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7 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Not Be Hungry While Losing Weight

The post 7 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Not Be Hungry While Losing Weight appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. A friend of mine went on a juice diet a few years ago and I swear hanging around her for those 2 days was probably more painful for me than for her. Show More Summary

5 Tips on Thriving with Diabetes From Diabetic Powerlifter Chris Ruden

Your meals are planned for the day, you prebolus when needed, and you are doing everything you should to manage your diabetes successfully. You check you sugar expecting a near perfect number—183. Seriously? How can I do the same thing day to day, using my years of diabetes experience and still mess up? This is […]


Put test strip into glucose meter. Prick finger. Apply blood. (Yawn as the meter counts down because it’s six in the morning and what’s sleep?) Look at screen. Blink. Pull strip out of the meter. Toss it into the meter back with all the other dead strips. Show More Summary

New 'immunoprofiler' initiative will advance drug discovery

(University of California - San Francisco) UC San Francisco scientists have formed an innovative research alliance with three global pharmaceutical companies to improve patients' responses to cancer immunotherapy and to increase the effectiveness of immunotherapy across a wider range of cancer types.


There is a small convenience and news store that I like and when I'm nearby I always pop in to buy my lottery tickets. It's very small and yet there is room for me to move around in so I can be in front of where the trays of scratch and (usually) lose tickets are kept in big trays. Show More Summary

Astrocytes Can Turn Aggressive and Kill Neurons, Potentially Groundbreaking Study Says

In what may be one of the most significant discoveries in neurodegenerative disease, researchers have found that brain cells, called astrocytes, contribute to killing neurons and myelin-forming oligodendrocyte cells, which may drive neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS). Show More Summary

Firsthand Experiences: What It’s Like Living With MS

Living with an autoimmune disease can feel isolating. While everyone around you continues with their lives, yours can feel as if it’s being turned upside down. Glass half full turns to class half empty. That feeling can be even moreShow More Summary

Physician Anesthesiologists Tell Consumers Three Things to Know About 'Surprise Medical Bills'

During Physician Anesthesiologists Week, ASA wants to empower patients to be informed health care consumers by alerting them to three things they should know about "surprise insurance gaps."

Car Crash-Test Dummies Move Beyond Young, Thin and Male

Using medical data collected by trauma experts at the University of Michigan, elderly and obese dummies are being used to help car manufacturers create safer vehicles for today's drivers.

Autism Symptoms Improve After Fecal Transplant, Small Study Finds

Children with autism may benefit from fecal transplants - a method of introducing donated healthy microbes into people with gastrointestinal disease to rebalance the gut. Behavioral symptoms of autism and gastrointestinal distress often go hand-in-hand, and both improved when a small group of children with the disorder underwent fecal transplant and subsequent treatment.

Noninvasive Ultrasound Pulses Used to Precisely Tweak Rat Brain Activity

Biomedical engineers at Johns Hopkins report they have worked out a noninvasive way to release and deliver concentrated amounts of a drug to the brain of rats in a temporary, localized manner using ultrasound.

The New President's First Official Act

1 hour agoHealth / Aging : Time Goes By

FIRST, A NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL TGB READERS: The outpouring of protest at the Saturday Women's March in cities across the U.S. turned out to be much larger than anyone anticipated – certainly me. And what surprised me most - in...

Delicious roast spuds are part of the good life. Poor cancer advice isn’t | Suzanne Moore

Potentially carcinogenic acrylamides lurking in our favourite foods is actually old news. This latest episode just proves how vulnerable we still are to scare stories There wasn’t exactly a muted reaction today to the news that your breakfast may kill you. Show More Summary

Varios factores, incluido el embarazo, pueden aumentar el riesgo para trombosis venosa profunda

ESTIMADA MAYO CLINIC: Me ha gustado correr desde la secundaria, pero me diagnosticaron trombosis venosa profunda (TVP) durante mi primer embarazo y tuve que dejar de correr durante unos meses. Ahora estoy nuevamente embarazada de nueve semanas y continúo corriendo para hacer ejercicio, pero temo volver a desarrollar trombosis venosa profunda. ¿Debe preocuparme por el […]

Whitemobi There Is A Summary Of The Main Together With Greatest Affiliate Firms Internationally By Choose-Cpa Service

Cashed Out Media We are an offshore community with a lot of intnl provides throughout many verticals from diet program,skin,dating,downloads,ecigs,biz opps, male muscle and several other people. Adsology Affiliate Community We deliver result pushed digital goods and solutions for smarter conversions. Show More Summary

What's a 'no-kill' animal shelter? The answer is more complicated than it seems.

1 hour agoHealth : The Checkup

Even those that use the label can't save all the animals that come through their doors.

I’m Doing the Work, I’m Baby Stepping – I Need I NEED…

Because I am a masochist, I was looking at photos of my recent  trip to Palm Beach this weekend. A weekend that was marked, in Michigan where I live, by dense fog, thickened rain, naked trees and gray, gray, gray. The photo above isShow More Summary

What causes pain in the back of the head?

Pain located in the back of your head could be due to a variety of different reasons, some more serious than others. Headaches, injuries, and even some diseases are known to cause tension and pain in the back of the … The post What causes pain in the back of the head? appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

WTO deal on importing generic medicines comes into force

2 hours agoHealth : Reuters: Health

GENEVA (Reuters) - A World Trade Organization agreement allowing poor countries to import generic medicines came into force on Monday, WTO Director General Roberto Azevedo told Reuters, after the deal reached the required two-thirds support of WTO members.

What is good quality sleep? National Sleep Foundation provides guidance

(National Sleep Foundation) The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recently released the key indicators of good sleep quality, as established by a panel of experts.

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