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What Do Your Dreams Mean? Do Dreams Matter?

Are dreams just drivel? How often have you woken up from a strange dream and thought “what was that trying to tell me”? You might head to Google and look for advice on what your night-time visions meant, where you’ll probably find that dreaming about teeth is telling you that you’re anxious and lack confidence, […]

Napping Offers Important Health Benefits

Naps are good for you in more ways than one! According to a new study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM), a short nap can help relieve stress and bolster the immune systems of men who slept only two hours the previous night. Lack of sleep is recognized as a public health […]

The Role of Sleep in our Lives

Science has experienced great progress in deepening our understanding of dreaming. Still, there is no answer to the question: why do we dream? There are, however, a great number of theories being explored. While some scientists posit that dreaming has...

Researchers Observe Unknown Link Between Sleep and Memory

Scientists have long known that sleep, memory and learning are deeply connected, but just how that process works has remained a mystery.  Most animals, from flies to humans, have trouble remembering when sleep deprived, and studies have shown that sleep is critical in converting short-term into long-term memory, a process known as memory consolidation. The […]

Research Discovers Similarities Between Dreaming and Wakefulness

Controlling one’s dreams, living out in that state what is impossible in real life is a tempting idea. People with the ability to have what are called “lucid dreams” have this ability. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich have discovered that […]

Better Sleep Now Could Aid Memory in Old Age

A Baylor researcher says sound sleep in young and middle-aged people helps memory and learning, but as they hit their seventies, eighties and nineties, they don’t sleep as much or as well; and sleep is no longer linked so much to memory. That raises an “alluring question” — whether improving sleep early in life might […]

Learning How to Reset Our Biological Clocks

Recent work by Marc Cuesta, Nicolas Cermakian and Diane B. Boivin from the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University has opened new therapeutic avenues for improving the synchronization of the body’s different biological clocks. This discovery will help workers to easily get over all of the discomfort and problems of jet lag or […]

What’s in a dream?

Not all dreaming is the same. Dreaming runs the gamut of human experience (and sometimes beyond), incorporating a dizzying range of emotions and events, often with elements of the bizarre. Dreams can be funny, frightening, sad and strange. Flying dreams can be euphoric, chasing dreams can be terrifying, forgot-to-study-for-my-exam dreams can be stressful.

Our Dreaming World

In this 3-part series, we’ll explore the world of dreams, looking at the latest science has to say about why we might dream, and the mechanics of dreaming in the brain. We’ll examine the content of dreams, and how dreams may both reflect and influence waking life. We’ll look at disorders related to dreaming, and how health conditions and some medication can disrupt dreams.

Using Insomnia to Predict Risk of Back Pain

If you often have trouble sleeping, you are nearly one-and-a-half times more likely to eventually suffer from back pain. This finding is the conclusion of a new study conducted by the University of Haifa. “After controlling for a range of variables, including socioeconomic status and lifestyle issues, we came to the conclusion that insomnia is […]

How to Keep Snoring From Hurting Your Relationship

Tending to a snoring issue can lead to better sleep for both partners, as well as a more loving and harmonious relationship that includes sleeping together, not apart. Sleeping well with the person we love is the goal, and by treating snoring effectively, it can happen.

Is Sleep Apnea Related to the ‘Sperm Crisis’?

Results of a newly released study suggest an intriguing possibility: could the “sperm crisis” observed in the French study and others be at least partially the result of sleep apnea?

Dreaming and our waking lives

Scientists at France’s Lyon Neuroscience Research Center examined brain activity during dreaming, in an attempt to better understand how dreams may carry over to waking memory—what’s known as dream recall—and why some people are better than others at remembering dreams

EPAP and the future of snoring

Often lifestyle and behavioral adjustments don’t do enough to manage snoring successfully. EPAP (expiratory positive airway pressure) is a new and highly effective form of treatment for snoring.

How do Sleep Schedules Change Throughout the Teen Years?

A newly published study used activity monitors to track how sleep habits changed in younger and older teens as they grew during a two-year period. Key findings, for instance that the children fell asleep later as they matured and resisted sleep longer after the nightly onset of hormonal sleep signals, lend new support to recent […]

The 7 Craziest Places People Have Tried to Sleep

When it comes to snoozing, you would be surprised at the places people have tried to, albeit sometimes successfully, sleep. When you think of sleeping you envision lying in bed, napping on the couch or maybe even as adventurous as falling asleep at your desk back in school. However, for some, when the sleep-bug comes […]

Is Dreaming Still Possible When the Mind Is Blank?

Isabelle Arnulf and colleagues from the Sleep Disorders Unit at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) have outlined case studies of patients with Auto-Activation Deficit who reported dreams when awakened from REM sleep – even when they demonstrated a mental blank during the daytime. This paper proves that even patients with Auto-Activation Disorder have […]

Mind-body therapies to ease insomnia

Recent research shows that mind-body practices can be an effective way to treat insomnia and some of its symptoms.

Ulcerative Colitis Affected by Sleep Duration

If you are not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night, you may be risking your long term health. Sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of developing ulcerative colitis, according to a new study. Researchers conducted a prospective study of women who were enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study […]

Sounds like Sleep

This is a guest post by Dr. Erin Stair, M.D., M.P.H During my training as a West Point cadet and Army officer, I was molded to function on no sleep. “Sleep is a crutch” was a common battle cry.  Sleep was for the weak, and real soldiers aren’t weak!  During one outdoor infantry training exercise, […]

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