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Allegedly Foxy at 40

During the summer my friend Helen got one of those DNA test things. After she gleefully told me what percentage Neanderthal she was (while pretending to drag her knuckles down the street), I decided to mail off my own test tube o’ saliva. The results revealed that I’m likely to have red hair, dark eyes, pale [...]Show More Summary

Family Friday (vol. 61): Buh-bye, bottles…hello sleep?

Piper is 15 months today. She’s also currently my favorite child. I’m kidding! But, 3-year-olds? It can be the pits to parents a 3-year-old. Good thing she’s cute. If you missed my gushing on Instagram, here’s the latest school picture of “Shea Bug”. No one at her school calls her Shea, including her teachers. It’s... Read More »

Family Friday: Christmas Photos with Santa

Jerry loves Christmas. Like, he REALLY loves Christmas. He's basically Clark Griswold. The music, the movies, the decorations, the shopping, the baking, etc. His favorite time of year. And I am basically the opposite. I'm the Grinch....Show More Summary

Introducing RealSelf’s new blog ‘The Treatment’

The RealSelf blog has moved! Check out our new blog, The Treatment, featuring the latest cosmetic treatment news, trends, details about new treatments, exclusive insights from doctors, contest... Visit for the full story, cosmetic procedure reviews, and much more!

Garlic-Oregano Carrot Rice

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture to instagram of a Jenny Craig meal loaded up with carrot rice, and I got all the questions! I’ve been inspiralizing for years, but this was the first time I’d ever tried to make a riced noodle.  Such a GREAT idea!  Today, I’ll share how I did... Read More The post Garlic-Oregano Carrot Rice appeared first on No Thanks to Cake.

8th Annual Chili Contest: Round-Up and Winner!

Another year in the books. And no, I’m not sick of chili. Never! Chili is the perfect food – balanced, spicy, hot, and generally high in fiber. It’s also incredibly versatile – over pasta, atop a baked potato, served in a bowl topped with cheese and all the other fixins’. Before the winner is announced,... Read More »

Handmade with Love: Readers share their handmade crafts

As you may know from reading my blog, I happen to LOVE crafts--I love making them myself, but I especially love seeing what others have made. The creativity that people have is so inspiring! I asked my readers if anyone would like to...Show More Summary

Feeling "off"

I never intended to take such a long break from blogging! After writing that post about my favorite running things, I just couldn't even look at my computer for days. That post took me two full days to write! Definitely the most work I've ever put into a post. Show More Summary

Black Pepper Popovers

A few weeks ago, I made fired up my crockpot with my favorite beef stew recipe.  My sister-in-law has always told me that she pairs the stew with popovers. I had my friend Melanie over to enjoy the stew, and thought I’d take a stab at making my very first popovers for her visit.  Thanks... Read More The post Black Pepper Popovers appeared first on No Thanks to Cake.

RECIPE: 2-Minute Chewy Oat Bar (with just 4 ingredients!)

I'm never sure what to call this. It's more of an "oat patty", but that just doesn't sound very appealing. This basically makes a chewy oatmeal patty (we'll call it a bar) that you can top with pretty much anything! My favorite is honey and banana. Show More Summary

8th Annual Chili Contest: Entry #6 – Coffee Chili

Soooooooo, one week into my twice weekly morning workouts…I turned my alarm off. We stayed up way too late on Sunday night watching the Illini lose in overtime. AGAIN. So I moved my alarm back from 5:30am to 6:30am and skipped my morning workout. Of course I then laid in bed tossing and turning, unable... Read More »

An Evening with Good Day Chocolate and Sprouts

I love being part of the Denver blogging community.  We live in a city full of outdoors adventures and many healthy brands have headquarters in Colorado.  I also feel very lucky that I have an opportunity to participate in the Sprouts blogger program. Show More Summary

Crock Pot Carnitas {Whole30, Paleo} + Weekly Menu

My house looks like an Amazon fulfilment center that got hit by a tornado. Must be December! Santa’s stash is in the front closet and everything is wrapped – success! It was a fairly productive weekend, or at least today was. But Saturday was more fun as my parents were in town for a visit.... Read More »

Calling All Readers with an Etsy Shop...

One of my long-time readers emailed me recently about her Etsy shop, and it reminded me of a post I did a long time ago (yikes--it's been five years!). I had asked my readers who sold handmade items to send me a brief description of their shop, as well as a photo, and I shared all of them in a blog post. Show More Summary

Can weight loss help in lowering Alzheimer’s risk?

Whether they jog, swim, garden or dance, physically active older persons have larger gray matter volume in key brain areas responsible for memory and cognition, according to a new study by researchers at the University of PittsburghShow More Summary

Korean Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

It’s official.  My crockpot has taken up permanent residency on my countertop.  I put it away only to bring it right back out again!  Can you relate??  It’s officially cool weather food season! I love to cook using my slow cooker because...Show More Summary

My Favorite Running Things: Clothes, Accessories, Music, Books, Movies, Gift Ideas, and more!

I have written in several different places about running gear for different seasons, but I've been asked this question a lot lately--and I realized I don't have it all in one place. What are my favorite running things? I'm questioned...Show More Summary

That Time I Did Yoga at Denver International Airport

I’m super excited to tell you about what I tried to this week.  It’s the COMPLETE opposite of all the chaos that’s been in my world for the past few weeks.  I got to try Yoga on the Fly for the first time! Yoga on the Fly is Denver International...Show More Summary

RECIPE: Hawaiian Fried Rice

I posted a belated Mental Health Monday post a few hours ago, so if you haven't seen that yet, you can click here. I spent (literally) all day working on that post, so I just don't want it to go unnoticed! ;) Hahaha. Whenever I have leftover veggies or leftover rice in the fridge, I typically make fried rice for dinner. Show More Summary

Teriyaki Noodle Stir-Fry

Monday morning – guess who was up exercising at 5:30am? THIS GIRL! And Piper didn’t even sleep through the night. When I was up with her at 12:20am, I definitely considered setting my alarm back an hour and skipping the workout. I mean, Mondays are bad enough, right? But if I’m being perfectly honest, it... Read More »

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