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Watch This

Thanks to the generosity of an instrument student, I recently got the chance to test drive an Apple Watch for a couple of days. There's been a lot of buzz generated around these devices, created primarily by product scarcity and from Apple fanboys to ardent MacOS/iOS detractors, there has been no shortage of predictions and opinions. Show More Summary

Ten Aviation Blogs Worth Reading

Quality writing deserves recognition, don't you think? A fellow writer prompted me to list ten of my favorite aviation blogs... Read more ? Related posts: Aviation Blogs I’ve added some new aviation-related blogs to my links page.... Housing...Show More Summary

Every Airplane Has a Story

Airplanes are so much more than a collection of parts. They're a collection of stories, each one worth the telling. We just need to start writing them down. Read more ? Related posts: The Hacked Airplane For better or worse, the relentless...Show More Summary

Now thats fast!

The Aero Club put on a small cross country trip with about 7 aircraft in all. I flew a couple of legs in JGP but one from Tokoroa to Tauranga was downwind. That leg took us 29 minutes to fly 37nm, from engine start to shutdown. During...Show More Summary

Step One

Everyone knows the first step of recovering from addiction is admitting you have a problem. We in the aviation world have a dangerous addiction of our own: the crutch of technology. Read more ? Related posts: Stick & Rudder Skills Are...Show More Summary


After 12 years of soaring, I have decided to stop, at least for now. If circumstances change, maybe I’ll return, but not in the foreseeable future. I probably owe an explanation to my readers and friends in aviation, so here goes.No,...Show More Summary

Kludge + Indirection = Confusion

Perhaps it was living through The Great Depression that inspired my grandfather to concoct one of his favorite sayings: Patch by patch is neighborly, but patch upon patch is beggarly. And "patch upon patch" certainly comes to mind when considering how the FAA disseminates charts and makes changes to important data. Show More Summary

The Weakest Link

Statistically, pilots are the cause of about 90% of all accidents. If we're the weakest link, would aviation safety be better served by removing us from the cockpit? Read more ? Related posts: The Missing Link in Flight Simulation Several...Show More Summary

When Are Fees "Incurred" Under EAJA?

If the FAA pursues an enforcement or civil penalty action against you and then loses, the the Equal Access to Justice Act (

Diagnose this: rough engine on approach

Can you diagnose this airplane engine problem? #flying Continue reading ?

Hiatus and Return

I took a six month break from flying — basically, work, a long wait for new fuel caps at my annual, and a family vacation in London (UK) got in the way. I also managed to prove the third rule … Continue reading ?

Search and Rescue near Algonquin Park

I had an unusual experience this morning flying home from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa with my dog, Paisley. Three separate high-altitude jets heard an ELT signal at a point along my route about 20 miles south of North Bay. … Continue reading ?

Calls for violence

At OurAirports, an anonymous visitor has left the same comment for six different Vietnamese airports (including an air force base), encouraging a Libyan-style uprising in Vietnam (the comments should be gone by the time you read this, for reasons that … Continue reading ?

The #flightlog Twitter hashtag

I’ve used the hashtag #flightlog to post information about my last two flights to Twitter: CYRO-CYAM VFR, 4.4 hours flight time (4.2 air time) PIC #flightlog CYTZ-CYRO IFR 1.8 PIC in a PA-28-161 #flightlog No one is using this hashtag … Continue reading ?

The fuel and weight dilemma

Last week I wrote about the summer flying dilemma, the challenge of balancing passenger comfort, speed, and the rising summer cumulus clouds. Pilots face a whole series of dilemmas like that with every flight — in fact, it’s probably fair … Continue reading ?

8 years as a licensed pilot

Eight years ago today, on 29 August 2002, I passed my flight test and earned my Private Pilot License — Aeroplane (PPL). I had 56.9 hours in my logbook (14.1 solo), and took the flight test late in the afternoon … Continue reading ?

Why checkpoints matter

Let’s say that you’re going on a 300 nm (550 km) flight — a typical distance for a cross-country trip in a small plane — VFR, without radar coverage.  You file a flight plan, take off on time, but don’t … Continue reading ?

#1 again

That was fast! Barely are my blogs restored, and Google has already bumped this blog up to the #1 search result for the common aviation phrase “land and hold short”, ahead of the Wikipedia article (#2) and AOPA’s guide to … Continue reading ?

He lives!

Promise to post several updates! I have done some flying since my last blog post and hope to do some flying during my holiday vacation. Money is a bit tight these days so I have not flown nearly as much as I’d like. I have mentally reconciled that maintaining my IFR currency [...]

Trip around Brittany, Act III

L ast act of the trip around Brittany.We woke up early in the morning to check the day's weather forecast on the Internet, and the situation is great. The sun shines almost everywhere over our territory apart from some thunderstorms in the south of France, but this doesn't concern us. Show More Summary

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