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Just Because You Feel It Doesn't Mean It's the "Capital T" Truth

One of my clients said something during a recent session that really struck me. He told me that he was finding himself moving away from his routine of safely doing what needs to be done to get what he needs to have. Instead, he said, he was starting to allow new, more challenging experiences into his life. Show More Summary

How a Computer Can Tell If You’re Drunk

yesterdayHealth / Addiction : The Fix

This could be the start of a Skynet-like takeover of drunk driving enforcement. Or not.

Medical Mysteries: Toxic chemotherapy

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

The memories remain so vivid that Kathy Lang Albright still goes out of her way to avoid driving past the clinic where she received her first chemotherapy treatments. When Ebola was dominating the news, just hearing about the gastrointestinal...Show More Summary

Discussing Science and Aging: Aubrey de Grey and Cynthia Kenyon at NPR

yesterdayHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

NPR recently ran a show interviewing a number of people who have given TED talks relating to aging, among them Aubrey de Grey, cofounder of the SENS Research Foundation and coordinator of rejuvenation research programs, and Cynthia Kenyon,...Show More Summary

Bob Belden dies at 58; saxophonist, composer and band leader

As he stood backstage at the concert hall in Tehran, Bob Belden and his band mates weren't sure what awaited them. No American musician had performed in Iran since the country's 1979 revolution.

Daniel Cormier gets second crack of the year at UFC title

Daniel Cormier wanted Jon Jones' belt by beating the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s top pound-for-pound fighter in the octagon.

Sometimes what seems like a concussion is something else

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

The dangers of concussions, caused by traumatic stretching and damage to nerve cells in the brain that lead to dizziness, nausea and headache, has been well documented. But ear damage that is sometimes caused by a head injury has symptoms so similar to the signs of a concussion that doctors may misdiagnose it and administer the wrong treatment.Read full article >>

Friday Funny 925: Potty Graffiti

Lots more funny stuff posted all week long on! Steve in a Speedo

For many Asian Americans, depression is an unfamiliar word

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

“My time is coming. It’s already time for me to die. I can’t wait..?.?. So yeah I plan to kill myself during spring break, which by the way, starts in two days.” — Wynne Lee, in a March 29, 2012, journal entry.Read full article >>

Live on your computer: 2-ton walruses frolicking on a remote Pacific island!

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

A popular webcam site showing Pacific walruses lying on the beach with a Hitchcockian number of seabirds flying overhead is once again streaming to the Internet.The high-definition feed from Alaska’s remote Round Island had been dormant...Show More Summary

California oil spill worries business owners and residents alike

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

As crews worked on Friday to bag, mop and contain the oil in the Santa Barbara Channel from this week’s pipeline rupture, local businesses worried about the impact the spill would have over Memorial Day weekend, the traditional kickoff for summer.Read full article >>

Oh, to be an ant on the road

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

The old children’s song about marching ants is a good explanation for why traffic engineers love them.Ants — most are teeny creatures with brains smaller than pinheads — engineer traffic better than humans do. Ants never run into stop-and-go-traffic or gridlock on the trail. Show More Summary

Maybe someday, sunscreen you can take in a pill

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

Why don’t animals that spend most of their time naked and outdoors get sunburned? Fur, if they have it, would provide some shade. But what about toads, say, or fish that swim in shallow water? (Water absorbs some ultraviolet light, but a lot of sunburn-capable radiation travels at least a few feet beneath the surface.)Read full article >>

The Degradative Soup of Injury and Arthritis

New studies have shown that when a meniscus tissue is torn in the knee, enzymes and factors are released, creating a degradative soup that affects healing and eventually leads to arthritis. Injury to joint tissues used to be thought of in primarily mechanical terms. Show More Summary

Grief and the Veteran: An Inside Look

On Memorial Day, we take pause to remember and pay tribute to those Americans who died in active military service. Earlier this month I took the opportunity to address a dedicated group of psychotherapists who generously donate their time to provide pro bono counseling to veterans through a program called The Soldiers Project. Show More Summary

Dare to Heal: Why Wellness Is Revolutionary!

In a sick world, wellness is a threat to the status quo. If you live in a family where people drink heavily, sobriety challenges the family to quit. If you live in a nation that worships money, focusing on spirituality or social activism challenges others to notice their own distorted values. Show More Summary

NASA challenges students to think inside the box

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

An old joke: What do you give the man who has everything? Something to put it in.Now NASA, which spends a fair bit of its $18 billion budget retrieving, growing, measuring and otherwise using a lot of stuff in space, is asking kids to design something to put all that stuff in.Read full article >>

Patients have an important role to play in ensuring they get good medical care

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

When 62-year-old Rod Larson of Minneapolis was found to have a rapidly worsening bacterial skin infection, his primary care doctor immediately sent him to the hospital.On arrival, Larson was put in a room and examined by a physician assistant. Show More Summary

Part of her brain was missing

yesterdayHealth : The Checkup

Cole Cohen’s new memoir is peppered with quotes from “Alice in Wonderland,” and for good reason: All her life she has felt as if she were down the rabbit hole, living in a world that usually made pretty much no sense. Read full article >>

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