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Laura's Best Bird EVER! Chapter 2. Black-capped Chickadee

Yesterday I inaugurated my Best Bird EVER! ™ series talking about the very first Blue Jay I ever saw. Even though this is National Blue Jay Awareness Month, March 2 is Chickadee Day for me, because it’s the anniversary of the very first Black-capped Chickadee I ever saw. Show More Summary

Laura’s Best Bird EVER! ™ Chapter 1. Blue Jay

When I was seven years old, during the summer before I started third grade, my family took a vacation in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, on Lake Geneva. We stayed in a little cottage in a neighborhood full of cottages, many owned by Chicago firefighters. Show More Summary

Birdchick Podcast #231: Sharon gets the number wrong

Beast Box--make your own dj poppin' sounds with actual wildlife calls. What? A saw-whet owl band in a barred owl pellet. The O RLY owl is 17. The Internet is old. Sparrow Swap for bluebird trail runners. Godwit Days. FYI There's a yellow cardinal.

Of Lifer Owls and Extraordinary Sporting Wins

Just about three years ago, on March 20, 2015, I drove down to Chicago to pick up my new puppy, Pip. As I walked to the car from the breeder’s house, Pip in my arms, we passed a tree with a singing House Finch, and Pip looked up through the still-bare branches to see him. Show More Summary

Setting a Record that No One Cares About

It was almost a month ago that I wondered how many species of ducks, geese, and swans could be found...

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of February 2018)

February may not last as long as other months, but much happens from a phenological perspective in just 28.25 days....

By Land Or By Sea?

It's only about a half hour drive for me to reach the shoreline which on average has a greater variety of birds but I love being out in the local woods. I was searching around some farmy areas in Middletown the other day hoping to find a few birds I've yet to see this year like kinglets,robins, and Hermit Thrushes. Show More Summary

Shorebirds and Sea Snakes

Have you ever wondered what happens when a sea snake comes ashore and there are shorebirds present? Usually when a...

Golden-crowned Warbler

This is a Golden-crowned Warbler, Basileuterus cucilivorus. It is a common bird of humid, lowland forest in Central and South...

Where Are You Birding This Final Weekend of February 2018?

A bat flew over my house a few days ago. That sentence may sound like the beginning of a horror...

Anchorage Brewing Company: Whiteout Wit

Here in Albany County, New York, we tied the statewide high temperature for February of 78° on Wednesday – and...

Week three, the road goes on forever.

Well, I have to admit there have been times when it has seemed like that. We will cover nearly 3000...

Report Out Great Backyard Bird Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count was February 16 - February 19. I took part all four days, although I would have liked to have been able to get to more locations. But we do what we can, right? The drought is obvious along the chat trail...Show More Summary

Get a grip!

Birdwatching is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s certain to be sweet. That’s what I always say, and that was exactly what happened this weekend at the Saz-Zim Bog Winter Birding Festival. I’d...Show More Summary

Birders Shouldn't Overlook Tiny Parks

It was a pleasant Sunday morning with a light coating of freshly fallen snow decorating the landscape. I decided to visit a handful of the tiniest parks in town. My first stop was Ravine Park. It consists of a short trail that follows along side a tiny brook. Show More Summary

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of February 2018)

Weekends are much like birds, in that some are more prosaic than others. Not all can be stunners or megas....

Birds In Cages

Home cooked meal in Honduras. One of the risks of traveling for birding is that sometimes you are going to see birds in cages and it's going to gut you. One of the most brutal examples for me was in Honduras. We had spent the morning in arid and remote habitat looking for the Honduran emerald, a hummingbird only found in Honduras. Show More Summary

Derby Wharf birding

Over the years that we have lived in Broome we have often driven the road north to our closest town...

The Beauty of Tropical Birdiness in Arenal, Costa Rica

“Birdiness”. No, not an official word but, um, so what? Many birds sing local dialects, and human languages are dynamic,...

Sax-Zim Birding Festival and the Great Backyard Bird Count

This weekend is a big one for me—it’s the Sax-Zim Birding Festival centered in Meadowlands, and I get to be the keynote speaker: I'll be talking about how birds survive winter.This also means I get to spend the weekend with my good friends Chuck and Gail Prudhomme, who live on the Little Whiteface River. Show More Summary

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