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Change for a Dollar

Time has come that there is once again change coming to the money in your pocket. This one is so subtle that you may not even notice the difference. Last week, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing announced that as part of new cost savings measures, BEP will be producing the $1 Federal Reserve Note [...]

Memorial Day of 2014

Decoration Day was first celebrated by Freedmen, freed southern slaves, May 1, 1865 in Charleston, South Carolina to honor the service of the 257 Union soldiers buried at the Washington Race Course. Today, Washington Race Course is known as Hampton Park. The next year, southern states began their own Memorial Days to honor their soldiers [...]

A Greek die deteriorates

For many years I suspected the animated coins above were modern forgeries. The first die in the animation looks very strange. There are dots within the snakes surrounding Medusa, a very unusual feature. The first die shows blunders, such as two dots on the tongue. Show More Summary

New School Archaeology

As the State Department hearing on a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Egypt approaches, comments have appeared online espousing divergent points of view. Readers of this blog will naturally be most familiar with the views of private collectors and independent scholars. Show More Summary

Open Letter from Dr. Alan Walker to Dr. Jane DeRose Evans

Dear Professor Evans,I was recently sent a copy of the letter you sent in support of the proposed MOU with Egypt.I wonder if I might ask you for some clarifications?You speak about the "Coinex Hoard" of Egyptian AE (published and commented...Show More Summary

No, it wasn’t a double-strike

Too many serious topics lately. Let’s have a little numismatic fun. It was a busy day. While I really wanted to go out for lunch, all I had time for was to go to the cafeteria in the building where I work to get something quick. After settling on something I went to pay handing [...]

Ancient Collectors need your help

Before I begin today’s missive, please read the story I wrote about my friends who were arrested at the airport of a foreign country after digging up the $20 worth of ancients coins they found on a beach while playing in the sand. Go ahead… (click here) I’ll wait! It is difficult to ignore the [...]

You should comment to the U.S. Mint

As part of its ongoing study of alternative medals to be used for coinage mandated by the Coin Modernization, Oversight, and Continuity Act of 2010, (Public Law 111-302 [PDF]), the U.S. Mint is seeking comment from “ stakeholders” as to the impact expected if congress was to approve a change in coinage metals. The Request [...]

Summary of April coin-related legislation

Our long national nightmare is over, congress finally passed some sort of numismatic-related legislation. But do not get too excited because today’s news out of the House of Representatives is only the beginning. Next is for the Senate to do nothing while the bill languishes in committee. H.R. 627: National Park Service 100th Anniversary Commemorative [...]

Sperber: Get it right!

“I can’t wait to see what a disaster the ANA new web site will be.” This statement is not from someone who is just a member of the American Numismatic Association. This is the statement of Laura Sperber who is a member of the ANA Board of Governors. I am not taking the statement out [...]

Checking die matches with Gimp

Recently I tried to compare the dies between an XF specimen and a damaged one. I mistakenly thought both dies matched, but actually only the obverses seem to match. Let me explain how I use Gimp software to compare dies in the difficult cases. Show More Summary

Stay Safe Online: RCNA warns of attempted phishing attack

The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association sent email to its members notifying them that on April 24 someone attempted a phishing scam trying to impersonate the RCNA Executive Secretary trolling for information. The RCNA did not send out an email note asking for information and recommended deleting them email. Phishing is the term used to describe [...]

Let's not forget to comment on the ancient Egyptian coins for the proposed MOU

Last week Peter Tompa suggested we should comment on a proposed emergency restrictions on the import of ancient Egyptian coins being considered by the US State Department. I don't have much to say about Egyptian coins. I have three in my collection. Show More Summary

Having Fun with numismatics and learning without coins

If education is a lifelong project, then numismatics is the perfect vehicle for continuing education. If you are only collecting the metal, the plastic surrounding the metal, or the paper without understanding the stories behind them, then you are missing the richness of the story behind those objects. These stories makes those coins, paper, medals, [...]

Susie B makes my change hunting

Earlier this week I drove up north to Long Island to spend holidays with relatives. Taking these rides reminds me that we do not live forever. While the family has been expanded with children, the number of relatives at the seder is lower than it was just 10 years ago and these trips are punctuated [...]

My coins are geo-what?

Computer and online security has been a topic for the news lately. This was because of a mistake made in software that was being used to try to keep your password from being seen by criminal hackers was making it visible to those criminals. In the wake of the news, the Doug Davis of the [...]

Numismatic Legislative Update

Amongst all of the noise on Capitol Hill, the one area where no noise has been made is in the numismatic arena. For the last three months there has been no bill introduced, heard in committee, or acted on by either chamber of congress. Although there have been some hearings on a few issues, the [...]

WESPNEX coin show in Westchester County, NY

Last week there was a coin show in Westchester County, NY. The Westchester Stamp Coin and Paper Money show. Over 30 coin dealers attend. US coins, foreign coins, even ancient coins. It's in White Plains, not far from the Metro-North train station. Show More Summary

Baseball gold is called out

The U.S. Mint reports that the $5 gold National Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Coin has sold out. It may be the fastest sell out of any gold commemorative coin in the modern commemorative era lasting only through the first weekend. It has been speculated that the U.S. Mint will strike more coins than the [...]

2014 United States Mint Proof Set

The much-anticipated 2014 United States Mint Proof Set is here—complete with 14 coins in proof quality, each bearing the “S” mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco! Included are four Presidential $1 Coins, five coins from the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, one Native American $1 Coin, one Kennedy half-dollar, one Roosevelt […]

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