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You'll Be Eating This Noodle Salad from Now Till September

As a gardener, I’m solidly in the learning phase. This year, I planted with the modest goal of avoiding the heartbreaks of years past.

TV Food Ads May Make You Fat—Here’s How to Slim Down

Can TV ads for greasy, cheesy foods actually make you consume more calories? Yes, actually, and certain folks are more privy to the effects.

Danger in Your Produce Bag? Black Widow Spider Hiding in Grapes Bites Vermont Woman

Earlier this week, a Vermont woman plucked a scary surprise out of her recently-purchased bag of grapes.

How Celebrities Lose Weight for Movies

From Anne Hathaway to Matthew McConaughey, here’s what the stars ate and drank to play the part.

10 Foods You're Probably Eating Wrong

When’s the best time to cut strawberries? We asked a pair of registered dietitians to pinpoint the big mistakes that are preventing you from extracting the most vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.

The Rise of the Insect Bar

Would you eat an energy bar that was made with an all-natural source of protein: Crickets? These companies are betting you will.

Yep, We Ate That: Meat Bars, Cricket Bars, and Other ‘Alternative’ Snack Bars

Today’s snack bars are meatier, buggier, savorier, and friendlier (to special diets) than ever. But how do they taste?

The 5 Worst "Healthy" Fast-Food Menu Items in America

What’s worse than blowing your diet at a fast-food restaurant? Unknowingly doing so when you thought you were ordering the “healthy option.” It’s likely happened to you.

The Strange Science of Why Men Love Spicy Food

A recent study, conducted at Pennsylvania State University and published in the forthcoming issue of the journal Food Quality and Preference, examined people’s spicy food preferences and how they correlate with other factors like gender and personality.

5 Foods That Enhance Your Natural Sun Protection

Eat the wrong foods and you’ll end up with lined, pigmented and sagging skin. Certain foods can also enhance your skin’s natural sun protection, boosting it’s ability to ward off the damages of UV exposure.

6 Things You Can Do at the Gym to Curb Your Appetite

Not only can body awareness practices help you determine when you’re really hungry, but they can make you more sensitive to feelings of fullness so that you don’t mindlessly overeat.

Recipe: Chopped Salad

I'm so excited to share my new favorite salad with you! This is one of those meals that you keep thinking about for days.

Protein Powder: The Hot Silicon Valley Trend That Could Be Dangerous

Is it possible to overdose on protein powder? The answer may surprise you.

Should You Ditch the Liquid on Top of Your Yogurt?

A thin layer of clear liquid is sitting on top of the creamy goodness below. You have two options here: pour it out or mix it in. So what do you do?

Taco Bell, Pizza Hut to Stop Using Artificial Ingredients

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut will stop using artificial colors and flavors.

How to Feed Your Flora, Deliciously

The keys to a healthy gut are right in your kitchen.

Magnesium Spray Might Be The Answer To All Your (Tummy) Problems

While we can blame everything from diet to stress, lack of sleep, and men, guess what: There might be a simple solution to help ease common tummy troubles.

The 1-Step Hack to Bigger, Better Salads

The first thing you’re going to do in this bowl is whisk your dressing, and with all that surface area, your dressing is going to come together in a snap.

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