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Opening Doors to Recovery Program in Georgia

At our previous National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) meeting in Crawfordsville, IN, a couple participants mentioned that the state of Georgia provides a good model for how mental illness should be managed. In Indiana, we don’t have a well-coordinated system in place to help people with mental illness find their way back into society […]

ADHD: What Are We Good At? 5 Steps to Find Out

Andrew Mitchell via Compfight Recently, a woman we’ll call Jane asked me some questions that I think we’ve all asked at one time or another, so I’d like to share my response with all of you. Jane wrote: “I was only diagnosed with ADHD at 25. Trying to be something I’m not is the story […]

Can a Person Living with Dementia Become Happier and More Aware ?

It is not unusual for persons living with Alzheimer's or a related dementia to look different as the disease progresses. Sometimes they start to look dull, unaware, and sometimes mean. Dotty in 2005, I often thought,I know you are in there, and I am going to find you. Show More Summary

The Year in Review: An ADHD Balance Sheet for 2013

Using my relatively new-found skills of planning ahead, I’m reviewing 2013 to get a feel for what still needs to be done to educate others about ADHD (and improve my own management of it). I want to know what to focus on in 2014 (if, that is, I manage to focus on anything; it’s been […]

Am I Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille? ADHD and Fame

It’s often said that acting is a great career for people with ADHD. After all, it’s a job with constant change: costumes, locations, and roles. Anything but boring, right? (and we all know that people with ADHD actually can die from boredom). I too assumed it was the highly stimulating nature of the work that […]

I am a rock. I am an island. (But, God, I don’t want to be either.)

You could be so armored-up and numb you really don't know. Still, I'll ask - are you feeling isolated, shielded - safe - in your deep and mighty fortress? The one you built when you decided you'd had enough...

There’s More to Be Aware of Than Just ADHD

More often than not ADHD comes along with a companion diagnosis. The usual suspects include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, and learning disabilities, to name a few. So far, I’ve only been diagnosed with ADHD. On the other hand, the number and severity of my ADHD traits once caused a friend to pronounce me “President […]

The Mentalist’s guide to… putting on your make up

Back in the day, I wrote a tongue in cheek series of posts called, “The Insane Guide to…”.  They covered topics like looking like shit at a psychiatric appointment, mixed episodes and medication. Over the past day on Facebook, a few mentally interesting folks have been making make up tutorials, actual, useful ones like the […]

Dotty Lived with Alzheimer's, but did not let it define her

Dotty 2 months before her death, why did she look better than she had in over 8 years? By +Bob DeMarco +Alzheimer's Reading Room Click to play. Dotty 2 months before her death, why did she look better than she had in over 8 years? I'm...Show More Summary

Love is the Drug

Hamed Masoumi via Compfight If you’re over a certain age, you might remember Roxy Music’s song Love is the Drug. If love truly is a drug, there are no worse abusers than ADHDers. And most don’t even know they’re using. Untreated ADHDers have been known to use new, exciting romantic relationships to kick-start our brains, [...]

I Proudly Support the I Support You Movement

I couldn’t let World Breastfeeding Week go by without a blog post, especially since the I Support You movement is under way and quickly gaining momentum.  This is a movement I am so proud to be a part of, and I hope all mothers–currently breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding (or both), or who had previously breastfed or […]

2 Alzheimer's Tips That Worked with Dotty

Did Dotty do better than might have been expected during our 8 and a half years together because we lived a life full of activity and engaged in activities that helped her make new brain cells? By Bob DeMarco +Alzheimer's Reading Room When...Show More Summary

SUSANNA, starring Taken's Maggie Grace and written and directed by Black Swan's Jon Avnet, features Postpartum OCD Storyline

SUSANNA, starring Anna Paquin (“True Blood,” “X-Men) and Maggie Grace (“Taken,” “Lost,” “Californication”), premiered with six episodes last Friday, June 14 on WIGS ( ). Viewers meet struggling new mother Katie (Anna Paquin), whose emotional anguish is quickly revealed to be acute postpartum depression. Show More Summary

May 25, 2013

+Alzheimer's Reading Room My mother Dorothy DeMarco, Dotty, went to Heaven one year ago today. Dorothy Olive Watts DeMarco 1916 - 2012 To watch more video of Dotty go to Dotty Live. To watch my favorite video of Dotty go here. Please be sure to watch until the end. Dotty's Blog +Bob DeMarco

Mother’s Day and ADHD – Parenting ADHD Kids

t horizontal.integration via Compfight It appears that my little rant on spanking has struck a mighty chord. In addition to readers and comments here at my blog, I’ve received a lot of input on my Facebook page and elsewhere from those weighing in on the weighty topic of how the heck do we deal with [...]

Diseases Above the Neck - Alzheimer's

As Alzheimer's caregivers it is imperative that we give more thought to the brain, how it works, and what happens when it malfunctions. We need to better understand how the brain is working in order to become more effective caregivers. By...Show More Summary

Alzheimer’s Experiences Told Through Film

You will find yourself smiling, laughing, relating to what you are seeing, shaking your head in agreement, empathizing and, most importantly, feeling understood. By Nancy Wurtzel Alzheimer's Reading Room Nancy Wurtzel As the old saying...Show More Summary

My Name is Richard, I Have Alzheimer's Disease

Ten years ago, a noted neurologist told Richard Taylor, "You have dementia, probably of the Alzheimer's type." Six years ago, he discovered that thinking, speaking, and writing about what it was like for him to live with this condition...Show More Summary

Link to Great Alzheimer's Videos by Geriatric Care Manager Carole Larkin

ThirdAge Services provides expert, impartial support for cognitively impaired people and their families. They offer services to help families make the best choices about caring for a loved one with dementia. By Max Wallack Alzheimer's Reading Room I want to share some excellent videos about Alzheimer’s disease with you. Show More Summary

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