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Evening hours may pose higher risk for overeating, especially when under stress, study finds

Experiments with a small group of overweight men and women have added to evidence that 'hunger hormone' levels rise and 'satiety (or fullness) hormone' levels decrease in the evening. The findings also suggest that stress may increase hunger hormone levels more in the evening, and the impact of hormones on appetite may be greater for people prone to binge eating.

Slow Cooker Green Salsa Chicken

No pre-cooking? No chopping? You know you want to make this easy-peasy slow cooker green salsa chicken for your family tonight! (Double it for leftovers!)

Reader Diary: Kendra’s Food & Spend

Introducing the second post in our Reader Diaries Contest series. Meet Kendra, hear what she ate for an entire week and how much she spent on groceries.

Bile acids fire up fat burning

Scientists have discovered a novel role for bile acids: converting energy-storing white fat depots into energy-expending beige fat.

Easy Breakfast Burritos (for the freezer!)

Make a double batch of these easy breakfast burritos. They are delicious no matter what time of day, and freezer-friendly to boot. WooHoo!

Flipping the switch: Dietary fat, changes in fat metabolism may promote prostate cancer metastasis

Researchers have shed new light on the genetic mechanisms that promote metastasis in the mouse model and also implicated the typical Western high-fat diet as a key environmental factor driving metastasis.

Estrogen-mimicking compounds in foods may reduce effectiveness of breast cancer treatment

A new study suggests breast cancer patients taking palbociclib/letrozole combination therapy should avoid foods rich in xenoestrogens.

Can Muesli help against arthritis?

It is well known that healthy eating increases our general sense of wellbeing. Researchers have now discovered that a fiber-rich diet can have a positive influence on chronic inflammatory joint diseases, leading to stronger bones.

Reader Diary: Eileen’s Food + Spend

I'm trying to be more mindful with many aspects of my life. Learn more about my journey (including how much I spent on groceries!) in my Reader Diary post.

Fast food makes the immune system more aggressive in the long term

The immune system reacts similarly to a high fat and high calorie diet as to a bacterial infection. Unhealthy food seems to make the body's defenses more aggressive in the long term. Even long after switching to a healthy diet, inflammation towards innate immune stimulation is more pronounced. These changes may be involved in the development of arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

Moms of obese children use different words to restrict eating

Mothers of children with obesity may be more likely to use direct statements to restrict a child's eating.

Filtered Water is Easy with Primo®

Resolving to be healthier in 2018? Switch to clean, great-tasting Primo® water. It’s filtered to remove pollutants that even the popular-brand filters miss.

A Week with the Leakes: Dinner & Treats

Our Week with the Leakes series concludes highlighting real food dinners and treats. You'll see-- living a real food lifestyle doesn't mean deprivation!

Severe obesity linked to newly identified gene mutations

Researchers have discovered mutations in a gene related to obesity, offering new treatment possibilities in the fight against the global epidemic.

Camelina oil improves blood lipid profile

The use of camelina oil reduces overall and LDL cholesterol levels in persons with impaired glucose metabolism, according to a new study.

Pippa Middleton reveals the one thing she'd 'never eat' for breakfast

Meghan Markle may have failed us on the s'mores front (remember when Harry claimed he's never tasted the camping staple?), but we're hoping she turns Pippa Middleton around. 

Pippa Middleton Eats This for Breakfast Every Day

She may be Duchess Kate's little sister, but Pippa Middleton gets her fair share of time in the spotlight. One reason? Her toned physique—we'll never forget the headlines after William and Kate's wedding when Pippa's infamous derrière was...Show More Summary

A Week with the Leakes: Lunch

In part two of our series, we share what our real food lunches looked like for an entire week. Stay tuned to "A Week with the Leakes" for dinner and treats!

21 High-Protein Breakfasts Under 300 Calories

Brigitte Zeitlin, M.P.H., R.D., C.D.N., founder of the New York-based BZ Nutrition, tells SELF that it's one that's filled with the right balance of protein, complex carbs, fiber, and healthy fat. The protein is especially key, Zeitlin explains. Show More Summary

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