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Do Something!

Instead of keeping their powder dry, the Germanwings crash will undoubtedly prompt politicians to "do something". That has many pilots -- myself included -- concerned. Read more ? Related posts: Time for a Shakeup Flying is a considerably...Show More Summary

How Far is Far Enough?

The latest crop of long-range business aircraft have the ability to traverse most of the world's routes non-stop. For those which remain out of reach, I muse about whether the added range is worth pursuing in an environment of diminishing returns. Show More Summary

DOT Revises First Half 2015 SIFL Rates

The U.S. Department of Transportation has revised the Standard Industry Fare Level (SIFL) rates for the six-month period from January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015. These rates are needed in order to apply the IRS's aircraft valuation formula...Show More Summary

Civil Air Patrol and IFR Immersion

Between the frigid temperatures, reckless amounts of snow, and ridiculously tall snow drifts, N62TB hasn't even left the hangar in nearly two months. But, aviation's been active nonetheless, on two fronts. First, I've become active in the Civil Air Patrol, specifically the Lorain County Composite Squadron (OH-003) based on Lorain County Airport. Show More Summary

National Flying Competition

This years competitions was held in Whitianga, just like it was when I competed in them 9 years ago. This time round I was not competing, nor was I driving over. I flew WAM over, partly because I really didn't want to drive over and back, and partly because someone needed the plane over there so I was doing them a favour. Show More Summary

The Unintentional Aerobat

Do you think it's possible to fly aerobatics without awareness of it? Not only is it possible -- it's quite common. I've seen it done in every kind of airplane, from little Cubs to large-cabin Gulfstreams. Read more ? Related posts: Gyroscopic Precession Gyroscopic precession is not well-understood by most aviators... Show More Summary

Flying Backwards

If safety is paramount in aviation, why do the least experienced professional pilots sometimes fly the most challenging aircraft and profiles? Why do the newest instructors teach the most difficult courses? Isn't that backwards? Read...Show More Summary

Twenty Years and Counting

In the greater scheme of life and history, twenty years is an insignificant blip. But for a web site, two decades takes you back to the very beginning of the World Wide Web. Let's reminisce.... Read more ? Related posts: Insanely Great...Show More Summary

Flying in the Raw

A pilot pointed out recently how a G1000-equipped aircraft with a current navigation database did not have an approach into the airport he happened to be visiting: Pearson Field in Vancouver, Washington (KVUO). There's only one approach...Show More Summary

All Work & No Play

Flying is fun -- that's why we got hooked in the first place. But flying for a living can easily suck the life out of your aviation passion... if you let it. Related posts: See & Avoid: Does It Work? Collision avoidance is a deadly serious topic. Show More Summary

January 2015 Photos

Sonoma County Cross DAWNA 13,000 Montecito Sunset Reversionary mode practice North SF and San Pablo Bays Quiet New Year's Day at SMO West LA view from KSMO ABBAS (another beautiful Bay Area sunset)

Fifty Classic Destinations for Pilots

When GA pilots are finishing training, they often look around and say "what now?". The structured environment is gone, the goal achieved. A friend recently published a book that provides some suggestions for that situation. Related posts: Where Are the Armed Pilots? Here’s a recent Washington Times editorial by Boeing 737 captain... St. Show More Summary

The Type-Rating Experience

Direct Seal Beach, when able... "70 knots... V1." My right hand moves from the throttles to the control yoke. "92 knots, rotate." Hauling back on the yoke, pitching up 12 degrees, I notice the primary flight display has suddenly gone dark. Show More Summary

He’s One of Us Now

To run an organization effectively, it must be understand it inside and out by those at the top. Unfortunately, few if any of the executives at the FAA are pilots. But that changed recently and it's a good thing for general aviation. Related posts: Checkrides with the FAA: Myth vs. Show More Summary

Who’s the Best Pilot?

"Who's the best pilot you ever saw?" That famous line from The Right Stuff inspired me to ask what constitutes a great pilot in the real world. Related posts: The Contract Pilot As much as one may love flying, it can be... Multi-Pilot...Show More Summary

Best Wishes for 2015

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2015. To think that this blog is more than 10 years old is quite mind boggling, but I am still here and getting up in the air whenever I can.The 2014 review: Last year I said:1) Flight in the twin (or theShow More Summary

"Cheesesteak One"

January 2, 2015 dawned sunny and clear. The mission was simple: Settle for ourselves the age-old question of which Philadelphia institution makes the better cheesesteak: Geno's or Pat's. If you're not familiar with this South Philly culinary rivalry, check out this article in the L.A. Show More Summary

Safety Pilot Questions Answered

If you are looking to build time, or if you are simply looking for an excuse to fly more and maybe share some of the expense, one way to do that is to act as a safety pilot for another pilot in simulated instrument conditions. But with the benefits of that arrangement come certain responsibilities and limitations. Show More Summary

December 2014 Photos

As 2014 draws to a close, a brief look back at a busy month spent in Northern California, Southern California, and in between. I wish all a happy and prosperous 2015! Over the Petaluma River Approaching LA 4 Mile Final, Santa Rosa Over...Show More Summary

The Real Problem with LAX

A Los Angeles-based news outlet asked for my thoughts on how to "fix LAX". Many Angelinos are probably wondering how to do that, too. Unfortunately, the real problem with the airport isn't the airport at all. It's much larger and has...Show More Summary

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