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Global Glamping Summit 2018: A Glamping Business Event In The USA

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping - BREAKING NEWS! The dates for the first Global Glamping Summit have been announced for 2018 and it’s taking place in the USA. Dates have been announced for the first ever Global Glamping Summit which will take place in Denver, Colorado on 24-25 April 2018. Show More Summary

Ireland Road Trip – Best Places to Visit and Go Camping

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping - From exclusive luxury to rustic charm, Ireland’s great outdoors has something for everyone. This amazing country has attracted pioneering adventurers for centuries, who travel there for its abundance of stunning natural beauty and ample exploration opportunities. Show More Summary

8 Things Only Real Campers Know

The world of camping is adventurous, exciting, and, at times, nerve racking. If you have been camping for a long time, then you must be acquainted with certain realities of camping. These realities essentially define the experience of camping. Newbie campers often end up making or repeating mistakes, but the real campers, with considerable experience, […]

Glamping Worldwide: How It Moved From A Trend To A Significant Industry And Business Model

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping - Glamping worldwide – the portmanteau of glamour and camping – allows travelers to enjoy all the benefits of camping with the added extras and comfort of a 5-star hotel. Show More Summary

The Shorts--Thirst

"If you're thirsty, you're probably already dehydrated. That's what they say. Those perfect people who always have a clean, happily-colored, reusable adult sippy bottle on hand," says Anya Miller. "Most often, I only realize that I'm thirty when someone offers me a drink. Show More Summary

7 Ways to Do the Mountain Camping Right

Mountains are picturesque, but they are not as gentle when it comes to camping, They offer a whole world of remoteness, ruggedness, and energy-consumption. If you are not active and bodily fit, you might find it excessively difficult to hike and camp on mountains. Camping on mountains is one of the oldest forms of camping, […]

6 Famous Books on Camping that you should Read

Camping is a great idea—with all its benefits you cannot simply resist it. When you are in a camp, you encounter all kinds of adventures, people, and feelings, and with each adventure, person and feeling, you grow. This is what camping does to you. While you are enjoying it, you are learning loads as well. […]

Winnebago Warriors

"When we were living in a house, we were always compromising because we had the weight of a mortgage, of doing what we thought we should be doing," remembers Kathy Holcombe. Until, the day she, her husband, Peter, and their daughter Abby moved into a Winnebago to travel and work from the road. Show More Summary

Camp Fire Recipe: Fresh Blueberry Breakfast Cake

last monthHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

Yes, you can eat cake for breakfast. While I would not recommend doing this every day, it is a wonderful and tasty treat for a special occasion or surprise breakfast. Read more

10 Useful Apps For Backpackers

Inspired Camping... Smoothing the edges of roughing it! Cool Camping and Glamping - For backpackers, every step is a challenge and therein also lays the true fun of travel. Nothing is really planned but at the same time, it also helps if you are equipped with the tools that will resolve any eventuality. Show More Summary

5 Camping Myths Everyone should Stop Believing

While camping, you may end up meeting many people and learning about different things, especially camping myths. These camping myths, at times, can be really ridiculous, but the way campers strongly believe in them is amazing. In this article, we took it upon ourselves to clear out the confusion regarding a number of camping myths […]

Campfire Recipe: Fall Apart Tender Slow Roasted Pork in Dutch Oven

last monthHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

Yes, I do like quick meals when I camp but……..I also like good food. What I have found is the fact that quick meals can and are delicious but nothing Read more

6 Tips for Camping with Kids

Camping is an exciting activity that brings together everyone—friends, families and even strangers. But, with kids, camping is a whole new experience. Despite being a different and fun-filled experience, camping with kids may stumble upon certain obstacles, which you must need to take care of. If you are wondering what those things are, well, you […]

Campfire Recipe: Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

last monthHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

Do not step away from this recipe because you think it is going to be too hot. The fact is, if you remove all the seeds from the peppers then Read more

10 Essential DIY Survival Foods and How to Make Them

Survivor's Fortress Survivor's Fortress - Prepare for Everything - Ready for Anything It is no secret that being able to cook for yourself offers financial, health, and survival advantages. That being said, if you are in a major crisis,...Show More Summary

The Shorts--Double Vision

"I looked like some mountain man's girlfriend, and sometimes, that's all I felt like," remembers Andrea Ross. "It was easy to hide in Darren's shadow--to let the world knock on his door first."  But after an accident on Mt. Humphreys...Show More Summary

Campfire Recipe: Roasted Red, White, and Blue Potatoes with Smoked Sausage and Corn on the Cob

last monthHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

What do you for a couple that has different tastes? One is a strictly meat and potatoes type of person. The other loves vegetables and a little meat. Well, the Read more

5 Really Fun Things to do on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a perfect getaway from the humdrum of modern-day life and gives you the much-wanted solitude from problems. It is, therefore, important that camping should be done right, and this is what we are exactly going to discuss. Leaving aside the technicalities of camping—such as what equipment should be carried along, etc—we are going […]

Bottles for Survival: 16 Ideas on How to Use Them

Survivor's Fortress Survivor's Fortress - Prepare for Everything - Ready for Anything If you find yourself fighting for your life, adaptability is one of your greatest assets. In many cases this means working with whatever resources you might find along the way. Show More Summary

Camp Fire Recipe: Summer Stuffed Peppers

2 months agoHobbies / Camping : Go Camping

One of my favorite dishes is stuffed peppers. While my family recipe required me to light the oven, I decided to try to cook my stuffed peppers in a Dutch Read more

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