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My wallet card - Joe checking out the view

During a five-day road trip to Northern California with my parents - made a pit stop at the Bradbury Dam Observation Point in Santa Barbara.

Collection Cornerstones - Hammerin' Hank

Recently I paid off my car loan, which for the time being has provided me with a little extra cash in my pocket each month. I'm not a big car guy, and generally view them as a bad investment, so we're not talking a ton of extra money (I drive a nearly 10-year-old Honda Civic), but every little bit helps. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Marquee Gehrig

What: 2011 Topps Marquee #19 - Lou Gehrig Where: COMCHow Much?: $1.07Why?: I'm really starting to love the 2011 Topps Marquee set. I paid no attention to it at the time of its release, as I don't purchase high-end, hit-based product, and never would have forked over the ridiculous amount that I'm sure was required for a hobby box. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2013 Topps Stickers #55

One of the newest Cardinals had a little work done. Who is he? Mark Reynolds is the hard-swinginest, home run-hittinest free swinging baseball man the game has seen in some time. Okay, fine, he just strikes out a ton and hits plenty of home runs. Show More Summary

The Man Who Came to Dinner

John Barfield, 1991 Score Cool mechanics, John Barfield. "Your mom liked 'em, Internet weirdo." - John Barfield Touché, John Barfield. Let's move on. John was brought up from Triple-A Oklahoma City in late May ’90 as a temporary replacement for Gary Mielke That is the SEXIEST story about opportunity knocking I have ever heard. Show More Summary

Spanish Silver Ink

It's officially the NBA All-Star Break! Victor Claver may not be a Blazer by the time the league resumes play as the trading deadline is looming and his playing time has been rather scarce. That didn't prevent me from picking up a snappy certified autograph of the third year Spanish forward thanks to a Listia auction win. Show More Summary

2015 Kennedy Half Dollar: 200-Coin Bags & 2-Roll 40-Coin Sets

The 2015 Kennedy Half Dollar Bags and Rolls include circulating quality coins minted at the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia and at the U.S. Mint at Denver that have never been placed into circulation. The obverse (heads) design of the half-dollar features a 1963 portrait of President John F. Kennedy.  Shop Now! Image/Copy:  U.S.Mint

Pack Rip - 1995-95 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey

Ever heard of ice dams? If you haven't had the pleasure, I invite you to go Google the term. Suffice to say it has been so bad in New England that I actually had a crew of guys shovel the snow and ice off of my roof today after noticing water trickling down the outside front of my home. Show More Summary

2015 Topps: The Blaster

What is a blaster supposed to be, anyway? Where did that name even come from? Here are my final thoughts on 2015 Topps Series One as I take a look what I got in my blaster last week. I will probably buy a few more packs here and there, but that will probably be it. Show More Summary

Surviving the chase

Once I heard about a collector who didn't care what he had to pay for a coin, and cared even less what he could eventually sell his collection for. I have yet to meet him, but he probably does exist—somewhere. More typically, collectors...Show More Summary

Did the Ancients believe the Earth was round?

A debate over whether the ancients knew the world is round has been simmering for centuries, and still pops up now and then. In the February 1998 issue of The Celator, Michael Marotta presented a well thought out argument for the affirmative ("Ancient coins show they knew it was round"). Show More Summary

One Card Post - Solly Drake

What: 1957 Topps #159 - Solly Drake Where: COMCHow Much?: $1.02Why?: For a hair over a dollar, I couldn't resist this 1957 Topps Solly Drake in pretty outstanding condition. Don't know a thing about the man, but it appears he played in just 141 total MLB games over the course of two seasons ('56 and '59). Show More Summary

A Clear and Present Wainwright

My second clear Adam Wainwright parallel is my second clear parallel, period. Last summer, I acquired a rare Adam Wainwright parallel through a somewhat surprising channel, thinking I probably wouldn't be lucky enough to pick up anything like this again. Show More Summary

You Thought It Was More

Louis Colavecchio with Franz Douskey and Andy Thibault 426 pages. $24.99, $9.99 on Kindle Louis Colavecchio's book cover describes him as the "World's Greatest Counterfeiter". That seems to be a standard claim for the genre. Who would...Show More Summary

9-Spot from Mark Kaz

Quick trade post today, featuring the latest PWE to arrive at my doorstep from my buddy Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse. Inside were 9 brand new Red Sox cards for my ever-growing collection. Even though Mike Stanley is clearly depicted with the New York Yankees here, he's listed with the Sox, so it counts. Show More Summary

Truth is still important

My post of last week provoked a response that deserves some attention. A Punk Archaeologist @adreinhard posted on Twitter three Facebook profile photos of me with bold captioned "quotes":1. "The AIA taps your phones to find out where your archaeology is hid"2. Show More Summary

2015 Topps: The Hanger Pack

Some highlights of another batch of new Topps cards I purchased. I stopped by Target yesterday and am now very thankful that my trip earlier in the week was derailed. I never would have made it into a random Fred Meyer and I never would have found 2015 Topps cards, because my usual Target still doesn't have any of it. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Steve Carlton with the Giants?

For this week's Signature Sundays post, I've got my latest pickup from 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes to share with you... A nice on-card autograph of HOFer Steve Carlton! Like most baseball fans, I associate Carlton with the Phillies, but he bounced around on some very short stints with 4 different teams at the tail end of his career. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Target $9.99 hanger box break

With the multicolored borders, I think this year's flagship Topps cards are a little more playful, so they may appeal to kids more - as opposed to a set of cards that is dissected by older, more serious card connoisseurs. I've had no...Show More Summary

Stadium Club for Sox

In my second mini box of 2014 Stadium Club baseball, I pulled a Chris Owings autograph redemption that I wasn't interested in keeping. Daniel Wilson of It's Like Having My Own Card Shop seemed interested, so I went ahead and shipped it off to him, along with some other D-Backs cards I had lying around my card room. Show More Summary

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