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Life behind the bubble

For me the trail began on April 3rd, an ideal time to start a northbound thru hike. However, aside from the sweeping landscapes and awe inspiring vistas there came something I had not anticipated: comradery with my fellow hikers. Such a seemingly rudimentary facet of trail life and culture had escaped my thought process in......

Trail Update: New Jersey and New York

As we crossed into New Jersey from Pennsylvania, I thought I’d try and see if I could write one blog for every state from there on out. Fast forward four states and almost 400 miles, and here I am, trying to figure out how best to sum up the past few weeks in one very......

Double digits on the 'mill

Well, I did not end up doing my long run outside today like I'd hoped.It's kind of strange, actually. Lately, I've had really bad anxiety about running outside. Ever since I was attacked by those two swallows, my stomach feels like it's in knots throughout my whole run. Show More Summary

7 Amazing Things That Babies Do in the Womb (VIDEO)

Post by The Stir Bloggers. Babies are absolutely amazing.... even before they get out into the world. Take a look at all these things they can do: See this video on The Stir by CafeMom.

He can dunk his socks in my coffee anytime

9 hours agoHealth / Weight Loss : Jenful

In fourth grade my school put on a musical called “Feelin’ Good,” the existence of which I can find no trace of on Google, so I’m not sure who wrote it or how they acquired it. For all I know, a frustrated music teacher banged out the script in her spare time, dreaming of the […] The post He can dunk his socks in my coffee anytime appeared first on Jennette Fulda.

To All the First Year Teachers Out There…

For those of us in Georgia, we head back to school this week.  For me, this will be my 16th year teaching.  For my sister, she is embarking on her first year.  She will be teaching in a Georgia Pre-K class!  We went shopping together...Show More Summary

Dispel Hostility, Improve Your Health

by Mimi O' Connor Decades of research have reported on the negative health consequences of living with high levels of hostility. In his book Anger Kills, Dr. Redford Williams clarifies that of the several components of the Type A behavior...Show More Summary

Mental Sampler 6

Truman has pneumonia.  Remember a few weeks ago when he had a respiratory infection, and the sneezing didn’t go away with the antibiotics so I tried changing to a 100% more delicious bedding?  On Thursday he started wheezing again, so I took him back to the vet for chest x-rays.  One lung is completely filled […]

4 Moves to Strengthen and Tone Side Abs

Smooth and toned sides are in style all year round! These four exercises will help you strengthen your side body and tame back bulge.

On checklists

This article by Emily Anthes about checklists in Nature notes:Poor use of checklists means that people may be dying unnecessarily. A cadre of researchers is... finding a variety of factors that can influence a checklist's success or failure, ranging from the attitudes of staff to the ways that administrators introduce the tool. Show More Summary

Savory Yogurt is the Next Greek Yogurt

Today: In praise of tangy, sour, rooty, oniony, salty, savory yogurts.

Should You Really be Cooking With Olive Oil?

For most healthy cooks, extra-virgin olive oil is the pantry staple.

5 Tips for Smarter Intermittent Fasting

I’m a firm believer in meal timing for fat loss and fast metabolism.

How Sugar Could Be Stealing Your Nutrients

End the cycle of sugar cravings and nutrient deficiency.

8 Ways to Lose Weight on Pennies a Day

There’s a weird inverse relationship between our wallets and our bellies. The smaller one gets, the larger the other seems to grow.

Is It Healthier to Skip Breakfast or Just Eat a Doughnut?

Is it better for our health to forego those sugary treats and skip breakfast altogether, or pick up a dozen from Dunkin’?

Why It's Good to Take a Cheat Day Each Week

13 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Imagine a day where you throw caution to the wind regarding your wellness regimen - and not just for holidays and special occasions! Health-conscious individuals who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet may want to make cheat days...Show More Summary

A Healthy Side That Helps With Weight Loss: Quick Pickles

13 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Pickled vegetables are an excellent way to add flavor to your meals, especially if you're looking to lose weight. Not only are pickles low in calories, but studies have also shown that adding vinegar to your diet can help keep you feeling fuller and more satisfied for longer. Show More Summary

The No-Diet (All-Natural) Swimsuit Secret

13 hours agoHealth / Fitness : FitSugar

Good posture not only makes you look confident, but it can also make you look up to 10 pounds thinner. No matter how toned those abs might be, slouching curves the spine forward, creating rolls on the belly. It can also make you appear inches shorter than you truly are. Show More Summary

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