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Five Signs That Tell You That You’ll Beat Anxiety

Even in times of great struggle with anxiety disorders, there are signs that tell you that you’ll beat anxiety. By definition1, any anxiety disorder is something whose symptoms cause significant distress, interfere in one or more areas of life (such … Continue reading ?

Practice testing protects memory against stress

Learning by taking practice tests, a strategy known as retrieval practice, can protect memory against the negative effects of stress, report scientists.

Feeling Anxious but Knowing You Shouldn’t: Bridging the Gap

To feel anxious but know intellectually that you shouldn’t really be experiencing anxiety is an incredibly frustrating experience. This frustration can increase both stress and anxiety as well as decrease self-efficacy, the belief in ourselves that we have what it … Continue reading ?

Are Your High Standards for Yourself Making You Anxious?

If you find yourself anxious in many different situations, especially those that relate to your performance, behavior, or relationships with others, you might consider the possibility that you have unrealistically high standards for yourself. It’s not uncommon for people to … Continue reading ?

How stress affects saving, spending habits

Stress leads consumers to save money in general but spend strategically on products they believe are essential, new research concludes.

Repeatedly thinking about work-family conflict linked to health problems

Thinking over and over again about conflicts between your job and personal life is likely to damage both your mental and physical health, research suggests. The study included more than 200 people, with results showing that "repetitive thought" was a pathway between work-family conflict and negative outcomes in six different health categories.

Disagreeing About Politics

Are you discussions with people who disagree with you sounding like character assassination? It doesn't have to be that way.

A Plan to Get Out of Bed Despite Anxiety

The idea of a plan to get out of bed despite anxiety might, at first, seem like the stuff of fairy tales. Like depression, anxiety can make it difficult to get out of bed (Waking Up with Anxiety. Why Can’t … Continue reading ?

After the Election

Confused, angry and anxious after the election? Maybe we can try to put things in perspective and move forward together.

Self-Care for When You Can’t Avoid Anxiety Triggers

Self-care is a vital tool in reducing anxiety in general, and it becomes even more important when we can’t avoid our anxiety triggers (Triggers Can Make Anxiety and PTSD Flare Up). Anxiety triggers are those things—people, places, situations, experiences—that increase … Continue reading ?

Being fit protects against health risks caused by stress at work

It is a well-known fact that fitness and well-being go hand in hand. But being in good shape also protects against the health problems that arise when we feel particularly stressed at work. As reported by sports scientists, it therefore pays to stay physically active, especially during periods of high stress.

The Social Anxiety Trampoline: Jumping to Conclusions

Living with social anxiety is like perpetually bouncing on a crowded trampoline: We must be watchful so we don’t cause harm to others; we must avoid bumping into, and thus annoying, others; we know if we do it wrong we … Continue reading ?

How to Spot a Person with Anxiety

The notion that it’s possible to spot a person with anxiety is mortifying to the tens of millions of people living with anxiety disorders. With its physical side effects that can affect every system of the body and its strong … Continue reading ?

The Decline of Trust

In almost all areas of our lives trust has declined—and it has been on the decline for decades.

Worked to death? Study says lack of control over high-stress jobs can lead to early grave

Those in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow die younger or are less healthy than those who have more flexibility and discretion in their jobs and are able to set their own goals as part of their employment, a new study concludes.

Ten-Day Challenge to Reduce Anxiety

It can be a tremendous challenge to reduce anxiety. Don’t be mistaken (and outsiders shouldn’t be mistaken, either); it is not your fault that anxiety hangs on and on and on. It’s not because you’re weak. You’re not making it … Continue reading ?

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