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Great Bittern

In answer to the oft-asked question, “What is your favourite bird”, I can usually only narrow it down to three...

If Birds Were Beers

Normally I’m not much of a beer drinker, although I can become one after I’ve spent three hours hiking seven and...

Heart Month Reminder

Five days before my heart attack, I met Pip, when she was five weeks old. I bet the anticipation of bringing this perfect little puppy home was one of the factors that contributed to my recovery. Exactly one year ago, on February 12, 2015, I had a heart attack. Show More Summary

Big Day Team One Has a Name!

Chihuahuan Raven For the past few years, a group of birders has been doing the Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue. Since originally there was only one team, we didn't have a name. Last year, we had three teams. Two of the teams came up with names--my team was just called Team One because we were the first team. Show More Summary

Where Are You Birding This Second Weekend of February 2016?

The 14th day of February marks a moment when we dare not acknowledge the love we should harbor every other...

Where Have All The Birdies Gone?

We have seen our share of gray skies and snow in Connecticut over the last week. Nothing too bad but it seems to have put a damper on my local birding activities. I've had the occasional glimpse titmouse in the treetop or a junco in the juniper bush but it's been kind of quiet overall. Show More Summary

Vermilion Flycatcher in Colusa County California

The Vermilion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus rubinus) is usually found near the US – Mexican border but we were fortunate this year to...

Red Red Robin

(This is a transcript of a "For the Birds" program from May, 2009, when Laura was living in Ithaca. Listen here.) I sleep with my window open, and every morning this spring I’ve been trying to wake up at 4 am in order to hear the first robins singing. Show More Summary

Walkin' in a Warbler Wonderland: Audubon's Warblers in California

Last month, the very day that I received an email about an out-of-place Yellow-rumped Warbler in Hovland, Minnesota, I was in San Diego, watching Yellow-rumped Warblers all over the place. I was in southern California for 9 days, and the one bird species our group saw every single day without fail was the Yellow-rump. Show More Summary

Hilbre, the Sometimes Island

One of my favourite walks when I visit my parents in England is the walk out to Hilbre in the...

Salvaging Something from a Tragic Ivory Gull Death

Joshua Engel and Nathan Goldberg examining the Ivory Gull specimen for lice, mites, and other ectoparasites When I was a brand new birder in 1975, I treasured my field guides, but wanted to study actual birds more than pictures. I spent...Show More Summary

Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue is March 6

The Big Day for Wild Bird Rescue will be held on Sunday, March 6. This is a fundraiser for Wild Bird Rescue.Currently we have 3 teams lined up to participate. The Big Day is a marathon 12-hour competitive birding event. The goal is to find as many species of birds in the allotted 12 hours as possible. Show More Summary

What is the National Bird of Aruba?

Many of us picture owls in the sky, silently soaring, or perched atop tree branches or light poles as they...

Additional Public GBBC Count

In my last post, I mentioned I did not know if the Rolling Plains Chapter Texas Master Naturalist were planning their usual public Great Backyard Bird Count. The answer is, yes, they are.For those who may want to hone their skills in...Show More Summary

Painted Redstart at Irvine Lake

Back in December I was in Orange County, California, enjoying the holidays with my in-laws. I have been relatively negligent...

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of February 2016)

Another Superb Owl Sunday has come and gone. Did you see any superb owls? I got my owl fix last...

The true “Mediterranean” Gull

It has come to my attention that this blog needs more gulls. Of course this is self-evident as you can...

Blue Jay flatulence

(I'm going through old radio scripts, and some that never made it into my blog should be here. This was from September 2009.) Every now and then I read an article about cows adding methane to the atmosphere through their belching and flatulence. Show More Summary

Squandering energy and boasting about it

Common Murre, photographed from Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine in 2013. These seabirds are indeed suffering from a huge array of issues in the ocean, including climate change. I just got a heartfelt if rather personal criticism...Show More Summary

Nasal Leeches

(This is the transcript of a For the Birds program from 2010. Oh, my!) Green-winged Teal Now that I’m well entrenched in middle age and have been studying birds since I was very young, I thought that there was little left I could learn that would leave me utterly stunned. Show More Summary

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