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Adolescent Drinking Damages Later Verbal Learning and Memory Performance

Adolescence is both a time of rapid neurobiological changes and of the initiation of drinking - alcohol is the most commonly used substance among students in grades eight to 12. Binge-drinking effects are particularly concerning, although it is unclear whether and how much it affects neurocognitive performance. Show More Summary

Study Suggests New Drug Candidate Could Treat Both Type 2 Diabetes and Bone Loss

A new study has shown that a new class of drug candidates developed at The Scripps Research Institute increases bone mass by expanding bone formation (deposition of new bone) and bone turnover (a normal process of replacement of old bone).

When I Feel Embarrassed After A Seizure

In the almost eight years that I've lived with epilepsy, I have experienced thousands of seizures. Seizures in the comfort of my own home with my husband to protect me, seizures all alone with no way to cry out for help praying that when I wake, praying that I do wake, that I hadn't injured myself in any way. Show More Summary

9 Ways To Fake Being A Morning Person

Illustrations by Paolo Delucca. Eventually, everyone wakes up, but only a select few do so with grace. Okay, grace is probably a lot to ask from people first thing in the morning. But, if there were a way to make the early hours easier,...Show More Summary

Carbon-Financed Cookstove Fails to Deliver Hoped-for Benefits in the Field

A study of the the first clean cookstove intervention in India financed through the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism found expected benefits from newer, more "efficient" stoves -- based on their performance in lab tests -- did not materialize in the field.

A state-by-state look at attitudes toward abortion

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Democratic National Convention live updates: Tim Kaine officially nominated for vice president July 27, 2016, 2:23 p.m. On the third day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention:• Watch live with us.• President Obama will headline the roster of speakers tonight, along with Vice President Joe...

A War With No Name

It is becoming difficult to remember all the killings. Among the places draped in black are Brussels, Lahore, Germany twice over, Japan, the terror-torn countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya ? again and again, Egypt, Turkey, Paris,...Show More Summary

Try These Protein-Packed, Healthy Thai Shrimp Wraps From a Yogi's Kitchen

Yogi goddess Kathryn Budig has drawn in influence from so many cultures in her career, which is reflected in the recipes from her book, Aim True. This tasty, healthy dish comes from Southeast Asia - and can be used as an appetizer, or...Show More Summary

Exercise Helps Prevent Cancer, Regardless of Your Weight

Being more physically active can help reduce the risk of some cancers, and weighing less is another important strategy for reducing risk that regular exercise may help with.

Baltusrol was named for a murdered farmer, and other facts about the PGA Championship site

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A challenge to pronounce and type, Baltusrol Golf Club, which will host this week’s 98th PGA Championship, was named after Baltus Roll, a farmer who owned and worked the land where the club resides today. In 1831, Roll was slain at the age of 61, reportedly by two thieves who believed that he had...

Sherman Oaks woman escapes after robbers invade her home and tie her up

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Three armed suspects invaded a woman’s home, tied her up and robbed her home in Sherman Oaks on Tuesday night, police said. The woman managed to escape, but so did the robbers, unfortunately.  The crime was reported to have occurred around 11 p.m. in the 3900 block of Ventura Canyon Avenue. Police...

Woman linked to kidnapping of Northern California family turns out to be victim of abduction

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A woman who was arrested with a man in connection with the kidnapping of a Northern California family was released Wednesday after police discovered she also was a victim and had been abducted at gunpoint. Aundrea Elizabeth Maes, 19, had been arrested with Edwin Enoc Lara, 31, Tuesday night following...

New Recommendations for Transitioning Youths with Brain Disorders to Adult Care

MINNEAPOLIS - A new consensus statement provides recommendations for transitioning adolescents and young adults with neurologic disorders to adult care. The statement is endorsed by the American Academy of Neurology and created by the Child Neurology Foundation. Show More Summary

AAN: Closure Not Recommended for People with Heart Defect and Stroke

MINNEAPOLIS - An updated recommendation from the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) states that catheter-based closure should not be routinely recommended for people who have had a stroke and also have a heart defect called a patent foramen ovale (PFO), a channel between the top two chambers in the heart. Show More Summary

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Takes a Lead Role in Cleveland's Infant Mortality Initiative

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine will serve as a lead partner for "First Year Cleveland," a project aimed at reducing infant mortality in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Randy Miramontez/Shutterstock Pokemon Go

What It Means When You See Blood In Your Urine

There are few moments more frightening than seeing blood in your urine. Happily, the cause is often not serious. The condition is more formally known as hematuria, and blood in the urine is usually the only symptom. Note that it does not take much blood to color urine pink or red, and the bleeding is usually not painful. Show More Summary

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