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Zika causes deafness in about 6 percent of cases: study

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CHICAGO (Reuters) - A study in Brazil of 70 babies whose mothers had confirmed Zika infections found that nearly 6 percent had hearing loss, adding a new complication to the list of ills the virus can cause when women are infected during pregnancy.

Moms of Kids with Diabetes Are Our Olympic Heroes

Olympic parents.  Specifically Olympic moms.  Ever see them in the stands?  Close-up upon close-up, of the moms who know everything their child sacrificed and diligently worked at to be in the Olympics.  Proctor and Gamble even did a commercial about Olympic moms. Yeah, so what. Actually I don’t mean to belittle those moms and in […]

The Female Athlete Triad: Energy Deficiency, Amenorrhea, and Osteoporosis

The Female Athlete Triad The female athlete triad is a condition that generally affects athletes such as gymnasts, dancers, or athletes with weight classifications such as body builders (Figure 1). Eating disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis affect certain groups of athletes, often occurring as symptoms to this syndrome. Show More Summary

Medical News Today: PTSD and cognitive decline linked in 9/11 responders

Long-term study involving more than 800 World Trade Center Responders shows that post-traumatic stress disorder has strong links with cognitive decline.

Mayo Clinic Minute: Without FluMist, Everyone Needs a Shot

An article in Pediatrics reports that more parents are refusing to vaccinate their kids, because they think vaccines may be unnecessary. Mayo Clinic experts say routine vaccines are safe and effective at preventing diseases, including seasonal illnesses, such as the flu. This year, the nasal spray form of the flu vaccine is not available. Mayo […]

Yoga Therapy: The Newest Health Trend that Doctors are Paying Attention To

Wellness enthusiasts have long known the healing benefits of yoga. However, the popularity of this ancient practice is now growing among today's mainstream, especially doctors. Today, there is a rise in doctor-prescribed yoga therapy,...Show More Summary

Gene Wilder's Death Due to Complications from Alzheimer's

Once again Alzheimer's shows that it knows no boundaries. Gene Wilder dies from complications of Alzheimer's disease. By Bob DeMarcoAlzheimer's Reading RoomGene Wilder decided, while he could, to keep his diagnosis of probable Alzheimer's...Show More Summary

New Collaborative Effort Aims to Improve Adult Vaccination Rates Within Primary Care Setting

A new quality improvement initiative that aims to create effective solutions in optimizing adult vaccination rates was announced today. The program, the Adult Immunization Project, is a collaboration among the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), Duke Primary Care, Pfizer, and Premier. Show More Summary

Brian Hodges From University Health Network (UHN) Is Awarded the Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education

Professor Brian Hodges is awarded the 2016 Karolinska Institutet Prize for Research in Medical Education. His research has led to changes in educational practice, both scientific and practical, in the training of health professionals around the world. Show More Summary

Case Western Reserve University Researchers Identify Protein that Delays Type 1 Diabetes Onset in New Mouse Model

A new study reveals a counterintuitive cellular strategy that may protect insulin-producing cells from destruction during type 1 diabetes.

Pyuria (pus in urine) causes and treatments

Pyuria is a condition in which excess white blood cells, or pus, are present in the urine. Urine will appear cloudy and can also be a sign for a urinary tract infection (UTI). Pyuria can also be an indication of … The post Pyuria (pus in urine) causes and treatments appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Student Design Partners at Penn State College of Medicine Begin Work on New Curriculum

Five students at Penn State College of Medicine have deferred the start of medical school for a year to serve as student design partners who are helping to shape the curriculum that will guide their medical education.

Seniors benefit from moderate exercise to boost heart health

Moderate exercise has been shown to improve heart health in seniors over the age of 65. Moderate exercise is classified as riding a bike, going for a swim, or even heading out for a stroll. For the study, the researchers … The post Seniors benefit from moderate exercise to boost heart health appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Systems Biology Research Study Reveals Benefits of Vacation and Meditation

Scientists from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the University of California, San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School used a rigorous study design to assess the biological impact of meditation compared to vacation.

Many depressed Americans not receiving treatment

A new study has found that many American adults suffering from depression are not getting the help they need. The study screened over 46,000 people and found that eight percent of them had depression. Unfortunately, only one-third of...Show More Summary

FAU's College of Nursing Receives $2 Million Grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This award is focused on the unmet health care needs of underserved populations in South Florida and builds in additional curriculum content on mental health. Florida's population has increased 196 percent from 1970 to 2010, including its aging population of approximately 3.3 million Medicare recipients seeking primary care and behavioral/mental health services.

The Healthy Truth: Back to school health tips

Dear Friends, It’s that time of year again when all the children (and young adults) head back to school. Whether you are sending off your little one for the first time or are an experienced back-to-schooler, the transition can still … The post The Healthy Truth: Back to school health tips appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Three Years and Counting: Sustaining the Gains for Patient Safety in a Critical Care Unit

Virginia Mason Institute, a leading lean education resource for health care organizations, published a quality improvement story that describes how a multidisciplinary team at Virginia Mason achieved 36 months of 100 percent compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) measures for venous thromboembolism prophylaxis for their intensive care patients.

Functional Human Tissue-Engineered Liver Generated From Stem and Progenitor Cells

A research team at Children's Hospital Los Angeles has generated functional human and mouse tissue-engineered liver from adult stem and progenitor cells. Tissue-engineered Liver (TELi) was found to contain normal structural components such as hepatocytes, bile ducts and blood vessels.

Stability Ball Circuit Workout

A total-body circuit workout you can do anywhere, using a stability ball and a pair of dumbbells. Hi friends! How’s the morning going?? Hope you’re having a great day so far! We’re off to the beach -it’s EXTRA gorgeous outside!- and spending the afternoon getting some Tucson stuff packed + Liv’s back to school goodies […]

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