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Good Luck Ducks, Week 1: Do Something

Off we go, with a new coach in tow. It sounds absolutely crazy to me, but this is the tenth year that I've been blogging (tangentially) about sports cards here. This also means 10 years of Good Luck Ducks posts. This is the beginning...Show More Summary

Tall Hall

This blog seems to naturally drift towards baseball cards during the summer months, which I guess isn't that surprising. As I mentioned the other day though, I have picked up a few very nice hockey cards over the past few months that deserve to see the light of day here on the blog. Show More Summary

Where the Redbirds Roam

So many Cardinals cards, so little computer time. I've been sitting on this for far too long for reasons I can't really determine. A huge, huge package of cards came my way this past June from super Giants fan ARPSmith, and I've only managed now to scan some of the cards and write about it. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Childhood Favorites

I don't typically pick up single buybacks on eBay, as shipping costs are prohibitive, but recently I found a seller offering flat $3 shipping regardless of how many cards you won. I took the opportunity to pick up some childhood favorites in buyback format. Show More Summary

Justin Upton and Brandon Phillips

After sweeping the Oakland Athletics to salvage a homestand that had them fall short against the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros - the Angels picked up couple of veterans for the team's September push to get into the Wild Card game....Show More Summary

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

The Committee for Cultural Policy has pointed out on several past occasions that exaggerated media reports, of Islamic State (ISIS) income from the sale of looted antiquities to art and coin collecting communities, are and have from the start been unfounded. Show More Summary

I Missed National Baseball Card Day

I had other, not necessarily better things to do. I sat National Baseball Card Day out this year, as I've done every single year since its inception. This was probably the first time I was actually aware of the date ahead of time, and I even went so far as to look into finding out if there were any participating shops in the Portland metro area. Show More Summary

Ugh, yuck...something smells like Pujols

Go figure, the Angels are right there in the chase for an American League Wild Card spot [68-65, 1 game behind the Minnesota Twins] and while Mike Trout has recently been mired in a slump on his own - it's hard to watch another rally killing ground ball hit by Albert Pujols to the left side of the infield while he can barely run it out to first base. Show More Summary

The difficulty of photographing gold coins

Here are six professional pictures of the same coin. These pictures appeared on the auction catalog or web sites of numismatic auctioneers Harlan J Berk, Classical Numismatic Group (twice), Heritage, Stack's Bowers, and the coin grading company Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. Show More Summary

Repack "Hits"

Coming soon to a bubble mailer near you. Repacks are my weakness, especially these days. They are my bonbons if you will. My pizza rolls, if I was still unemployed and in my early 20s. They are bad, bad, bad... rarely good. Sometimes,...Show More Summary

Weekly Numismatic World News for August 27, 2017

This week, the BBC reported about Toby Robyns, a 52-year-old ambulance driver from the U.K., who may be facing an up to three-year prison sentence for trying to take home ancient coins he found on a beach in Turkey. Immediately, my thoughts turned to a story I wrote about my friends in a similar situation. […]

How about a Numismatic World News Podcast?

For the last few weeks, I have been publishing the Weekly Numismatic World News every Sunday evenings. These posts consist of links to the articles that I find around the Interwebs along with a commentary on one of the articles or something else related to the news. I had an idea. Rather than just post […]

Numismatic Eclipse

As we wait for the shadow of the moon to trek across the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, I was curious as to whether there were coins ever created to commemorate any of the past eclipses regardless of location. Allowing an online search engine to help, I was able to find a few […]

Weekly Numismatic World News for August 20, 2017

In my nearly 12 years of writing this blog and occasionally delving into the reasons for the fluctuating prices of precious metals and their impact on the numismatic market, there have been some fundamentals that have driven that market. As I was reminded in one of the articles in today’s list, “Is Now The Time […]

Unlucky at the ATM

You need a quick amount of cash. After all, not every transaction can be made with a credit card. You hop in the car and drive to the bank to use the ATM. Within seconds, the machine spits out money and you drive away. Early the next morning you look at the bills and notice […]

Learning from History using Numismatics

One of the most popular aphorisms was written by philosopher and essayist George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although it was one line in Volume 1 of his five volume The Life of Reason, the statement is so profound that it stands out as a seminal statement. Events […]

Adding Collecting Guides

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a few writing projects that include primers about collecting numismatics. While some of these articles have allowed me to repurpose blog posts, I have had to create some content not posted before. In the past, I posted a few including the series on small dollars […]

Weekly Numismatic World News for August 13, 2017

The reasons why counterfeiters are successful is that people do not pay attention. Even when people do allegedly pay attention, it is almost as if the brain is not engaging. A report from the U.K. says that people returning from mainland Europe are trying to pass euros because they look like the new £1 coin. […]

Lack of leadership at the U.S. Mint

Following the sell out of the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set, a few readers asked if I was going to post a comment. I declined to let the rest of the industry have this discussion. I would rather have a discussion about a different issue related to the U.S. Mint: the lack of leadership. […]

Sirius Collecting

Ancient Romans used to measure time by the position of the stars. One of the stars they observed was Sirius because it was the brightest star in the sky. During their observations, they found that starting about 20 days prior to its apex and 20 days that follow, the temperatures would be its hottest. This […]

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