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An interesting article on leasebacks...

A Home Movie and a Flashback

Mentioned in prior entries before is a wonderful aviation read, Flight of Passage, by Rinker Buck. It chronicles the 1966 flight of two young boys piloting a PA-11 Cub, N4971H, from New Jersey to California and back. The book was written by one of the two participants, Rinker Buck, who is currently a staff writer for the Hartford Courant. Show More Summary

Still Kicking

The IFR Pilot and 2TB are alive and well. Only 34.3 hours of flying in 2010, and if the current weather patterns in Northeast Ohio hold true, there may not be any more flying this year. Hard to justify the economics of sole-aircraft ownership for that few number of hours. Show More Summary

Procedure Turn?

Why, yes, there is proof that we executed the PT at DALTS. See for yourself! Here's even more proof:

Garmin 480 Instruction?

Any recommendations for a CFII, preferably located in the Great Lakes or Mid-Atlantic, who can offer instruction on the intricacies of the Garmin 480 (nee CNX-80) GPS? A recent event-filled flight suggested that a day or two of intensive instruction with someone who knows this box in and out would be well worth the investment. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Video of Put In Bay Water Landing

Earlier today, there was an apparent water landing in the vicinity of the Miller Ferry Dock in Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island. The Miller Ferry helped rescue the passengers, all of whom survived. Kudos to the pilot!Watch this amazing video of the ferry and its crew coming to the rescue. Note also that the airplane sunk in less than the 2 minutes that this video lasts.

Back to the Skies

Today was the first flight I've taken since Mark passed away. It was a bittersweet moment, to be sure. He loved 2TB, thought it was the ideal platform for the missions that we had defined for ourselves. It will not be the same not having...Show More Summary

Spring Abounds

MS and the IFR Pilot are in Tallahassee for about 18 hours. Weather was crummy leaving the Home Base, had to stay VFR below the scud for about 30 minutes. Then, we climbed above it, and just south of the mountains, it was CAVU. MS spotted...Show More Summary

Special Mission Aircraft

I recently encountered a uniquely modified aircraft in Hawaii that got me thinking about how business jets serve millions of people who never get to ride in them and are probably not even aware of their existence. Even in the GA community,...Show More Summary

WAC Fly in 2015

Want a reason to get up at 0550? Feel like freezing your proverbial off sitting out in the middle of an airfield counting aircraft? Then be a landing judge at the Aero Club fly in! The upside is you get very close to the action and you...Show More Summary

Breitling Jet Team to Make Their Chicago Air & Water Show Debut

The Breitling Jet Team has performed for awestruck audiences across the globe for over a decade. Breitling Jet Team they will be performing for the first time in the skies over North America in 2015 including their first performance in...

FAA Updates Its Compliance Philosophy: A Move in the Right Direction?

The FAA has issued Order 8000.373 effective June 26, 2015 to explain its current compliance philosophy. That is, as the FAA explains it, its "strategic safety oversight approach to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing aerospace...Show More Summary

Hanging Separately on Medical Reform

Ben Franklin once said we should all hang together lest we all hang separately. He was talking about the Revolution, but the same can be said of aviation. Too bad the Air Line Pilots Association didn't get the memo. Read more ? Related...Show More Summary

Cold n low

I went on a quick trip around the circuit to maintain my currency in the Pa28. I noted that it had been 83 days since I had last flown an Archer and 57 days since I had last flown at all. The weather was damp but light winds and excellent visibility. Show More Summary

NOTAMs: A Broken System

Culling through NOTAMs is like having dental work done without Novocain: it's unnecessarily painful. There are better ways to serve up important flight data, ones that save both time and money. So why aren't we using them? Read more ? Related posts: To Brief or Not to Brief A U.S. Show More Summary

The Sim Credit Debate

The FAA wants to double the amount of sim time which can be credited toward an instrument rating, but a negative comment on their proposal temporarily derailed the effort. So who's right? Read more ? Related posts: The Pitch/Power Debate: It’s the Trim, Stupid "Pitch vs. Show More Summary

What Not To Do When You Register an Aircraft Owned by an LLC

These days more and more people are using LLC's to own aircraft. Liability, organizational and tax benefits all make this entity an attractive option for aircraft ownership. However, when you register an aircraft owned by an LLC with the FAA, you need to make sure you give the FAA what it needs. Show More Summary

Summer Photos, 2015

I know, I know... no blog updates lately. Mostly this has been due to time spent on the forthcoming Concise Guide to the Citation Mustang, coming to the iBooks Store by the end of summer. For now, here are some photos that I hope you'll enjoy. Show More Summary

A Better, Safer Airline Cockpit

Airspeeds, altitudes, attitudes, pressures, temperatures... airplanes have many limitations, and nobody would advocate exceeding any of them. So why don't we give the humans who operate this equipment the same consideration? Read more...Show More Summary

The Spiral Dive Conundrum

Over 40 percent of GA fatal accidents occurred because pilots lost control of their airplanes, and a spiral dive is sometimes part of the final moments. How do we accurately train for such a hazardous situation? Read more ? Related posts: The Pitch/Power Debate: It’s the Trim, Stupid "Pitch vs. Show More Summary

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