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Ellipse EVO vs Mearns Country

On the one hand, the Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO was way too nice a gun to carry into some of the places I carried it last week. On the other hand, I have always believed hunting guns are made to be hunted with, no matter how nice they are. Show More Summary

Flint Wasn’t Allowed Democracy

In the last few weeks, the water poisoning scandal in Flint, Michigan, has revealed a lot about our cities, from the entrenched inequities in America’s basic infrastructure to the amount of damage incompetent or negligent officials can wreak upon their citizenry. Show More Summary

Feminism’s Generation Gap

Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright have some message testing to do before stepping out again for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The two Clinton supporters have drawn criticism from progressives across the political spectrum for comments they made this weekend that illustrated one of contemporary feminism’s deepest divides: the generation gap.

Smilax – Berries

Q: While on a woods walk I found these black clusters of berries. What are they? A: They are a fine bird breakfast, but one I wish they wouldn’t eat! The berries are the seeds of the thorny, noxious smilax vine. The glossy green leaves are attractive but it is a miserable weed in your […]

Fig – No Horizontal Branches

Q: I planted this Brown Turkey fig four years ago and it has never produced a single fruit. It has grown into a giant shrub, about 10 feet tall and 10? wide, with beautiful foliage. Can you tell me how I should prune this tree? It has so many “trunks” coming out from the ground! […]

The Day After the United Kingdom Leaves the EU

If the British people vote to end their country’s relationship with the European Union in a referendum, the world will not end. The sky will not come crashing down to Earth; the oceans will not submerge the land. Or at least we think they won’t. Because in actual fact, we have absolutely no idea what will happen.

Disabled Son Takes Trophy 10-Pointer Thanks to Father’s Efforts

In December, a Kansas teenager with cerebral palsy harvested a buck of a lifetime thanks to his dedicated father, who raffled guns and organized fundraisers to pay for an all-terrain wheelchair and a modified gun mount so that he could...Show More Summary

Offseason Tip: Condition Deer to Your ATV

 Photograph by John Hafner I grew up hunting the big timber of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  If you’ve never visited the U.P, it’s a fairly easy place to describe.  You cross the mighty Mackinac Bridge, a 7-mile passage over a pair of...Show More Summary

CCW Underdog: The Bersa BP9cc 9mm Review

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews one of the less well-known options available to concealed carriers, the Bersa BP9cc. It is Bersa’s first polymer-framed handgun, and has an excellent trigger with a light 4lb pull. It’s also very inexpensive, and uses 8 round magazines, permitting for a full grip. Show More Summary

Integrally Suppressed YHM 10/22 Barrel

YHM, or Yankee Hill Machine, has been a long time (if under the radar) company manufacturing suppressors. They manufacture a bevvy of options, across handguns, rifles, and rimfire. Of particular interest (at least to myself) is their integrally suppressed 10/22 barrel. Show More Summary

Arrest Made in Revision Optics Aided Sting Operation Against Chinese Counterfeit Ballistic Eyewear

I received an email today from Laura Burgess marketing. Laura and her husband represent Revision eyewear and publish a weekly newsletter. This is a story from the newsletter emailed out today. For those who attend SHOT each year it’s no secret that certain foreign companies attend the show for reasons other than legitimate business. Show More Summary

Camellia – Freeze Damage to Leaves

Q: This happened in January to my Camellia japonicas so it can’t be scorch because we don’t have so much light or heat at this time of year. A: This looks like freeze damage to me. I sometimes see yellow splotching like this from scale insects. But if you had a tea scale infestation the […]

Five Fishing-Trip Packing Rules

Today, I'm on my way to Chile to fish at the fabled Cinco Rios Lodge, near Coyhaique. I don't care what the groundhog says, I'm not waiting for spring, early or not, to get my dry fly on. Any long-haul fly-fishing trip requires some serious thought when you're packing. Show More Summary

Birthday Cards with Washi Tape Cakes

My girls love crafting and decorating things with washi tape. Actually, so do I! If you don’t already have a stash of washi tape at home, I highly recommend adding some to your craft supplies. These whimsical washi tape birthday... Continue Reading ? The post Birthday Cards with Washi Tape Cakes appeared first on Make and Takes.

Fundamental Right To Own MSR Weapons

Huffington Post is reporting that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said: Maryland’s prohibition on what the court called “the vast majority of semi-automatic rifles commonly kept by several million American citizens” amounted to a violation of their rights under the Constitution. Show More Summary

A Field of Snows

My journey back to Colorado, across the Great Plains of North America, was mostly uneventful. Except for strong northwest winds across the High Plains, the weather cooperated and the usual mix of raptors and grassland songbirds made their appearance. Show More Summary

You, Me, and … Him?

Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up below to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questions to Prudence at

My Wife Won’t Stop Flirting on Facebook

Q. Online Jealousy: My wife is an avid Facebooker. Not compulsive, but she’s online often. She friended a man, “James,” who she’s never met, a friend of a friend. He’s often overseas, and she’s well traveled. She often comments on his posts and vice versa. Show More Summary

Additional Public GBBC Count

In my last post, I mentioned I did not know if the Rolling Plains Chapter Texas Master Naturalist were planning their usual public Great Backyard Bird Count. The answer is, yes, they are.For those who may want to hone their skills in...Show More Summary

The Man From Uncle

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