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Seniors Should Be Warned About Risks of Sleeping Pills

Medical professionals are encouraging older adults to refrain from the use of prescription sleeping pills. According to the American Geriatrics Society, these medicines have been linked to memory problems, falls, fractures and motor vehicle accidents. Show More Summary

How Often Do You Sleep on the Job? New Study Reveals Shocking Statistics About Work and Sleep

The Virgin Pulse Institute announced the results today of a sleep study conducted in November 2013 with approximately 1,140 Virgin Pulse members, from three U.S.-based companies. Researchers found that: 76 percent of employees felt tired most days of the week 40 percent of employees doze off during the day once per month 30 percent of […]

Tips for Insomnia and Sleep Deprivation

Can't sleep? Check out our guide to getting a good night's rest. It's not as hard as you think.

Brain’s ‘sleep switch’ found

Scientists have identified a protein molecule in the brains of fruit flies that they believe is the “switch” that controls the flies’ internal drive to sleep—and that a similar mechanism likely exists for human sleep as well. Researchers at the...

How Long Does a CPAP Prescription Last?

If you use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bilevel to treat your sleep apnea, you may wonder: how long does a CPAP prescription last? Though the answer may vary somewhat based on your insurance, there are a few rules of thumb that can be followed.... Read Full Post

Poor sleep increases pain risk—especially as we age

For many people, getting older means contending with more frequent aches and pains. Musculoskeletal pain—pain in muscles, bones, and nerves—occurs with increasing frequency as we age. This age-related pain can take many forms. Sometimes it is acute and short-term, while...

Why Periodic Limb Movements Are Not Restless Legs Syndrome

This is an issue that confuses patients and sleep specialists alike: what is the difference between periodic limb movements of sleep and restless legs syndrome? And why does it matter? Movements of the legs at night can disturb sleep and lead to insomnia. Show More Summary

Sleep Apnea and the Effects on Your Health

Sleep is not always a benign state. Snoring may not be harmless. In fact, a related condition that affects breathing during sleep may have important consequences. This disorder, sleep apnea, can have significant effects on your overall health.... Read Full Post

Battling the Bed Bugs

It is a perennial headline that appears in the news: "Bed Bugs Are Back!" You may wonder about these little critters and why they seem to bedevil us everywhere these days. Take a moment to review some information on what bed bugs are,...Show More Summary

Blue light hazardous to sleep, but helpful to daytime functioning?

We’re continuing to learn more about the stimulating effects of blue wavelength light and its capacity to disrupt sleep. Exposure to artificial light at night is recognized as a hazard to sleep, contributing to rising rates of disrupted and disordered...

Fellowship Training in Sleep Medicine

What does it mean for a physician to be fellowship-trained in sleep medicine? If you are a patient, why should you care? Learn how fellowship training may enhance your experience at your next doctor's visit to treat your sleep disorder.... Read Full Post

Board-certified Sleep Specialists Provide Better Sleep Apnea Care

New research in the March 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine suggests that patients with obstructive sleep apnea who are treated by board-certified sleep specialists have improved adherence to therapy.... Read Full P...

New Edition of International Classification of Sleep Disorders Available

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) has released the 3rd edition of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD-3) as an eBook in its resource library. This authoritative text is... Read Full Post

The modern American family: how well are they sleeping?

The National Sleep Foundation has released its annual Sleep in America Poll. This year, the poll examines sleep in the modern American family. How well—or not—are parents and children sleeping today? What are the challenges facing families in their pursuit...

Do sleeping pills undermine sleep’s memory boosting power?

Getting a good amount of high quality sleep appears to deliver great benefits to memory. Sleeping well primes the brain for learning and retention, sharpening focus and increasing attention span during waking hours. Research also shows sleep has a powerful...

Why It's Important to Bring Your CPAP to See Your Doctor

If you use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat your sleep apnea, you are likely quite familiar with the machine and its accompanying supplies. It may have a fixed place in your home next to your bed, but why might it be important to occasionally pack it up and bring it with you to see your doctor?... Read Full Post

Refusing Weight Checks at Your Doctor Only Harms Your Health

My office is across from the station we use in our clinic to measure vital signs. When I leave my door open, I can overhear patients interact with the medical assistant as they are checked in. I am shocked by the number of patients, usually women, who refuse to have their weight measured as part of the intake process. This may have serious consequences.... Read Full Post

Driving Under the Influence of Ambien

In the trial of Kerry Kennedy, she recently disclosed in testimony her belief that she mistakenly took Ambien instead of her thyroid medication and that his contributed to an accident in 2012 in which she swerved and hit a tractor trailer. Show More Summary

Is it time to start school later?

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to rouse in the morning, as parents know well. Our teens’ struggle to “rise and shine” in the early morning hours isn’t really about adolescent obstinacy or laziness. Teens are biologically driven to these sleep-in, stay-up-late...

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