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I'm severely overdue in thanking my friend Marc B for the latest PWE of hockey cards he shipped my way. I've finally gotten the cards scanned, cropped and added to my online inventory on Zistle, time to show them off on this rainy Saturday... Show More Summary

One Card Post - Stengel

What: 2007 Upper Deck #89-CS - Casey Stengel '89 Upper Deck Insert Where: COMCHow Much?: $.75Why?: Casey Stengel doesn't seem to get as much hobby love as some of the other old-timers, but when I saw this awesome image I was sold immediately. Despite setting me back less than a dollar, this is arguably my most interesting Stengel card, and I've got a '52 Bowman!

6 Shocking Trading Cards That Finally Turned Me into a Cubs Fan

Actual cards from actual envelopes. First of all, welcome to April. (It's just past midnight on the west coast.) It's funny to me that it's becoming harder and harder to tell the difference between clickbait and parody these days, so...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Cole Hamels

I was able to get Hamels to sign this 2013 Topps Archives set card - because of his accomplishments as a big league pitcher, there has been superficial interest in getting his autograph, though I've never really had a chance to see him actually sign in-person until recently.

Card Show Cards - Dollar Box Grandma

A few weeks ago now I had the good fortune to attend a local card show. I posted the first portion of my spoils earlier this month, time to wrap it up with the rest today. Today's round of pick-ups is brought to you by the woman I've...Show More Summary

A Slew of Score!

I've learned that for the most part, I'm not a retail wax guy. It's very tempting whenever I'm in Target to cruise through the card aisle by the registers and take a peek at what's in stock. More often than not though, when the pack ripping is done I haven't had quite as much fun as I envisioned when I plopped down $20 plus tax. Show More Summary

TTM autographs received: Pat Combs

Former MLB pitcher Pat Combs signed my cards in about two weeks - he signed each card with a Bible verse and personalized one of the cards.

I Must Be in the Front Row

Certified awesomeness. Trade packages have been coming in fast and furiously of late, which means I have a lot of organizing to do. Fellow NL Central blogger Tony from Off Hiatus has sent me some great stuff in the past, so why should...Show More Summary

One Card Post - '59 Giel

What: 1959 Topps - #9 - Paul Giel Where: COMCHow Much?: $.65Why?: After watching the Bruins once again display their utter inability to put the puck in the net tonight, I'm starting to look forward to baseball season already. This Paul Giel is in better shape than most of the cards in my slowly growing '59 Topps set, so 65 cents seemed like a fair enough price...

Bubblegum and Radness

Your weekly Radness update, plus baseball cards. We're down to the Final Four in the big college basketball tournament. Were it not for North Carolina holding off Notre Dame, we would have seen all four #1 seeds go down in the same round. Show More Summary

2016 Donruss blaster box break recap

There are just enough wrinkles that makes 2016 Donruss a little different alternative besides the usual Topps flagship or Topps Heritage - for at least the casual baseball card collector, who can embrace the quirks of a non-MLB licensed baseball card product. Show More Summary

Catching Up with Trade Posts

Today I've got another great trade package to show the contents of, this one from Jared of Catching Up With Collecting. This package is baseball-heavy, which is perfect with just one week to go until the first Red Sox game of 2016!Jared sent a whole slew of Red Sox cards my way. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Golden Nugget

What: 1997 Metal Universe - Mining for Gold #3 of 10 - Nomar Garciaparra Where: Central Sports Cards, Pawtucket, RIHow Much?: $.25Why?: Leave a die-cut Nomah insert from one of the gaudiest sets of the '90s behind in a quarter bin? I don't think so!

Featured autograph - Spike Owen

I have no real recollection of Owen as a MLB player, much less a one-time Angel, except as a junk wax guy - who generally fit the stereotype of a 'good field, no hit' shortstop at various points in his professional baseball career. In...Show More Summary

2016 Donruss 30-card hanger pack break

#50 Sonny Gray #140 Adam Jones #131 Yordano Ventura #123 Corey Kluber #116 Curtis Granderson #94 Collin McHugh #89 Matt Carpenter #83 Mike Trout #132 Eric Hosmer #124 Francisco Liriano #117 Shin-Soo Choo #111 Ryan Braun #55 Jose Bautista...Show More Summary

Enough Canvas to Paint a Picture

I feel like I've been posting a lot of the Upper Deck Canvas hockey inserts here recently, and you're about to get a whole slew of them today, but this was just too good a deal not to blog about.I'm not sure if this year's set is more...Show More Summary

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Looking back, it's been nothing but hockey for a few days running here. That's not something I intended, it just sort of unfolded that way. Don't worry though, I still collect baseball cards. Today I've got a COMC pick-up from last year that was too good to be true... Show More Summary

Super '70s

Poorly scanned cards from a forgettable era for the Cards. My scanner does not like cards from the '70s at all. I actually looked in to replacing the thing a few months ago when there were some clearance deals at the local office supplies...Show More Summary

Finishing One Package, and Starting Another

My open desk space is rapidly disappearing thanks to a seemingly endless supply of new cardboard being sent my way by other bloggers and trade partners. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get caught up, and also starting to worry that I don't have enough trade fodder lying around to return the favor to all of these generous folks. Show More Summary

Gobs of Ginter

A pile of 2015 Ginter rolls in, plus a March Radness update. It was a crazy week for March Radness! It's easy to say that every year, but this year seemed especially nuts. Many people's darling pick to win it all (Michigan State) went down in the first round. Show More Summary

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