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Movexa Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? Movexa is a joint health supplement that is designed to help strengthen tendons and ligaments, reduce pain and inflammation, and help restore lost range of motion. Their promotional materials say that it is effective for helping to … Continue reading ?

True Focus Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? True Focus is a dietary supplement marketed as a nootropic that provides neurotransmitter support in order to help improve users’ mental performance. This may include increasing thinking speed and accuracy and enhancing users’ attention span and ability … Continue reading ?

MagMind Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it? MagMind is a single-ingredient mental performance booster that may help to increase cognition, memory, and brain health. Its advertising says that MagMind is easily absorbed by the brain and that it provides some of the essential nutrition … Continue reading ?

Summer Shape Up 2017: Week 2 Meals (+ faves from the week)

Hey hey! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Hope you had a great one! The Pilot and I took a little trip to Atlanta. ???? Before heading into the usual pics and faves (leftover from Friday), I wanted to share some meal ideas for Week 2 if you’re following along the challenge. Show More Summary

Does paleo diet lead to weight loss or weight gain?

A new study has revealed following a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet for just eight weeks can lead to rapid weight gain and health complications. The post Does paleo diet lead to weight loss or weight gain? appeared first on, Health News, News, Health Magazine, Health in Natural ways, Holistic Health, Yoga, Ayurveda.

The One Where Monica Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday was tough, I'm not going to lie. As I mentioned in my previous post, we learned just last week that Monica (the long-haired tortoiseshell kitty we adopted last year) had late stage liver cancer. I'm still feeling guilty that I didn't recognize any symptoms before, but they were so subtle and they crept up so quickly. Read more »

Thai Chicken Pasta Salad + Weekly Menu

My parents left early this morning and the girls and I were sad to see them go. We had a lot of fun. Between the beach and a brewery on Friday and water play and a dinner out on Saturday, it was a busy, fun weekend. Sundays are always tough, especially when it’s nearly 10pm... Read More »

High-fat diet in pregnancy can cause mental health problems in offspring

A high-fat diet during pregnancy alters the development of the brain and endocrine system of offspring, new research in an animal model suggests. The new study links an unhealthy diet during pregnancy to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression in children.

Core and leg burning workout

Hi friends! Nice to see ya on a Saturday. ???? Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! I wanted to pop in and share a new workout with you. This one is a leg and core burner! It will set your legs and core on fiiiiire. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and an… The post Core and leg burning workout appeared first on The Fitnessista.

All the emotions

I have nice things and sad things to share, and I'm debating which to write about first. So many things have happened recently that there is just too much to even put into words right now! I don't want to go into too much detail, but...Show More Summary

Snacktime! Buttery Parmesan Toast Recipe

Say hello to Buttery Parmesan Toast. Oh meee oh my-my-my. I threw this together in a pinch when my stomachs were demanding an afternoon snack attack. It’s so darn simple to make and extremely satisfying. The yummy goal here is to have...Show More Summary

Family Friday (vol. 52): Summer Days

I can’t believe how quickly the summer is going. That’s always the case, but it seems especially so this year. Thankfully, I wrapped up work a bit early today so that my parents and I could take the girls to the beach. The public beach, or “the big beach” as Shea likes to call it.... Read More »

Nordstrom Sale Women’s Fall Style

Hi friends! And three cheers for the weekend. ???? Hope your Friday is off to a lovely start. I have to go ahead and say that I think today is even more exciting than Black Friday: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HEEEERE! I look forward to this one because you can get new fall pieces… The post Nordstrom Sale Women’s Fall Style appeared first on The Fitnessista.

How to achieve weight loss

When it comes to achieving weight loss, you can?t really a perfect answer even from a health expert. However, some crucial studies on the roles of workouts, medication, diet and even surgery have come across weight loss solutions. The...Show More Summary

Prostate RX Review

Prostate RX is a male prostate health product that is designed to help improve urological function in men that are experiencing swelling or irritation in the prostate gland. Their advertising says that it may be able to reduce the rate … Continue reading ?

ProstaVen Review

ProstaVen is a prostate health and wellness product that is used by men that are looking to restore lost levels of urinary performance. This may include reducing the severity of symptoms of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic … Continue reading ?

ProstaRelief Review

ProstaRelief is a daily nutritional supplement that is designed to help men prevent or overcome prostate and urinary issues like benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP) and chronic prostatitis (CP). Problems that ProstaRelief may be able to help their users overcome include … Continue reading ?

Prostanol Review

Prostanol is a men’s health and wellness dietary supplement that is designed to help promote healthy urinary performance and prostate function. This may involve reducing inflammation or irritation in the prostate, as well as helping to slow or stop the … Continue reading ?

Solaray Pygeum Africanum Review

Solaray Pygeum Africanum is a single-ingredient nutritional supplement that is used to help men improve the size, health, and functionality of their prostate gland. It has the potential to help reduce the severity of symptoms of prostate swelling and irritation … Continue reading ?

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support Review

Alpha Rise Ultimate Prostate Support is a dietary supplement that is designed to improve prostate health and sexual performance in its users. Its advertising says that it is able to reduce the size of the prostate and soothe the symptoms … Continue reading ?

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