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When Things Go Sideways

There aren't many second chances in life -- and there are even fewer in aviation. One error and you're out of a job! I've seen several examples of this recently, and it leaves me wondering if we might be missing out on an opportunity make aviation safer. Read more ?

What Are "Maintenance Instructions" And Why Should You Care?

If you are an air carrier operating aircraft with nine passenger seats or less under 14 C.F.R. Part 135, you know that

What You Need To Know About Letters Of Authorization

Do you fly in RVSM airspace? Or do you manage aircraft that fly in RVSM airspace? Do you fly air tours under

Fuelish Decisions

For the charter/corporate pilot, determining if, when, how much, and where to purchase fuel can be rather complex... and getting it wrong can cost a fortune. Here's a look at the decision-making process. Read more ? Related posts: Fueling...Show More Summary

The Longest Day

Over the years, business aircraft have evolved dramatically in terms of their range. That's wonderful for the passengers, but for the crew it presents some serious safety hazards which must be dealt with. Read more ? Related posts: How...Show More Summary

The Circular Runway

Ah, the circular runway -- it seems to be all the rage with academics. In the real world, I see a few problems with this concept. Read more ? Related posts: Runway Incursions An Associated Press story entitled “LAX ranks at top for... New Phraseology During Runway Construction Hold short, short approach, short runway. Show More Summary

How To Decide Whether To Conduct A Reasonable Cause/Suspicion Drug or Alcohol Test

If you are an aviation employer who employs safety sensitive employees, you know 14 C.F.R.

The Engine That Could

I've always been fond of Rolls-Royce engines. They were the beating heart of our most iconic warbirds, and even today are propelling the finest business jets on Earth. But there's one particular Rolls product which has outlived all the others... Show More Summary

What Happens if You Ignore the Terms of Your Aircraft Insurance Policy?

If you are involved in an aircraft accident or incident, you want to make sure you have insurance coverage if you need it. In order to make sure you will have coverage, you need to understand the terms of your aircraft insurance policy and comply with any conditions or limitations in the policy. Show More Summary

Taildragger time!

Well, its 4 months into 2017 and I can announce I have finally ticked something off my list. In mid march I had the privilege of briefly flying a Cessna 180. While I didn't land it it was really the first time I got to fly a taildragger. Show More Summary

What Is The FAA's Regulatory Consistency Communications Board?

As you may know, the various FAA offices and inspectors within those offices routinely provide responses/guidance on issues that may be inconsistent with other FAA offices and even with other inspectors in the same office. In the past,...Show More Summary

Aircraft Security: Serious Business

In our post 9/11 world, aircraft security is no joke. So when you travel to small airports, third world countries, and other out-of-the-way places, how does one keep a bright, shiny business jet secure when it's sitting on the ground?...Show More Summary

Are You Running An Illegal Flight Department Company?

Many people own aircraft using corporations or LLCs. Usually liability and tax benefits drive the decision. However, many of these ownership structures do not take into consideration regulatory requirements and, in fact, are not in compliance with the regulations. Show More Summary

What Happens to a Certificate After it is Suspended or Revoked?

So, your certificate has been suspended or, worse yet, revoked. Whether the FAA issued an order and you didn't appeal, or you appealed and lost, you are still in the same position. But what, if anything, happens next, you might ask.Show More Summary

New Year, New Name

Firstly Happy New Year to all my lurkers who read this blog. This year should see some interesting posts, but I'll keep the content secret until it's ready. OK, so the 2016 summary. A flight in a taildragger Aerobatic flight Fly somewhere...Show More Summary

The Differences Training Difference

Each flying job requires a unique set of skills. Failure to heed the small differences can lead to big accidents, and sometimes that failure goes back to the pilot's training -- or lack thereof. Read more ? Related posts: The Key toShow More Summary

A License to Learn

When a newly minted pilot receives his or her temporary pilot certificate after a successful checkride, the examiner often refers to this piece of paper as a "license to learn". Nearly twenty years into my flying career, does this aphorism...Show More Summary

So much fun

I'm still trying to look at that new thing to do to expand my horizons and to keep myself on that learning curve. This time it's a type rating in the Alpha R2160. While I have flown them previously in forced landing competitions, it wasn't really a type rating sort of flight. Show More Summary

A Pioneer Goes West

Apparently Arnold Palmer played golf. Who knew? I thought he was just a pioneer in the world of business aviation... Read more ? Related posts: Bill Kershner Goes West Saying goodbye to Bill Kershner, a legend in aerobatic and... West...Show More Summary

The Central Area Rally

It's a fancy name for the regional flying competition, this year held in Hawera. I was asked to be Chief Ground Judge so I tagged along with the rest of the Waikato Aero Club competitors. Competitor Evan and I flew down in JGP. I was PIC for this leg, we'd planned to fly direct to Hawera from Hamilton but the Taranaki weather had other ideas. Show More Summary

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