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Four Tricks My Anxiety-Prone Brain Plays on Me

How to identify specific anxiety-related thinking and develop personalized solutions.

Trying to Encourage Dad

Well, It’s been almost a month since Mom died, and in a way it’s gone really fast, and in a way it’s gone really slow. Some days I don’t even recognize that she’s gone – I pick up the phone to call her before I realize she’s not there. I’m sure many people who have […] The post Trying to Encourage Dad appeared first on Bipolar Survivor.

The Most Common Problem in Pregnancy is Not What You Think

25% of pregnant women suffered from mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder.

Exercise May Help Reduce Depression in Teens

New research finds that exercise reduces depression symptoms among teens.

Why Does Your Therapist Ask About Your Childhood?

Are you hesitant to talk about your past? It could be the key to move forward.

How Your Brain Remembers

Can you remember what you had for dinner last night? How do you do it? by Alzheimer's Reading Room The temporal lobe, which contains the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex are important to episodic memory. This enables us to learn...Show More Summary

Is This the Way A Doctor’s Office Should Treat a New Mom with PPD? Heck No!

Before you read this post, please read this:  If either you or a loved one gave birth in the last few weeks or months and you are having problems with insomnia, don’t feel like yourself, experiencing a great deal of anxiety and/or rage and/or are scary thoughts, please call Postpartum Support International (PSI) at 800-944-4773 […]

Listen to me and Mark Brown talk dogs, Trump, the Faff Zone and mental health on BBC Ouch

Do you procrastinate to the point that you get very little done? And how do you break free? Presenters Mark Brown and Seaneen Molloy-Vaughan (that’s me!) call it the Faff Zone and say it hijacks your mind. It’s a mental health takeover on this week’s BBC Ouch podcast. Drop in on the two as their […]

How your brain remembers what you had for dinner last night

Confirming earlier computational models, researchers report that episodic memories are encoded in the hippocampus of the human brain by distinct, sparse sets of neurons.

Identifying Depression Based on Social Media Posts

Researchers are working on algorithms that they hope could be used to detect cases of depression and PTSD.

Happy Mother’s Day, Maman. Joyeuse Fête des Mères!

When people see what life with my son, Jeremy, entails they often ask, “How do you do it? How do you handle raising a child so impacted by autism, besides having Rebecca?”

Identifying Your Feelings

Feelings that are denied or dismissed do not diminish in size or disappear; they are intensified.

Can Twitter Tell if You’re Depressed??

Researchers are working on algorithms that they hope could be used to detect cases of depression and PTSD.

ADHD, Women, and Pregnancy

Submitted by MelissaOrlov on 01/19/2018. Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD Women with ADHD A nice article has just been released in USA Today reviewing that more women with ADHD are getting diagnosed and using ADHD medications.  With a...Show More Summary

Identifying Feelings

Feelings that are denied or dismissed do NOT diminish in size or disappear, they are intensified.

False Humility

In a society that espouses the virtues of humility, while also promoting self-importance, inferiority emerges as one way that we try to reconcile these two disparate ideals.

Why Are So Few Programs For Survivors of War Scaled Up?

Why Aren't More Mental Health Programs For War-Affected Civilians Brought To Scale? A shift in how we do research can help make findings more relevant to real world practice.

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