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Buyback Franken-set: Contributions from Chris the Collector

Today's buyback franken-set contributions come from Chris, who writes over at The Collector. Chris busted 5 hobby boxes of 2017 Topps Heritage and came away with a pretty sweet Carlos Correa autograph. The fate of that Correa is still...Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Star Wars

Growing up as a child of the '80s I was, like many kids my age, a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. The films from the original trilogy were among my absolute favorite from childhood, and I still enjoy them to this day. I'm excited...Show More Summary

2017 Donruss hobby two pack break

With a look inspired by an updated take on 1990 Donruss, the base cards are sharp, though still otherwise feel generic - maybe my small sample size of two packs doesn't quite tell the entire story, but it's hard to buy into these cards when they don't really stand out. Show More Summary

Dear Topps, I Hate You

This is what a card back looks like. Full stats!Also, don't forget to sign up for the March Radness contest. The Radness starts Thursday.

Stat Kings - 1983-84 NHL Scoring Leaders

It's time for another Stat Kings post here on Shoebox Legends. In this series I take a look at statistical leaders from sports history and match them up with relevant cardboard. My hope is that these posts will help me to more closely...Show More Summary

A Trio of '59 HOFers!

Recently I scored 9 pretty significant additions to my '59 Topps set build when an eBay seller listed out nearly an entire set individually, with each card starting at a penny and combined shipping offered. I showed off the first three a while back, today I've got the second trio to get to and each one happens to feature a Hall-of-Famer to boot... Show More Summary

There's a Lot to Like About Topps Heritage

And a few things that are not so much full of awesome. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this year's Topps Heritage product, and was recently considering what the end point might look like for my collection of this product line. (The...Show More Summary

Setsmas All Year Round - Day 8: Junk Food

True facts: One of the first trading cards I ever had if not THE first card was a 1978 Burger King card acquired in Toronto on a family trip. That card was of a Tiger and is long gone like my memories of that trip. If it even happened,...Show More Summary

Video on creating 'coins' with CNC machine

I stumbled across this 9 minute video which shows the process of creating a medallion with realistic bust using a CNC machine. The medallion produced looks quite good! It looks better than most of the 'coins' featured in do-it-yourself coin making videos. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: A Red Baron Request

I'm probably one of the few collectors who is actually pleased about the gluttony of junk wax buybacks that Topps is including in their baseball releases this year. I'm also very grateful that some other folks out there have thought of me and my buyback franken-set project when they've pulled some of them. Show More Summary

Blazers, A-to-W

A huge stack of Blazers arrives courtesy of @ElCaminoBilly as the sorting process begins. On a night when the Trail Blazers game in Minnesota was called off because the floor was too wet, due to (seriously?) Disney On Ice, I thoughtShow More Summary

1974 Topps Tom Seaver #80

I picked this card up for a sampler run of PSA graded Topps cards from 1952-1980 - I've always associated old-school [anything between 1974-1985] or vintage [1973 and older] cards as something 'old and valuable,' especially when the cards came out before I was alive. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Bo Knows Buybacks

When I was collecting baseball cards as a kid Bo Jackson was one of the biggest names in sports, and by extension in the hobby. I distinctly remember the whole "Bo Knows" craze that had the two-sport star plastered all over sports cards,...Show More Summary

March Radness IX: Embrace Radness

Be the right combination of smart and lucky and you could win some free cards. #MarchRadness For the ninth straight year, I am holding a NCAA bracket contest. I'm opening this up a week early to see if we can get an even bigger group this year. Show More Summary

Insert set wantlist

Insert set wantlist - Mostly Topps for now, major work in progress. I need it handy so I'm posting it before it's ready. I'll put a real post up tonight sometime.2001 ToppsThrough the YearsCOMPLETEBefore There Was ToppsBT1 Lou GehrigBT2...Show More Summary

1993 Topps Gold Derek Jeter #98

In addition to the Bowman rookie card I picked up a few weeks ago, I also grabbed this rookie-year parallel card - maybe I find myself a priced out of the modern card collecting game [with the focus on guys like Mike Trout and Kris Bryant], so maybe I'm 'going back' to looking for cards I've overlooked over the past 25 years. Show More Summary

Collection Cornerstones - Plante!

When I finished paying off my car loan a couple of years ago now, I began taking the money that I'd been paying towards the car each month and splitting the pot in half. One half went into savings for the next car, the other half I'd use to shop for a "cornerstone" card for my collection. Show More Summary

One Card Post - A Houston Aero

What: 1972-73 O-Pee-Chee #303 - Gordon LabossiereWhere: eBayHow Much?: $.65 (part of 40-card lot for $25.99)Why?: I've really been enjoying chasing the first-ever WHA cards from the '72-73 O-Pee-Chee hockey release this year. When IShow More Summary

2017 Topps Heritage 7-pack break

I'm not exactly a fan of Topps Heritage because it has been played out card product to me - I feel like there should be more effort to come up with something original when it comes to baseball cards as opposed to dipping into your 'heritage' as sort of a crutch to stand on. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: A Six-Pack of Sox

My buyback franken-set project forges on, and today I've got a six-pack of Red Sox buybacks to evaluate for inclusion in the binder... 1968 Topps #346 - Jerry Adair Jerry Adair was traded to Boston in the summer of their infamous 1967...Show More Summary

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