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You Are More than Your Emotional Pain: You Are a Person

When you are in emotional pain, do your best to resist defining yourself primarily by that pain which you carry within. You are a person of great worth. Try to see this.

Genes, Ions, and Other New Frontiers in Psychiatry

A gene related to ion channels common to many families with mental illness leads us to new discoveries and treatments based on actual brain pathology.

Do You Need Drugs for Your "Chemical Imbalance"?

Research reveals some surprising news about the role of serotonin in depression—and suggests millions of Americans taking drugs for depression would do just as well on placebo.

The Loneliness Epidemic and What We Can Do About It

Our need to feel special is may be feeding a loneliness crisis. Here's what we can do!

Why We Share Our Private Stories

How do we find our place in the world? By standing up and telling the stories in which we play the starring role.

In pursuit of happiness: why pain helps us feel pleasure

Is happiness just about the good times? Do painful experiences only make us unhappy? There are many good reasons why our painful experiences are in fact necessary for happiness.

LONELINESS: With All of the PAIN, Wouldn’t You Like to Know WHY?

Loneliness: the very depths of darkness and isolation. Given all of the pain, wouldn't you like to know the whys of it all? Well, University of Chicago researchers have worked hard to help us understand. Very interesting and powerful information, so tap on in...

The Badass Personalities of People Who Like Being Alone

What are the personality characteristics of people who like spending time alone? What about people who are unafraid to be single? Four studies offer an affirming profile.

Anxiety as Depression Waiting to Happen

Why does anxiety often lead to depression, and even create further anxiety? This article provides an answer, and discusses a key factor in overcoming the comorbidity.

Social Loneliness May Make the Depressed Even More So

Clinically it has to be labelled mental illness, this depression. Is it an illness, however, this need to converse authentically?

Baby Care: Baselines for Mental Health

For most babies, early experiences are undermining their short- and long-term mental (and physical) health.

The Factor That Administers Cognitive Control Over Emotions

Some recent research on poor cognitive control and depression has overlooked four issues. This post suggests that it is cognitive understanding of reality that regulates emotions.

Three Habits Calm People Never Practice

Are you sick and tired of feeling stressed? Research explains the link between unhealthy mental habits and anxiety. Learn what to do instead.

How Maternal Personality Problems Affect Children

How does parental personality dysfuction affect the future mental health of offspring? New research sheds light on an age-old question.

3 Ways to Make the Most of a Major Life Transition

Major life transitions can be exciting and wonderful. And, of course, they can be dark and heartbreaking. Either way, the potential for troubling stress is always there, especially for those of us dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder. But never fear, Chipur reader, our guest-writer Jennifer has some really helpful tips. Tap on in and take a look...

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