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I will be getting queens starting next week and will be getting weekly shipment of queens for the next month.Please call or email to reserve a queen(s). I will be getting 300 queens to start. There will be a 3 - queen limit the first...Show More Summary


Pollen clings to the hair of a honeybee. The pollen is dry. The bees will regurgitate nectar from their honey stomach, then rake their legs over their body. The nectar will get mixed into the dry pollen. As the bees groom themselves, they rake the now moist pollen into a pellet and it is attached to their pollen baskets on their rear legs. Show More Summary

Package Bee Cages

We do not want the plastic bee cages or the wooden queen cages back. Please recycle them.The plastic cages are a recycler number 5. Not all recycler's take number 5.

Package Bees are not Loyal to Their Queen

When the package bees woke up that morning, they didn't know they were going to be shaken into a package with a bunch of strange bees, often not their sisters. Then they were hanging around in a screened cage complete with a syrup can and a queen (not THEIR mother) in a cage. Show More Summary

The bees have arrived

The bees are in and we will be here until 7 pm if anyone wants to pick up.

The Hive Drape as a Swarm Kit Asset

One of Jeff's friends had found a swarm in her compost bin and told Jeff he could have the bees if he'd like to get them. He texted me yesterday but I was too busy. "No problem," he told me. "They are already building comb and have moved in. Show More Summary

Package Bee Pickup Schedule

Read this whole Post. Keep checking the blog for updates, as the date can still possibly change. Sunday, April 16th and Monday, 17th pick up day: Sunday and Monday will be the main pick up days and we will follow the schedule below: Please Stick To The Pick Up Schedule Below. Show More Summary

3 lb Package bee update 4/13 - 7am

I think the bees will be delivered sometime this weekend. I do not know when at this time. It all depends on when the truck leaves California and the weather along the route. The bee supplier is working in between rain storms loading up the package bee cages.I know this is Easter weekend and many people may be out of town. Show More Summary

3 lb Package bee update 4/11 - 10 pm

The package bees may be here a little earlier than stated.Check this blog once a day for updates. I still don't have a solid date yet because the timing of departure of the bees from California is still up in the air.The delivery date may be on short notice.

Hidden Cost of the Forest Fire in Rabun County

Last year in the fall, Georgia was plagued with two forest fires. The Rough Ridge fire was in the Cohutta Wilderness. The Rock Mountain fire in Rabun County where I have bees engulfed over 40,000 acres. The smoke from these fires was...Show More Summary

3 lb Package Bee Delivery Update

I still don't have a solid date for the 3 lb package delivery yet. It will be next week for sure.The pickup will be over two days. I have to split the delivery into two days because there are 800 beekeepers picking up and I cannot do that many in one day. Stay tuned for your pickup day.

Discouraging to see mosquito treatment starting

I know everyone is scared of Zika and/or inconvenienced, especially in the south, by the prevalence of mosquitoes. However, there are alternatives to spraying. I posted this on my local NextDoor email site: I'm starting to see mosquito treatment signs in people's yards. Show More Summary

Hive Check one full week after installation

A week after installation the hive needs to be checked for queen acceptance. We are looking to see eggs in the newly drawn comb. If you don't see eggs after 7 days, check again after 10 full days from the time of putting the bees in.Failure to check for queen acceptance may put your colony in peril. Show More Summary

Email list

If you want an email about the 3lb package bee delivery update you need to sign up for my email list. I cannot do it for you.Sign up for our newsletter list

Birthday Week of the Blog

My blog began in April 2006 on Easter Sunday. This week upcoming marks the birthday week of my blog. My twelfth year begins this month. That's a long time to keep a blog pretty continually.I look forward to this year of posting and seeing...Show More Summary

3 lb Package Update

At this time I still do not have a solid date on the arrival of the 3 lb packages.Today there is heavy rain in California and that may impact the delivery schedule slightly. We are still looking around the 18th. Although, at the moment there is no official date set. Please check the blog often to look for updates.


If your overwintered colony is strong, it is time to do a reversal.Move the bottom box to the top.The reason we do reversals, is to get the queen to lay eggs throughout the whole hive. This also makes the bees put pollen and nectar in...Show More Summary

Bee Pick up information - The Bees Have Arrived

The pick up post is below this post. Scroll down to read it.The bees are here - First come first served pick up. we are here until 7 pm.Closed for crew lunch noon - 12:45 Monday pickup will be by the pick up schedule posted in the previous post. Show More Summary

Honey for Breakfast

My daughter and her family are in Ireland for spring break. This morning they sent a photo of my granddaughter, Lark, at breakfast in Killarney. Look at the full frame of local honey to eat with their croissants!

Bee Pick up information

The pick up post is below this post. Scroll down to read it.The bees will be here Sunday - First come first served pick up Monday pickup will be by the pick up schedule posted in the previous post. Everything is a day early. Make sure the bees have arrived before coming to pick up. Show More Summary

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