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August 2016 Numismatic-related Legislation Review

At the beginning of each month, I review the previous month’s activity in congress looking for numismatic nuggets that we hope will bring us new coins to collect. However, congress has been on their summer vacation since mid-July, right before the conventions. There are two ways of looking at congress being away for at least […]

POLL: Real or Real Fishy?

Yesterday I wrote about the announcement that the fifth edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars by Q. David Bowers will include evidence that a 1964 Morgan Dollar exists or has existed. As part of their press release, they sent out an image of the cover with the coin. I questioned whether this […]

Is the 1964 Morgan a fish story?

That explosion you might have heard was the collective minds of the numismatic community when it was revealed that a 1964 Morgan Dollar exists, or at least once existed. The press release issued by Whitman Publishing for the new fifth edition of A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, by Q. David Bowers, that included […]

What I like about you

Although this post is not about the the 1980 hit by the Romantics or the sitcom that ran on The WB over 10 years ago, it is about you. Earlier this year I changed the way I keep statistics for this blog. I had to make this change because the old way of keeping statistics […]

What’s in your pocket?

During the busy week, I will empty my pocket of change and place it on my dresser. When it gets too piled up I will see if there is anything worth a further look before dumping them into a nearby container. After a year, the container is emptied and the proceeds go to charity. But […]

Next stop for the famed Double Eagles: SCOTUS

Earlier this months the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the procedural appeal that the ten 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins did not have to be returned to the Langbord family. This is a case that has been ongoing for ten years following the “discovery” of ten 1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 gold Double […]

PCGS ups the bounty

Catching up with the numismatic news from the last few weeks, I saw a note that Professional Coin Grading Service is offering a bounty of $10,000 each to view and grade five of the very rarest coins. PCGS will grade the coins and return them to their owner along with the $10,000 reward. It started […]

Will you help?

There are no bigger heroes in daily society than teachers. Teachers are entrusted with our children to teach them while working through the societal, social, and political issues to ensure that our future is educated. In the face of attack by people who think they know better and politicians who want them to do more […]

US Department of Justice settles with accused counterfeiters

See part 1 Real or fake US coins? Photo: FORMERFEDSGROUP.COM via Joe Palazzolo, writing for Wall Street Journal blogs, reports that the United States Justice Department has settled with three scrap metal importers. TheShow More Summary

The gorgons of Mallos part 2

Part 2: The uninscribed Earring Gorgons See Part 1. In 1883 Imhoof-Blumer published a rare gorgon/sphinx obol in his book Monnaies grecques and proposed that it was minted at Nagidos. 130 years later there is still no agreement on the mint of origin. Show More Summary

The gorgons of Mallos

Part 1: Was a gorgon featured on the earliest coinage of Mallos? Classical Numismatic Group, e-auction 174, October 2007, lot 55. Sometime around 400-300 BC the Greek city of Mallos issued a small bronze coin depicting the gorgon’s head on the reverse. Show More Summary

New interview with Frank Bourassa

Brigitte Noël has interviewed counterfeiter Frank Bourassa. Bourassa's crimes were previously detailed by Wells Tower for GQ. This World's Greatest Counterfeiter created $200,000,000 or $250,000,000 of counterfeit US $20 bills.... Frank dropped $125,000 on a four-color Heidelberg offset printer. Show More Summary

Steven Andrew Sayles 1964-2016

Steven Andrew Sayles was born in Gander, Newfoundland on March 14, 1964 to Wayne G. and Sharon L. (Greshay) Sayles. As a child, Steve had an inquisitive nature and was far more worldly than his years might have suggested. He was an avid...Show More Summary

A Piece For Every Coin Geek // Shop ebay Collectibles Now!

With the coin and collectible market getting ever so competitive.  It’s great to see Coin World and ebay collaborating.  They hope to pull the tech-geek and the coin-geek together.  I love to see this kind of networking because the history of both of these fields are so unique and ever so fascinating.  I’ve visited the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley […]

An Intellectual Curiosity

"We treat all stakeholders with a vested interest in the site with the same intellectual curiosity, which means we interact with and learn from local populations, dealers, collectors, looters, government employees, archaeologists, museum...Show More Summary


Frequent readers here will know that I have tried on at least two prior occasions to restart the focus of this blog and avoid cultural property issues which only lead to frustration and ill will. Unfortunately, those issues can tend to take over one's thought process and overpower the intent of a blog itself. Show More Summary

Funding Terrorism

In the wake of the U.S. Senate's Finance Committee passage of a bill “to protect and preserve international cultural property at risk due to political instability, armed conflict, or natural and other disasters, and for other purposes.” Every thinking American ought to give some serious thought to the part that includes "for other purposes". Show More Summary

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