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Colossal Wasp Nest


Bees in the Flood

A commercial beekeeper I know in the south metro had his bee yards is in a low area. With all the rain recently his hives all of a sudden, were going under water. His hives are palletized with four hives to a pallet. All of his hives are two deep hives. Show More Summary

Late September work

This is where I am at with my bees. I have pulled all my honey. It is sitting in my honey house with a dehumidifier running. The dehumidifier is keeping the room in the 80's. The plan is to extract all my honey this coming week. TheShow More Summary

Feeding Using A Hive Top Feeder And ProSweet

I was out feeding bees this morning. I have fed once and I am feeding a second round. The feeder I am using is a hive top feeder. Hive top feeders work great for fall feeding. In the spring it can be too much syrup for a package of bees, but for fall feeding they work the best. Show More Summary

Mites 14 days after treatment with MAQS

These are pics taken two weeks after a treatment of Mite Away Quick Strips on two colonies of Julie D's two hives. So the treatment of MAQS strips were on for seven days. That was her first pic two weeks ago. She removed the strips and cleaned off the screen bottom board slide. Show More Summary

Updated Honey Bee Diseases and Pests

This is the 2016 Univ of MN Honey Bee Diseases and Pests ManualHoney Bee Diseases and Pests

Hive Setup For Winter And Feeding

Now that the honey flow is over for most of us, it is time to make sure the hive is set for winter. Mite treatments should be ongoing or completed by now.Honey has to be in the upper boxes. Bees will not move down for honey in the winter. Show More Summary

Polli-nation Party

PRESENTED BY:Pollinator Friendly Alliance, Sunday Sept 11th noon - 6 pmMEDIA CONTACT:Laurie Schneider, 651-351-1100WHO FOR:Foodies, Beer connoisseurs, Pollinator & Conservation Advocates, Music fans, Art lovers, Everyone.STILLWATER & TWIN CITIES, MINNESOTA. Show More Summary

What are beekeepers doing at the moment

The honey flow is over for most of us.Mite treatments need to be put on ASAP. Treating for mites is imperative for hive winter survival. This pic is from a local beekeeper that treated for mites a week ago. She started the season with packages in new equipment. Show More Summary

Test Your Honey

After honey is extracted. The honey should be tested for water content. To be U.S. Grade A honey, the moisture content of the honey needs to be 18.6% water content or less. Honey that is over 18.6% will ferment over time. It is still safe to eat, but as time passes the honey can spoil. Show More Summary

Two Treatment Mite Away Quick Strips

We are temporarily out of two treatment mite away for Saturday.I am supposed to get a delivery tomorrow and could possibly have some later in the day.

Artist Paints Bee Mural

Still Some State Fair Volunteer Openings

Here's a link to the signup page if you'd like to re-check the schedule:'s also a signup page for helping after the fair. If you're available, I could really use the help...Show More Summary

Gov. Dayton wins one for the pollinators

Governor Dayton makes a move to protect pollinators.

What's happing in the hive right now

The nectar flow for most of us is over. Some beekeepers are getting some late summer honey. It is very spotty. A few beekeepers are getting some Goldenrod nectar but they are the exception not the rule. Mite treatments are being put on hives right now. Show More Summary

Crush and Strain Harvest When You Use Foundation

The bees where we poured the nematodes a week ago had honey to harvest. But the frames in the hive were put there by the previous owner and the frames all had plastic foundation. I haven't ever harvested from plastic before, but there's...Show More Summary

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