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Campfire Recipes: Sweet Pork Chops

A long time ago, I learned the importance of eating well while one is camping.  Yes, I have done the beans and hot dogs along with many canned meals.  But nothing beats homemade cooking and there is no exception when it comes to camping.  Below is recipe that I make time and time again.  It [...]

Campfire Recipe: Sweet Potato and Ham Breakfast Packets

Nothing beats getting up in the morning to the smell of breakfast cooking but frankly I hate to have a lot of dishes to do that early in the morning.  One way of preventing this situation is to cook breakfast in a foil packet.  The packet itself becomes the mixing bowl and plate all in [...]

Camp Fire Recipe: Sweet Cake on a Stick

While I love to camp with my kids, there are times I like to camp with adults.  When I have the luxury to do this, I like to have something a little special for dessert.  No S’Mores at this camping party.  Below is one of my favorite “adult” desserts.  While there is nothing that is [...]

The Shorts--The Swallow and the Anchor

"My future captain interviewed me with three questions," remembers Joe Aultman-Moore. "Had I ever sailed before? No. Did I get seasick? I don't know. And, could I leave tomorrow? Yes." As Joe learned to sail while hitchhiking a sailboat...Show More Summary

Top RV Camping Options in Las Vegas

RV Camping is a very popular and loved activity for people all across the world but is particular common in USA. RV Camping is a type of a camping in which campers park their RV vans at camping sites and enjoy their weekend or holiday away from their homes and busy lives. Show More Summary

The Reckoning

Every aspiring photographer dreams of capturing an iconic image. It’s the same kind of motivation that draws young skiers to intimidating lines in foreboding ranges and pulls ambitious climbers to Yosemite. We imagine these moments a thousand times in advance, but when we finally arrive, we are often surprised and humbled. Show More Summary

Music from Episode 12

Here is the music...Lady Don't Tekno is a personal favorite. Cars and Trains -- The Wires From My Broken Record Player (mp3)Buy at iTunes Music Store Latyrx -- Lady Don't Tek No (mp3)Buy at iTunes Music Store Burial -- Ghost Hardware (mp3)Buy at Cargo Records Frightened Rabbit -- Be Less Rude (mp3)Buy at iTunes Music Store

Prayer for a Friend

How do people remember the dead? Some people stuff wrinkled snapshots into wallets. Others build ornate mausoleums. Others ensure their friends’ memories by creating goals that can never fully be realized. In 2003, my friend John Bombard lost his battle to cancer. Show More Summary

The First Time

I want you to think back to the first time you touched granite, rolled a kayak or linked ski turns. Whether you’re pushing your sport to new heights or daydream about first tracks during your rush hour commute, hose first experiences are something we all have in common. Show More Summary

New Forest National Park Camping

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide The area known as the New Forest covers a large section of Southern England and is a recommendation from us if you ever get the chance to visit the area on a camping holiday. Show More Summary

Great Activities For Family Camping

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide Load up and move out; it’s time to go camping! Camping is something that can be done at any time of year, even if it takes a bit of a drive to escape non-permitting weather. This is especially true for RV campers. Even so, with the right gear, camping out of a tent can be just [...]Show More Summary

Our Selection Of Top American Online Camping Shops

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide Camping is a passion for so many people of all ages. Getting into the great outdoors sometimes means doing a lot of online shopping in the great indoors looking for the best deals on the best gear that you can afford. Show More Summary

Music from Episode 10

Blockhead -- Duke Of Hazzard (mp3) The Gene Drayton Unit -- Teenage Kicks (mp3) Buy at eMusic The Mexican Institute of Sound -- OK! (mp3) Buy at Rhapsody The Pinker Tones -- Karma Hunters (mp3) Buy at Napster

Music from Episode Nine

Manu Chao -- Rainin in ParadizeBuy at Manu Chao Pre-Order Store Amy Millan -- Look Up (mp3)Buy at eMusic Jodi Martin -- 15 Minutes Out To Sea (mp3)Buy at iTunes Music Store Loquat -- Swingset Chain (mp3)Buy at iTunes Music StoreNumbers -- Mind Hole (mp3)Buy at Kill Rock Stars Store

Part Five

Part Five: Snowboarding can't change a life. Snow melts, but life doesn't get any easier. Deep seeded change can only come from within. Today, we're headed all the way from New York City's notorious Bushwick neighborhood to Whistler Blackcomb's ski slopes to discover how snowboarding helped transform a young woman headed for trouble. Show More Summary

The Best Family Camping Pop-Up Tents

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide If, like me, you are put off tent camping because you don’t like the idea of trying to erect a tent with kids getting under your feet,...Show More Summary

Enjoying “ Camping ” and the Wild in Ways You Never Imagined

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide When someone comes up to you and asks about going camping, there are a number of different images you could think of and wide varieties of scenarios that might play out in your head. Show More Summary

Wrascal Carrier: A Very Clever Piece Of Packing Gear To Travel With

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping UK and Worldwide The Wrascal Carrier has to be one of the most innovative pieces of travel gear we’ve seen in ages, because it holds a bit of a secret. You see this nifty piece of packing gear transforms like a chameleon from a carrier that’s perfect for camping to a tote, a tech bag, a gym bag [...]Show More Summary

Part Four

Part Four: In the last decade, Steve House has pulled off some incredible ascents in the Canadian Rockies, Alaska and the Himalaya. Today, we're going to look back through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy. House tells us about the day his pursuit of high places began and very nearly ended.

Part Two

Part Two: Pro kayaker Tanya Shuman tells us about her search for the perfect wave. It's a journey that took her around the globe before leading her back to the place where it all began -- Skookumchuck Narrows.

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