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A few stats from my logbook

I just completed selling an old Blanik L13 for my club. This particular ship had been crashed, and totaled by the insurance company, but was really not damaged very much. As I wrote the final email to the buyer I mentioned that I would miss the ship, having made 75 flights in it.That made me wonder just how many flights I have made in which ships. Show More Summary

RNAV OBScurities

A few years back the editors of the Aeronautical Information Manual changed the well-written overview of GPS, which was a shame because that concise description laid the conceptual framework pilots needed to understand waypoint sequencing, turn anticipation, and how and when to suspend waypoint sequencing. Show More Summary

Us and them, measuring up

I was looking at a weather forecast from another country which shall remain nameless cough Canada cough and it was interesting to see that they use imperial measurements for pretty much everything.NZ uses a curious mixture of imperial and metric. Show More Summary

N62TB is For Sale

Somewhat reluctantly, N62TB is now up for sale. For all of the details, photos, log books, etc., please visit Thanks!

ForeFlight adds Weight & Balance

A few weeks ago, I had a discussion about flying an aircraft over gross weight and the person I was talking to seemed to be saying "It ain't no thang..." I begged to differ since there are serious hazards associated with flying an aircraft over maximum takeoff weight or out of the CG envelope. Show More Summary

The Ab Initio Flaw

Thus far, airline ab initio programs haven't been a major part of the landscape here in the U.S. because our aviation sector is fairly robust. We are blessed with flying jobs which build the experience, skill, and time necessary for larger, more complex aircraft. Show More Summary

First flight in Krosno

Those of us from OCSA who have become members of Cypress Soaring (CSI) have to get instructor signoffs to fly each category of Cypress' gliders. The starting point is the Krosno trainer. I'd seen the Krosno many times when both clubs operated at Hemet, but I had never even taken a close look at it until this weekend. Show More Summary

Dreams Take Flight at Chicago Air and WAter Show

The Chicago Air & Water Show is back for another year and better than before. In 2013 the annual airshow, the largest free airshow in the country, was missing the fire power of the military acts as a result of...

Up the Down Staircase

"Mooselips Approach, Cessna 12345, 3000 feet, request practice ILS 30 at Bison, published missed, information tango.""Cessna 12345, Mooselips Approach, Bison altimeter 3002, unable ILS 30, runway 12 in use at Bison, did you have another...Show More Summary

Blue Angels Headline 2014 Chicago Air and Water Show

The 2014 Chicago Air and Water Show will roar back to life this week. The 56th Chicago Air & Water Show will feature the return of military acts that missed last years show due to sequestration. Crowd favorites The U.S....

You're a Professional CFI if ...

You have memorized most of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations without ever intending to do so.When asked a question, you can provide three different answers, all of which are correct.Pilots seek you out to ask your advice, then...Show More Summary


Nashville brings to mind country music and the Grand Ol' Opry, but it's also home to classic Greek architecture, Vanderbilt University, and some of the country's finest barbeque. I just got back from a quick trip to the "Athens of the...Show More Summary

FAA Confirms Barter May Be Used For Aircraft Rental And Expense.

What happens when you don't have cash to spend on aircraft rental or expenses, but you do have a service or something else that would be of value to the aircraft owner or operator? Can you barter your services for use of the aircraft? The FAA recently answered these questions in the affirmative. Show More Summary

Takeoff Briefings for Singles

Things happen quickly when the engine quits at low altitude. Doesn't it makes sense that the time to prepare for emergent situations is before they occur? If the answer is yes, then I wonder why takeoff briefings are not typically taught or performed in single-engine airplanes. Show More Summary

We Don’t Train For That

Corporate & charter flying is already pretty safe, but I believe we can do even better. Perhaps instead of focusing primarily engine failures, we ought to look at the things that are causing accidents for a particular aircraft type and add them to a database of training scenarios which can be enacted in the simulator without prior notice. Show More Summary

Pilotage in a Digital Age

When was the last time you were lost in a General Aviation aircraft? The thought of it is quite frightening. However, not too long ago it was not that uncommon to be "lost" or as I would prefer to say...

The Latest

Your humble narrator remains engaged in the aviation business. Just not writing about it here. However, the thought occurred to me today, as the latest adventure with the Dadster was forming, that the office IT staff must think there's a crazy man occupying my terminal. Show More Summary

5 Years

I recently thought I've been stuck flying around the airport and the local region too long, so a cross country was needed. Ardmore is close enough to not be extremely expensive and is far enough away to be interesting, so I'll fly up there to meet a friend on Thursday weather and aircraft serviceability notwithstanding. Show More Summary

Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue Review

As a pilot and father to twin four year old's the opening weekend of Planes: Fire & Rescue, the second movie in the Planes Trilogy, was a day we have been looking forward too for some time to come. A...

Fueling the GA Economy

Have you ever wondered why aviation fuel prices can vary by 50% or more between airports -- even ones located just a few miles from each other? EAA's Mac McClellan thinks it's because big FBOs provide lots of services and we must pay for them via higher fuel prices. Show More Summary

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