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Olivarez Honey Bees

Olivarez Honey Bees is our bee supplier. They do a great job at their bees. We are proud to sell their quality bees and queens..

What is happening now in the hive

Things are happening in the hive and signs of spring are in the works.Our days are getting longer. Sunset now is at 5pm. Great Horned Owls are nesting. I heard black capped Chickadees doing their fee-bee sound. This starts usually in late January. Show More Summary

package bees 2017 update

We have emailed out information about package bees to everyone on our newsletter list this morning. If you did not get it, the email may be in your junk folder. You can also get it off our website. If you want, you can call the order...Show More Summary

Package Bees 2017 Pricing

We have updated our 2017 pricing on our website.We will be sending out our newsletter Sunday with the 2017 order form attached or you can get it off our www.naturesnectarllc.comor here:

Package Bees 2017

We will be publishing our 2017 package bee prices soon. We will be emailing out ordering information in our bulk email newsletter.. If you have not signed up for our newsletter email list yet, here is the link to do that. Nature's Nectar LLC Newsletter Email List

2016 Season Recap

Happy New Year, I always like to try to sum up the previous year to reflect on how the season progressed. The good and the bad. January was pretty much a normal month. Warm to start out then a couple weeks of very cold weather with warmer temps to finish the month. Show More Summary

New Bacteria Discovered In Honeybees

This researcher spoke at the MN Hobby Beekeepers meeting a couple months ago. His results are intriguing. Is this new found bacteria the cause of the demise of bee colonies? Is Varroa the vector that brings the bacteria to the bees? Many unanswered questions still exist, but this may be an important discovery. Show More Summary

Open Friday and Sat

Open Friday Dec 23rd - 12:00 - 3:00pmOpen Saturday Dec 24th - 9am - noon

Varroa Control Videos

Bob Sitko forwarded this link to me. There are several videos about Varroa control. Look at the video of Varroa sampling. I think beekeeping success is all about controlling this pest. Doing Varroa sampling and treatments, at the right time, are critical for hive management.

Cold Weather

Cold weather has really arrived. Below zero around the state.The bees will be in a tight cluster. Eating honey and making heat in the cluster. The bees can handle the cold as long as there is honey in the hive. Beekeepers that may be having a tough time right now are the beekeepers that fed late into November. Show More Summary

New Winter Hours

Open Wed noon - 6pmSaturday 9 - 2pmor call for an appointment

Winter Patties

Now is the time to put winter patties on the hive. Winter patties are an emergency food that can save a colony from starvation in February. The patties can be put on now, when it is easy to get to the hive. Winter Patties are emergency food and will not keep a colony alive that has four frames of honey in the hive right now. Show More Summary

Making Creamed Honey

This time of year I always make several batches of creamed honey. I give them away for holiday gifts to friends and family. Creamed honey is easy to make. The people you give it to will be amazed with the different type of honey. Many people have not even tried creamed honey.Creamed honey is basically granulated honey. Show More Summary

Black Friday Sale

On Black Friday, buy an assembled unpainted starter kit, get a $15.00 off coupon for a 2017 package of bees.Starter KitOpen Friday, 9am - 4pm

Open tomorrow, Monday 3-6

We will be open tomorrow for equipment sales, Monday. 3 pm - 6 pm, we will have Bee Cozy's and cardboard covers available.If anything changes I will post here.

Covering Hives

Now that winter is back. It is not imperative to cover hives right away. If you can do it now, great. The bees are ok in this weather. But the hives should be covered in the next week or so.There is a snow storm on the horizon for Tuesday. Show More Summary

Out of Bee Cozy's

We are sold out of Bee Cozy's at the moment. We should have more next week. We do have the cardboard winter covers and moisture boards in stock.

How do do we get reinfested with mites

A researcher recently was doing experiments on bee colonies. He had colored all the bees in the hive as part of his experiments. The hive had a very high mite count. The result was typical, all of a sudden all of the bees absconded. That is the scenario for fall, in a hive with a high mite count. Show More Summary

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