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Top 10 Things That Surprised Me About My Post-Pregnancy Body

As many people know, the pregnant body goes through many strange and mysterious changes — “WHERE DID THAT NIPPLE HAIR COME FROM?” — yet the post-pregnancy body is rarely discussed, except in the requisite Us Weekly and Life & Style covers featuring an airbrushed celebrity mom in a bikini, hand on hip: “HOW I GOT […]

Celebrating Fall, Pregnancy-Style

Oh, the many uses of pumpkins before, during and after pregnancy…

A Labor Day Card for You Pregnant Ladies Out There

Let’s face it — the only thing that’s “happy” about labor is that little, wrinkly bundle of joy they hand to you at the very end…

What It’s Like Being A Celebrity’s Surrogate

When you calculate the bodyguards, private yoga lessons, private chef and thousands of dollars in fees, being  a surrogate for a celebrity definitely has its perks. The New York Post spoke to celebrity gossip blogger PerezHilton, who has two surrogate children of his own, about the process. He revealed that agencies bump celebs ahead of... Read More »

5 Tips For Helping a Child Struggling with Homework

Though some progressive schools around the country have taken steps to eliminate homework, it still remains a fixture in the lives of most students. Homework can also be the source of much household suffering, either due to a refusal to complete assignments that ultimately affects academic performance or a difficulty completing the work. Before you... Read More »

Father's environmental exposure affects sperm epigenetics, study shows

Authors of a new report believe that theirs is among the first human studies to investigate the influence of phthalate exposure on sperm epigenetics, embryo development and whether DNA methylation in sperm cells may be a path by which a father's environmental exposure influences these endpoints. Show More Summary

Fathers can influence the sex of their offspring, scientists show

It has traditionally been thought that in mammals only mothers are able to influence the sex of their offspring. But a new study in wild mice has shown that fathers can, in fact, influence sex ratios.

Apparently, Oral Sex Is Bad for Pregnant Women Now

Post by Jordyn Smith.   There are only a few true pleasures that come along with being pregnant. Along with having access to special parking spaces and all the good food you get to eat, pregnancy sex is definitely up there. Unfortunately, according to new info, even something as magical as oral sex can harm your baby during pregnancy. Show More Summary

Jessica Alba Guest Judges ‘Project Runway’ Finale Show

Third-time mom-to-be Actress Jessica Alba was the guest judge for Season 16’s Project Runway finale fashion show, an event that takes place each year to culminate the season and features the designs of the final four-six designers of that cycle of the long-running hit TV fashion design competition. This year, the Honest Company CEO sat... Read More »

Alanis Morrissette Opens Up About Still Struggling with Debilitating Postpartum Depression

Approximately 1 in 8 mothers experience some degree of postpartum depression. For singer and Grammy award winner, Alanis Morrissette, the condition is debilitating. The post Alanis Morrissette Opens Up About Still Struggling with Debilitating Postpartum Depression appeared first on Growing Your Baby.

Science Explains Why You Spit So Much While Pregnant

Pregnancy hormones cause many strange changes in your body, including an increase in saliva production. It’s not enough that you’re battling morning sickness — now you’re wondering, “Why am I spitting so much during pregnancy?” For a small percentage of unlucky women, this normal occurrence becomes a burdensome condition called ptyalism, which comes from the... Read More »

#NYFW: Celeb Moministas at New York Fashion Week So Far (PHOTOS)

New York Fashion Week is under way! The annual event features runway shows from designers showing off their Spring/Summer 2018 collections at various locations around the city. For the uninitiated, it’s a big deal to be assigned a front row seat as those few select spots are reserved for A-List fashion editors a and buyers,... Read More »

Donating to Hurricane Victims – Making the Most of Your Money and Helping the Non-Humans, Too!

America has been horribly divided since its last presidential election, but in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, we are reminded of just how strong this country can be. People from all four corners are traveling to lend physical aid to victims, and those that cannot be there are sending donated items and money, hoping to make a difference. Show More Summary

Ameriwood Home Recalls 1.6 MILLION Chests of Drawers Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), in cooperation with Ameriwood Home, of Tiffin, Ohio has announced a voluntary recall of about 1.6 million Mainstays chests of drawers because... The post Ameriwood Home Recalls 1.6 MILLION Chests of Drawers Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards appeared first on Growing Your Baby.

Baby Born with Seven Teeth, Shocking Both Parents and Doctor

When little Prayan Sharma was born, his parents were only concerned about his health. He had an infection and had to be transferred over to the neonatal ICU for treatment. But, ten days later, when he was doing better, Prayan was united with his mother, Nikita Sharma, so she could breastfeed. Show More Summary

Brian Austin Green Defends Son’s Decision to Wear Dresses

When I see photos of Brian Austin Green’s family, I always think of how adorable the kids are, and how great it is that Brian and his wife, Megan Fox, managed to work things out. But some people see a boy in a dress, and that seems to have sparked some debate. The post Brian Austin Green Defends Son’s Decision to Wear Dresses appeared first on Growing Your Baby.

Kim and Kayne Announce the Gender of Their Surrogate Baby

In June, People Magazine revealed that Kim and Kayne had hired a surrogate to carry their third child. Now a source close to the family has revealed the baby’s gender... “They are so excited about their future baby girl,” the source told People. Show More Summary

Mom Pumped and Shared Breastmilk to Make Lattes at Burning Man

Miki Agrawal, the founder of Thinx reusable period panties, recently sparked a controversial conversation about all of this when she pumped and shared her breast milk at Burning Man. The post Mom Pumped and Shared Breastmilk to Make Lattes at Burning Man appeared first on Growing Your Baby.

Homemade Facial Recipes To Make While on Bedrest

  bellyitch rewind Pregnancy generates all sorts of hormones in your body that you can’t control. You may find yourself having a difficult time dealing with stress, and may be short tempered, moody and otherwise just irritable and miserable. A good facial, massage or body scrub can do wonders to ease some of that tension.... Read More »

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