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New Winter Hours

Open Wed noon - 6pmSaturday 9 - 2pmor call for an appointment

Winter Patties

Now is the time to put winter patties on the hive. Winter patties are an emergency food that can save a colony from starvation in February. The patties can be put on now, when it is easy to get to the hive. Winter Patties are emergency food and will not keep a colony alive that has four frames of honey in the hive right now. Show More Summary

Making Creamed Honey

This time of year I always make several batches of creamed honey. I give them away for holiday gifts to friends and family. Creamed honey is easy to make. The people you give it to will be amazed with the different type of honey. Many people have not even tried creamed honey.Creamed honey is basically granulated honey. Show More Summary

Black Friday Sale

On Black Friday, buy an assembled unpainted starter kit, get a $15.00 off coupon for a 2017 package of bees.Starter KitOpen Friday, 9am - 4pm

Open tomorrow, Monday 3-6

We will be open tomorrow for equipment sales, Monday. 3 pm - 6 pm, we will have Bee Cozy's and cardboard covers available.If anything changes I will post here.

Covering Hives

Now that winter is back. It is not imperative to cover hives right away. If you can do it now, great. The bees are ok in this weather. But the hives should be covered in the next week or so.There is a snow storm on the horizon for Tuesday. Show More Summary

Out of Bee Cozy's

We are sold out of Bee Cozy's at the moment. We should have more next week. We do have the cardboard winter covers and moisture boards in stock.

How do do we get reinfested with mites

A researcher recently was doing experiments on bee colonies. He had colored all the bees in the hive as part of his experiments. The hive had a very high mite count. The result was typical, all of a sudden all of the bees absconded. That is the scenario for fall, in a hive with a high mite count. Show More Summary

Covering Hives

I think hives could be covered at any time now. The weather next Saturday looks like it is going more towards our traditional late November weather. There is snow in the forecast, not sure how much, but that four letter word was muttered by some meteorologists.


There has been some confusion of when to treat with Oxalic Acid. The treatment should be done when it is around 40 degrees at the time of treatment. If it warms up later in the day that is not a problem. At 40 degrees the bees are clustered in one area, that makes getting all the bees covered in Oxalic Acid an easier task.

Nature's Nectar LLC Open Hours This Week

Nature's Nectar LLC will be closed on Saturday Nov 12th so we can attend the Univ of MN Beekeeping Class. We will open Sunday Nov 13th - 11 am - 2 pm.Hours this week, open:Wed - Noon - 6 pmThursday noon - 6 pmFriday 9 am - 4 pmSaturday - ClosedSunday - 11 am - 2 pm

Why we treat with Oxalic Acid in late fall

A beekeeper treated her hive with a vaporizer last Saturday morning. It was around 40 degrees. This pic shows the mite drop two days after treatment. Actually it takes seven days for the full effect of the Oxalic Acid to be seen. But, after two days the mite drop was huge. Show More Summary

Our Warm Weather

This warm weather we are experiencing is letting beekeepers with not quite enough honey stores, some added time to get feed into the colony. The bad news is, with the warm weather and no hard freeze, there still is pollen available for the bees. Show More Summary

New Bee Lab on the St Paul Campus

University of MN Bee Lab est.2016 Offices Main Hallway - Freezers for experiments - to lab rooms Observation hives room. The bees cannot see red. So a red light is dark to them Work shop / Woodworking Tools Hot room for honey supers before extracting. Show More Summary

Time for Oxalic Acid

Sometime in the next 7 to 10 days, is a good time to treat with oxalic acid. Pick a time of day when it is around 40 degrees at the time of treatment.

New Bee Lab Grand Opening

The new bee lab is having a grand opening. Please come and tour the facility.Bee Lab Grand Opening

Moisture boards

I still do not have moisture boards. I will post when they come in.

Late October Commercial Beekeepers

In late October commercial beekeepers are finishing their work also. Many of them are preparing hives for shipment to warmer climates. Hives are moved to a central location. They are then loaded on to trucks, strapped down and covered with a net. A flat bed semi can haul 800 palletized single deep hives. A pallet holds four one deep colonies

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