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Podcast #18 – Steve Speck, Back Country Hunting

GOTHUNTS - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters Steve Speck, back country hunting guru, speaks on the important how-to's of back country nutrition, pack designs, weight saving strategies, hunting methodologies, tent designs, sleeping bags and dual purpose gear. Show More Summary

Robots: Stiquito

In this episode, Audrow Nash interviews James Conrad, professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, about the history of the autonomous walking robot, Stiquito. Stiquito is a small, inexpensive hexapod (i.e., six-legged) robot that has been used since 1992 by universities, high schools, and hobbyists. Show More Summary

Behind the Scenes: Drone Dudes’ Awesome Cinema-Grade Octocopter

The Drone Dudes stopped by the Maker Media Lab recently to show off their custom octocopter setup, and we took the opportunity to get it — and them — on camera. The crew is a group of commercial, aerial cinematographers specializing in using high-end, custom octocopters for close proximity […] Read more on MAKE

The Reckoning

Every aspiring photographer dreams of capturing an iconic image. It’s the same kind of motivation that draws young skiers to intimidating lines in foreboding ranges and pulls ambitious climbers to Yosemite. We imagine these moments a thousand times in advance, but when we finally arrive, we are often surprised and humbled. Show More Summary

Prayer for a Friend

How do people remember the dead? Some people stuff wrinkled snapshots into wallets. Others build ornate mausoleums. Others ensure their friends’ memories by creating goals that can never fully be realized. In 2003, my friend John Bombard lost his battle to cancer. Show More Summary

The First Time

I want you to think back to the first time you touched granite, rolled a kayak or linked ski turns. Whether you’re pushing your sport to new heights or daydream about first tracks during your rush hour commute, hose first experiences are something we all have in common. Show More Summary

Part Two

Part Two: Pro kayaker Tanya Shuman tells us about her search for the perfect wave. It's a journey that took her around the globe before leading her back to the place where it all began -- Skookumchuck Narrows.

No Big Deal

In 1996, photographer John Burcham and three friends completed the first foot traverse of the 650-mile long Alaska Range. Together, they forded streams, chased off curious grizzlies and crossed crevassed glaciers. After 75 days, they had become a single unit. Show More Summary

Anatomy of an Accident

In May of 2007, I made a mistake that should have cost me my life when I slipped high on a Central Oregon volcano. I fell between 250-300 feet, over a cliff, through rock bands before grabbing a rock out cropping and stopping my fall. Show More Summary

A Brief Moment in a Beautiful Place

There is a fine line between a life-lasting memory and disaster. Whatever the discipline -- alpinism, big wave surfing, foreign travel -- we calculate risk, formulate plans and sometimes we have the spunk to see them through. This week we're headed for Laos to recount the story of two friends and one spectacularly bad idea. Show More Summary

the Great Big Garage in the Sky

Episode 3 -- Many of us associate our vehicles with freedom, independence and youth. Even as we come to terms with the fact that automobiles may be an unnecessary evil, it's hard not to think back to that first surf or climbing trip and day dream about open windows, loud music and a best friend riding shotgun. Show More Summary

Help Wanted

There’s no such thing as a perfect job. There’s always a catch – nagging bosses, gossiping co-workers, crummy benefits. That’s why we get paid to work. But what if there was a magical place where you could get paid to climb? At the center of this kingdom is a mountain, and all you have to do is climb it. Show More Summary

the brotherhood

In this week's episode, we are headed for a remote cliff in northern Arizona where we join rock climbers Albert Newman and James Q Martin as they attempt the first free ascent of Tooth Rock. It's been a three and half year odyssey for the duo. Show More Summary

The Monoboard

Gaper. Touron. Weekend warrior. As mountain people, we can be a cold, hard lot adhering to an "Us and Them" mentality, but at the root, what makes a dirtbag a dirtbag? Is it a look? The clothes we wear or the skis we ride? Or is there...Show More Summary

The Drum Majors of Chess: Part Three

Chess enthusiasts and supporters, After Maurice Ashley’s earning of the GM title, there was quite a bit of excitement as his story traversed the globe and became common fare in the diet of chess discussions. His inspiring story served as a beacon of light as the first in the Black community to have earned the […]

OI Podcast #17 – Donnie Vincent

Got Hunts? We do. - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters You will really enjoy this podcast as Donnie Vincent is a very intelligent, well spoken, man who finds interesting and detailed points to things, that happen in our sport, of which many of us just pass by. Show More Summary

A Postcard from Space Coast.

Birders on a field trip for the Space Coast Birding Festival. Though I was late to the party this year, thanks to an overlapping event out west, the 2015 Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival was its usual spectacular self. A lot of...Show More Summary

OI Podcast #16 – Fred Hunt – Hunter, Inventor

Got Hunts? We do. - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters In this podcast you will hear from the mind behind all the cool gadgets of S4Gear. Fred Hunt is not only the founder, he is the inventor. This is a guy who had three college degrees by the time he was 21 and was hunting geese and coyotes six days a week. Show More Summary

OI Podcast #15 – Cory Glauner Founder of OI

Got Hunts? We do. - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters Marc and Cory discuss how they met, the creation of Outdoors International, the reality of burnout, and using horses, mules and goats for packing. more »  Subscribe | Download Episode /wp-content/podcast/episode-15.mp3 OI Podcast #15 – Cory Glauner Founder of OI Got Hunts? We do.

OI Podcast # 2 – Hunting with Kids

International Hunting Consultants - Representing Hunters with Proven Hunting Outfitters Marc and Russ discuss how hard it is to be patient and not expect too much when hunting with kids. more... /wp-content/podcast/episode-2.mp3Download Episode | Subscribe to our RSS OI Podcast # 2 – Hunting with Kids International Hunting Consultants

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