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One Card Post - Fernandez Variation

What: 2013 Topps Factory Set Rookie Variation #589 - Jose FernandezWhere: eBayHow Much?: $1.00 (plus 99 cents shipping)Why?: Apologies to Tony Burbs, Mark Kaz, Shane Katz, Douglas Corti, and anyone else I've yet to thank for the great trade packages you've sent recently. Show More Summary

Sapphire Gems and More

Online-exclusive bling and a whole lot more. I've already looked at this Adam Wainwright card on at least three separate occasions since it arrived courtesy of P-Town Tom, but I still had to look it up when doing this post. Topps did...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: My First Completed Page!

Today's buyback franken-set post is significant in that after around six months of doing this I've finally completed my first page in the binder! We'll get to that at the end of the post, but first the ten hopefuls for today... 1960Show More Summary

November's Loot

Another month in the books, another box from @thelootlocker to unpack. The Loot Locker is an online store/monthly service that sells a box of hobby packs and card supplies for just the cost of a blaster box. I've purchased their baseball box quite a few times this year, and I feel like I've had pretty considerable luck. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Holiday Walmart Box break

I had to make a pit stop at a random Walmart to see if any of these were on the shelves - I'd been thinking about these for the past few weeks, so I picked up a couple of boxes to see what these holiday themed cards were all about. The...Show More Summary


Double the Piscotty, double the fun? How did I not know there were two Stephen Piscotty cards in this year's Topps Allen & Ginter set? Well, I'm not going to complain too much, because it's not like it's Aroldis Chapman or anything.Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Snowy Monday Edition

Time to review another ten buybacks on this snowy Monday morning, the first snow of the winter here in my little home state of Rhode Island... 1976 Topps #85 - Mickey Rivers Look out for that crease, Mickey! This type of pose was used...Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - John Olerud

Why did I bother picking this one up? Well, as I've said probably a hundred times now over the course of writing this blog, I'm all about 1990 Topps. This John Olerud auto is from the traded set, but that's fine with me. I was always...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: A Painful Rejection!

Today we return to my buyback franken-set project. I've got so many of these still to process that I'd love to get another ten cleared off the desk here. Today's post culminates in probably the hardest card I've had to reject from the set thus far. Show More Summary

Hunting for some star on star cameos

1987 Classic Bret Saberhagen #116 - a quick glance at this card shows Cal Ripken Jr. playing behind the one-time Kansas City Royals' ace of the 1980s and I figure the image used was from the 1987 All-Star game in Oakland. I was going...Show More Summary

This "Blaster" Brought to You by COMC

I've been a little heavy on the buyback franken-set posts lately, so let's take a break today and look at another virtual "blaster" from COMC. Besides, I need to make some room before my Black Friday shipment arrives in a few weeks.Simple...Show More Summary

Why I Have Want Lists

A bunch more most wanted wants go down. While we wait to see if MLB and MLBPA are ever going to resolve their collective bargaining issues, let's check out some Cardinals sent to my mailbox by Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Ryan Howard

I’ve wanted a Howard auto since I’ve really had only a couple of chances not to end up getting his autograph over the last 10 years - I tend to look at Howard as a slugger who put up some nice power numbers and was a face of a franchise that won the 2008 World Series. Show More Summary

One Card Post - A "Most Wanted" Card

What: 1981 Fleer #223 - Fred LynnWhere: Jim HaverkampHow Much?: Nothing!Why?: Because Jim is a really nice guy. He noticed that I had this card on my "Most Wanted" list in my blog sidebar, had an extra copy, and sent it to me just because. Just the latest example of the generosity I seem to encounter at every turn in this hobby! Thanks Jim!

Buyback Franken-set: Forging On

Back to the grind for me today after the long holiday weekend, let's get back to the grind with the buyback franken-set as well. Another ten to sift through and evaluate today.... 1973 Topps #324 - Al Downing We start off with yet another tilted camera Spring Training shot courtesy of 1973 Topps. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - For Kids

Like many baseball card collectors, I've been a fan of the Topps Archives Signature Series autograph release that we've seen for a couple of years running now. While the gamble on a one-card unopened box isn't my thing, I have encountered quite a few singles on the secondary market that have captured my interest. Show More Summary

My Very Own Dit!

Just one card to share with you this evening, but it's a pretty significant one from my hockey card collection. It's also a shining example of just how long I sit on really interesting cards sometimes before I get around to posting them...Show More Summary

2016 Topps Archives 65th Ann. breaks

I’d be hard pressed to spend $20 on random blaster boxes at any given time, but I had to make another Walmart trip - to see if they had the 2016 Topps Holiday Mega Boxes or these on the shelves somewhere. I picked up the three Archives...Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 13: Civil War for Pride

It all comes down to Ducks vs. Beavers with state bragging rights on the line. Something very unexpected happened last week that I'm still having trouble grasping. The Ducks beat then-12th ranked Utah. On the road. It was their first road win. Show More Summary

One Card Post - King of the Senators

What: 2013 Topps Heritage Buyback #217 - Jim KingWhere: SportlotsHow Much?: $1.00Why?: Because I don't often see '64 Topps Heritage buybacks for $1 or less. Jim's MLB career appeared to be over after he found himself playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the International League by 1958. Show More Summary

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