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Having Fun in Actual IFR Conditions

It is no secret that I love flying. In spite of this strong affection for a rather expensive hobby, my familial duties and other financial responsibilities have made it challenging to put the wind beneath my wings as often as I would like. Show More Summary

Any Safety Pilots Out There?

A few months ago, my hard drive crashed causing me to lose among other things, my entire address book. I know, I know, where was my back up? I've taken care of that now...but.So, I don't have the emails of any of my fellow pilots who have shot instrument approaches with me. Show More Summary

Spring in the Air

It has been far too long since I took to the skies. My current absence has been the longest since I soloed many years ago. While my lack of flying has caused me some distress, I have been spending my time with my family and that hasShow More Summary

FAA Wings Program

Max Trescott wrote a comment in response to my recent entry about my flight review that pointed out some of the benefits of the FAA Wings program. He wrote, "I'm glad the instructor didn't spin your plane! That would be a violation of...Show More Summary

Is it Flight Review Time Again?

As a skilled and knowledgeable pilot, I really shouldn't worry about getting a biennial flight review, but I do. The last actual BFR that I had was four years ago as I used the FAA Wings Program two years ago in lieu of a BFR. Four years...Show More Summary

The Hundred Dollar Hamburger Revisited

Ever since my father's birthday at the end of August, my weekends have been filled with chores, football games and other responsibilities that have kept me on the ground. When Christy pointed out that the Gator game this past Saturday...Show More Summary

Another one bites the dust

It is often said that doctors have a god complex. There are those who believe or at least act as though they are more powerful than God. Put such a person behind the yoke of an aircraft and people will get hurt.Yesterday, another doctor-pilot died unnecessarily and he took four innocent people with him. Show More Summary

Jackasses are contagious.

I have always been harshly critical of pilots who make stupid mistakes. Perhaps a bit too critical. I've made mistakes in the past and I have always caught them, and learned from them. Now I've made a jackass style mistake and am very...Show More Summary

42 Years In Florida, But Never A Trip To Key West...UNTIL NOW!

The weak economy caused me to reconsider the long-term prospects of working for a firm that is supported by venture capital with the end result being a job change in April. Consequently, when I married the love of my life on June 14th, I didn't have much vacation time to take to enjoy a real honeymoon. Show More Summary

More from Class Bravo

While Christy and I approached runway 18L, the traffic information system (TIS) constantly announced, "traffic! traffic!". But we knew that. We could see the steady stream of jets lined up for 18R and the other stream of jets lined up for 23. Show More Summary

Safety at Flight Schools

Recently, someone who read this blog wanted more details about what I apparently described as unsafe practices at a local flight school. The purpose of this blog is not to bash any particular business. Therefore, I won't mention the name of the company at this point. Show More Summary

Diamond Check Out

Since North Florida Aviation's aircraft were booked for the weekend, I was left with a choice between taking Sterling's Diamond DA-40 or driving to/from Tampa. I hate driving long distances, so I had to go for a check ride in the Diamond.Christy...Show More Summary

End of a Flying Relationship

Since 2001 I have been renting aircraft from Sterling Flight Training. I fly nearly every week and spend thousands of dollars each year with this flight school at Craig Municipal Airport. That relationship is about to end and this makes...Show More Summary

Back in the Air!

When I went for my medical in January, I indicated that I had had a kidney stone in March of 2008. Consequently, the doctor rejected my application. I followed the instructions on the AOPA website for kidney stones, but they missed a few things. Show More Summary

Grounded. Dammit!

Once again the Libertarian in me is screaming for the government to get the hell out of my life. But, my wails fall on deaf ears. Here's the situation: Almost a year ago, I was awakened by a pain in my back. The pain was getting stronger and stronger and I recognized it as being caused by a kidney stone. Show More Summary

Staying Current

Staying instrument current can be a challenge in a place like Florida where we have so much sunshine. I would much rather fly in actual IFR than in simulated and arranging for a safety pilot can be a hassle at times. This time of year, we tend to have a few days of low ceilings and fog and a few Saturdays ago, the sky was cooperating. Show More Summary

September 2015 Photos

I know it's been a while since my last post. Very busy, but here are a few photos until I can get around to a couple of posts I've been meaning to make. Hold short of taxiway charlie Well, maybe not that short... Playing with EVS Pinnacles National Park at sunset Walk into town means crossing the runway. Show More Summary

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An interesting article on leasebacks...

A Home Movie and a Flashback

Mentioned in prior entries before is a wonderful aviation read, Flight of Passage, by Rinker Buck. It chronicles the 1966 flight of two young boys piloting a PA-11 Cub, N4971H, from New Jersey to California and back. The book was written by one of the two participants, Rinker Buck, who is currently a staff writer for the Hartford Courant. Show More Summary

Still Kicking

The IFR Pilot and 2TB are alive and well. Only 34.3 hours of flying in 2010, and if the current weather patterns in Northeast Ohio hold true, there may not be any more flying this year. Hard to justify the economics of sole-aircraft ownership for that few number of hours. Show More Summary

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