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Plastic Bee Cage and Package bee installation

The bees will be in a plastic bee cage. The bees need to be dumped out the end of the cage.Installing package bees

Rookie Mistakes in Beekeeping

It's the beginning of bee season in the south and many people are getting their packages and nucs. We are having a discussion at the Atlanta Beekeeping Meetup tomorrow night about rookie mistakes. That made me want to write about them here.Some rookie mistakes that come to mind:1. Show More Summary

Last Call for package bees

This is the last call for package bees.The drop dead date is this Thursday, March 23rd, 12:00 noon.

The Camera as a Hive Tool

I am asked to give talks at bee clubs and garden clubs all over Georgia. I have a number of topics but I've presented many of them numerous times. Probably out of my own boredom (!), I decided to develop a new topic called: The Camera as a Hive Tool. Show More Summary

Package bee update 17 March

We are still taking orders for 3 lb package bees. At this time there is about 150 packages left to sell. I am assuming they will go very fast.If you need bees, order without delay.We are sold out of 2 lb packages.

Package Bees

We are sold out of 2 lb packages.We are still taking orders for 3 lb packages.

Cold Weather

There is going to be some unseasonably cold weather the next few days. It could be a colony killer. It may be a good idea to put a pail of syrup on the hive. If the colony can take it down, the bees will put the syrup around their brood. Show More Summary

Meeting Marla Spivak

Marla Spivak is just as lovely a person as she appears to be on her TED talk. When I've listened to her TED talk, as I have many times, I have thought that she's someone I'd like to just sit with and have a conversation. At the sameShow More Summary

Planting for honey bees

A field of Sainfoin in bloom If you are thinking on planting for a honey crop, consider Sainfoin. This is a legume. It grows well on marginal well drained soil. I do not think it would fare well on clay or wet areas. Planning for planting this should be done now. Show More Summary

It's Swarm Trap Time - Time for Traps and Swarm Lure

We are having a much warmer time earlier this year than normal and bees are considering swarming. I want to be ready so last weekend I set up three swarm traps.My nuc which was a thriving hive, died in early winter because I didn't feed it. Show More Summary

Where I have Been

Dear Blog Followers,I have not posted since August 23 of last year, and I wanted to let you know about my absence. Beginning on that date in August, I have been dealing with two major health issues. A freckle on the retina of my eyeShow More Summary

March Hours

March Hours:Wednesday Noon - 6 pmThursday 8 am - noonFriday Noon - 4 pmSaturday 9 am - 3 pmor by appointment.

Late winter hive work

Put the pollen patties right where the bees are. They need to be able to touch the patty. Leave the wax paper on both sides of the patty. Replace if the patty starts getting hard or moldy. We are now turning the corner on winter and transitioning into spring. Show More Summary

Beekeepers, we need your help now!

Minnesota Honey Producers Assn.February 23, 2017Dear Fellow Beekeeper, Beekeepers, please contact your state reps and senators from your district. House bill HF-124 and its sister bill in the senate SF-218 are amendments to the existing law that prohibits roadside mowing and baling on state and trunk highways in MN before the August 1st deadline. Show More Summary

Cold coming back next weekend

With the cold weather coming back next weekend. I am out checking hives and putting on winter patties. This hive is Carniolans. They winter a smaller cluster. There was about three frames of bees. For Carniolans three frames of bees this time of year is fine. Show More Summary

Fake Pollen

On the first warm days in the spring, bees can be seen in bird feeders or on saw dust. The bees collect dust off of the bird seed and saw dust and pick it up as pollen. It is not pollen. Beekeepers need to be careful sawing treated lumber in early spring, the bees can possibly bring back the treated lumber dust back to the hive. Show More Summary

The warm weather

This warm weather is energizing beekeepers to go out and put pollen patties on their hives and start feeding syrup. It may be a good idea to hold back for a couple weeks. This is Minnesota, the upper midwest, winter has a way of showing up again. Show More Summary

Added Hours

Now open:Wednesday------ Noon - 6 pm Friday----------- Noon - 4 pmSaturday--------- 9 am - 3 pm

Why did my bees die

This is a post from last year. It was published by Meghan Milbrath from Michigan State. If your bees died, does it fit one of these scenario's? a mite check once a month May through October and one week after a mite treatment to see if the mite treatment worked.How to do a mite check

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