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Newborn survival rates in US only slightly better than in Sri Lanka

Unicef report says five newborn babies die every minute across the world, an ‘alarmingly high’ figure as 80% of these are preventable The risk of dying as a newborn in the US is only slightly lower than the risk for babies in Sri Lanka and Ukraine, according to Unicef. Show More Summary

Katherine Heigl celebrates 'finding those ab muscles' 14 months after childbirth. Here's how she did it.

New "Suits" cast member Katherine Heigl provides details about losing weight after giving birth to son Joshua Jr. 14 months ago.

Celiac Disease Diagnosis Takes 3.5 Years for Patients Without GI Symptoms

It takes an average of 3.5 years to diagnose celiac disease in patients who do not report gastrointestinal symptoms, a Loyola Medicine study has found. Patients who reported gastrointestinal symptoms were diagnosed in an average of 2.3 months.

Northern Ireland suicides outstrip Troubles death toll

4,500 people have taken their own lives since conflict ended, sparking calls to tackle crisis More people have taken their own lives in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday agreement than were killed in political violence during the...Show More Summary

A perfect storm for broken bones or for disease-mongering of osteoporosis?

Last week in The New York Times, Jane Brody predicted “A Perfect Storm for Broken Bones.”  But the column has elements of a perfect storm of disease-mongering. She writes that “fewer adults at risk of advanced bone loss and fractures are undergoing tests for bone density, resulting in a decline in the diagnosis and treatment of […]

Data Detectives Shift Suspicions in Alzheimer's from Usual Suspect to Inside Villain

The pursuit of the usual suspect in Alzheimer's research may be distracting from a more direct culprit in the disease, according to a study that analyzed data from 51 published experiments. P-tau looked a good bit more culpable than amyloid-beta plaque.

Assembling Cells and Scaffolds into a Suitable Trachea Replacement

2 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Researchers here report on their efforts to build a suitable structure to replace a trachea, starting with patient cells and artificial scaffolds. Since the trachea is a thin-walled pipe, engineered tissue can be constructed in thisShow More Summary

The Promise of Self-Compassion for Stressed-Out Teens

2 hours agoHealth : Well

Many in this driven generation believe they can’t move forward without beating themselves up.

Astrocytes Become Inflammatory in the Aging Brain

2 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

Astrocytes are one of the common types of support cell in the brain, performing a wide variety of tasks that range from repair to maintaining the balance of various signal and electrolyte molecules. Researchers find evidence to suggest that astrocytes shift into an inflammatory mode in large numbers with advancing age. Show More Summary

Should Hadiza Bawa-Garba have been struck off as a doctor? I believe so

She was let down by the system but I have come to respect the decision of the court – so should my fellow doctors Since Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was struck off the medical register, the medical community has been in uproar. Irate voices continue to be heard within hospitals as well as on online blogs and social media. Show More Summary

Are we poisoning our children with plastic?

The chemical BPA is widely added to food and drink packaging, and more than 80% of teenagers have it in their bodies. But how dangerous is it? Can exposure to plastics harm your health? It’s a question currently being explored by researchers...Show More Summary

How to Transition Your Child from Crib to Toddler Bed

2 hours agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Transitioning your child from a crib to her big-girl toddler bed can be a bittersweet time. Between the excitement of reaching new milestones and the hint of sadness that comes with watching her grow up and get one step closer to independence, actually figuring out when she’s ready to make the big switch can be... Read More »

Caution: Cleaning this way is like smoking a pack a day, study says

Just in case you needed a legitimate excuse to be messy, there's a new study that says cleaning may actually be bad for your health. Researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway found that regular use of cleaning sprays contributed to a greater decline in lung function compared to those who...

Yes, the NHS is fractured. But competition won’t heal it | Polly Toynbee

The latest NHS reorganisation has reawakened fears of privatisation. Only a Labour government can bury them once and for all After Brexit, David Cameron’s second worst legacy is his assault on the NHS. His explosive 2012 Health and Social...Show More Summary

Chocolate Cinnamon “Nice” Cream

Last year (around this very time of year!), I visited my dear friend Laurel in Chicago.  While we usually tear up the town when I’m in Chicago, Laurel was participating in her very first round of Whole30, so we decided to stay home and cook healthy foods for a change. Show More Summary

Jordin Sparks Celebrates At ‘Low Key’ Baby Shower

2 hours agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

American Idol champ Jordin Sparks had a “low key” baby shower this weekend in her native Arizona. A friend and her sister in law Jessica Sparks organized the event, according to the “No Air” singer’s  husband of 7 months, model Dana Isaiah. “’We had a low key baby shower for Little man in AZ with... Read More »

Multiple surgeries aren’t the best care for endometriosis. Ask Lena Dunham | Jason Abbott

Many people with endometriosis are being treated with surgeries that could increase pain Thirty-one-year-old women who have not yet had the opportunity to have a family of their own should not have to make a decision to have a hysterectomy. Show More Summary

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