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Non-Science Fridays: ERs are almost worthless

Don't go to the ER. So yesterday I was excersizing relatively strenously and after about 40 minutes I started to have some chest pain on the left side along with tightness in my neck and shoulder. Hmmm...good time to stop. It wasn'tShow More Summary

This isn't your mother's melamine - or is it?

Melamine is yet another cool ‘50s invention that failed to enter my mother’s kitchen. While friends and neighbors stocked up on the nifty new light, durable and colorful plastic dishware, my mother filled her kitchen with white, pure white, simple, elegant, breakable ceramic. Show More Summary

In alternative animal testing, a pessimist really is a well-informed optimist

Back in March in Toxicological Sciences there was a great LTE from Dr David Basketter regarding an in vitro sensitization assay. The part I thought most on the money was this: Overall, a prediction accuracy of about 82% was achieved,...Show More Summary

What kind of toxic chemcials would you be worried about from that jet crash in San Diego?

You've probably heard that a F/A-18D jet crashed in San Diego on approach to Miramar, killing 3 on the ground (the pilot ejected and is fine). A lot of the news reports noted that ~20 homes were evacuated due to 'toxic chemicals'. What...Show More Summary

Watching the sausage get made at the EPA

The EPA held a "Public Workshop to Discuss Management of Underground Injection of Carbon Dioxide for Geologic Sequestration Under the Safe Drinking Water Act" last week. I've talked about this issue before here. This process continues to not get the attention it deserves as it may drastically effect drinking water quality. Show More Summary

Non-Science Fridays: Repeal Day and Bailout the Daylight

Give us our Daylight! I was discussing with some friends last night what I think is the most important item on Obama's adgena. Getting working on the Daylight bailout. We were saving daylight hours all summer long. I presume all those hours went into some daylight bank. Show More Summary

NAS says the EPA needs to overhaul risk assessment. Duh, but easier said...

NRC (part of the NAS) released a report saying that EPA's risk assessment is bogged down with all the details they don't know and burdened with assumptions that aren't helpful. Since they were piling on the agency, they threw in the fact that it was silly to look at chemicals in isolation as opposed to a mixture. Show More Summary

Wrapped in Plastic

First Printed in the Montague Reporter Nov 2008I pull a gallon sized Ziploc bag from its sunny yellow box, one of several boxes my mother, who shops at Costco, sent home with me last weekend, and swallow the guilt as I add yet another...Show More Summary

Plastics make you fat too? Angrytoxicologist reboots.

Well, if MacGuire was talking about getting into toxicology research on plastics, he was right on. EHP has published a study showing that the additive BPA can cause cells to suppress adiponectin. That would cause insensitivity to insulin and may be behind "metabolic syndrome". Show More Summary

Does ezetimibe (Zetia, and in Vytorin) cause cancer? and who cares?

Cutting to chase for those of you who want a quick answer: we don't know, there aren't enough people to study yet. There are hints, though. Ezetimibe is commonly used in combination with a statin as Vytorin to reduce heart disease in patients. Show More Summary

Stupidity about cancer and meat

There's a story in the WashPost today about how spicy marinades decrease the heterocyclic amine (HCA) content in grilled meat. They think you should care because HCAs are likely carcinogens. There are many things about this that get my back up so lets make a list: 1) Nobody knows how much cancer HCAs may be causing. Show More Summary

'Cause you're giving your neighbors asthma, you jerk

Terry Box wrote an piece in the WP the other day about how despite the melting glaciers and rising gas prices, he's not giving up his muscle cars. Terry, I have to admit that I love cars. I always have and always will. The thrill of a powerful car or truck can get your adrenaline going and put a smile on your face. Show More Summary

More responsibility the Gov't doesn't have or need.

A reader (thanks Jen) alerted me to this article on Forbes, The FDA's Black Box. The basics of the article are that the FDA can't say anything about drug approvals or non-approvals (or anything else relating to a drug for that matter) if it deals with information that the drug company submitted, since that information is confidential by law. Show More Summary

Teflon chemical causes cancer in trout and why I care.

Read some background on PFOA and Teflon here. A couple of years ago DuPont and other perfluorochemical industries were dismissing evidence of PFOA-caused cancer in rats, saying it was due to peroxisome proliferation in rats, which some argue isn't relevant to humans. Show More Summary

Non-science Fridays: Welcome to the USSA

And our divided country will produce the worst of both worlds. The LA city council has passed a resolution that bans fast food restaurants in poor neighborhoods (via Slate - worth moseying over for). This is so paternalistic it's disgusting. Show More Summary

Under the Radar: EPA's proposes new regs for CO2 undgerground injection

Let's just put it in a hole CO2 sequestration has been going forward but only approved as research class wells. The EPA is proposing regulations on how to do it full scale and correctly. This is necessary because the CO2 may have nasty impurities, can move around, is corrosive with water, and is a weak acid. Show More Summary

NIST shows how to handle a toxics problem

Oops! In case you didn't know, the Boulder, CO site of the National Institute of Sandards and Technology (NIST) had an accidental spill of plutonium-239 on June 9 and the initial actions taken would have an industrial hygenist pulling her hair out (read more at C&EN). Show More Summary

Science: the enemy of public health.

Every party needs a pooper, that's why Scienceblogs invited me. Enemy? Really? Yes, it can be. Read on; It doesn't have to be. A commentary in Nature Nanotechnology discusses the European Environment Agency report, Late Lessons from Early Warnings. Show More Summary

Non-science Fridays: Cartoons in Congress edition

How to lose respect and relevance in three easy (dance) steps Can this really be happening? Congress in public group therapy with Richard 'cartoon of myself' Simmons? Crawl back into your protective bubble and weep my friends, becasue it really happened. Show More Summary

Weighing in on Sunscreen (again)

A couple of readers have asked bout the NYTimes article about sunscreens so I thought I'd weigh in. 80 lbs. Okay, with the lame humor over, let's get to the particulars. The most common question has been 1) What do I think is best/do I agree with the NYTimes? 3Answer: the advice they gave stunk. Show More Summary

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