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Great Fall Birding!

Fall colors at Lake Wichita Park I decided to make a stop at the Chat Trail in Lake Wichita Park after my Sunday morning grocery run. Honestly, I wasn't in a good mood, and almost decided to go straight home. However, I had no freezer...Show More Summary

House Sparrows

When I was in Bar Harbor, ME, in the presence of all kinds of cool birds, I couldn't help but photograph this little guy! When I was a small child, long before The Waltons was on television, I used to pretend that I belonged to a happy little family that lived in my neighborhood. Show More Summary

Return To Dead Man's Swamp

Dead Man's Swamp is about a 500 acre area that is situated along the Connecticut River in Cromwell. It used to be the favorite birding patch for a local birder named Dave. He was known for his great skill in finding birds by ear. He could not only identify a species by its song but also the key it was singing in and its date of birth. Show More Summary

Surprise Roommate In Central America

A video to give you an idea of what it's like birding in Honduras. First class on an International Flight doesn't play any games when it comes to food or booze. Thank you, American Airlines. After a rough autumn, I decided to go through...Show More Summary

Skunk-headed Coots At Saybrook

I stop and check Saybrook Point several times during the winter. It's a good place to find winter ducks and loons. I found it amusing to learn that Surf Scoters have the nickname skunk-headed coots. There were about 30 of them there along with several Ruddy Ducks.

Justified and Ancient

They call it a shell pit because of the vast array of fossilized mollusks who once lived and died there,...

Where Are You Birding This First Weekend of December 2016?

If all that turkey talk last week didn’t tip you off, the holiday season is upon us. Don’t worry; you...

Do Fence Me In: Protecting the Hawaiian Petrel

“Good fences make good neighbors,” wrote poet Robert Frost. While his poem was about the dubious nature of boundaries kept...

American Avocets

I have always considered the American Avocet, Recurvirostra americana, one of the most elegant waders that we see here on...

Uganda's National Bird: the Crested Crane

National symbols are a curious thing. Ever since 1782, when Congress approved a design of the national emblem with a prominent "American Bald Eagle," we’ve considered the Bald Eagle our national bird. Actually, the United States doesn’t...Show More Summary

A Stroll Down False Memory Lane

How we piece together the world as small children isn’t as straightforward as we like to think. Back when he was a toddler, my son Tommy learned all 50 states via a wooden puzzle his grandparents gave him. He knew every state—its name and exactly where it went. Show More Summary

Weird Genetics: White-throated Sparrow

The White-throated Sparrow is one of my all-time favorite birds. I saw and heard my first on April 12, 1975, when I was a brand-new birder. I was in Virginia for an environmental education conference right when White-throats were in full migration down there. Show More Summary

The Horned Larks Are Back In Town

Over the last couple of years I've spending a lot of time along the shore during the winter months. There are a lot of birds I get to see at the shore during the winter that I don't see other times of the year. The Horned Lark is one such species.They stay mostly on the ground and have a look of their own. Show More Summary

Red-headed Woodpecker Caching Behavior

I was near a little nature area called Whalebone Creek in Hadlyme last week hoping to find a Red-headed Woodpecker that's been hanging out in the area. I found the woodpecker which turned out to be just a few hundred yards outside over the New London county line (making it ineligible for the Middlesex County list I'm keeping). Show More Summary

Digibinning with the Renner Technique

I teach quite a few workshops on digiscoping throughout the year. My preferred method is using a smartphone with a spotting scope, but I'll also use an SLR and spotting scope too. My friend Renner Anderson has heralded his love of "digibinning"...Show More Summary

You Can Bird City Hall

After spending the first three days of the long Thanksgiving weekend in my hometown of Saugerties I decided I would...

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of November 2016)

As the long Thanksgiving weekend ends (at least around here) and an excess of conspicuous consumerism ensues, we’ll all do...

Christmas Bird Count Coming Up

The North Texas Bird and Wildlife Club will be hosting the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on Saturday, December 17. As usual, we will be dividing the count circle up into thirds to ensure good coverage. Team leaders are Terry McKee...Show More Summary

Voices for Biodiversity Funding New Articles for #GivingTuesday

Hi all! In addition to birding as much as I can and my full-time job in Okaloosa County, I also...

Birding in the UK after twenty two years

One of the great advantages of writing for this website is that you can actually write in advance! In fact...

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