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Stiffness matters

(University of Freiburg) Nanomedicine entry into cancer cells can be tuned by modulating the stiffness of the plasma membrane.

Cancer risk associated with key epigenetic changes occurring through normal aging process

(Johns Hopkins Medicine) Some scientists have hypothesized that tumor-promoting changes in cells during cancer development--particularly an epigenetic change involving DNA methylation--arise from rogue cells escaping a natural cell deterioration process called senescence. Show More Summary

Minimally invasive procedure increases options for mitral valve repair

(Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan) A new clinical trial at the University of Michigan is testing a catheter-based approach to treating mitral valve regurgitation, providing a faster procedure with a shorter recovery time.

Finnish research group discovers a new immune system regulator

(University of Turku) Academy Professor Riitta Lahesmaa's research group from Turku Centre for Biotechnology of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, Finland, has discovered a new regulator of the immune system, a key factor that controls development of regulatory T cells. Show More Summary

People Are Embracing Their Big Noses by Sharing a Candid #SideProfileSelfie

Post by Kathleen Wong. With such rigid (and let's be real, impossible) standards of beauty out there in mainstream media, embracing every inch of our body is no easy feat. These standards affect how we see -- and love -- ourselves, from our weight and size to the less talked about features, like having a large nose. 

Causing inflammation to run out of fuel

(University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) Inflammation needs energy: An important source for this energy is oxygen, which is indispensable for the cells of the immune system to work properly. On the one hand, oxygen is an essential element required for cells to survive; on the other hand, it also adds fuel to the fire of inflammation. Show More Summary

Stroke survivors and caregivers feel abandoned by health services, study finds

(University of Cambridge) A systematic review of studies focused on stroke survivors' and carers' experiences of primary care and community healthcare services has found that they feel abandoned because they have become marginalised by services and do not have the knowledge or skills to re-engage.

Putting black skin cancer to sleep -- for good

(Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association) An international research team has succeeded in stopping the growth of malignant melanoma by reactivating a protective mechanism that prevents tumor cells from dividing. Show More Summary

Primal Starter: Meeting the Wild Within

Over the course of a day’s hike or in a sudden wonderstruck moment, many of us have felt the edges of our selves dissolve into the wild that surrounds us. We become unconsciously “of” our environments. Shedding the insular, constraining...Show More Summary

Build More Muscle in Less Time with Supersets

Today’s working professional is busier than ever. With the increased reliance and usage of portable devices, many are working during and after office hours more and more. While the financial and professional gains are immense from these extended productivity hours, those muscle gains you so much aspire to have are left unfulfilled. Show More Summary

Disease-bearing mosquitoes gain from shrinkage of green spaces

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) A study conducted in São Paulo, Southern Hemisphere's biggest city, shows that mosquitoes belonging to vector species make up for seven out of the eight most common species found...Show More Summary

Phase I clinical trial shows some promise for investigational drug for melanoma

(UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center) In JCI Insight, UNC Lineberger's Stergios Moschos, MD, and colleagues published the results of a phase I, multi-institution clinical trial for an investigational treatment for melanoma and other cancers with mutations in the BRAF or RAS genes.

There's No One Way to Explain How Flying Works

You can use Bernoulli's principle to explain how planes fly—but that isn't the only way.

Can having a drink with dinner turn into problem drinking?

Dear Mayo Clinic: Is it possible to become an alcoholic just by having one or two drinks nightly? I have a glass or two of wine with dinner but never drink to the point of feeling drunk. Should I be concerned? A: Occasional beer or wine with dinner, or a drink in the evening, is not a health problem...

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby: Yoga Clothes for Little Girls (REVIEW)

2 hours agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Yippee, fitness fashion has come a long way so much so that yoga clothes for girls are a thing now. As a big advocate for healthy living and living for the entire family, it was quite exciting for me to learn about Jill Yoga clothing. I am a believer in the value of purchasing quality... Read More »

Frontiers in precision medicine III: Will personalized medicine improve population health?

(University of Utah Health) Join us for this full-day symposium at which nationally-renowned experts in personalized medicine, genomics, epidemiology, health disparities, regulatory science and bioethics will wrestle with the question whether and how personalized medicine can improve population health.

The good and bad health news about your exercise posts on social media

(University of Arizona) The more you see your friends post about exercise on social media, the worse you might feel about your own weight, especially when you perceive those people as being very similar to you, new research suggests. However, certain people -- those who tend to make 'upward social comparisons' -- find their friends' workout posts motivating.

MD Anderson receives $22 million in CPRIT funding for research, prevention and recruitment

(University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center) The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center was awarded $22.3 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), accounting for 30 percent of the $73.5 million in awards CPRIT announced today.

Death toll from listeria outbreak in South Africa more than doubles to 172

2 hours agoHealth : Reuters: Health

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - The death toll from an outbreak of the food-borne disease listeria in South Africa has more than doubled from previous numbers given in January to 172 deaths, the government said on Thursday.

Rotating night shifts may be a path to diabetes, study suggests

Working the night shift may play havoc with your blood sugar levels, a new study contends. For the study, researchers looked at data on more than 270,000 people in the United Kingdom and found that those who worked irregular or rotating shifts that included night shifts were 44 percent more likely...

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