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Cortisol excess hits natural DNA process and mental health hard

High concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol in the body affect important DNA processes and increase the risk of long-term psychological consequences. These relationships are evident in a study on patients with Cushing’s Syndrome,...Show More Summary

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Proven Effectiveness

Our patients deserve treatments that work—treatments that have empirical support. CBT is that treatment.

Living with Uncertainty:

What is the probability that the plane will crash? Almost zero. Or, that you will lose all your money in the market? Almost zero. But then you say, “Yes, but it could happen!!"

A Conversation with Anxiety

If you live with anxiety, there’s a good chance that you’ve had conversations with your anxiety. “Conversation” might be too generous a term for the dialog that occurs with anxiety. A conversation with anxiety isn’t really a back-and-forth, rational exchange … Continue reading ?

Successful Imperfection

Living life involves making mistakes and getting on with things. But many of us get undermined by our fear and intolerance of mistakes. Let’s find a way to make progress in an impe

To Get Rid of Anxiety, Focus on Yourself

Wanting to get rid of anxiety is perfectly reasonable and very normal. When we think of getting rid of anxiety, however, our focus is on that anxiety. It is anxiety that is receiving our attention; unfortunately, what we attend to … Continue reading ?

Constructive Discomfort

Practicing discomfort can help you achieve the goals that are important to you. But it means doing things that you don’t want to do.

PTSD risk can be predicted by hormone levels prior to deployment, study says

Some soldiers might have a hormonal predisposition to experience such stress-related disorders, new research suggests.

Anxiety and Exhaustion: Tired and Wired

Anxiety and exhaustion frequently go hand-and hand. Feeling anxious day after day is exhausting, and when we’re so worn out, anxiety worsens because managing it becomes more difficult. The fatigue of anxiety often feels different than the exhaustion of depression. … Continue reading ?

Putting Things in Perspective

Are you stressed by everyday events? Losing perspective? Here are five easy steps to take today to let go of stress.

Elevated stress levels among Norway's youngest children in childcare

Norwegian researchers measured the stress hormone cortisol in 112 toddlers from 85 different childcare centers in six municipalities, approximately five months after they started attending. Children with the longest childcare days (8-9 hours) showed increases in cortisol during the day.

Unlucky in Love: When Anxiety Interferes in Relationships

Anxiety has a way of interfering in relationships, making us feel unlucky in love. As anyone who has ever had a relationship involving two people and an annoying third wheel—anxiety—knows, love can be hard to feel and enjoy when anxiety … Continue reading ?

Do Your Life Goals Accept Anxiety or Are They Anxiety-Free?

Because anxiety can be unbearable physically, mentally, and emotionally (Anxiety Symptoms: Recognizing Signs of  Anxiety) most people are unlikely to create life-goals that accept anxiety. Chances are, you’d prefer your life to be anxiety-free. Of course you would; that’s a very … Continue reading ?

Living With Loneliness

Being alone doesn't mean that you have to feel miserable and lonely. Develop a strategy to cope with your feelings of loneliness and free yourself up to live independently.

Is Social Anxiety Ruining Your Fun?

Undoubtedly, social anxiety interferes with life and can ruin your fun. Living with social anxiety means being on edge, unable to relax or let our guard down. Experiencing social anxiety means living in fear of doing something embarrassing or being judged … Continue reading ?

Handling Anxiety in a Fearful, Stressful, Even Toxic World

Our world, it seems, is becoming increasingly toxic; handling anxiety in this fearful, stressful environment can sometimes seem impossible. Negativity swirls around us like dead leaves tossed about in a gust of wind (and it can feel like the wind … Continue reading ?

To Calm Anxiety, Step Back and Observe

When you’re caught in the roiling storm of anxiety, often the best way to calm that anxiety is to step back and simply observe. The fear, worry, and apprehension that are part of anxiety can become strong and debilitating when … Continue reading ?

Researchers detail novel underlying mechanism involved in PTSD and other anxiety disorders

A novel mechanism has been identified for how stress-induced anxiety -- which can produce post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD -- affects circuit function in the hippocampus, the area of the brain where aversive memories are formed. Show More Summary

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