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2018 Topps Opening Day blaster box

If the base design was more original, rather than looking like flagship Topps, then Opening Day would be much more interesting rather than redundant - OD is a cheap product with all sorts of fun inserts and I guess if I wanted baseball cards, maybe these are an alternative the non-MLB licensed Panini Donruss. Show More Summary

1988 Fleer Dennis Rodman #43

I was searching for a few Rodman videos on YouTube and was inspired to pick up his rookie card - which is probably realistically valued, but I would have thought would be worth $50 instead of $10 or whatever. Rodman is just an old depraved...Show More Summary

2018 Topps Angels factory set purchases

I haven't really paid attention to these sets because they seems so basic, but I actually bought a couple of sets online - since there is a rookie year Shohei Ohtani card in the checklist and early 2018 Angels cards of Ian Kinsler and Zack Cozart. Show More Summary

$4 Cheevers?!?! Yup, $4 Cheevers

One of the saved eBay searches I have setup is for 1967-68 Topps hockey. I don't expect that I'll ever complete this set, even though it's only 132 cards deep it's chock full of HOFers. The second-year card of Bobby Orr alone is probably...Show More Summary

A Luncheon at Christie's for "Martha's Flowers"

My newest and 90th book is in bookstores now - “Martha’s Flowers: A Practical Guide to Growing, Gathering, and Enjoying”. I hope you have your copy! “Martha’s Flowers” [&hellip...

More Verification of Fake News

Several months ago I cited a 78-page Dutch National Police Investigation report that criticized Fake News in the media. In particular, this investigation debunked the outrageous claims of Cultural Property Nationalists, many of whomShow More Summary

1994 Milwaukee Wave Promo Pack

This pack was likely received as an arena giveaway. It's one of those things that my parents find in a shoebox when they're doing some cleaning, and they give it to me when they stop over. There's not too much mystery about what I'll be getting, as with the cello wrapper two of the three cards are visible. Show More Summary

Blog bat around - various card collecting projects

This is a list of the trading card projects I work on that are my priorities - there really isn't a day where I don't look through collecting forums and/or blogs or look something up on eBay, but because it's a hobby I enjoy only by myself, interest in playing with my actual cards is something that wanes from time to time. Show More Summary

A pair of Angels rookie buyback purchases

I don’t think stamped buybacks are remotely collectible as ‘stand alone’ cards unless they are part of some autograph insert - but even if they are low-end gimmicks, with the original copies being worthless otherwise, I actually picked these cards up for a couple of bucks and change [each]. Show More Summary

Shohei Ohtani 2018 Topps Now pickups

I added these to my collection as no brainer finds, even though it's spring training debut cards - as opposed to regular season debut cards, which should come at the end of the month, but where does the collector in me stop and grabShow More Summary

Twitter Contest Activated

Go win a thing (that I tried to give away once already)! Ends at midnight tonight.

Last Call for March Radness!

Sign up now! There's just a handful of hours left to join the contest. Get in before the first game tips in the morning!

The Last Trade Stack of 2017

Happy new year? We've already seen some more sets released in 2018, so it's high time I get caught up with trades and other things from the previous year. Here's a leftover bundle I received in person from Gavin before I escaped Portland for the holidays, the highlight of which was this awesome low numbered copper parallel of ex-Blazer Allen Crabbe. Show More Summary

Want List Unlocked

Is anyone putting together 2018 Topps Heritage? I got an early start on my want list for this year's Topps Heritage set, which means my want list is nearly the whole set. I think that's okay, though. It's always good to know what you're taking on.Out of the five short printed cards that I've pulled so far, two of them were dupes. Show More Summary

March Radness Reminder!

There are multiple blasters to win! Participate! March Radness X (as in tenth, but also EXTREME) is nearly upon us. Fill out a bracket and you might win some baseball cards.Happy Thigh-Day!

March Radness: The 10th Anniversary

Celebrating ten years of March Radness with the biggest contest yet. #MarchRadness For the tenth year (seriously?!) of this contest, I am going to step it up a bit with the prizes. If you've participated before, you know the drill. Fill out a bracket, compete with others, and maybe win a prize. Show More Summary

Dollar Boxin' - Starting Lineup!

Recently I found an eBay seller with a nice selection of dollar cards and free shipping provided you purchase 20 or more. I sort of thought of it as the online equivalent of a good dollar box at a card show. I've already gotten one post...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Heritage Season

Yes, it's Topps Heritage season. I don't get all that excited for the Heritage set each year. When I first got back into collecting over a decade ago now I loved it, but these days I'm just not a set collector. What I do get excitedShow More Summary

Signature Sundays - A Pair from Pro Set

Recently I ran across an eBay seller who had a bunch of great cards listed with opening bids of just 99 cents. Shipping was $3.99 though, which probably turned a lot of potential bidders away, after all who wants to pay almost four bucks...Show More Summary

Celebrating 1,000 Buybacks with Hammerin' Hank!!!

After a couple of years of effort, today at long last I reach a very significant milestone in my buyback franken-set project. After nearly two years of trading, purchasing, scanning, cropping, inventorying, organizing and posting here...Show More Summary

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