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It's peony season around here and that makes me SO happy. Are those the most unbelievable flowers?! Like most things in life, I just wish peony season lasted longer.The random number generator chose 3 numbers/names to give those awesome...Show More Summary

Bowfisherman Breaks Maryland's State Snakehead Record with Huge Fish

Emory “Dutch” Baldwin III of Indian Head, Md., shot and landed an 18.42-pound northern snakehead on the Potomac River the night of May 20. His fish easily bested the previous Maryland state record of 17.49 pounds. Baldwin and his friend...Show More Summary

10 Essential Teaching Aids for a Gun Dog Puppy

Now is the perfect time to get that puppy you’ve always wanted and train him to be your new hunting buddy for the fall season—and many more to come. Here is a list of ten key teaching aids, but be sure to also check out our full guide on how to train a pup to be your new hunting buddy.    1. Show More Summary

Dog Days of Summer: Train a Puppy To Be a Great Gun Dog

Grab that new pup and hold her. This soft ball of fur in your arms is a hardwired predator.  That’s why your gloves and socks are in tatters. But be patient. Hunting, pointing, and retrieving instincts come built in. That dog will hunt. Show More Summary

Asus Zenbo Attempts to Convince Us That We Need a $600 Home Robot

This robot can do everything your phone or tablet can do, and a little bit more, but is it enough?

Obsessed: 5 Tales of Extreme Angling

Just how far would you push yourself to satisfy a fishing addiction? This group of anglers knows no bounds, and some have risked it all just to yell, "Fish on!"   The Adventurer BATTLING THE AMAZON Wherein the author steams up the Rio...Show More Summary

Skishing: Taking on Deep Water and Big Fish in a Wetsuit

Be the fish. This is the mantra of a few adrenaline seekers whose fishing addiction has taken them offshore and out of a boat, to bob in the ocean with nothing but a wetsuit to keep them afloat  while casting for ocean-run striped bass. Show More Summary

Sportsman’s Notebook: Make a Homemade Survival Blade

Sportsman's Notebook: Make a Homemade Survival... by FieldandStream A knife, a saw, cord, and wire—all in one end-times-ready tool you can make at home.  

Teach Your Gun Dog the Come Command

This is the most important command of all, and it’s the easiest to teach. Back up a few feet from your puppy with a training treat in your hand. If he doesn’t want to leave you, have an assistant hold him. Show Pup the treat, and encourage him to come to you. Show More Summary

The Man Who Invented Louisiana Swordfishing

According to Webster’s, a pioneer is a person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development; one of the first to settle in a territory. Fishing lore is replete with accounts of pioneers. Show More Summary

This Man is Trying to Bring the Largemouth Bass World Record Back to the USA

When Japan’s Manabu Kurita tied George W. Perry’s world bass record of 22 pounds 5 ounces, Gary Schwarz didn’t get mad—he simply decided to grow one even bigger. While most anglers don’t go to extremes to get to the fish they seek, Gary Schwarz has risked life and limb, literally, to grow the biggest largemouth bass the world has ever seen. Show More Summary

One Man's Quest to Catch Every Fish Species on the Planet

Steve Wozniak is a 52-year-old California native who is fixated on fishing. To date, his dependency has taken him to 86 different countries at a total expense equaling a small fortune. (And, no, he is not the Steve Wozniak of Apple fame...Show More Summary

Amazon Fishing: Catching Peacock Bass on the Rio Negro

The jungle pressed hard against the banks of the river. Viewed from a distance, it was a wall of undifferentiated green with no breaks in the foliage. Up close, I could make out individual trees. They all rose to a uniform height as if kept in check by a divine hedge clipper. Show More Summary

Special Report: Trusting Robots

Robots will soon have the power of life and death over human beings. Are they ready? Are we?

Tute Tuesday: Summer Dress

6 hours agoHobbies / Crafts : Craftster

Yahoo! Summer is almost here! Whether you are going to a backyard BBQ, a pool party just dancing around your own house; you need a pretty dress twirl in. Pink Hickey shares her tutorial for a fun Summer Dress that can be super fancy or worn a bit more casual. Be the belle of the […]

SKS Rifle Field Strip

The SKS rifle was once the most popular surplus rifle in the USA, but various import laws and regulations put a damper on its importation. Regardless, these rifles are still quite popular around the country and in this video we show you how to rip yours apart. Show More Summary

Walmart Back in the MSR Game?

Last year, Walmart made a very big deal about not selling AR-15 rifles – or anything even vaguely tactical – in its gun department. In statements made to our own Phil White, Walmart said it was getting out of the AR business on a permanent basis. Show More Summary

Win Custom Red TFB Kel-Tec P3AT

TFBTV is giving away a custom red / engraved Kel-Tec P3AT. All members of TFBTV Patreon supporters Team TFB subscribers are eligible to enter. We will randomly select a winner on 1 July 2016. To enter either Support us on Patreon (which...Show More Summary

Breda’s New 930i Sporting Clays 12 Gauge at NRA 2016

Italian gunmaker Breda was at the show with a modest booth, showing off their new 930i sporting clays shotgun. Breda’s representative explained that the goal of the shotgun was to create a semi automatic sporting clays shotgun that could compete and win out of the box, with no modifications or customization. Show More Summary

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