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Trail Cam Pics

Here is a few September trail cam pics Doe is getting her darker brown winter coat Forkhorn buck Fawn has almost lost its spots

Robbing this week

This coming week will be warm all week. Several days in the low 70's. This warm weather while very nice, can be a week of robbing. Now most of us that live north of the metro have had a killing frost. Most nectar plants have died from the frost. Show More Summary

End of Season Chores

The bee season is winding down. Most beekeepers have extracted their honey, treated for mites and made sure their hives were heavy with honey. But what remains? If your hives are still light on feed, there is still time to feed some syrup. Show More Summary

Drones being thrown out of the hive

Don't be surprised to see dead bees in front of the hives.This is the time of year when drones are thrown out of the hive in big numbers.Look close at the dead bees. The big eyes of the drone is an easy way to tell it is a drone. The workers are getting their hive ready for winter and this is one of the last chores to do before winter hits.

Last Mite Treatment - Oxalic Acid

Soon it will be time for the last mite treatment of the year. Oxalic Acid is used for this treatment. Oxalic Acid is wood bleach. Oxalic Acid was discovered to have good properties for killing mites it comes in contact with. Beekeepers use this treatment in late October. Show More Summary

New Woodenware design

All of our box woodenware is a slightly new design. The narrow rabbet strip is now combined into a bigger piece of the end of the box. The pics show how the boxes are slightly different from old style and new style. I think the new style will be a little stronger than the old style. Show More Summary

Last Flowers Of The Year

A beekeepers shared a couple pictures with me. He is still getting some nectar coming into his hives. Compliments of a huge field of Asters that are in full bloom. Asters and Goldenrod are usually the last fall forage that the bees can use. Show More Summary

New Hours for October

These are our new October Hours:Wed - Noon - 6 pmThursday ClosedFriday Noon - 6 pmSat 9 am - 3 pmOr call for an appointment.As the season slows down so do our open hours. We are closing now on Thursdays.

What do I do with my supers and unused equipment

Now the honey is extracted what should happen with the wet supers and how to store them? It works well to take wet supers and put them back on the hive. Put the supers on top of the inner cover. The bees will come up from below and clean up anything that is still sticky. Show More Summary

What the hive needs for winter food

I get asked this time of year what is the hive setup for honey in a hive. A hive going to winter needs the following honey stores.Top box - the top box should be pretty much full of honey. Eight full frames of honey and one partially full frame. Show More Summary

Robbed out hive

This pic shows one of a beekeepers hives being robbed. It was her strongest hive. For some reason robbing started and never stopped. The hot days we just experienced was a contributing factor. Hot days brought all kinds of bees, wasps and hornets to the table. Show More Summary

Time to finish pre winter work

This is a heads up. October first is one week away. For some of us, it was August just yesterday and now it is almost October. This fall is moving too fast. There is work to finish up now before it gets too cool.Mite treatments. If mite treatments have not been done and a beekeepers wants to still do it, the miticide of choice should be ApiVar. Show More Summary


This is the time of year beekeepers need to get their feeding done as fast as possible. To get the feed in a hive quickly, a few different fall feeding methods can be used.Beekeepers can use multiple pails on a hive. Three feeder pails can be put right on top of the top bars of the top box. Show More Summary

Bear getting sneaky

This bear was able to reach through an electric fence with a paw. He tried to pull the hive to the fence but it tipped over and he was unsuccessful. I was told that the bees were not pleasant when being "saved" by the beekeeper. Bears will reach in fences, tunnel under the wires, and climb a tree to jump into the fenced bee yard. Show More Summary

Found a handicap hang tag

I found a handicap tag, hanger type, in my driveway. If it is yours call me.

All Mite Away Quick Strips on sale

We have all mite away quick strips on sale.2 treatment $12.95 was $14.9510 treatment $45.00 was $51.95

What is happening on the bee front

As the bee hives start slipping into late summer early fall mode this is whats going on. The bees are making winter bees right now. Winter bees have a different physiology than summer bees. Winter bees have the ability to store more fat in their bodies for winter survival. Show More Summary

Farmers, beekeepers put aside differences to aid bees

Mite Treatments

Mite treatments need to put on the hive by around Sept 10th.Waiting to treat can jeopardize the bees ability to survive. Mites build up with time. The mites can cause irreparable harm to the bees as time goes on. Most bee researchers put around Sept 10th as the latest date to treat for mites. Show More Summary

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