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Sign Up: Postcards of Hope

One of our favorite activities at last year’s conference was writing Postcards of Hope to send to all the Warrior Moms at home. We heard from you for weeks after the conference in 2015, thanking us for sending a little love and light your way. Show More Summary

Warrior Mom® Conference Needs List: A Self Care Tool

Note: This guest post comes from Warrior Mom® Conference speaker Ali Kozoll. While she wrote it thinking of all of the many conference attendees soon joining us in Atlanta on October 14th and 15th, we hope this “Needs List” is a self...Show More Summary

Postpartum Depression In Other Languages: Spanish & Chinese

One of our goals at Postpartum Progress this year has been to start translating our resources for postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression in other languages. We’ve chosen to focus at the beginning on our New Mom Mental Health Checklist. Show More Summary

Parenting After Childhood Trauma

Did you experience childhood trauma? It’s worth thinking about if you are pregnant or postpartum and struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD. Or even, actually, if you’re just a mom out there reading this and wondering how early traumatic events could possibly affect your parenting. Show More Summary

Postpartum Psychosis Help: Where Can Moms Go For Help? [Infographic]

Postpartum Progress is often asked where moms can go for postpartum psychosis help. What if you have psychosis or severe postpartum depression and need hospitalization or intensive treatment? There simply aren’t enough beds and spaces...Show More Summary

PPD & Suicidal Thoughts: So Glad To Be Alive 15 Years Later

My son was born 15 years ago today. My first child, the one with whom I had postpartum anxiety/OCD, the experience that eventually led me to start Postpartum Progress. I find it kind of magical that his birthday is occurring during National...Show More Summary

Postpartum Insomnia Series, Part 3 – BRYN

This is the third of my series of blog posts about postpartum insomnia. I met Bryn recently via the closed Facebook group for Postpartum Support International.  Thank you, Bryn, for sharing your experience on my blog.  I am very glad that the process of reflecting back to the time you suffered from postpartum depression (PPD)/postpartum anxiety (PPA) and putting your […]

A Look at Pregnancy And Suicide During National Suicide Prevention Week

Since it’s National Suicide Prevention Week, I’d like to focus on a very critical issue: childbirth, pregnancy and suicide. (Trigger warning: If you are feeling fragile right now and think a discussion about the loss of new mothers will upset you, you can skip this one.) I want to highlight an important statement made by Nancy C. Show More Summary

Postpartum Depression And Social Media: 6 Things You Need to Know

You might be grateful, if that’s the right word, that at least you struggled with postpartum depression or anxiety in the age of social media. You probably haven’t met anyone in your neighborhood who has had a maternal mental illness. Show More Summary

I Felt Punished for My Honesty

[Editor’s Note: Today’s Warrior Mom guest post comes from a mom who felt like she was punished for being honest about her feelings and struggles in the hospital. -Jenna] During my pregnancy, I worried that I was going to develop postpartum depression. Show More Summary

Breathe, Mama

[Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is from a Warrior Mom who endured a traumatic childhood and wants other moms to know they don’t have to end up like their own parents. When you feel triggered, you can choose how to react. You can choose to breathe. -Jenna] I see you. I see you milling thru […] The post Breathe, Mama appeared first on Postpartum Progress.         

I Am a Survivor?

[Editor’s Note: Parts of this post may be triggering as this Warrior Mom and survivor mentions suicide and names some moms who did not survive postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. Please read only if you are in a safe place. You are not alone. Show More Summary

Connecting Black Moms with Black Mental Health Providers

The Problem Postpartum mood and anxiety disorder symptoms don’t discriminate against some of the most vulnerable groups in our society. The social and environmental inequalities leave Black mothers struggling with access to care, support, and kindness while also facing rhorrific systemic racial hurtles. Show More Summary

How EMDR Therapy Helped Postpartum Me

[Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post comes from a Warrior Mom who employed EMDR Therapy in order to process her postpartum depression and anxiety. EMDR is one of eight types of psychotherapy for postpartum depression treatment. We’re thankful she shared her experience for others considering this option. Show More Summary

PatientBank Offers Warrior Moms Access to Medical Records

[Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post. -Jenna] Here at Postpartum Progress, we believe that educating and empowering women and families to better care for themselves can transform maternal mental health care. We believe that women...Show More Summary

6 Things You Can Do When You Recognize PPD in a Loved One

When you recognize the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression in a friend or loved one, you might not know what to do. You might feel like it’s not your business. You might not want to upset her more. You might feel like it’s someone else’s job. Show More Summary

Dealing with Postpartum Sleep Deprivation

[Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post covers a topic near and dear to every mom’s heart: Dealing with postpartum sleep deprivation. Know that you’re not alone in your exhausted state of being. We’re here for you. -Jenna] New parents often neglect their own needs. Show More Summary

Warrior Mom Book Club: Dancing on the Edge of Sanity

This is the Warrior Mom Book Club discussion of the first half of the book Dancing on the Edge of Sanity by Ana Clare Rouds. Question 1: In the chapter titled “Interesting Sensations,” Ana shares the story of her labor and delivery.Show More Summary

Announcing Our Black/African Diaspora Checklist

Women of color, particularly Black women and women of African descent are less likely to be screened for PPD and less likely to get treatment and receive follow-up care. Results show that it is more likely for treatment teams to attribute symptoms of Black and Latin women to other ailments and not PPD. Show More Summary

Recognizing Undiagnosed Postpartum Depression

At the age of 24, after the birth of our first son and deep in the throes of postpartum depression and anxiety, my therapist also diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She explained I’d likely lived with the disorder most of my life. Show More Summary

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