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Consider This Your Post-Thanksgiving ‘Detox’ Drink

If your body needs a reboot after too much holiday eating, try whipping up a green drink from nutritionist Shira Lenchewski. (Photo:

Tutorial: How to Keep a Gratitude Journal and See the Bright Side (through the dark)

I recently read The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan. I loved learning how she was able to convert her natural pessimism to optimism by seeking out the bright side of things. (She spent a whole year committed to finding gratitude)....Show More Summary

Think Beyond Carrot Cake: Gluten-Free Carrot-Coconut Macaroons

These dainty, moist, and slightly chewy little sweets are made of finely shredded carrots, with coconut and almonds (no flour involved). They play nicely with a variety of spices and aromatics and they invite experimentation.  

Red Meat Now Linked to Stroke Risk

Red meat - but not other types of protein - is linked to an increased stroke risk, and the odds go up the more meat people eat, a recent study suggests. (Stocksy)

The Tiny Change That Could Save You 500 Calories A Day

In fact, scientists at Cambridge University have found that cutting back on serving size alone can help Americans eat an average of 527 fewer calories per day, resulting in a weight loss of one pound per week, all from by reducing portion...Show More Summary

What’s in Your Coffee? The Answer May Shock You.

If you’re relying on a cup or two of coffee to give you the pep you need to get through the day, you should know that there’s more than just caffeine in your favorite morning beverage. Research by Müller et al published in Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A examines chemical leaching into coffee from filter […]

It’s Okay to Indulge on Thanksgiving and Here’s Why

Thanksgiving is a time for family, vacation and tradition. It’s also all about turkey, heaping portions of mom’s homemade stuffing and impossible-to-resist pecan and pumpkin pies. It’s easy to find healthy recipes for the feast, or you can line up an after turkey workout sessions, but is it really all worth it?

Your Obsession With Seaweed Snacks is Really, Really Good For Your Health

In the article, researchers from the University of Southern Denmark say that adding seaweed to processed foods like frozen pizzas, hot dogs, and dried pasta could help reduce instances of heart disease. They also argue that swappingShow More Summary

The Impostors That May Be Hiding In Your Olive Oil

The stuff you’re grabbing from the shelf may not be the real deal. (PHOTOGRAPH BY WESTEND61/GETTY) by Carrie Havranek, for Rodale’s Organic Life There are more than 700 varieties of olives in the world, but upwards of 70 percent of the olive oil we’re buying at the supermarket isn’t actually the extra virgin variety it’s purporting to be. Show More Summary

Are Pastured Eggs Worth the Extra Money?

A study from Penn State researchers that was published in the journal Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems found that pastured eggs contain more omega-3 fatty acids (which may help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure) and higher concentrations of vitamins A and E. Show More Summary

Sweet Potato Biscuits

I started making these Sweet Potato Biscuits over a year ago. I didn't initially make them for Thanksgiving. I made them because I thought they were a good way to get some more vegetables into my kids' diets.

These Seniors Connect to Their Traditions in a Unique Way

First it was musk ox stew. “You don’t hear that every day about meatloaf.” The facility in Kotzebue, a commercial hub of 3,100 people in northwest Alaska, is incorporating traditional foods donated by hunters into the regular menu — a practice that’s gaining interest nationally under a new federal law. Show More Summary

4 Things That Affect How Drunk You'll Get

(Photo: Getty Images) I have a confession: I’m a serious lightweight when it comes to alcohol—it’s a blessing and a burden. On the plus side, I can save a ton of money when I go out because I’m only going to have one or two drinks. The...Show More Summary

Here's How Many Bugs, Rat Hairs and Cigarette Butts the FDA Allows in Your Food

These are the bonus ingredients that might be hiding in your lunch (Image by Thinkstock) The FDA Defect Levels Handbook might be the most disgusting government manual in existence. It’s natural, says Martin Bucknavage, a food safety specialist at Pennsylvania State University. Show More Summary

Your Body on Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is practically synonymous with loved ones and giving thanks. After all, research suggests that the average American could chow down 4,500 calories during a typical Thanksgiving. Read on to find out.  (Infographic by Erik...Show More Summary

Celebrate Gratitude With a Healthy Twist: Breakfast Strata, Corn Chowder, Roasted Cranberries

Thanksgiving is only days away but the holiday season is just kicking off! I love this time of year because it’s all about gratitude – celebrating with good friends, family – and of course, FOOD. Check out my recent TV appearance where...Show More Summary

The Surprising Reason Healthy Food Can Make You Gain Weight

Seemingly healthy rice cakes can trigger a blood sugar spike. For the study, scientists tracked the diets and blood sugar levels of 800 people for a week. The participants answered health questionnaires and underwent body measurements,...Show More Summary

Chris Hemsworth’s Shocking ‘Heart of the Sea’ Weight-loss

Chris Hemsworth posted a startling photo of himself on Instagram Sunday night in which the normally muscular actor appears gaunt and disheveled.

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