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Beekeepers, we need your help now!

Minnesota Honey Producers Assn.February 23, 2017Dear Fellow Beekeeper, Beekeepers, please contact your state reps and senators from your district. House bill HF-124 and its sister bill in the senate SF-218 are amendments to the existing law that prohibits roadside mowing and baling on state and trunk highways in MN before the August 1st deadline. Show More Summary

Cold coming back next weekend

With the cold weather coming back next weekend. I am out checking hives and putting on winter patties. This hive is Carniolans. They winter a smaller cluster. There was about three frames of bees. For Carniolans three frames of bees this time of year is fine. Show More Summary

Fake Pollen

On the first warm days in the spring, bees can be seen in bird feeders or on saw dust. The bees collect dust off of the bird seed and saw dust and pick it up as pollen. It is not pollen. Beekeepers need to be careful sawing treated lumber in early spring, the bees can possibly bring back the treated lumber dust back to the hive. Show More Summary

The warm weather

This warm weather is energizing beekeepers to go out and put pollen patties on their hives and start feeding syrup. It may be a good idea to hold back for a couple weeks. This is Minnesota, the upper midwest, winter has a way of showing up again. Show More Summary

Added Hours

Now open:Wednesday------ Noon - 6 pm Friday----------- Noon - 4 pmSaturday--------- 9 am - 3 pm

Why did my bees die

This is a post from last year. It was published by Meghan Milbrath from Michigan State. If your bees died, does it fit one of these scenario's? a mite check once a month May through October and one week after a mite treatment to see if the mite treatment worked.How to do a mite check

Tentative Bee Delivery dates

The tentative delivery dates are:2 lb packages April 3rd3 lb packages April 17th

40 lb. Box Winter Patties On Sale

All 40 lb boxes of winter patties on closeout saleRegular price $60.00 a 40 lb. boxSale price $35.00 a 40 lb. boxWhile supplies last

Time to check bees this weekend

This weekend it will be warm enough to check the hives to see if they are alive or dead. Bee suppliers start filling up with bee orders and checking now will make sure you can get a bee order in. Don’t pull frames. You are looking to make sure there is capped honey near the cluster of bees. Show More Summary

Repost - Beekeeping Class at Century College

I talked to Bob Sitko who teaches this class. He still has openings.Introduction to Beekeeping 2017 This class series will prepare you for beginning your beekeeping hobby in early spring. All basics of beekeeping will be covered. Hives...Show More Summary

Sub Zero Next Week

Next week according to WCCO weather, we may be having subzero weather for two to three nights. Nights like this are colony killers during the month of February. With the warm weather a week ago, brood may now be present in bee hives....Show More Summary

Keeping Bees in Northern Climates

This class is offered from the University of Minnesota.Keeping Bees in Northern Climates Year 1. It is a one day class. You get a booklet on Keeping Bees in Northern Climates, and they lead you through your first year of keeping bees. Show More Summary

Saskatraz Queens

The Saskatraz queen breeding project from Saskatchewan Canada has produced queens that are proving to be resistant to Tracheal mites and have good results with Varroa. Here is an article about this line of queens, or you can Google the...Show More Summary

Thinking of a bear fence?

This is a recommended bear fence from the MN DNR. The pricing is all wrong but the design is sound. want an energizer that is 12 volt and puts out at least 2 joules of power.Here are a couple energizers:I own a fencer from Premier1. Show More Summary

Basic Beekeeping Information

This is a beekeeping class for someone wanting basic information about beekeeping. Beekeeping BasicsTamarack Nature CenterSunday, January 291:00-4:00 p.m.$25 per personFor adults and older teens (16 and older)Pre-registration is reqShow More Summary

Another bee class River Falls WI

There is a Beginning Beekeeping in River Falls, Wisconsin. Class being offered all day on Jan 28 through the River Falls Community Education program.Find it at: Presented by longtime beekeeper Jerome Rodewald and Dr. Brad Mogen.Cost is $75 plus materials. There are 20 seats available as of today.

Dead Hive-What to do

With the warm weather, beekeepers are out looking at their colonies. So you find a dead colony, what do you do? If the colony died of mites or a virus from the mites, the bees are dead and so are the mites. Take the hive apart down to the bottom board. Show More Summary

Beekeeping Class at Century College

Introduction to Beekeeping 2017 This class series will prepare you for beginning your beekeeping hobby in early spring. All basics of beekeeping will be covered. Hives and Equipment Honey bee society and biology Hive products and marketing...Show More Summary

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