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They're Ba-ack - Mites

I was out helping a friend do some dividing and requeening. As we were looking through the colonies a mite was spotted on a bee. Looking at more and more of the bees as we were looking for the queen we saw more and more mites. We did see some mites in the drone brood as well when burr comb was broken open between boxes. Show More Summary

Supercedure - Trying To Make A Queen

Queenless hive with supercedure cells. The queen cells were removed and a new mated queen was added to the split. I purchased a divide from a beekeeper. The beekeeper thought she had moved her queen into the split. I checked it after a couple days and noticed that it was queenless. Show More Summary

Bee Math: Rainy Weather + Cool Temperatures=Swarming

These are supercedure cells or emergency queen cells. They are usually on the side of a frame. Supercedure happens if the queen dies and the bees will scramble to try to make a new queen. Swarm cell. On the bottom of a frame. The current cool and rainy weather has the bees locked in their hives. Show More Summary

Open Hours this week - Queens have arrived

We will be open:Thursday 8 am - noonFriday noon - 6 pmSaturday 9 am - 1 pm.Sunday 2 pm - 4 pmWe have to close early on Saturday.The weather will be lousy on Saturday so we will also be open for two hours on Sunday.The queens have arrived. They got here around 11:30.

Queen update - 5/18 6:30 am

The tracking on the queens says they have arrived in Eagan, MN - UPS facility and are on a truck out for delivery. When the queens arrive here I will update this blog.I have to close today at 12 noon. I will not be helping any customers after 11:45.We will open again on Friday at noon - 6 pm.

Queen update - 5/17 6 pm

The queens were never delivered today, Wednesday.They were shipped yesterday, next day air.For some reason they did not make it here yet.I expect them to come tomorrow, Thursday sometime. I do not know when.I have to close at noon sharp tomorrow for another commitment and cannot stay open late to sell queens.I will be around on Friday. Show More Summary

What is happening in Mid May in the hive

Black Locust trees usually bloom in late May. They are a great nectar source. Now it is mid May and we have had some nice warm weather over the last week. The warm weather has made it possible for the bees to expand their brood nest....Show More Summary

My Own Private Pesticide Protest

Honey bees and other pollinators are all in danger from the pesticides that are currently being sprayed to kill the mosquito in the panic over zika. Pesticide operators apply the poison without discretion, often not paying attentionShow More Summary

The Great California Bee Heist - Solved

Open today Monday, May 15th, 4 pm - 6 pm

We will be open today Monday, May 15th between 4 - 6 pm for queens and bee supplies.Looks like rain in the early afternoon and nice weather after 3 pm.We have about 25 queens left today, Carniolan and Italian. All unmarked. We will be getting another shipment of queens on Wednesday.

Spiderman is Scared of Bees

Last summer I got an unexpected call."This is the location director for the new Spiderman movie and we need the help of a beekeeper. We are shooting some scenes for Spiderman in Piedmont park and we need someone to keep the bees in the beehives over there!"I said, "Well, I can't do that. Show More Summary

Best Part of a Mother's Day Bee Inspection!

My two-year-old grandson wanted to try on a bee hat and help his daddy and grandma with the bees: Parker: the future of beekeeping!


The new shipment of queens has arrived. We will be selling them today starting at noon.Extended hours on Thursday, open 8 am until 6 pm.

What is happening in the package hives right now

Package bees should all be increasing in size by now. 2 lb Packages: The 2 lb packages by now should have their second box on. The 2 lb packages were installed around April 4th. That means new bees started emerging around April 30th....Show More Summary

Nevertheless, She Persisted!

The other day I looked out of my window and saw this on the front of a hive: This looks like maybe 1 1/2 cups of bees - tiny swarm. It's probably a secondary swarm with a virgin queen. So I decided that I would try to capture them and brushed them into my swarm box, topping them with a ventilated hive top. Show More Summary

Queens - open Friday noon - 6 pm

The queens have arrived and will be available starting at 11:45 today, ThursdayOpen Friday noon to 6 pmClosed Saturday May 6th

queen update Thursday morning

At this time I have not got any updates on the queen delivery that is supposed to happen sometime today. When the queens arrive, I will post it on this blog.

Swarm cells in strong colony

I went through a strong overwintered colony last night and cut out over 20 swarm cells. This turn in weather will bring out swarming. Look today for swarm cells in strong overwintered colonies or your bees will be up in a tree.


There may be an issue with this next queen delivery. I may be getting a much smaller queen supply than I ordered.I will update this blog tonight when I have more information.

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