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Tackle Test 2015: 5 Innovations, Most Improved, and Boutique Gear

Innovations Here are five tackle design ideas that aren’t only clever, but will also enhance your overall angling experience.  Photographs by Nathaniel Welch 1. Dual Magnetic Controls  The use of both magnetic and friction casting controls has been standard on many baitcasting reels for decades. Show More Summary

Data-Mining the World Champions

Today I’m going to show you the two most fascinating chess graphs I’ve ever seen. Of course, they’re also the only chess graphs I’ve ever seen, but still I found them utterly remarkable. A statistician named Rob Weir did a principal component analysis of the opening repertoire of all 20 world champions (including Khalifman, Kasimdzhanov […]

6 perfect scores at 2015 SPF National Open Puzzle Solving Championships

Name - # of correct answers - Time solvedAaron Grabinsky 20 8:09 Overall winnerCameron Wheeler 20 9:58 Christopher Woojin Yoo 20 26:50 Justin Friedlander 20 30 Nastassja Matus 20 30 Top Girl Vikram Ramasamy 20 30 Josiah Stearman 19 9:38...Show More Summary

Practical chess tactic

White to move. What is the best continuation for white?Source: Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar

Frequency Management: Don’t Wreck Your Neighbor’s Drone

45 minutes agoHobbies / Crafts : Makezine

Poorly managed frequencies can turn any FPV meetup into a miserable experience.  Anyone activating a drone or radion of a freequency close to one that you are using will usually result in an immediate loss of control of the aircraft. As the hobby grows and grows, its easy to expect […] Read more on MAKE

What a Package from Alaska!

When I posted my final mini box of 2014 Topps Stadium Club, I received a comment from a gentleman with the screen name "David in the North" indicating that he'd be interested in trading for the autograph (a James Jones #'d /50). "David...Show More Summary

9 way tie for the lead at EICC after 7 rounds

Full standings: Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar

Please vote to support the excellent Chess Documentary Algorithms!

Algorithms has been nominated, by the cinema going public, to the Best Documentary category of a newly instituted award called the National Film Awards, UK. The winner is decided by the votes the film gets from the global community,Show More Summary

Video: How wolves can alter the course of rivers

Wolves will travel to drink from a river. But could the presence of wolves lead a river to change its behavior? In his TED Talk, George Monbiot poetically explains how reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park after a 70-year absence set off a “trophic cascade” that altered the movement of deer, sent trees soaring to [ … ]

An infographic cheat sheet for key concepts in “The Grazing Revolution”

Allan Savory has spent decades studying the devastating effects of “desertification“: healthy land degrading into deserts all around the world and accelerating climate change in the process. On the TED2013 stage, Savory offered a fascinating idea for reclaiming degraded land — using livestock to mimic the behavior of herds that used to roam these lands. The [ … ]

Let’s unite as Team Humanity to revive degraded land: A conversation with TED Books author Allan Savory and rancher Gail Steiger

All over the world, land is turning into desert at an alarming rate. Biologist Allan Savory has dedicated a lifetime to figuring out what’s causing this “desertification.” Finally, after decades of work in the field, Savory discovered a radical solution—one that went against everything scientists had always thought. He used huge herds of livestock, managed [ … ]

Field, fuel & forest: Fellows Friday with Sanga Moses

When former accountant Sanga Moses ran into his sister on a far-from-home road carrying firewood on what was supposed to be a school day, his life changed. He knew that Uganda’s rapidly disappearing forests had big implications for the environment, but he hadn’t recognized the day-to-day effect it was having on the lives of his [ … ]

TED Radio Hour: Everything is Connected

Take a step back and consider the exquisite network of systems that sustain life on Planet Earth. The air we breathe, the food we eat and the ground we walk on are all carefully regulated by natural systems in an intertwined dance — which means that any change we make in our environment can set [ … ]

8 tips to make your life more surprising, from Tania Luna, Surprisologist

In today’s talk, Tania Luna shares her experience of immigrating to the United States from Ukraine as a little girl. Perfectly happy with her family’s outhouse and with chewing a single piece of Bazooka gum for a week, Luna found herself blown away by the wonders of her new country. From pizza to pennies to [ … ]

Red Hook still hurting after Hurricane Sandy: A diary

New York is slowly but surely coming back to life after being battered by Hurricane Sandy. Nearly all of Manhattan has electricity, and subway lines are being restored. But not every area of the city is faring so well. As The New York Times noted on Saturday, many of the city’s public housing facilities — [ … ]

‘It will not be cheap or easy': Highlights from our chat with Vicki Arroyo

On Friday, Oct. 5, the TED Conversations community hosted Vicki Arroyo for a one-hour live chat to talk about adapting to climate change — and to share more data behind the story. Read the whole chat — and see some highlights below: Feyisayo Anjorin asked: Recently Nigeria’s coastal states has been experiencing fatal floodings. With [ … ]

Flesh-eating mushrooms: Fellows Friday with Jae Rhim Lee

Artist Jae Rhim Lee (watch her TED Talk) is asking us to rethink our relationship with death and the planet — with the help of flesh-eating mushrooms, she’s making human decomposition clean and green. You’re an artist and designer primarily concerned with how our bodies interact with the world. I’m concerned with finding alternatives that [ … ]

Georgia Bill Aims for Open Season on Wild Hogs

Like most states with a feral hog population, Georgia has relatively lax regulations on hunting invasive swine. Yet that does not mean that there are no restrictions at all---especially on public land. Currently, sportsmen are restricted to certain wea...

World championship hopes delayed

Anish Giri's world chess championship hopes dented With big guns Anish Giri and Shak Mamedyarov failing to catch Evgeny Tomashevsky at the FIDE Grand Prix in Tbilisi, the world championship cycle is wide openBy Malcolm Pein, Chess correspondent12:15PM...Show More Summary

EICC round 7 results

Full results: Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar

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