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How Innovative Ideas Arise

In 2010, Thomas Thwaites decided he wanted to build a toaster from scratch. He walked into a shop, purchased the cheapest toaster he could find, and promptly went home and broke it down piece by piece. Thwaites had assumed the toaster would be a relatively simple machine. Show More Summary

Muscle Memory -- It's In Your Head, Not Your Limbs

If only we could jack in our brains and download new knowledge and skills the way The Matrix films depict. But learning -- whether historical facts, musical mastery, or athletic aptitude -- takes effort and time. The long duration of childhood is surely evidence enough of that. Show More Summary

Natural remedies and diet for Meniere’s disease

16 hours agoHealth : Bel Marra Health

Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that leads to attacks of vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss (which can progress into permanent), tinnitus, and the feeling of fullness or pressure in the ears. Meniere’s disease mainly affects...Show More Summary

The Brain Uses Backward Instant Replays to Remember Important Travel Routes

Neuroscientists believe they have figured out how rats solve certain navigational problems. If there's a "reward" at the end of the trip, specialized neurons in the hippocampus of the brain "replay" the route taken to get it, but backward. And the greater the reward, the more often the rats' brains replay it.

Stem Cell Propagation Fuels Cancer Risk in Different Organs

Experiments reveal the crucial contribution of stem cells to the origins of cancer in different organs.

Study Shows Protein Complex Essential to Creating Healthy Blood Cells

A group of proteins best known for helping to activate all mammalian genes has been found to play a particularly commanding role in the natural development of specialized stem cells into healthy blood cells, a process known as hematopoiesis.

Calorie-Burning 'Good' Fat Can Be Protected, Says Study

Preventing cells of beige fat -- a calorie-burning tissue that can help to ward off obesity and diabetes -- from digesting their own mitochondria traps them in a beneficial, energy-burning state. In mice, this successfully protected against obesity and pre-diabetic symptoms, raising hopes for future applications in human patients.

ASTRO Supports Cancer Research by Awarding $36,500 to 44 Scientists and Clinicians Presenting Studies at Its 2016 Annual Meeting

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) has selected 44 cancer researchers and clinicians to receive a total of $36,500 in individual awards for studies being presented at the Society's annual scientific meeting.

Dollars Over Sense When It Comes To Addiction Treatment

I've worked in the substance abuse treatment and research field for quite some time. At this point, there are a few indisputable truths about this disease. One such truth, based on extensive research, is that longer times in treatment produce better outcomes. Show More Summary

Leaky Gut: Signs, Symptoms And Healing

Leaky gut. It's a term that has earned much debate in the medical community over the last decade. Does it really exist? Did someone just make it up? Let me break it down for you! Here is what you need to know and understand about leaky gut. Anatomy 101 Imagine a long tube stretching the length from your mouth all the way down to your navel. Show More Summary

A tour of the solar system's ocean worlds

17 hours agoHealth : The Checkup

Scientists are meeting today to discuss exploration of our neighborhood's watery worlds. Here are some of the places they'd love to go.

Causes of low HDL cholesterol levels

17 hours agoHealth : Bel Marra Health

HDL cholesterol is known as the good type of cholesterol, as it clears up LDL (bad) cholesterol and works to lower your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular conditions. When HDL cholesterol is low, your heart disease risk goes … The post Causes of low HDL cholesterol levels appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates the National Parks #FindYourParks

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the our National Parks. Happy 100th Birthday! Remember this weekend is FEE FREE at ALL national parks.   Explore Our Parks with Google Arts and Culture!   The post Today’s Google Doodle Celebrates the National Parks #FindYourParks appeared first on Hiking The Trail.

Hiker Box Diaries: Blood On The Saddle

We are in the homestretch. The dog days of August. The last few weeks we have stumbled over the blowdowns in Oregon, then wandered through Obsidian and volcanic rock towards Bend. We have stared at the most amazing volcanic peaks; Hood, Jefferson, St. Helens and Adams. Lunches by lakes with Mt. Jefferson in the......

Mylan EpiPen? What About Medicare Part D?

Mike Magee Pediatric drug prices have led the news recently with the fantastic and purposeful price escalation of Mylan’s EpiPen. With all that going on, it would have been easy to miss the analysis of the complete Medicare Part D year over year costs (2014 vs. Show More Summary

The Problem with Positive Thinking

Does positive thinking lead to greater happiness? If only it were that simple. When negative thinking gets you down, here’s what to do instead.

The Four-Month Flurry

It's almost Labor Day Weekend, which means summer is sadly winding down and autumn is right around the corner. In the next two weeks, we'll really start to feel the change. Kids will be back at school. The leaves will begin to turn and...Show More Summary

Medical News Today: Being overweight, obese linked to increased risk of eight more cancers

Excess weight may hold a greater cancer burden than we thought; researchers have linked being overweight or obese to an additional eight cancer types.

The 10 Most Important Tips For Caring For An Individual With Alzheimer's Disease

If a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, it can be a devastating time for you, your loved one and your entire family. As a care provider, chances are you will also be in for a number of big changes and a number of big challenges during your loved one's battle with this disease. Show More Summary

3 Nutrients You Might Need More Of

One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is to keep track of and monitor Americans' nutritional intake. Periodically, the CDC will release new research that indicate which vitamins and minerals we may need more of. Show More Summary

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