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Are Your Rule Books Making You More Jealous?

"Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone did exactly what I wanted them to do?"

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Part 2

Here are seven techniques to defeat the self-critical voice that is your own worst enemy

Living With Uncertainty

What is the probability that the plane will crash? Almost zero. Or, that you will lose all your money in the market? Almost zero. But then you insist, “Yes, but it could happen!"

Disagreeing About Politics

Are your discussions with people who disagree with you sounding like character assassination? It doesn't have to be that way.

Nightmares are common but underreported in US military personnel

A new study shows that a high percentage of military personnel with sleep disturbances met criteria for nightmare disorder, but few of them reported nightmares as a reason for sleep evaluation. Those with nightmare disorder had an increased risk of other sleep and mental health disorders.

Sit, stay, heal: Study finds therapy dogs help stressed university students

Therapy dog sessions for stressed-out students are an increasingly popular offering at North American universities. Now, new research confirms that some doggy one-on-one time really can do the trick of boosting student wellness.

Relationship Between Head Injury and Anxiety Proven to Exist

Head injury and anxiety (and other mental health-related consequences like depression and posttraumatic stress disorder [PTSD]) are related, and neuroscientists are increasingly understanding, and able to explain why. What they are discovering is that concussions can cause new anxiety, and they can worsen existing anxiety. Show More Summary

Control Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks Using This Checklist

You probably want to control anxiety attacks and panic attacks because they are frightening experiences that make anyone who has them feel out of control. Of course people feel out of control with anxiety attacks. They are all-consuming. Show More Summary

Bowing Out–Goodbye, and Thank You

Saying goodbye has never been easy for me. Usually, I would obsess over my decision to stop blogging on this website. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to devote to writing that I would like because of my full-time job and family responsibilities. A Dream Deferred I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts about anxiety … Continue reading "Bowing Out–Goodbye, and Thank You"

Are Your Rule-Books Making You More Jealous?

"Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone did exactly what I wanted them to do?"

Ketamine works for female rats, too

A first of its kind study in female rats finds that a single, low dose of ketamine promotes resilience to future adverse events as it does in male rats. New research addresses a critical gap in understanding and developing treatments for stress-related disorders, which disproportionately afflict females.

Steps to Making an Anxiety-Free Day

Make your day anxiety-free. Is that even possible? While living fully free from anxiety isn’t humanly possible (or even desirable, as anxiety can be a positive force), we all do have the power to make our days less about anxiety andShow More Summary

Does Social Media Cause Anxiety or Help Anxiety?

Does social media cause anxiety or not? Though social media is often seen as something that provokes anxiety, I find that social media platforms can be useful in alleviating my anxiety symptoms. I am anxious when I see disturbing news or opposing political views on my social media. Show More Summary

There’s Never Enough Time, and That Causes Anxiety

How often do you feel pressured and rushed, anxious because there’s never enough time or because time seems to be flying by too quickly? Time and anxiety are cruel partners, getting in your head and causing worry, even panic. William...Show More Summary

Change the Anxiety Words in Your Vocabulary

Words are powerful. You can use them as a tool to conquer anxiety by changing the anxiety words in your vocabulary. The saying is true: The pen is mightier than the sword.” Fighting anxiety, struggling, thrashing against it, keeps your energy and focus on anxiety. Show More Summary

Running helps brain stave off effects of chronic stress

The study finds that running mitigates the negative impacts chronic stress has on the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory.

Is Jealousy Hijacking Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself worried that your partner is interested in someone else?

When My OCD Causes Uncertainty and Doubt

As a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), I have struggled with doubt and uncertainty since I was a young child. OCD is often dubbed “the doubting disease” because it makes you second-guess yourself. And uncertainty about life can make my anxiety skyrocket. Show More Summary

Child development experts discover potential upside to prenatal stress

New research with prairie voles by child development experts suggests that prenatal stress promotes developmental plasticity in babies, making them especially likely to benefit from good parenting as well as suffer from negligent ca...

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