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Some Pollinator Plants

Many summer Perennials are still coming out and will be for the next few weeks. These are a few of them that are in our Pollinator Garden. Also, Purple Loosestrife is blooming in swampy areas. Blazing Star Milkweed in the background is still coming out Butterfly Weed Purple Cone Flower

Extracting, The Basics

This is a video about extracting for a new beekeeper. Equipment used are a three frame extractor, uncapping tank, capping scratcher, filtering system, and a bottling pail. Your first year of extracting your honey crop, I usually recommend a capping scratcher to uncap the frames. Show More Summary

Planning for Varroa

I was up at the MN Honey producer summer meeting. One of the speakers was Meghan Milbrath. She is an epidemiologist. Epidemiologists are public health professionals who investigate patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans....Show More Summary

Nectar Flow update

Spotted Knapweed Flower Spotted Knapweed Flower The current nectar flow so far has been outstanding. Many beekeepers have reported have 4 - 6 supers on their hives with most of the supers full of honey. I had a beekeeper in yesterday. Show More Summary

Friday, July 14th

We will be open normal hours on Friday, July 14th. noon - 6 pmJim will be at the MN Honey Producers convention in Walker, MNWendy will be running the store on Friday.Jim will be back for Saturday hours, 9 - 3 pm

What's Blooming

Some common nectar plants I have seen blooming:Yellow Sweet CloverWhite Sweet CloverThistlesYellow Birdsfoot TrefoilMilkweedConeflowerBee BalmSpotted KnapweedWhite Dutch CloverAlfalfaAlsike CloverBasswood/LindenSumac (waning)Vetch

Package Bees and Supers

The nectar flow that has arrived a little late, that is good news for beekeepers with package bees. Usually the honey flow starts around the third week of June. This year it started in earnest around July 4th. Package bees are usually at full strength around July 1st. Show More Summary

Washboarding bees

A beekeeper shot this video of her bees washboarding on the front of her hive.This is a behavior that happens occasionally in a hive. This is a little odd because a large area on the front of the hive has bees doing the behavior. The bees are just moving back and forth. Show More Summary

The Nectar Flow is Intense

The nectar flow has really picked up steam. Beekeepers have been stopping in for more supers. They were looking in their hives yesterday and today and noticed a huge difference than where the hive was just a few days ago. The hive at Warner Nature Center is on a scale. Show More Summary

Nectar Flow - July 4th

Happy Birthday America.On this Independence Day I am pleased to say the nectar flow is going again.White sweet clover and Basswood / Linden trees have finally made an appearance. The hot temperatures will get many flowers blooming with nectar available everywhere. Show More Summary

Swarm Catching

I had a customer call me to tell me his bees had swarmed and were high up in a tree. I told him that he needed to get a hive box as high in the air as he can. He really didn't have a deer stand so he elected to put the hive boxes on top of his truck. Show More Summary

I've been searchin

Basswood Trees heavy with blooms I have been looking for some nectar plants. I have some some positive news.I had to do a road trip into Wisconsin tonight. The Lift Bridge is closed so I had to go the long way. As I was driving on 94 near Hudson, I did see some White Sweet Clover blooming in the center median. Show More Summary

A weak nectar flow and swarming

Whenever there is a weak nectar flow or on and off nectar flow, swarming can be an issue. Unreliable nectar intake this time of year, makes the bees nervous that not enough food is coming in and they may have to leave to find a more steady food supply. Show More Summary

Cool Weather affecting the Nectar Flow

I have noticed my nectar flow has slackened off around my place. The way I know without even looking at my hives, is bee behavior. The bees were coming in my garage smelling the beeswax on the frames with new foundation. The bees are looking for nectar. Show More Summary

Bee Venom in Cancer Treatments?

Deer Pics

I finally got around to checking out a trail camera that is back by my beeyard. These are a couple pics from last winter.

Nectar in the Hive and Queen Excluders

When the bees start filling the hive with nectar, they usually will fill the brood area with honey first. There still is plenty of brood and eggs in the brood box, but the bees pack in the brood area first. As more nectar comes in, and there is no where left to put honey, it is at that point, the bees move into the supers. Show More Summary

Nectar Flow

Birds Foot Trefoil White Dutch Sweet Clover I think it is safe to say that everyone in the metro area is experiencing a nectar flow. I was out in my back bee yard and noticed my Catalpa Trees flowering. Catalpa Trees have very large leaves and produce large bean pods. Show More Summary

Upcoming week perfect for MAQS treatments

The next week will be perfect weather for Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS) mite treatment. The temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70's. If you have done a mite check or just want to treat to knock down the existing mite levels, this is the time. Show More Summary

Full Bee Hives For Sale

Alex is getting married and moving to Montreal, Canada early July. Call Alex if you need more information. Asking price around $400 per original hive. He has four hives full of bees for sale and are ready to go now.$400.00 sound high but if the hives are full of bees right now, they could make 2-4 supers of honey if the nectar flow turns out ok. Show More Summary

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