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Winter has arrived

After enjoying the warm late fall weather, reality hit this morning. Ice and snow. It looks like the snow may be here for the duration. I was able to vaporize and cover all my hives before this weather hit. If you did not get around to covering your hives, now is the time to do it. Show More Summary

Creamed Honey

Made up 30 cases of creamed honey, cinnamon and clover honey. I give the creamed honey to my friends and relatives. This is about 200 lbs of honey. It will take about 10 days to set. So it should be ready to give away by Dec. 10th. 9 oz hex jars. The cinnamon jar is dark, clover is the light colored jar

Open Hours Changing and Random FYI

Starting Dec 1st we will be changing to our winter hours. We will be open Saturdays only, 10 - 2pm. Any other time is by appointment. We do not have a problem setting up a time that better fits your schedule, if Saturday doesn't work. Show More Summary

Making Creamed Honey

This is my making creamed honey video. I post it every year just before Thanksgiving. Creamed honey is liquid honey that is processed by mixing warm liquid honey with a starter seed of creamed honey purchased from a grocery store. After the honey and seed are combined and bottled, it takes about two weeks to firm up. Show More Summary

Veterans Day

To all the Veterans out there. Thank You for your service.

Last week for Oxalic Acid

The weather is warming up. The upcoming week looks good for any Oxalic Acid treatment. Oxalic acid is applied when it is 40 degrees. I have been harping a lot about the Oxalic Acid treatment. I firmly believe that this treatment can improve the odds of successfully overwintering your hives. Here is a re-post of the dribble method YouTube video.

What are beekeepers doing right now

This has been a cold week for beekeepers. Many beekeepers wanted to do Oxalic Acid treatments but it has been a little to cold to do it. The next couple days will be also too cold.It looks like next week some heat returns with highs in the 40's again. Show More Summary

Deer Pics

With deer hunting coming this weekend. I wanted to give the hunters something to shoot for. Most of these pics were near one of my beeyards. I don't hunt, but I like looking at wild things with a trail camera. Looking for love A doe pic was one minute before when this pic was taken.The big bucks normally only travel at night. Show More Summary

This week, oxalic acid and covering hives

Looking at the weather in the future looks pretty much of the same. Highs in the 40's at best. Feeding colonies is pretty much over. When it gets cold like this, the bees are in a tighter cluster usually in the box below the feeder. This is too far away from the cluster, so feeders may go untouched. Show More Summary

Closed Saturday October 28th

We will be closed this Saturday October 28th to attend the Univ of MN Bee Class. We will open on Sunday, Oct 29th noon - 2 pm to help beekeepers who have to come on the weekend.No big hurry to cover the bees. The cooler weather is not a problem for the bees. We did get some ProSweet in.

Today Saturday, Oct 21st

We are sold out of ProSweet for today. We will have more next week.

Wintering a beehive in the upper midwest

These are two videos of different winter covers and how to install them on the hive. Winter covers can be put on anytime after November first.I usually put my covers on around Thanksgiving. But I watch the weather also. If there is going to be several inches of snow, I will run out and cover the hives.A top entrance is imperative for wintering. Show More Summary

Queenless hive?

I had a customer call me looking for a queen. She went through her hive and could not find any brood. In a panic she was looking for a queen. After a short conversation about queen types, I learned she had a Carniolan queen. Carniolans shut down brood rearing in early fall. Show More Summary

Trail Cam Pics

Here is a few September trail cam pics Doe is getting her darker brown winter coat Forkhorn buck Fawn has almost lost its spots

Robbing this week

This coming week will be warm all week. Several days in the low 70's. This warm weather while very nice, can be a week of robbing. Now most of us that live north of the metro have had a killing frost. Most nectar plants have died from the frost. Show More Summary

End of Season Chores

The bee season is winding down. Most beekeepers have extracted their honey, treated for mites and made sure their hives were heavy with honey. But what remains? If your hives are still light on feed, there is still time to feed some syrup. Show More Summary

Drones being thrown out of the hive

Don't be surprised to see dead bees in front of the hives.This is the time of year when drones are thrown out of the hive in big numbers.Look close at the dead bees. The big eyes of the drone is an easy way to tell it is a drone. The workers are getting their hive ready for winter and this is one of the last chores to do before winter hits.

Last Mite Treatment - Oxalic Acid

Soon it will be time for the last mite treatment of the year. Oxalic Acid is used for this treatment. Oxalic Acid is wood bleach. Oxalic Acid was discovered to have good properties for killing mites it comes in contact with. Beekeepers use this treatment in late October. Show More Summary

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