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You Have Power Over Your Brain Chemistry

Your brain has an operating system inherited from earlier animals. It rewards you with happy chemicals when you step toward meeting needs, and alarms you with unhappy chemicals...

The Golden Years: Traumatic Stress and Aging

Recently, I spoke with Dr. Joan Cook, clinical psychologist and Associate Professor in the Yale School of Medicine, about PTSD in older adults.

Kids who cut:

American youth are stressed. Non-suicidal self-injury is one response to stress that’s common among adolescents and young adults. To prepare adults, training programs are emerging.

Self-Injury: 4 Reasons People Cut and What to Do

Far from affecting only the stereotype of the angsty teenage girl with piercings and eyeliner, self-harm affects people of all ages, genders, and walks of life.

A Wine-y Time of Year

Wine is a delicious and pleasing quaff on a fall day, the season of the grape harvest or crush. But what are the health benefits or detriments? Read on!

Groundbreaking Study Unearths Physical Roots of Depression

An international team of researchers has identified the neurobiological roots of depression. This pioneering discovery could lead to more effective treatments for depression.

Depression's physical source discovered

Understanding of the physical root of depression has been advanced, thanks to new research. Researchers have identified the lateral orbitofrontal cortex as the area of the brain affected by depression. This discovery could open up possible new treatments, say the researchers.

Why I Hate The Phrase “Hang In There”

Avoid this mindless cliché that can have double meaning in depression!

How Standing Up for Yourself Helps You Fight Depression

To empower ourselves against depression, we have to stand up to our “critical inner voice” and practice self-compassion.

It's Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month: How to Help Others

Mark Zuckerberg gave us clues about the psychological toll of pregnancy loss. Here's more information about how to help others.

5 New Humor Exercises to Boost Your Happiness!

Want to learn about 5 new ways to boost your well-being and your strength of humor?

Major Clinical Depression: A Cause of Inadequate Nutrition?

It is a long established fact that decreased nutrition prevents a speedy recovery from depression.

Antidepressants Are Safe During Pregnancy

It's okay to take antidepressants while pregnant—and essential if you are severely depressed.

Are Antidepressants Dangerous in Breast milk?

Don't leave depression untreated while breastfeeding. Babies fed milk from depessed mothers gain less weight, but not if she takes an anti-depressant.

No, Placebo Response Rates Are Not on the Rise

New research finds that placebo responses are not on the rise in antidepressant trials—a result that suggests the impact of placebo has been exagerated

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