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This is the time of year beekeepers need to get their feeding done as fast as possible. To get the feed in a hive quickly, a few different fall feeding methods can be used.Beekeepers can use multiple pails on a hive. Three feeder pails can be put right on top of the top bars of the top box. Show More Summary

Bear getting sneaky

This bear was able to reach through an electric fence with a paw. He tried to pull the hive to the fence but it tipped over and he was unsuccessful. I was told that the bees were not pleasant when being "saved" by the beekeeper. Bears will reach in fences, tunnel under the wires, and climb a tree to jump into the fenced bee yard. Show More Summary

Found a handicap hang tag

I found a handicap tag, hanger type, in my driveway. If it is yours call me.

All Mite Away Quick Strips on sale

We have all mite away quick strips on sale.2 treatment $12.95 was $14.9510 treatment $45.00 was $51.95

What is happening on the bee front

As the bee hives start slipping into late summer early fall mode this is whats going on. The bees are making winter bees right now. Winter bees have a different physiology than summer bees. Winter bees have the ability to store more fat in their bodies for winter survival. Show More Summary

Farmers, beekeepers put aside differences to aid bees

Mite Treatments

Mite treatments need to put on the hive by around Sept 10th.Waiting to treat can jeopardize the bees ability to survive. Mites build up with time. The mites can cause irreparable harm to the bees as time goes on. Most bee researchers put around Sept 10th as the latest date to treat for mites. Show More Summary

Nectar Flow Is Over, Robbing Is Starting

The nectar flow is over for most of us. I have heard that robbing is happening to some beekeepers. For honeybees, robbing starts with the end of the nectar flow. Robbing from wasps and hornets starts usually around mid to late August. Show More Summary


I had this bear on my trail cam in 2008. A little creepy looking. This is the time of year when a mother bear chases off her two year old cubs. The mother is going to look for a mate and no cubs can be with her. The cubs must find an area to live in. Show More Summary

Maxant Jr. capping spinner

I have a used Maxant capping spinner for sale. Wet wax cappings are put into the spinner. The spinner will spin out honey off the wax. This is meant for someone with 20+ hives. This spinner was only used a couple of times. Like new condition. New they cost over $1600.00. I am asking $1000.00.

2017 MN State Fair Bee and Honey Competition Results

Congratulations to all the participants in the Bee and Honey Competition at the MN State Fair.All of the entrants took the time to enter a quality product. Hard work, attention to detail and the desire to say, I have the best in the State of Minnesota. Show More Summary

I treated for mites, what's next?

When the mites have been treated, making sure I have enough food stores for winter is next on the agenda. Actually, when putting on mite treatments is the time to check the food stores. Most of the mite treatments involve taking off the top deep honey box. Show More Summary

Mite Treatments

There are many things to do in a short time. Pulling honey, extracting honey, mite treatments, feeding, not necessary in that order. It is now mid August and fall will be coming on fast. Beekeepers need to get many chores done very soon. Show More Summary

Pollen coming in

It looks like Goldenrod pollen is the food of the day. Large amounts of yellow pollen entering this observation hive. Photo by D. Munkvold

Used Four Frame Extractor For Sale

A friend of mine has a four frame stainless steel honey extractor with stand for sale. It does work, I did crank it empty with no frames, but it did turn nicely.He lives near Almulund, MN. Which is on Hwy 95 halfway between Taylors Falls and North Branch If you are interested - John 651 - 307 - 2784 call or text. Show More Summary

Pulling Honey

With the upcoming end of the nectar flow. Beekeepers will need to pull their honey off their hives. Here is a couple videos of how to pull honey.Using a brush to remove the bees:Using Honey Robber with a fume board:

The nectar flow, fading into late summer

Goldenrod The nectar flow, as it is right now, is about 90% done. This time of year the flow gets very spotty. One beekeeper is getting nectar others not. For many beekeepers the flow is over. There are some Alfalfa fields still flowering. Show More Summary

Extractor Sale extended one week

We have extended our extractor sale until August 19th.9 - 18 motorized extractor..... $1175.00 in stock3 frame deluxe hand crank.... $399.95 in stockGrey uncapping tank............. $115.00 in stock

Help at the MN State Fair

There are some volunteer opportunities at the fair. Volunteering at the fair is fun. Answering questions from the general public is a big help in promoting beekeeping. The booth at The state fair is a major draw at the fair and really helps get the message out to the general public about beekeeping, pollinators, and honey. Show More Summary

Treat now for mites

Right now is a perfect time to treat for mites. The weather is perfect for Formic Pro or Mite Away Quick Strips. Both of these treatments are considered organic and can be applied with supers on the hive. Treating now will lower the mite population before the bees start making winter bees, which usually starts around mid to late August. Show More Summary

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