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Sausage and Apple-Stuffed Acorn Squash + Weekly Menu

I looked at Mark this weekend and said something like, “We should probably rake this weekend, huh?” In true Mark fashion, he had some smart remark, pointing me in the direction of the rake hanging in the garage. We agreed that our trees still have quite a bit left to drop and so we’ve put... Read More »

Weekend Wrap-Up: Getting Back into the Running Groove

I haven't even looked at my computer in two days--I feel like should have a ton to catch up on, but it's actually been pretty uneventful. So, I figured that since I'm running again, I could do a "weekly wrap up" of my runs, instead of...Show More Summary

Weight Loss Wednesday: Did Skin Removal Surgery Live Up to My Expectations?

Yesterday (well, Tuesday, since I'm posting this a day late!) marked the six-year anniversary of my lower body lift (excess skin removal after weight loss). If you're not familiar, and want to read more, here is a page with all the info and posts where I documented the process. Show More Summary

Roasted Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Soup

The best thing about Shea being in a big girl bed? I fit in it. Her bedtime routine has become such a relaxing one as we lay snuggling and whispering I love you’s to one another in the dark. It’s become my favorite part of the day, really. My least favorite time of the day?... Read More »

Why are adults sedentary?

Today’s article comes from Dr Stephanie Prince Ware.  More information on Dr Prince Ware can be found at the bottom of this post.  Her recent paper on correlates of sedentary behaviour in adults can be         

RECIPE: One Pot Italian Sausage Lentils and Rice

I was inspired to make this dish after eating the Mexican Lentils and Rice for several years. (I was going to link to that recipe, and I realized that I never posted it! So I will post that another time.) I had some Italian turkey sausage...Show More Summary

5 food tips to avoid winter weight gain

With the following five food tips, you can actually avoid the dreaded weight gain that occurs during the cold season. The post 5 food tips to avoid winter weight gain appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

Mental Health Monday: A Runner's High!

I spent so much time today writing a post, but once I was done with it, I just wasn't very happy with it. So, I scrapped it for something light-hearted and fitting for today. As I mentioned last week, I committed myself to running Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. Show More Summary

Universal Standard x Danielle Brooks Collection

I love when designers bring new styles and collaborations to the market. Universal Standard is known for elevated, modern basics that are anything but basic! Tomorrow (11/14), the Universal Standard x Danielle Brooks collection launches! The Tria Collection is a set of 3 pieces designed by the Orange is the New Black star. Show More Summary

BBQ Chicken Spaghetti Squash + Weekly Menu

It was a good weekend. My brother FINALLY visited us – Shea missed him like cray-zzzz. We did a little bit of everything. Friday night, we went out for dinner at a local brewery (this is a theme for the weekend) where Piper was CRUSHING SO HARD on the cutie making pizzas. I don’t know... Read More »

8th Annual Chili Contest: Entry #4 – Chili Braised Beef with Cornbread Dumplings

Can I just ramble? I need to just ramble. So many thoughts, so little direction. I was playing tennis last night and was seriously offended by one of the women’s comments about my serve. My goal is placement of the ball vs power and I served a really nice, short, wide serve that she didn’t... Read More »

Family Friday (belated): Numbers

Ha! Just now, I opened a Dove chocolate to eat while I work on my post, and this was the little "fortune" on the wrapper: I was curious, and immediately looked up the word "loquacious". It made me laugh, because it means, "tending to...Show More Summary

Thrifty Thursday: Zero Sum Budgeting

I realize I will probably get criticized for this post, because it's about money, and everyone has his or her own thoughts about different ways of budgeting and/or spending. But several people have asked about how my family is budgeting, so I decided to post the numbers. Show More Summary

Top 10 Best Oribe hair Products Reviews 2017

Best Oribe hair Products brought a complete hair care range for every type of hair. Everybody wants beautiful, manageable hair? Modern women need more for their hair. Sticking on the same old hair-care routine lie, oiling and shampooing are not enough. Show More Summary

Love to the Max(i)

Picking out something to wear for engagement photos required a little bit of thought, but I was happy with how it turned out. My priorities with an engagement photo outfit: Minimal prints or colors – While I love a print and fun colors, I wanted the outfit to not outshine the two of us together […] The post Love to the Max(i) appeared first on Authentically Emmie.

Weight Loss Wednesday: Feeling Fat at Goal Weight

I think I am ready to start running again. But I will write about that in a minute. Lately, I've been feeling fat. And before you slaughter me, hear me out; I know how ridiculous that sounds, especially for people who would be thrilled to be at the weight or size I'm at now. Show More Summary

Beefy Cabbage and Tomato Soup

It is officially soup season.  The only thing I’ve been drawn to cook and to eat lately has been SOUP. And, despite the way it’s been looking on NTTC… I promise that this is not becoming a soup blog.  But for now… here’s another soup...Show More Summary

RECIPE: Sweet Potato Casserole

Hands-down, my very favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner is my mom's sweet potato casserole. I can leave the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing--all of it--but give me the sweet potato casserole, and I am a very happy girl. It is no-doubt...Show More Summary

Mental Health Monday: Having "a person" on your side

Before I get into the point of my post, I just wanted to share that I did end up increasing my mood stabilizer dose (and yes, when I talk about changing meds, it's been discussed with my psychiatrist first). Last time I increased the...Show More Summary

Magical Sweet Potato & Sausage Quinoa Bake

I decided to add the word magical to this recipe title because I truly believe that it is. One of my employees recommended this recipe to me this week and while I usually trust her recommendations, the idea of kale, sweet potato, and quinoa just seemed a little too whole foodsy for me. Show More Summary

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