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Deborah Richards-Porter at 2017 Zonals!

Deborah Richards-PorterPhoto by Jamaica Chess Federation Jamaica’s WIM Deborah Richards-Porter played fantastic Chess, winning three of her last four games to end on a bang at the Women’s Zonals in El Salvador. Her final score of 5½ points was good enough for 4th position, 5 places ahead of her starting rank. She narrowly missed qualifying […]

One Small Step for Computers, One Giant Leap for Mankind

Today, like many people, I was shocked by the news in my Facebook new feed. AlphaZero beats Stockfish! For those who (like me) had never heard of AlphaZero, let me explain that it is a new deep-learning algorithm created by the same folks who gave you AlphaGo, the computer program that vanquished the human Go […]

My Shortest Loss

A few years ago I wrote a post about a game where my opponent resigned in a drawn position. I mean really, truly drawn: I had just sacrificed a queen to force a perpetual check, but he somehow misread it and thought it was a checkmate. Of course, there have been even worse cases in […]

2017 London Chess Classic (London, England)

The last event of the Grand Chess Tour will culminate with the London Chess Tour and perhaps will be the last major event of the year. There is still the Tata Steel Chess January 12th-28th, the World Candidates tournament in March to be held in Berlin, Germany and the World Championship in 2018 will be […]

Philidor Defense

It was a 5th round in the Thursday’s tournament and I got an old guy rated ~1450. I had a draw with him a long time ago, his rating was higher then. I got White and worried that he will play French again, really didn’t want to play against French that evening, but he chose […]

Chicago-St. Louis rivalry on chessboard!

IM Angelo Young will lead the BlitzersPhoto by Nathan Kelly Chicago Chess Club has been keen on igniting the chess scene with spirited cage matches. However, the club is back at locking horns in a city vs. city battle and there is no matchup more fierce than Chicago-St. Louis. The two cities will square off […]

What is the Emory Tate Gambit?

The Tate Gambit?? Recently I had a lengthy call with FM William Morrison. It was a pleasant conversation which was originally about his ailing mother, but ended up on a chat about his fellow chess legend in the African Diaspora, IM Emory Tate. He mentioned the praise circulating about Triple Exclam, but also asked me […]


It was a last round and my opponent was a new, Russian-speaking guy, unrated, but his rating after the tournament should be about 2000. He replied to my Semi-Slav by 4. g3 and it was a line I didn’t know well. His 12. Ng5 looked like a premature attack. The idea of getting my bishop […]

Video and Movie Reviews

I hope that everybody reading this will check out the new video about the 2016 Chess Olympiad at YouTube! I apparently cannot embed it in this post, but here is a link to the video. I really don’t think that people outside the chess world appreciated what a major event this was, definitely in U.S. […]


2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

For the past three months, I have been too busy with other matters to create articles for Chess Skills. I have studied no chess. My chess activities have been limited to coaching and a few games of online blitz most days. Things should...Show More Summary

2017 Cote d’Ivoire Team Invitational

Cote d’Ivoire, also known as the “Ivory Coast,” has been an active chess presence in West Africa. Under the leadership of Dr. Jean-Claude Essis Essoh, the Chess Federation of Cote d’Ivoire (FIDEC) has participated in the past few Olympiad tournaments and has been helping to lead an increase in popularity in Francophone West Africa. The […]

Chess Personality Test

A few days ago my chess friend and correspondent, Larry Smith, sent me a position from a game he had played against his computer. Larry was White: White to move. FEN: r1b4k/pp2N2p/4p2Q/3pP2B/3b4/P7/KP3r2/8 w – - 0 1 First of all, let me say I’m glad that I’m not the only one who likes to play […]

What Would Daisy Do?

Recently I had a kibitzer for one of my chess games against the computer. As we all know, man versus computer is an uneven battle. But a little bit of canine assistance can even up the odds! Daisy and Dana — Shredder (2220) 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 d4 3. d4 d6 4. f4 […]

Seattle Chess Youth love Officer Cookie!

Officer Denise “Cookie” BouldinPhoto by Joe Dyer With all of the tension that exist between urban youth and the police force, there have been so many suggestions to bridge the gap. There have been meetings with celebrity athletes, summits and other initiatives. There are a number of videos of police officers playing basketball and even […]

African Junior Championships in Togo!

2017 African Junior Chess Championships(Lome, Togo) Togo delegation at the General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo by Daaim Shabazz. Togo is a small French-speaking West African nation of 7.6 million and a budding chess nation. The nation has been a member of FIDE since being welcomed at the 2012 FIDE Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. In […]

Everest Tucker, Jr. 1949-2017

It has recently come to my attention that Everest Tucker, Jr. of Farmington, New York had passed away earlier this year in May. We played a couple of times and had a few amicable and lively exchanges online. He had missed a few World Opens and when I saw him in 2006, he told me […]

A Ghost Named George

The Kolty Chess Club, a San Jose-area club where a lot of my friends play, recently completed its club championship, which ended in very dramatic fashion. Going into the last round, Henry Wang, a 15-year-old Expert who is surely headed for Master and beyond, had put in a dominating performance. He had scored 5½ points […]

Opening advantage

My opponent was an old guy, I played him a couple of times in the past and won. I had White and he played Sicilian, French variation. I was not inclined to play d4, so I played c3 instead. His 5… Nc6 didn’t look right to me, I saw c4 right away and after some […]

Poochie the Chess Game

Last week, during the World Series, I read this hilarious article about the wonderful, wacky, crazy fifth game. This was the game when the Houston Astros fell behind, 4-0 and 7-4, and they were facing the best pitcher in baseball (Clayton Kershaw), yet somehow came back to win, 13-12. It was a game when impossible […]

Playing Abroad, Part Two

Recently I wrote a post about my first experience playing a tournament abroad, back in 1978 in Russia. Coincidentally, I got together last weekend with some chess-playing friends, and tournaments abroad were one of our big topics of conversation. Mike Arne, a Life Master who has played almost no competitive chess since 1999, has recently […]

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