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Apple, lettuce can remedy garlic breath

Garlic -- consumers either love or hate the taste, but one thing is for certain, no one likes it when the scent of it sticks around on their breath. Now, garlic lovers may have a new solution to their halitosis problem. A study has found that eating raw apple or lettuce may help reduce garlic breath.

6 Nutrients You Should Be Eating For Healthier Hair

Experts say what you eat can make a big impact on your hair's overall health. Here are some important nutrients to look out for.

Whole-Wheat Homemade Cereal Bars (with black walnuts)

Cereal bars sure are convenient, but the packaged ones leave a lot to be desired. Today's recipe for homemade Whole Wheat Cereal Bars includes black walnuts - something I honestly had never heard of before working with Hammons.

Garlic Ghee Baked Chicken Breast Recipe [Paleo, AIP, Keto]

The post Garlic Ghee Baked Chicken Breast Recipe [Paleo, AIP, Keto] appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. I had some leftover chicken breast from making another dish, and I was looking for an easy recipe to make. Since I regularly...Show More Summary

Edible crickets can be reared on weeds and cassava plant tops

To become a sustainable alternative to meat, reared crickets must be fed feeds other than the chicken feed that is most commonly used today. Researchers now present a study that shows that there are weeds and agricultural by-products that actually work as single ingredients in feeds for crickets. Show More Summary

Getting the best help for overweight young people

Obesity among children and teenagers is on the increase worldwide. More and more people use food as a reward or a source of comfort, or as a way of escaping from the world around them -- with the result that they often become overweight. Researchers in Norway are looking into how best to help overweight children and teenagers.

Listening to the body: Study examines the effects of fasting on infections

When people get sick with viral or bacterial infections, they often lose their appetite or avoid certain foods. According to a new study, such sickness-related food preferences may correlate with the type of infection and the type of diet the body requires to fight the infection. Show More Summary

60 Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Make The Diet Look Easy

Sticking to the caveman diet doesn't have to be tricky during the holidays. From turkey to pie time, we've got all the bases covered. From Redbook

Rob Kardashian Spent $13,000 On Blac Chyna’s Pregnancy Food Cravings In One Month

Here, experts explain why appetite changes during pregnancy are totally normal, when cravings are a cause for concern, and why you might not want to indulge \too\ much during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Put A Child On A Vegan Diet?

A lawmaker in Italy is trying to make it illegal to raise a child as vegan.

How Drinking Coffee Affects Your Body

Its effects may appear to be magical, but there’s a lot happening under the surface when you’re enjoying your morning mug.

Low-Carb Diet: 8 Signs You Need More Carbs

Because sometimes a massive bread craving is actually your body crying out for help.

10 Foods That Have More Protein Than An Egg

There are plenty of incredible, edible ways to get this important nutrient.

The 4 Best Things To Eat If You Need More Vitamin D

Are you D-deficient? Consider adding these foods to your diet.

8 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Why does something that tastes so good have to be so bad for us?

How Different Are Naturally Occurring Sugars Really From Added Ones?

You've heard about added sugars versus naturally occurring ones, but what does that mean, exactly? And how does your body react to each type? Experts break it down.

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