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25 Foods People Over 45 Should Eat

Nowadays you could be halfway to 90 and still be a hipster icon like Jared Leto or Sophia Coppola, have shredded abs like Justin Theroux or Mark Wahlberg, or crack up the cool kids like Amy Poehler or Keegan-Michael Key. But you need to eat differently than you did in your 20s and 30s. Here's how.

8 Ways I Use Frozen Produce

I used to not be much of a frozen food person until I learned how nutritious and inexpensive this option can be (especially in the winter!). Frozen foods are usually picked and frozen at the peak […]

What to Buy from the Salad Bar (& What to Skip)

If you're a salad bar aficionado, you need to read this.

Measuring Your BMI Is Probably Pointless

Millions of “perfectly healthy” Americans are being mislabeled as either overweight or obese. A new study has found that calculating someone’s BMI — body mass index, a measurement of body fat based on height and weight — may be ineffective.

A Valentine’s Day Menu For Your Healthy Lifestyle

Instead of spending hours shopping on the internet for the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift for your relationship stage, why not head to one place that makes everyone happy, the kitchen?

What’s Cloud Bread? The Scoop On The Latest Low Carb Craze

“Cloud bread,” a carbohydrate and gluten-free bread that contains no flour, yeast, or traditional bread ingredients, is popping up all over health food Instagram feeds.

What the Fish Monger at Whole Foods Market Is Eating

Pro tip: A good fish counter has clean floors, bright lights, and shouldn’t smell fishy.

The 5 Best Uses for Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are tiny powerhouses that are packed with nutrients and, thanks to their surge in popularity, are now available in most regular grocery stores.

Body Kindness Podcast – Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Body Kindness we’re starting a conversation about intuitive eating – an evidence based model for structured eating that has been shown to improve health without dieting, calorie counting, or following food rules. If you’ve ever felt confused about what the heck intuitive eating is, don’t miss this episode. Show More Summary

7 Incredible Uses For Limes Outside of Cocktail Hour

Those innocent little green fruits are loaded with healing powers.

Food Celebrations Galore! Ideas for #SuperBowl, Heart Health Month, Canned Foods Month, and Valentine’s Day

February is a month of FOOD themed celebration! It’s national heart health month and canned foods month and we have Valentine’s day coming up and the Super Bowl! Phew! With lots to celebrate we can enjoy delicious food and still eat well. Show More Summary

Take the Challenge: Boost Your Mood With Body Kindness

Exciting Announcement… I’m Hosting 30-Day Challenges Every Month (For FREEEEEE!)   Did I just head a loud hooray? I thought so… All the details you need to know below. How To Sign Up and Participate It’s as easy as one, two, three… Join the challenge by signing up for my e-mail list. Show More Summary

Foods For Better Erections

Chocolate-covered strawberries are better for your sex life than you know.

6 Good-for-You Dips and Spreads for Super Bowl Sunday

One of the benefits of dips and spreads is that they act as an ideal vehicle for getting some healthful foods, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

20 Healthy Foods You Better Eat in Moderation

Everything in moderation isn’t just a rule for pizza and cupcakes, it applies to healthy foods like oatmeal and dates, too—especially if losing weight is your top priority. Eat This! Expensive extra-virgin, with its robust flavor, should be saved to dress salads, vegetables, and stove-top cooked dishes.

5 Delicious Recipes Made With Healthy Fats

Have your (healthy) fats and eat them too, with these recipes.

The Truth About Eating Gluten

Peter Osborne knows what’s up when it comes to gluten.

Game-Day Guacamole With a Secret Ingredient

Here's the guacamole recipe you need for the Super Bowl.

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