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Shortcut Chicken Pot Pie for Tonight

I used 3 tricks to make this Shortcut Chicken Pot Pie just as wholesome as the original but faster. Now my family can have it more often...score!

Taking a break from dieting may improve weight loss

Avoiding continuous dieting may be the key to losing weight and keeping the kilos off, the latest research shows. Researchers showed in a randomized controlled trial, that taking a two-week break during dieting may improve weight lo...

Man develops cyanide poisoning from apricot kernel extract

A 67-year-old man developed cyanide poisoning from apricot kernel extract, reveal doctors in a new article.

New research to treat acute malnutrition

Researchers and humanitarian organizations have conducted a large study in Burkina Faso in West Africa treating more than 1,600 children with acute malnutrition. The study showed that corn-soy porridge should be replaced with a lipid-based nutrient supplement, a fortified peanut butter. Show More Summary

Sodium (salt) intake is associated with a risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Sodium intake may be linked to an increased risk of developing both type 2 diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes in adults says new research.

Body fat mass distribution: A possible explanation for lower diabetes risk associated with dairy food consumption

Scientists have examined how differences in body composition may be a possible explanation for why consumption of some dairy products may be associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes or cardiometabolic disorders.

Late bedtime and lack of sleep lead to overweight children in China

Researchers have found that Chinese children who go to bed later and sleep less are more likely to be more overweight.

Type 2 diabetes is a reversible condition

People with type 2 diabetes can reverse the condition through a low calorie diet.

Asthma symptoms can be improved by diet and exercise in non-obese patients

Non-obese people with asthma could reduce their symptoms and improve their quality of life through diet and exercise, according to new research.

Why high-fiber diets do not always lead to weight loss

In the era of personalized nutrition, there might be value in getting your stool tested and your gut bacteria counted before starting on a new diet. The results can be used to predict whether a particular diet will work for you. This follows a study which shows that the increasingly popular fiber-rich 'New Nordic Diet' might not work for everyone.

Obese inducing brain mechanism

Medical researchers have demonstrated that the protein tyrosine phosphatase receptor type J (PTPRJ) inhibits leptin signaling and that induction of PTPRJ in the hypothalamus is a cause of leptin resistance.

The body's own fat-metabolism protects against the harmful effects of sugar

Researchers have discovered that the fat-metabolism in the cells takes place simultaneously with a detoxification of the harmful substances from the blood sugar, which can avert the damage that can in turn lead to age-related diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's and cancer. This indicates that we have a detoxification system which we were not previously aware of.

Managing Food Allergies: 5 Surprising New Approaches to Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

Having at-risk children avoid allergenic foods such as eggs, nuts and fish until preschool – which was common practice a decade ago – likely has contributed to the increase in food allergies.

The Easiest Way To Shave Off 200 Calories Each Day (Without Eating Less)

This bad habit will lead to weight gain that’s the equivalent of eating an extra bagel per day! Here's how to stop.

Menus Will Sport New Calorie Labels for Alcohol

Don’t want to be confronted with the number of calories in that mojito, margarita or craft beer? Then avoid the menu and order at the bar.

5 Surprising Signs You Might Need a Detox This Fall

Photo by Morrison Health By Molly Gallagher for Well+Good Sneezing everywhere, sugar cravings, and can’t get a good night’s sleep? This fun little set of issues might mean a detox is in the cards for you this fall, says Jeffrey Morrison,...Show More Summary

Body clock, gut microbiota work together to pack on the pounds, study shows

New clues have been uncovered about how gut bacteria and the body's circadian clock work together to promote body fat accumulation.

Biomarkers in the blood prove strong role of food for type 2 diabetes

A pioneering method has demonstrated its potential in a large study, showing that metabolic fingerprints from blood samples could render important new knowledge on the connection between food and health. The study finds that diet is one of the strongest predictors of type 2 diabetes risk in older women.

Mechanism behind calorie restriction, lengthened lifespan revealed

Almost a century ago, scientists discovered that cutting calorie intake could dramatically extend lifespan in certain animal species. Despite numerous studies since, however, researchers have been unable to explain precisely why. Now, investigators have broken past that barrier.

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