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Mayo Clinic Minute: Move more at work

How many minutes of exercise do you get every week? According to the American Heart Association, healthy adults should aim for 150 minutes of moderate activity per week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week. Some people have difficulty fitting that amount of exercise into their schedules. Mayo Clinic experts have a solution to […]

Lady Gaga Is In Training Mode For Her Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Lady Gaga is performing at this year's Super Bowl—and she's taking the gig very seriously. She's in training mode, and we can't wait to see her performance. Is it February 5 yet?!

Protein complex prevents genome instability

An international research collaboration is investigating the repair process of a serious form of DNA damage that can lead to instability of genetic material and tumor formation. The researchers are studying the roles of groups of proteins that control the repair of double-stranded breaks (DSBs) in DNA that occur from internal or external sources, such as UV irradiation.

Structure of atypical cancer protein paves way for drug development

The elusive structure of a cancer cell receptor protein has been uncovered by researchers. This protein can be leveraged to fight disease progression, say investigators.

Protein may protect tumor-initiating breast cancer cells

Investigators have identified a protein that may play an essential role in maintaining a population of tumor-initiating cells -- treatment-resistant cells responsible for cancer recurrence and metastasis -- in breast cancer, as well as a compound that appears to reduce the molecule's ability to protect TICs from the effects of chemotherapy.

'I want to kill these dogs': question of whether to cull strays divides Yangon

Myanmar’s commercial capital is overrun with an estimated 120,000 stray dogs, which attack children and carry the threat of rabies. Mass culling was recently stopped but spay, neuter and vaccinate programmes have yet to start Zu MayShow More Summary

Raw materials for meatballs, falafel from mealworms and crickets

A research team has developed food ingredients from mealworms and crickets which, due to their promising structure and flavor, have the potential to be used in the manufacture of foods such as meatballs and falafel. EU legislation will...Show More Summary

Atherosclerosis: Endogenous peptide lowers cholesterol

19 minutes agoHealth : EurekAlert: Health

(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Cells of the innate immune system that play an important role in development of atherosclerosis contain a protein that reduces levels of cholesterol in mice -- and thus helps to inhibit or mitigate the disease.

Rabies viruses reveal wiring in transparent brains

19 minutes agoHealth : EurekAlert: Health

(University of Bonn) Scientists under the leadership of the University of Bonn have harnessed rabies viruses for assessing the connectivity of nerve cell transplants: coupled with a green fluorescent protein, the viruses show where replacement cells engrafted into mouse brains have connected to the host neural network. Show More Summary

CRISPR meets single-cell sequencing in new screening method

20 minutes agoHealth : EurekAlert: Health

(CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences) A new cell screening method combines two revolutionary tools of biomedical research: Scientists at CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences have integrated CRISPR genome editing with single-cell RNA sequencing. Show More Summary

Climate change prompts Alaska fish to change breeding behavior

21 minutes agoHealth : EurekAlert: Health

(University of Washington) A new University of Washington study finds that one of Alaska's most abundant freshwater fish species is altering its breeding patterns in response to climate change, which could impact the ecology of northern lakes that already acutely feel the effects of a changing climate.

JNeurosci: Highlights from the Jan. 18 issue

23 minutes agoHealth : EurekAlert: Health

(Society for Neuroscience) Check out these newsworthy studies from the Jan. 18, 2017, print issue of JNeurosci. One of the strongest genetic risk factors for the development of Alzheimer's disease is a variation in an immune-related gene. Show More Summary

Aberrant Astrocytes as a Cause of Neurodegenerative Disease

35 minutes agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Astrocytes are an important class of support cell in the brain, and one of the most common cell types in brain tissue. They carry out a wide range of tasks, most of which are absolutely essential to the functions performed by neurons. Show More Summary

Here are 51 Ways to Save Money on Having a Baby

39 minutes agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Having children can be expensive. A recent study found that the average American will spend over $245,000 to raise a child from infancy to adult…and that’s not including the cost of psychotherapy bills when they mess them up.  That is a high enough price tag to deter some from starting a family altogether.  But it... Read More »

One Foot Out the Door, Medicare Chief Launches His Own Twitter Barrage

47 minutes agoHealth : The Checkup

Government bureaucrats are not often Twitter celebrities. But Andy Slavitt, current head of the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid, is making a name for himself with a barrage of fiery Tweets in d...

Should Doctors Treat Trump Anxiety?

“Just one tablet, doctor. I just need you to prescribe one tablet to calm me down.” As a primary care doctor, I frequently get requests for sedatives from my patients. Because of the side effects—including addiction—I use these medications...Show More Summary

A mixed methods assessment of barriers to maternal, newborn and child health in gogrial west, south Sudan

Health conditions for mothers, newborns, and children in South Sudan are among the worst worldwide. South Sudan has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world and despite alarming statistics, few wome...

Does “Fake It Till You Make It” Work in Recovery Too?

I am a firm believer in faking it. Not like the guy Leonardo DiCaprio played in Catch Me if You Can who pretended to be an airline pilot.  Although he did look good in the uniform. I mean, if you’re smart enough you can pretend to know how to do something. Show More Summary

Reports on MS Treatment Market Show Growing Shift to Oral Therapies

The multiple sclerosis (MS) market shifted during 2016, with oral disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) capturing a greater share and Sanofi-Genzyme’s Aubagio (teriflunomide) being poised for growth, according to a press release from Spherix Global Insights. Show More Summary

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