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The Thin and the Restless

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your friends who fidget the most are the thinnest? Studies have shown that there is something to be said for The Thin and the Restless. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenisis, otherwise known as NEAT, can help rev up your metabolism even if your are simply fidgeting in your chair or chewing gum. Show More Summary

Google robot goes hiking

2 weeks agoFitness / Hiking :

Boston Dynamics ATLAS robot walking over debris and in a forest. Commentary by Professor Marc Raibert, co-founder of Boston Dynamics Inc. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. I, for one, welcome our new Robot hiking overlords. :-)

Puscifer debuts its new 'Money Plays' tour in Las Vegas in December

2 weeks agoHealth : Booster Shots

Puscifer plays the Pearl at the Palms on Dec. 12 as the the group heads out on the road in support of its latest album, "Money Shot," and the release of the “Grand Canyon” video.

5 Things You Should Know About Listeria

2 weeks agoHealth : Healthland

Getting sick from listeria is relatively rare, and only a small part of the population is at risk of getting seriously ill from it

The 500 mile Colorado Trail

2 weeks agoFitness / Hiking :

Our new information page is up. And complete. World ? North America ? Rockies ? Colorado Trail One of the best hikes in the world Colorado Trail This is a MAJOR long distance adventure like the Pacific Crest Trail. You need do … Continue reading ?

Mayo Clinic Radio: Quality Health Care/Enlarged Prostate/Thumb Arthritis

Quality health care is something we all want. But what does it mean... and how can we find it? This week on Mayo Clinic Radio, endocrinologist Dr. Victor Montori outlines the criteria you can use in choosing a quality provider. Also on the program, one of the most common problems men have as they age is an […]

Eating Disorder Survivor Strips Down in Public to Send an Emotional Message (VIDEO)

Post by The Stir Bloggers. On Sunday afternoon in London, a young woman in a floral dress walked to the center of Picadilly Circus and stripped down to her bra and underwear. She then blindfolded herself, placed a felt-tipped markerShow More Summary

Stuff I Like: August 2015

2 weeks agoHealth / Weight Loss : Jenful

My favorites this month include the book "My Fight/Your Fight" by Ronda Rousey and Maria Burns Ortiz, the YouTube channel "Minute Physics," the TV show "UnREAL," and the podcast "Song Exploder." The post Stuff I Like: August 2015 appeared first on Jennette Fulda.

What to Do When You're the Source of Your Own Problems

There are many times that you can point the finger and blame others for the crappy situations that you stumble upon in life. It was your boss's fault for not mentoring you, which led to you not getting that promotion. It's your friend's fault that they're so flirty and hogging all of the attention when at a bar. Show More Summary

How to Know You've Had Too Much Facebook and 7 Things to Do Instead

Facebook and social media can be addicting. Studies have actually shown a similar activation within the brain as with love and orgasms, triggering a release of dopamine.. Yet many of us aren't necessarily addicted to, let's say Facebook,...Show More Summary

Friday Faves

Hellooooo! Happy Friday! New post up on the Family page. Hope your day is off to a great start. I’m so glad the weekend is here! It feels like this week went by quickly, which is totally ok with me. ???? Any fun plans this weekend? We’re getting together with friends for a family dinner tonight […]

Rolling with the Wind, a documentary

Rolling With The Wind - Documentary from STUDIOWORK IRELAND on Vimeo.A documentary about people coming together to implement an outdoor adventure.

Africa’s Year Without Polio

This week, for the first time, Africa marks one year without a new case of polio. Polio is a horrible disease that paralyzes and kills children. It was wiped out years ago in most countries and is tantalizingly close to being wiped off the face of the planet. Show More Summary

AA Saved My Life (And I Get Why You Hate It)

The absolute last place I wanted to end up was in Alcoholics Anonymous. It was, I knew, a place for the dregs of society -- chain-smokers who drank black coffee and pined for the good old days when they could drink. I chain smoked and...Show More Summary

Mayo Clinic Radio

The end of summer is fast approaching... and millions of youngsters across the country are getting ready to return to the classroom. On this back-to-school edition of Mayo Clinic Radio, children's sleep specialist Dr. Suresh Kotagal outlines how much sleep children need to be fully engaged in class. Also on the program, pediatrician and […]

Camping: Don’t Take It Too Seriously

It happens. With magazines touting the newest ultralight tents and sleeping bags shrinking to the size of a small… The post Camping: Don’t Take It Too Seriously appeared first on Just a Colorado Gal.

8 Tips to Get a Better Butt

There are lots of nicknames for it. The junk in the trunk, the caboose, patootie, booty, arse, the badonkadonk. Whatever you want to call it, the gluteus maximus gets a lot of attention because it is one of the biggest, bossiest muscle in the body. Humans usually have one of three types of behinds. Show More Summary

Advocacy group spin may skew discussion on finasteride side effects

The following is a guest post by Dr. Richard Hoffman, a long-time story reviewer who’s been helping us knock down inflated claims from drug and device companies for years. This time, he’s raising questions about the harms attributed to a drug and whether the messages about those harms are evidence-based. Show More Summary

Stability ball strength workout

Hellooooo. How’s the day going?? So happy you liked the Mexican pizza recipe. I had no idea it was a thing until the Pilot told me about it. Looks like I’ve been missing out! Today I have a new workout to share with you, utilizing one of my favorite inexpensive gym tools: the stability ball. […]

4 Things That Affect Weight That Have Little to Do With Food

By Nirvana Abou-Gabal Many people seem to think of weight management as an equation of calories in minus calories out. The food we eat is factored against the energy burned while exercising and going about one's daily life. An excess...Show More Summary

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