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Blue Ridge Parkway Bags and Rolls

The third quarter to be issued in 2015 and the 28th overall in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program, the 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter pays tribute to the scenic beauty of one of North Carolina’s most iconic roadways. Make this beautiful quarter part of your collection! It is available in a variety bags and […]

2015 First Spouse Gold Coins – Jacqueline Kennedy

Born Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, Jacqueline Kennedy grew up near Washington, D.C., and was educated in private schools and studied ballet. Mrs. Kennedy brought a strong interest in the arts to the White House. Fluent in several languages, she charmed world leaders at the White House and on trips abroad. Co-founder of the White House Historical […]

Summer Road Trip | Part 2

Buckle up, grab your sunglasses and prepare for gorgeous scenery! Our next stop on the Summer Road Trip for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program is the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take a relaxing drive rich with recreational opportunities, Appalachian history and stunning mountain views. Stretching 469 miles along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains […]

Presidential $1 Coin Rolls, Bags and Boxes | John F. Kennedy

These Presidential $1 Coins – with circulating finishes minted at the U.S. Mint at Denver and Philadelphia – have never been placed into circulation. Featuring edge-incused inscriptions of the year, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and the mint mark, the Kennedy $1 coin presents a new, eye-catching likeness of President Kennedy on the obverse (heads) and has […]

Summer Road Trip

Join us on our Summer Road Trip as we travel to the next stop on the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, Kisatchie National Forest. Spread across seven parishes in Louisiana, Kisatchie National Forest spans more than 604,000 acres of public lands. Hidden in the bayous underneath the bald cypress groves and old growth pine […]

Dwight D. Eisenhower 2015 Presidential One Dollar Coin & First Spouse Medal Set

The 2015 United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set™ – Eisenhower includes an uncirculated Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential $1 Coin and the Mamie Eisenhower bronze medal, bearing a likeness of the First Spouse Gold Coin. The coin and medal are held in a durable plastic card enhanced with beautiful representations of […]

Celebrate the Birthday of America’s 33rd President!

MULTI (D)(P) Look for the 2015 Coin and Chronicles Set – Harry S. Truman on June 30th! This unique keepsake will feature a Presidential $1 Reverse Proof Coin—only available as a part of this set—along with a silver presidential medal, stamp and companion informational booklet. They are all displayed in a rich red folder covered […]

2015 First Spouse Gold Coins – Mamie Eisenhower

The second release in 2015, the Mamie Eisenhower First Spouse Gold Coins feature a portrait of Mamie Eisenhower, with the reverse featuring a woman’s hand holding up a political campaign button with the slogan “I Like Mamie,” referring to Mrs. Eisenhower’s popularity as first lady, her involvement in her husband’s presidential campaigns and the popular […]

2015 Dwight D. Eisenhower $1 Coin Cover

MULTI (D)(P) The Dwight D. Eisenhower 2015 One Dollar Coin Cover is a special coin set featuring two $1 coins with circulating finishes. The Presidential coins are mounted on a display card and held inside an envelope with a U.S. Red, White, and Blue (Forever®) stamp postmarked May 5, 2015, Denison, TX – the day […]

Cypriot coins recorded in IGCH as found in hoards outside the Republic of Cyprus

Inventory of Greek Coin Hoards (IGCH)The original ANS edition of IGCH (1973) was edited by Colin Kraay, Margaret Thompson and Otto Morkholm. An enhanced digital edition has been created and hosted at by Sebastian Heath and Andrew Meadows under a Creative Commons license. Show More Summary

A new way to profit from counterfeit coins

This story is three months old and was discussed by Paul Gilkes on but otherwise I haven't seen much on it. Thomas Zambito, writing for, reported on March 24th that federal investigators discovered metal recycling...Show More Summary

Silver Proof Set 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (S) The 2015 Silver Proof Set contains 14 coins encased in three clear plastic lenses. These beautiful proof coins are specially minted to feature sharp relief, a mirror-like background and frosted foregrounds. You’ll display this set as a prized addition to your coin collection. Shop Now! Image/Copy:  U.S. Mint

Celebrate With These Special Collectibles

It’s hard to imagine that President John F. Kennedy would have turned 98 years old this month. Born May 29, 1917, in Brookline, Mass., highlights of his brief time in office included the launch of Freedom 7, the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and establishment of the Peace Corps. He also appointed United States Mint […]

Congratulations to Arthur Brand

I suspect several of my readers know Arthur Brand, who used to frequently post on numismatic discussion boards under the name of the ancient Greek die engraver Euainetos. Others may know of his Dutch-language book Het verboden Judas-evangelie...Show More Summary

Looking at the early cruciform die over time

Several things make studying the reverse “Parion” dies challenging. It is a simple geometric design, and the die cutters are cutting new dies to imitate the old. In this example, the design is very similar. The lines on the right are thicker, but this will happen as the die degrades. Show More Summary

Archaic gorgon/incuse drachms said to be minted at Parion

(Price and Waggoner, Archaic Greek Coinage: the Asyut hoard, #612) One of the most common archaic Greek coin types is the gorgon/incuse type. Unfortunately very little has been written about it. Poor specimens are common. Common and ugly coin types can be overlooked, especially without a story backed by a literary source. Show More Summary

A token with strange script

Four months ago a user on the forum /r/coins posted a machine-struck token or coin with an unusual inscription. I cannot identify the script. It seems like each letter (or syllable) is made up of one or two parts of a square plus a curve. Show More Summary

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals

An impressive book on finishing metals is Richard Hughes and Michael Rowe's 1982 The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals. It's a big book. It begins with a 13 page Historical Introduction which covers metal finishing in ancient China, Greece, and Rome, throughout history up to the present day. Show More Summary

America the Beautiful 2015 Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set

MULTI •P•D• This 10-coin set contains five uncirculated America the Beautiful Quarters minted in Philadelphia and five minted in Denver. The 2015 set features America the Beautiful Quarters honoring Homestead National Monument of American...Show More Summary

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