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Buyback Franken-set: A Six-Pack of Sox

My buyback franken-set project forges on, and today I've got a six-pack of Red Sox buybacks to evaluate for inclusion in the binder... 1968 Topps #346 - Jerry Adair Jerry Adair was traded to Boston in the summer of their infamous 1967...Show More Summary

Black Friday '59s

Aside from my buyback franken-set, completing the 1959 Topps set continues to be the baseball project that I'm most devoted to at the moment. As with any vintage set from the '50s, this one's going to be a bear to complete, and I don't envision finishing it any time soon. Show More Summary

New, but Not New Enough

Another one card wonder. One of the big reasons I feel like I haven't quite gotten into the flow of 2017 yet is that, for the second year in a row, I have made the decision not to buy any of the Topps base product. I'm still going to collect the team, the inserts, and all of the other detritus that bubbles up and has red birds on it. Show More Summary

A Little Piece of Stick from The Little Ball of Hate

I have a card to show off today that was a total surprise when it arrived at Shoebox Legends headquarters, and seriously made my jaw drop. It was sent to me by my longtime hobby friend Douglas of Sports Cards from the Dollar Store. Before...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Trios

In my continuing quest to complete a buyback franken-set, today I present a trio of trios courtesy of a recent 68-card lot that I picked up for the price of a blaster. The first trio comes courtesy of 1978 Topps... 1978 Topps #309 -Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Brett Hull!

I've talked a few times in the past about the very first set that I collected as a kid, 1989-90 Topps and O-Pee-Chee hockey. My dad used to bring home packs for my brothers and I after work, and we'd sit at the table ripping, trading,...Show More Summary

WGS Interview

I recently came across an interview that I did a few years ago for and thought it may be worth sharing here since it is still as relevant as the day it was recorded. The full interview can be viewed and read at the link above

1993 Bowman Derek Jeter #511

It's been a couple of years since the iconic New York Yankees shortstop has retired, but I've found myself looking for at least some of his rookie cards - to top off a 'micro-mini' group PC I've put together in my Top 30 PC collection. Show More Summary

Print on demand catalog of the coins of Troas

I recently purchased a Print on Demand copy of Warwick Wroths 1894 catalog of the British Museum collection Catalogue of the Greek Coins of Troas, Aeolis, and Lesbos. Google scanned three copies of this book: from the University of Michigan,...Show More Summary

Trades from Collectors (Five Tool & Pedestrian)

I've got a couple of great trade packages to cover today, the first of which came unexpectedly from Commishbob of The Five Tool Collector. Bob caught me totally out of the blue with a random act of kindness when he sent me the Dwight Evans buyback he pulled from a pack of 2017 Topps. Show More Summary

SETSMAS ALL YEAR ROUND - Day 7: Happy Twin Peaks Day

I'm gonna post all these scans if it kills me.Hi there! On February 24th a hundred years ago Special Agent Dale Cooper did A Thing and we got a couple dozen episodes of weird-ass soap opera horror television, a weirder-ass movie and yet another remake/reboot/sequel of 25 year old property (pending). Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: A Hand-Picked Quartet

I've driven hundreds of miles the past couple of days for work, and have a 16-hour stress-filled day today, so this will be brief. Just a quick quartet of buybacks that I picked up a few weeks back on eBay... 1967 Topps #375 - Jake Gibbs I don't know much about Jake Gibbs; he served as a backup catcher for the Yankees for a number of years. Show More Summary

Let's Get Crackin'

There's new grass on the field. Did you know that actual, factual baseball will be played as soon as this weekend? We may still be knee deep in one of the worst weather winter's we've had in quite some time, but baseball doesn't care about your stupid calendars. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: The End of the '70s

Today's buyback post will feature ten cards from a recent lot of 68 that I snagged off of eBay for the price of a blaster. They're admittedly not the most exciting grouping of buybacks (and I'd expect nothing more at that price), but they do nicely wind down the last couple of years of the '70s and transition over to the early '80s. Show More Summary

Finished my 2017 Topps team run

My Topps year-to-year run [1978-present] of cards for each MLB team has been a dormant project - but since there is still novelty in the 'newish' flagship cards for the year, I wanted to get 2017 out of the way. Though my run doesn't...Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Tim Thomas!

Every so often when I have a few minutes to kill with my iPad, I'll search the trading card section on eBay for 'Autograph', sort by Ending Soonest and see if there's any low-hanging fruit to be plucked at the last moment. Doing so last...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: I Get Buy(backs) with a Little Help from My Friends

Recently, buyback cards have been flooding into Shoebox Legends headquarters from all over the place. In fact, I have four more folks who've sent me buybacks recently that I need to thank, and that's exactly what I'll be doing here. Let's take a look at the goods and see if they make the franken-set album... Show More Summary

Bargain Hunting - Delvecchio Tallboy!

A couple of weeks back I got an email from Dave & Adam's Card World letting me know they were having a sale, and since I had a few minutes I decided to check it out. While I didn't find any boxes or other unopened modern product that...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - John Elway

I vaguely remember Elway sighing before signing this 1999 Topps card for me at a golf tournament - while there might have been chances to get a non-card item signed, I tend to be a 'card first' guy, so this was what I got scribbled on the last time I saw him.

A '59 Trio

Just a quick post tonight, been a long day. When I saw recently that an eBay seller had listed nearly an entire '59 Topps set, with each individual card starting at a penny and combined shipping available, I placed a few bids and came home with 9 new cards for my set in the end. Show More Summary

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