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By hook or by crook

It was a round 4 in Monday’s club, my opponent was a boy. I had White and we played Ruy Lopez. He was playing very well until move 30. When I saw 30… Ne7, I realized that finally I can get an advantage. 32… Re6 was better that 32… Ree8 that he played. I had a […]

Superior Pawn Structure?

According to Ketevan Arakhamia Grant, who annotated this game for Chess Informant 124, White has the upper hand in this position. Black to move After 29.b3 The game was played in the first round of the 2015 Women's World Championship in Sochi, Russia. Show More Summary

Miracle on board

It was fifth round in the Thursday’s club. I got Black again and played a boy, never played him before. We played Italian Game. I had an advantage in the opening and missed 16… b4! Then he got a “Ruy Lopez” style attack on the kingside. I was holding up until I played Bxf5, Be6 […]

Maurice Ashley on 2016 Millionaire Chess

GM Maurice AshleyPhoto by Daaim Shabazz GM Maurice Ashley was inducted into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame back in April and thus a culmination to the decades of service rendered to the worldwide chess community. Known to the world primarily as a commentator, Ashley had dabbled in the organization realm by successfully hosting the […]

Playing with Rooks

3 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Lessons for both my beginners and advanced students focused on rooks this week. For the beginners, the lesson focused on an elementary checkmate. The advanced students learned the basic plans for defending the Philidor Position. Checkmate...Show More Summary


4 days agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

White played the strongest move in this position from Marovic -- Pomar Salamanca, Espana 1969, Chess Informant 7/505. White to move I will respond to solutions left in the comments section below.

Drum Interviews @ ’16 Millionaire Chess

Drum Interviews @ Millionaire Chess Open #3 One of the most gratifying assignments in covering chess events are the interviews of various personalities. The Millionaire Chess Open attracts players from around the world and the diversity was apparent in all sections. In the under-2200, there were a number of interesting personalities and one of them […]

Dariusz Swiercz wins 2016 Millionaire Chess Open!

Maurice Ashley presents winner’s check (US$30,000) to GM Dariusz Swiercz.Photo by Daaim Shabazz With the Isle of Man is full swing and American Olympians such as Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So playing, Sam Shankland and a number of junior stars were left to defend home turf. It was an unfortunate conflict of schedule […]

Find the Only Move

These positions arose in Simon Williams' commentary on Gelfand -- Nakamura 2010 in his video "Hikaru Nakamura Teaches the KID" on first position arose in three games. Once, White found the correct move. FM Delisle Warner was White in that game, scoring an upset win against IM Kevin Denny. Show More Summary

Fried Liver Attack

In the second week of after school chess club, my beginning group doubled in size and includes several who have never played chess. While emphasizing how the pieces move and other first things, I showed the group Gibaud -- Lazard 1924,...Show More Summary

Ruy Lopez, Exchange

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

My opponent in this forth round at the Thursday’s club was an old foe with whom I had a few draws and losses in the past. I was quite happy seeing him playing Ruy Lopez, Exchange variation. I knew that a book move is 7… Bd7, but decided to play Bd6 to avoid 8. e5. I […]

Crunch Time

As many of my blog readers know, I’m working on a book project that has taken a lot of my time away from chess this year. That’s why I haven’t played in a chess tournament since February. It’s been hard to pass up on so many tournaments, because I usually like to play in at […]

2016 Millionaire Chess Open: Day Four

One of the most unique features of the Millionaire Chess Open is the qualifiers for Millionaire Monday. The final round of the preliminaries will determine who advances to the championship round of each section. However, today features some spellbinding playoffs as a result of several people will tie scores. The playoffs were round robin with […]

Pawn Race

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

I had this position and the move in a tournament game in 2015. Black to move

Most Amazing Game of 2016

One of my favorite ChessLectures ever was called “Double Queen Sacrifices,” in which I talked about the ultra-rare games where one player sacrificed a queen twice in the same game. Many chess players don’t even sacrifice two queens in their whole lives, so two queens in one game is pretty amazing. But this year there was a […]

2016 Millionaire Chess Open: Day Three

Things are tightening as we go into Millionaire Monday. The Open Section was a bloodletting with a number of decisive games. There is currently a seven-way tie for first with GMs Baskaran Adhiban (IND), Rauf Mamedov (AZE), Jeffery Xiong (USA), Gawain Jones (ENG), Emilio Cordova (PER), Dariusz Swiercz (POL) and Jianchao Zhou (CHN) leading on […]

English Opening

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

It was a third round in the Monday’s club, I played the guy who also was at the top of our section. My opponent’s choice to play English Opening was unexpected. A few years ago I would reply with Anglo-Gruenfeld, but I didn’t remember the lines, so played e5. I probably gave him too much space on the […]

Poisoned pawn

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

Before this third round game in the Thursday’s club I didn’t sleep enough and had stresses, so wanted to take a bye. But I calmed down by the end of day and decided to play. I looked up a few opening moves in Sicilian e6, expecting one specific opponent with whom I played before and won. My guess […]

2016 Millionaire Chess Open: Day Two

The good news is that Amy Lee had successful surgery and was released from the hospital. Her Facebook update showed that she received an outpouring of support and love and the tournament hall will be glad to see her at the beginning of the 5th round. Favorites are still holding sway in the tournament. As […]

Converting the Advantage

2 weeks agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

The most difficult part of chess is to win a won game.Wilhelm SteinitzI might have won my last round game in the Eastern Washington Open on Sunday, which would have given me an even score for the event. My game had been comfortable throughout and my position was never worse. Show More Summary

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