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A Long Ways From Cooperstown

Another super trade from three time zones over. Portland, Oregon is a long ways from anywhere. With the crippling budget crisis that seems to have been the standard operating practice for the USPS going on years now, it's fairly wondrous that it only takes a few days for these baseball cards to go from coast to coast. Show More Summary

$2 vendor 'pile of' repacks - Giants #2

The players with the most cards in this repack - J.T. Snow x5, Jeff Kent x4, Kevin Mitchell x4, Robby Thompson x4, Mike Aldrete x3, Bob Brenly x3, Bill Laskey x3, Tim Lincecum x3, Barry Zito x3, Rod Beck x2, Vida Blue x2, Matt Cain x2,...Show More Summary

Pirates, Clowns, and a Free Prize Inside!

Today's post comes courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik of The Shlabotnik Report. As the post title indicates, Joe's latest PWE came with a free prize inside. We'll get to that shortly though, first let's take a look at some excellent new Red Sox cards that were included in the envelope... Show More Summary

One Card Post - Bubbles Bogaerts

What: 2014 Bowman Chrome Bubbles Refractor #1 - Xander Bogaerts RC (#'d /99)Where: COMCHow Much?: $5.05Why?: One of my better COMC bargains over the past couple of years for sure. Picked this one up back in November of 2014, and after the past couple of seasons this really looks like quite a bargain on a solid Xander Bogaerts RC. Show More Summary

$2 vendor 'pile of' repacks - Giants #1

This was the first of two Giants repacks I picked up - I think the reason I grabbed a couple of Giants ones was I wanted an assortment as different cards as possible, even if I didn't really collect the team represented. The playersShow More Summary


A greater than great set of cards from @Lost_Collector I like to say that every trade I've made through the blog over the years has been great, but certainly there are occasions where something I get back is a little more... great. This is probably one of those teams. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set - Nolan Ryan Deja Vu & an AL MVP

Time to look at another ten nominees for my buyback franken-set, which is really starting to pick up some steam. For the second franken-set post in a row we start with a '90 Topps Nolan Ryan! #4 - 1990 Nolan Ryan The first five cards...Show More Summary

Summer Cleaning 2016

Time for trades! Let's make a deal? Awhile ago, I discovered this filthy cardboard box that is built for containing microphone(s). What sort of horrors laid within? AHHH! AHHHHH! Cardboard horrors! So while I clear this thing out, IShow More Summary

New School, Guys

New cards, fuzzy memories. Last month, Topps unleashed another round of their flagship set (Series Two) with another round of inserts. I've finally lined up a deal to get all the Cardinals base cards from the set I'm trying to ignore, but of course that leaves a lot of inserts to gather up. Show More Summary

$2 vendor 'pile of' repacks - Angels

One of the vendors at MLB Fan Fest was selling team repacks and while I want to stay away from repacks because I 'generate' my own 'repack content' through the loose cards that come into my collection - for a couple of bucks, I likeShow More Summary

PWE Variety Pack!

I've been trading with my good buddy Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse for a few years now, and I can honestly say that his latest PWE packed about as much variety as one could possibly hope for. Oddballs, die-cuts, refractors, parallels, short prints and even buybacks, all in the same envelope and all shipped for a single postage stamp. Show More Summary

Sunday Night Hockey

It's mid-July and here in New England we're in the middle of a pretty good heat wave, with temps in the '90s or above just about every day lately. What better time to look at some hockey cards, right? Well, not really, but I have a bunch...Show More Summary

Mike Trout All-Star Topps Now

Mike Trout is the brightest superstar in Major League Baseball, so most of his premium cards are in high demand - so I don't feel completely out of the loop as far as collecting the guy [on the team I collect] is looking out for any 'oddball type' cards like this one I picked up for $5 from the Topps booth at MLB All-Star Fan Fest. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Throwback Kris Bryant #616

With big power numbers, Bryant has established himself as a national star and I wanted to see if I could find a 'low end' Bryant rookie card - when I saw this, I grabbed it even though I didn't know what the card was and despite the MLB RC logo, it's not a true rookie card either. Show More Summary

More Topps Now Sox

A few weeks back, I posted the first trio of Topps Now Red Sox cards to appear this season, all three of which featured slugger David Ortiz. Today I've got the next four... Ah May 12th, back when the offense was really cooking! Actually,...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Anthony Sullivan

I was in San Diego last Sunday to see if I could go to the Futures Game for some autographs - not much luck getting autographs of Major League Baseball's top prospects, though outside the ballpark, I was able to get Sullivan, a TV pitchman.

Buyback Franken-set - A HOFer to Lead Things Off

Wow, this week really went by in a blur. This seems to be becoming a common theme unfortunately, but a hectic work week left me literally no time for my hobbies. As a result, I owe quite a few folks return emails, thank you posts, and most importantly some cards. Show More Summary

Old School, Y'All

Throwback Thursday? Sure, why not? Awhile back, I reached out to Jon from A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts to ask about some extra early '80s Topps album stickers he had acquired in the comments section on a post he did for APTBNL. I am super excited about these two stacks of stickers that I get to put, unstuck, in my Cardinals binders soon. Show More Summary

Rooty Tooty Fresh & Looty

Ketel, anyone? June's @thelootlocker box arrived recently, once again bearing fruit. I had skipped a month of the hobby packs-a-month club because I ran out of time to buy in for the previous month. I have considered getting an automatic...Show More Summary

2012-13 Panini Threads Tim Duncan

As the most casual fan of professional basketball, I've gravitated towards the flashier, electric players in the NBA - I do have to give the retiring Tim Duncan his due praise because at times, I admire the pros that have gone about their business in a metronomically, consistent way while being the face of their franchise for nearly 20 seasons.

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