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Featured autograph - Zack Cozart

Even though he is sliding over to third base, Cozart's acquisition gives the Angels a good defender and a guy who can transition over to second base if Ian Kinsler doesn't stick around past the 2018 season - while Cozart has really been...Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks: Las Vegas Bowl

Oregon's improvement is rewarded with a Las Vegas Bowl appearance (and a head coach desertion). After a disastrous 2016 season that saw the Ducks go 4-8, continuing an ugly slide that began the season before, the athletic department chose to go with an outside hire. Show More Summary

2017 Bowman Draft Jo Adell #95

The plan was to get one of Adell's 2017 Bowman Draft Chrome autographs and/or a corresponding parallel - I was willing to spend as much as $75 for at least one or two copies, figuring while he was a first round pick, he probably wasn't the clear cut guy to get. Show More Summary

Contest Reminder!

Time is running out! There's still time left to join up with the 9th annual Bowl Pick 'Em Capitol Sports on Cards Mania contest (something like that, anyway). The first game is tomorrow morning, bright and early (unless you live on the...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Ian Kinsler

It's hard for a big league team to carry a veteran player past their prime because sometimes it's just the end - I do like the Angels' trade for the 35-year old second baseman, because he seems like a player you can plug and play for next year. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Back in the Saddle

With the exception of a quick one-card post the other day it's been weeks now since I made any contributions towards my buyback franken-set project. Let's get back in the saddle today with a random group of ten courtesy of an eBay lot... Show More Summary

First Look at New Donruss

What 2018 Donruss Baseball would look like if it actually existed. Before I dive right in to talkin' basketball cards, I want to ask a baseball question. Did Panini lose their MLBPA license? Does anyone know? There are no future release dates to be found, no sell sheets and scarcely a trace of a mention of baseball over at the Panini America website. Show More Summary

2017 Topps on-demand mini pack break

I looked this up on and I ordered a pack [there was free shipping promo] since for just about a price of a blaster box - I get an 'on-demand' product that is not available at a big box store. I do see where Topps makes these...Show More Summary

When borderline HOF guys get their call

It's refreshing to see Jack Morris and Alan Trammell, a pair of longtime teammates whose accomplishments seem more recent and tangible [they starred in the 1980s and played through the mid 1990s, not the 1880s] - get elected the Hall of Fame through 10-name Modern Baseball Era ballot. Show More Summary

Rediscover 2014

Back to the (near) past. Thorzul Will Rule is one of the increasingly rare blogs that has been around longer than mine has, and is still going strong in 2017. I always have to respect the blog that sticks to the O.G. Blogger format.Show More Summary

1991 Upper Deck Charlie Hough #792

I listed this card as an awesome action 'want' because it brings to mind the image of a crafty [knuckleball] pitcher working on his craft during a spring training situation perhaps - even going as far throwing batting practice to teammates. Show More Summary

Trading Anything

Recently I participated in Thorzul's 2017 "Trade My Anything" series. He's been running this about a decade now and the concept is simple, he busts a box of Topps Update and you can claim any of his unwanted cards. In return you simply send a SASE and...well...anything.I claimed only two cards, both variations on base cards... Show More Summary

Contest Time! College Bowl Pick 'Em #9

Pick the bowl games and win some baseball cards. It's back on a new platform for Year 9! First off -- two big announcements here:1. Yahoo killed off their College Bowl Pick 'Em, so I had to move things over to ESPN. If that means you have to create another stupid website account, you have my deepest apologies.2. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Billy Eppler

I was able to get the Angels general manager's autograph in spring training this past year on a blank card - there is a bit of schadenfreude, when Eppler may have closed the deal to snatch Shohei Ohtani away from the hands of other prospective suitors, particularly the Seattle Mariners. Show More Summary

Andruw Jones - a borderline HOFer?

I have this 1995 Bowman rookie card [#23] in a miscellaneous binder and I recoil whenever I see it - I remember buying it for something like $30 at the 2000 National Sports Collectors Convention and thought it was going to be a 'money card' of a superstar for years to come. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set - The Great Rick Wise

Well, it's been over five weeks since I added anything to my buyback franken-set. It's not a sign that I'm less passionate about the project, it's just that the way I've been doing it is time-consuming and lately that's time I just don't have. Show More Summary

Mostly Old Blazers

Style, Style, Style. The Blazers have hit a bit of a rough stretch of late, which immediately followed an encouraging stretch (4-1 road trip!) This is pretty much par for the course for the Blazers in the past few seasons, so it's probably nothing to get too bent out of shape over. Show More Summary

Kevin Maitan - all things considered

As an Angels fan, the addition of Maitan is a nice pickup since he's only 17 and was the most intriguing prospect heading into this past year - the Angels' farm system has been depressed for a while and hopefully Maitan starts building...Show More Summary

Nine from the Card Show

Look at me, posting stuff I actually bought. I managed to spend a little time at the monthly card show this past weekend, and I even managed to save some cards to set aside for scanning. I usually end up focusing more here on what other people send me, so I suppose it's nice to once in awhile show off a few things I picked out for myself. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Sweet Sweet Redemption!

Back in March, I did something that was very out of character for me in this hobby, and paid good money for a redemption card. I normally stay away from these because there's never a 100% guarantee that you'll end up with the card you are redeeming for. Show More Summary

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