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When vegetables are closer in price to chips, people eat healthier

A new study determined that the difference in price of healthy foods compared to unhealthy foods plays a significant role in whether people have a healthy diet.

Organic farming can make an important contribution to world nutrition, research shows

A global conversion to organic farming can contribute to a profoundly sustainable food system, provided that it is combined with further measures, specifically with a one-third reduction of animal-based products in the human diet, less concentrated feed and less food waste, shows new research.

Does this one gene fuel obesity?

Variants in a gene called ankyrin-B -- carried by millions of Americans -- could cause people to put on pounds through no fault of their own, new research demonstrates.

Study in mice finds dietary levels of genistein may adversely affect female fertility

A new study of mice raises concerns about the potential impact that long-term exposure to genistein prior to conception may have on fertility and pregnancy.

The One Dish Chefs Say You Should Never Serve at Thanksgiving Dinner

Kitchen pros say you can strike this popular dish from your Thanksgiving menu

Easy Butternut Squash Salad with Feta

This easy butternut squash salad is hearty enough to enjoy for dinner, but also makes a great real food lunch leftover! Try it on your next meatless Monday.

New spin on how 'beige' fat cells burn calories

It has been known for decades that low temperatures can trigger specialized fat cells to burn energy to produce heat, but in a new study, researchers have discovered a new heat-producing pathway in fat cells that works by burning excess blood glucose, suggesting a potential new approach to treating metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Gene prompts cells to store fat, fueling obesity

Obesity is often attributed to a simple equation: people are eating too much and exercising too little. But evidence is growing that at least some weight gain is predetermined. New research suggests variants in a gene called ankyrin-B could be causing millions of Americans to put on pounds through no fault of their own. Show More Summary

Report from groundbreaking 'EndoVators Summit' offers guidance for obesity treatment

Research breaks new ground in defining the role and value of the latest approaches for obesity management. The paper reports on the scope and impact of the obesity problem as well as the multiple factors and players involved in treating this chronic condition.

Consumption of antioxidant-rich foods is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, study shows

A lower risk of type 2 diabetes has been observed among individuals consuming food rich in antioxidants. This effect is largely contributed by fruit, vegetables, tea and other hot beverages, as well as moderate consumption of alcohol, as shown in a recent study.

Study reveals how a very low calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes

A research team has uncovered how a very low calorie diet can rapidly reverse type 2 diabetes in animal models. If confirmed in people, the insight provides potential new drug targets for treating this common chronic disease, said the researchers.

Shortcut Roasted Bell Peppers (+ 5 Easy Ways to Use Them!)

Once you make roasted bell peppers at home, the sky's the limit for how to use them! It's hard to go wrong with these 5 easy ideas you can try this week.

Study lists foods for fighting rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and progression

Scientists propose a list of foods that can help patients manage rheumatoid arthritis, based on a new comprehensive review of foods with proven long-term beneficial effects on inflammation, joint stiffness and pain, joint destruction and oxidative stress.

Potential long-term negative impact of high protein diets

High protein diets may lead to long-term kidney damage among those suffering from chronic kidney disease, according to new research.

Chicken Pesto Pizza (+ Gluten-Free Option)

This Chicken Pesto Pizza recipe was a huge hit with my family. And you can't beat the gluten-free dough option. A winner!

Calorie counts on menus make a difference

One the most comprehensive pieces of research into the impact of displaying calories on menus reveals it not only influences consumers to make lower calorie choices but also encourages retailers to provide lower calorie options.

This secret ingredient means you can eat way more gooey chocolate brownies

We’re always on the hunt for ways to indulge ourselves in ways that won’t negatively affect our health and bodies. That’s why we connected with Australian Chef Danielle Shine, a natural foods chef with an amazing array of recipes and tips. Show More Summary

How Your Body Knows The Difference Between 100 Calories Of Kale vs. Junk Food

Your body processes calories from certain foods differently, depending on whether or not the food (and its ingredients) are nutrient-rich or nutrient-poor.

Simple Grapefruit and Avocado Salad

A refreshing grapefruit avocado salad would make a welcome addition to your Thanksgiving spread. Or grill some shrimp and you have a tasty lunch!

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