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A token with strange script

Four months ago a user on the forum /r/coins posted a machine-struck token or coin with an unusual inscription. I cannot identify the script. It seems like each letter (or syllable) is made up of one or two parts of a square plus a curve. Show More Summary

Another Team Collecting Dilemma

Maybe I am overthinking this. As if I needed another team collecting quirk to deal with, some cards that Infield Fly Rule sent me earlier in the spring dug up some 24 year old feelings. Back in the early days of Stadium Club, Topps would include a little inset photo of the player's rookie card on the back. Show More Summary

When Super Rare Meets Your Favorite Team!

Around the same time that I picked up my single rack pack of 2015 Bowman that netted me a Kris Bryant serial-numbered refractor, I tried my hand at one of these "three packs plus three framed parallels" Gypsy Queen packages. I really...Show More Summary

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals

An impressive book on finishing metals is Richard Hughes and Michael Rowe's 1982 The Colouring, Bronzing, and Patination of Metals. It's a big book. It begins with a 13 page Historical Introduction which covers metal finishing in ancient China, Greece, and Rome, throughout history up to the present day. Show More Summary

Spring Fever & Retro Rickey

This weekend I received my first 2014 Topps Spring Fever card in the mail. I have to say, these are busy, obnoxious and over-the-top, but I like them! The card is much shinier than it comes across in the scan. It was sent to me PWE-style by my friend and frequent trading partner Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse. Show More Summary



Wait...Do I Like Bowman?

Last week when I was in Target picking up some household items I decided to grab a single 22-card jumbo pack of 2015 Bowman... I'd seen the cards featured on a few of the blogs I read, and they looked interesting enough from afar that I wanted to evaluate them myself with the cards in hand. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Brock Holt & A Whalers Benchmark!

One of the people I've been trading consistently with for the longest period of time is Douglas from the blog Sportscards from the Dollar Store. He's one of the more generous people I've encountered in this hobby, and seems to spend as much time finding cards for others as he does for himself. Show More Summary

America the Beautiful 2015 Quarters Uncirculated Coin Set

MULTI •P•D• This 10-coin set contains five uncirculated America the Beautiful Quarters minted in Philadelphia and five minted in Denver. The 2015 set features America the Beautiful Quarters honoring Homestead National Monument of American...Show More Summary

One Card Post - Crispy 'Fro

What: 2014 Topps #8 - Coco Crisp (Wal-Mart Blue Parallel) Where: Central Sports Cards - Pawtucket, RIHow Much?: $.25Why?: The 'fro. I consider this card the modern day '76 Topps Traded Oscar Gamble. Plus it features a retro jersey. And it's a parallel. Twenty five cents well spent.

A look back - Topps Magazine

I was digging around my LCS and found some old Topps Magazines - I was tempted to pick at least a couple up since I remember picking up the first issue as a kid and liked the idea of an all-color magazine devoted to sports cards; there...Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2013 Topps Stickers #92

No, this guy! Who is he? Ryan Madson is a talented reliever who spent a number of years in a sort of backup closer role in Philadelphia. He was on the World Series winning Phillies team of 2008 and would fill in for Brad Lidge whenever he was shelved due to injury. Show More Summary

Kisatchie National Forest 2015 Uncirculated Five Ounce Silver Coin

PHILADELPHIA •P• The United States Mint is proud to offer the 2015 America the Beautiful Five-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin honoring Louisiana’s Kisatchie National Forest. Three inches in diameter and made of.999 fine silver, it can be part of your collection today! Buy It Now Image/Copy:  U.S. Mint

The Underdog Strikes Again!

Recently I was the recipient of another great package of Red Sox from Zach at The Underdog Card Collector. He seems to have been sending cards all over the country with amazing frequency lately, in fact this is the third package I've received from him just this year. Show More Summary

A Cavalcade of Ex-Eagles

Forgive me for wanting to talk about something other than the Cardinals tonight, 19 strikeouts and 1 hit later. Finally, we've arrived at the stack of Eagles cards in the big box of fun that Jaybarkerfan sent me earlier in the year.Show More Summary

Caved and Bought a Blaster - O-Pee-Chee Platinum!

Recently I've been in the mood to rip some wax for a change. One product I've been interested to check out in particular is the 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Platinum hockey set. I've seen a few scans, and even listened to some commentary on the set, and as someone who enjoys a good shiny card I was looking forward to seeing them in hand. Show More Summary

2015 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set

The Definitive Uncirculated Coin Set for Your 2015 Collection MULTI (D)(P) The 2015 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set is a prized addition for any collector. Each 14-coin folder includes uncirculated versions of the following 2015-dated coins: four Presidential $1 Coins from the United States Mint at Philadelphia, five quarters from the America the Beautiful […]

Hockey Cards from Sweden!

A few weeks ago I arrived home to find a padded mailer hanging from my mailbox. It was hanging, rather than being inside the box, because it was rather large; big enough that it could hold full-size magazines without bending or folding them. Show More Summary

Trading with Remember The Astrodome

Remember? The Houston Astros are off to a stellar start this season, their third in the AL West. I still think it's incredibly stupid that they were moved when the Brewers could have been sent back to where they belong, but the move combined with a full scale rebuild has allowed the franchise to forge a new identity. Show More Summary

Salvaging a few Topps cards

1962 Topps Tony Kubek #311 At my LCS there are a few 'newer' shoe storage boxes on display featuring old school / vintage 'beaters' for a buck each - I go through them because the cards were probably part of someone's collection and maybe I can pick up some cards representing a cardboard relic of the past. Show More Summary

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