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Boston Marathon Winner is Part of Santa Fe Running Scene

57 minutes agoFitness / Running : Runners World

Caroline Rotich is regular presence at youth, community events.

5 Ways to Get Slim on Autopilot

58 minutes agoHealth : Healthland

Streamline your day-to-day diet decision making

6 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses From Alanna Zabel’s New Children’s Book

1 hour agoFitness / Yoga : Yoga Journal

Grab your kiddos for this sequence from yoga teacher to the stars and author Alanna Zabel's latest children's book, Asana's First Yoga Class. The post 6 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses From Alanna Zabel’s New Children’s Book appeared first on Yoga Journal.

Palo verde pollen party

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We are getting back from a whirlwind trip to Tucson. (see those little yellow blossoms? The hood of our car is still covered in them, despite driving down I-8 for many miles. Souvenirs haha.) Kyle was in town for a wedding, so we had to drive down […]

Oz, to Ozymandias: Science, Soundbites, Symptoms and Systemic Disease

Enough already about Dr. Oz. Whichever side you happen to be on, we might collectively acknowledge that much of the noise being made about what is, at worst, a symptom, is itself an indication of a culture-wide disease. The fate of Ozymandias comes to mind. Science is Ozymandias. Show More Summary

Dr. Mehmet Oz: Counterculture Healer or Fame-Driven Quack?

Dr. Mehmet Oz stands accused of promoting quackery and endorsing unproven medical theories, to his own financial benefit. Robert S. Wieder considers the evidence. Dr. Mehmet Oz: Counterculture Healer or Fame-Driven Quack? is a post from:

The Cure for Cancer? Why False Claims Are Dangerous

A couple of years ago, I blogged on HuffPost imploring well-meaning (and sometimes not-so-well-meaning) folks to refrain from telling me what to do to "cure" my cancer. The premise of the piece was that while I and may of us dealingShow More Summary

A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is the best energy revitalizer around. We all need it, and our bodies work most efficiently when we have about eight hours of it a day. During sleep our cells repair our bodies. The big question: What if we have a problem falling asleep? For more than 20 years I have found a process that works every time for me. Show More Summary

'Putting Your Bottom at the Top of Your List' -- The Pap Smear That's Not Just for Women

A poster promoting the Anchor Study About 17 years ago, Jeff Taylor, an AIDS advocate, became worried he might have anal cancer. Through his work, Taylor knew that anal cancer rates had risen steeply among people with HIV. He was having...Show More Summary

The 7 Best Things To Eat And Drink After Your Workout

• • • Avocado In Brief: Monounsaturated fat for muscle repair and B vitamins to jump-start your metabolism The Lowdown: Don’t be afraid of the f-word. Avocado is a no-brainer: In addition to healthy fats, which are crucial for absorbing...Show More Summary

An Update on Using TALENS to Edit Mitochondrial DNA

1 hour agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell, a host of organelles evolved from symbiotic bacteria. They each carry a small amount of DNA, and this accumulates damage with age. Some sorts of damage can spread rapidly within a cell's mitochondria, causing all of them to become dysfunctional. Show More Summary

Gear: Carrier offers a new way for kids to get up and go

1 hour agoHealth : Booster Shots

Tots have a neat new ride with the Piggyback Rider Standing Child Carrier, designed for children 2 1/2 years and older and weighing up to 60 pounds.

Advance Directives 2.0

At a much-touted meeting last month in Washington, the Institute of Medicine concluded that end-of-life care in this country is largely broken and should be overhauled at almost every level. The daunting statistics related to end-of-life...Show More Summary

Dietary Guidelines for Which Americans?

We received the report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee some weeks ago. Some months from now, that science-based report, politics, and a whole lot of pestering will come together, and we will get the actual Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015. That's how it works, which I presume most people in this country at least already know. Show More Summary

Let's Get Personal

Hubbie and I recently found ourselves engaging in two different... discussions. The first involved a whole lot of bickering... making for some cranky moments at the coffee shop. The topic at hand? A small, single flyer that he designed...Show More Summary

5 Ways to Leave a Great Legacy

The discussion of leaving a legacy has come up in conversation lately among my friends and family. Most of my friends are almost or just past mid-century age, and my sons- and daughters-in-law are almost 40 years old or older. ThereShow More Summary

The Wisdom Ritual

-- Illustration by Eliane Gerrits The dentist glances at my son's annual X-rays and then, without looking, plucks a business card from a tall stack on his desk. "They are out of place," he says. "There is not room in his jaw for so many teeth. Show More Summary

Dr Foster offers advice on performance measurement

The folks at Dr Foster recently published a thoughtful paper about the uses and abuses of clinical data for the purposes of measuring performance. While their thoughts are directly applicable to government regulatory agencies, they are also worth considering with regard to benchmarking within the profession and by hospital governing bodies. Show More Summary

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