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Gen X Parents Got Nothing on Gen Y Parents Fancy Lunch Making Skills

10 hours agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Millennials get a bad rap just because they grew up in the social media, Pinterest, visually stimulating generation and have so many more opportunities to do amazingly creative things in their lives. I admit, I think my generation, Gen X, have some envy over the opportunities they have. One of the things they put their... Read More »

Inside Jessica Alba’s High Tea Baby Shower (PHOTOS)

14 hours agoHealth / Pregnancy : Belly Itch

Jessica Alba celebrated the impending birth of her third child with producer/director husband Cash Warren on Saturday, December 9, 2017.  The actress and business woman shared some photos of the event on her Instagram account and some vids on Snapchat. “Had the most beautiful baby shower today,” she captioned a “boomerang” photo of herself with... Read More »

Breastfeeding Jaundice – What Every Nursing Mom Needs to Know

Nursing moms may hear the term “jaundice” and cringe, but few truly understand it. Much of this could is the way that pediatricians often respond to breastfeeding jaundice. Some ask the mother to cease nursing so they can “prove” that the jaundice is being caused by the breastmilk and not some serious condition. Show More Summary

10 Kid-Friendly Nativity Scenes

Nativity sets are a wonderful way to teach your children about the story of baby Jesus, but most are too fragile to play with. Since children are tactile in nature, that can be rather problematic. Thankfully, there are some kid-friendly...Show More Summary

Lack of Physical Contact Can Alter an Infant’s Genetic Material, Study Finds

Most parents have heard the phrase “cry it out.” Perhaps it came from a neighbor, friend, or co-worker after the parent expressed just how tired they were from the sleepless nights with a fussy newborn. Maybe a family member said it after noticing that the baby cries whenever they are put down in their crib. Show More Summary

These 25 Hacks Will Make Your Day Easier and More Efficient

Saving a few seconds here and there throughout the day may not seem like it makes that much of a difference, but consistently practicing time-saving habits can add up. The time you save with these 25 hacks can be put to practical, productivity-boosting use or serve as a bit of “me time” carved out of... Read More »

Expecting Celebs Are Rocking Braids Protective Hair Style

I’ve long believed that braided hairstyles are the best style to wear for your last trimester of pregnancy leading up to labor and delivery and shortly thereafter. Why? The style requires very little maintenance after installed and can be kept in for a longer while. Once a silk head wrap is worn at night, the... Read More »

9 Ways Pets Help Raise Good Healthy Kids

Do you have a family pet? Did you know it can be therapeutic and helpful for helping your raise your children? It is quite true! Check out this info graphic produced by the folks at

Viagra 'ineffective' for fetal growth restriction

A clinical trial has found an anti-impotence drug to be ineffective at improving outcomes for pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction.

Link found between morning sickness, smoking and healthy pregnancies

A link between the 'old wives' tale that morning sickness may indicate a healthy pregnancy, and the reason smoking is so detrimental has been found, according to a new review. The article discusses the importance of the hormone endokinin...Show More Summary

Mom's Cartoon Nails Why You Should Never Call a Maternity Leave a 'Vacation'

Post by Genny Glassman. Getting to take time off work after having a baby might seem like a dream scenario for some women, but the reality is that nothing about giving birth (or the days, weeks, and months after) is easy. French artist...Show More Summary

Why This Badass Mom Fired Her OB Mid-Contraction

Post by Lauren Levy. Giving birth can be one of the most vulnerable experiences that a woman ever goes through. Between the intense pain, the immense fear, and the sheer unknown, many women often place all of their trust in their doctors and nurses to get them through it. Show More Summary

How to Rock Heels While Preggers

When you are preggers and your center of gravity is thrown off as you adjust to new weight distribution, it is probably wise to avoid high heel shoes. They are hazards and dangerous to the life you are incubating if heaven’s forbid, you were to trip and fall. The risk is higher when you’re expecting.... Read More »

Kenya Moore Fans Think She’s Giving off a Pregnancy Glow In Her Recent IG Photo

I watched Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore when she was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last week.  When host Cohen, the head of programming at the popular network, asked her if she was pregnant and she said something to the effect to, “I can’t say.”  I took that to mean... Read More »

Celeb Weekend Looks We’re Digging Right Now!

Celebs dress up for red carpets, premieres, and Tv appearances and on weekends, while running errands and traveling, they  get to dress down. But because they’re always being photographed, they don’t have the luxury of looking bad even on their days off. Case in point: Chrissy Teigen, Gisele Bundchen and Halle Berry always look fab.... Read More »

Couple Conceives A Baby While Taping New BravoTV Show ‘Stripped’

This week, the first couple featured on the new BravoTV show called Stripped revealed that they conceived their first child while taping the reality TV show experiment that required them to start off the show naked and void of all of their material possessions. Accountant Justin and his wardrobe stylist wife Ali revealed at the... Read More »

25 Blogs With Winter Maternity Wear Style Ideas

Bellyitch Rewind    Being pregnant is an exciting time.  V isions of nurseries dance in your head and it’s likely that you find yourself consumed with shopping for onesies, stuffed animals and the perfect blanket to wrap around your bundle of joy. You also have probably noticed that, in addition to all of the things your baby needs, you... Read More »

Exposure to wildfire smoke in utero lowers birthweight

Economics researchers capitalize on the dynamics of wildfires to prove infants’ proximity to smoke pollution while in utero affects birthweight.

Party-Ready Maternity Looks for Every Stage of Pregnancy

Post by CafeMom Contributors. Life is a celebration, especially when you’re pregnant. Whether it’s for a baby shower, wedding, holiday party, or just a fancy afternoon tea party with your besties, it’s fun to find reasons to dress up and look your best. Show More Summary

What This Blogger Wants for Christmas

This time of year, people are assembling their Christmas wish list and dropping hints. I am one of them! Here are 6 items on my wish list that are making a repeat appearance from a past year: 1. Exlura Women’s Off Shoulder Batwing Sleeve Loose Oversized Pullover Sweater Knit Jumper – $22.90 I love silk and... Read More »

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