a book that anyone troubled by procrastination will want to listen to and read, respectively.

Late-Night Smartphone Use Often Fuels Daytime Somnambulism

A growing body of research offers compelling evidence that late-night smartphone use can trigger sleep disturbances linked to subpar daytime performance, depression, and anxiety.

What Is Depression?

Depression is, in fact, surprisingly difficult to define.

Novel by 20-Year-Old Is an Honest Look at Teen Mental Health

"I hope that reading about characters who struggle will help people see that it's okay to struggle," says 20-year-old author Jennifer Yu.

Internet Addiction Can Land You in Detention Camp

I'm frustrated by my students' inability to put away their electronic devices. One country responds to the growing addiction.

Why the Mind Is More Than the Brain

The brain and the mind exist in a symbiotic relationship in which they both affect each other, but in which neither is entirely the other.

Who Killed JonBenet?

What can forensic psychology tell us about the still unsolved JonBenet Ramsey case?

The Challenge of Knowing versus Doing

Knowing about something is much different than being able to do it consistently.

Social Anxiety Disorder: A Med Student’s SAD Tale (with a HOPEFUL Ending)

Social anxiety disorder. Millions have it and hate it. And why not? It can pull every ounce of joy from any social situation - any time. Our guest poster, a third year med student, compassionately shares his SAD tale...

The Pit In Your Stomach is Actually Your Second Brain

Feeling low? New research says: try a pickle. Gut feelings are more real than you think, and intestinal bugs influence your mood as well as your waistline.

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