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E-Mail Order Cards

A few recent online purchases. I feel like I don't do this often enough here, so I thought I'd show off some cards I bought recently to add to my collection. I usually find another reason to buy cards from COMC and then figure I'll save on shipping by throwing in a few (or a lot more than a few) purchases for myself. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - The Art of the Screen

I'm not sure this is the textbook method for screening the goaltender, but it certainly makes for an interesting hockey card: I've been after one of these Parkhurst Champions wire photo autographs since they hit the market back in 2011, but apparently I'm not the only one who's a fan, as they sell for a pretty penny to this day. Show More Summary


Today I've got a PWEFM (PWE from Mark) for your enjoyment. Mark Kaz, of This Way to the Clubhouse, and I have been fueling each others' respective team collections with an ongoing barrage of PWEs for well over a year now. Mark's latest installment packed quite the punch, as always. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2013 Topps #639

What can you say about this guy? Who is he? What to say about Josh Hamilton? He was the overall number one draft pick in the 1999 MLB Draft, but it would take until 2007 before the can't miss prospect would play in the majors. Hamilton went through years of problems with drugs and an organizational change before he made his debut with the Reds. Show More Summary

The Kindness of Strangers

Every week there seems to be at least one example I can come up with that illustrates the generosity exhibited by those that share in the sports card hobby. Today's post is just the latest. I was contacted (a couple of months ago now) by a reader named Angus from Canada. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Pro Debut breaks

I picked up six packs to have some loose cards to mix in with an incoming hand collated set - there is a subtle difference with the surface of the Pro Debut cards and regular MLB Topps cards; the players' images on the Pro Debut cards...Show More Summary

Blue Cubes - Wow!

I think I have a new favorite parallel... I assure you this card looks every bit as good in person (maybe even better) as it does in this scan. It's a "Blue Cubes" parallel from the 2014-15 O-Pee-Chee Platinum set. If you enjoy shiny these take it to another level. Show More Summary

I Traded with Nachos Grande

And all I got was this lousy t-shirt. (Not pictured: the t-shirt) I'm almost caught up with March's packages, which means I shouldn't be typing the words "caught up" at all. From longtime blogger Nachos Grande came a trading first for me: I got something functional and wearable from him in the form of a (not actually lousy) Cardinals t-shirt. Show More Summary


Still just a drop in the bucket. Friday was payday, so I went out over the weekend to run some errands and came home with some cards. You know how this goes. One of the things I punked down some cash for was a 20 packs-for-$20 repack box, which is probably the best way to do repacks. Show More Summary

The Temptation of the 20 Packs for $20 Box...

Recently, I've been on a bit of a hot streak when it comes to opening packs. First, there was the Kris Bryant serial-numbered Purple Refractor from 2015 Bowman. Then I checked out 2015 Gypsy Queen and pulled an SSP image variation of David Ortiz. Show More Summary

Congratulations to Arthur Brand

I suspect several of my readers know Arthur Brand, who used to frequently post on numismatic discussion boards under the name of the ancient Greek die engraver Euainetos. Others may know of his Dutch-language book Het verboden Judas-evangelie...Show More Summary

A Package from My Favorite Yankees Fan

Recently I received another great batch of cards from my favorite Yankees fan, Tim B. of I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning. I sent him a small batch of Yankees I had rounded up, but I have no idea what I did to deserve a group of cards like the one Tim sent me in return. Show More Summary

First World Problems

I'm sure each of you has a method for processing incoming cards. Thanks to my mild (or maybe not so mild) OCD, my process involves checking each card against my digital collection on Zistle to see whether I already have a copy. If so, into the trade box. Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 2007 Topps #21

Hi. I play for NEWYORK. Who is he? Chris Britton was a relief pitcher for a spell. His Wikipedia entry seems neglected and a little sad, mentioning his large weight relative to other players in the league in the present tense even though he hasn't pitched a game in 7 years. Show More Summary

A Crazy Idea?

Matt Holliday playing first base doesn't seem far-fetched to me. I didn't plan on making consecutive posts about the Cardinals Lego-headed star, but with Matt Adams being lost for the year due to injury my mind has been wandering about how this problem will be addressed. Show More Summary

Looking at the early cruciform die over time

Several things make studying the reverse “Parion” dies challenging. It is a simple geometric design, and the die cutters are cutting new dies to imitate the old. In this example, the design is very similar. The lines on the right are thicker, but this will happen as the die degrades. Show More Summary

A Promo and a Plate

Short on time tonight, and even shorter on energy. I'm behind as usual on trade/thank you posts. Tim B is next in queue, and he sent me a pretty large stack of cards that I'm working through now. After that is reader Angus, then Mark Hoyle. Show More Summary

Goin' on a Holliday

Matt Holliday ties a Cardinals record by reaching base for the 42nd consecutive game to start the season. Over the holiday weekend, I hit up a local card shop for some supplies and a few things I needed to fulfill some contest prizes. Show More Summary

Archaic gorgon/incuse drachms said to be minted at Parion

(Price and Waggoner, Archaic Greek Coinage: the Asyut hoard, #612) One of the most common archaic Greek coin types is the gorgon/incuse type. Unfortunately very little has been written about it. Poor specimens are common. Common and ugly coin types can be overlooked, especially without a story backed by a literary source. Show More Summary

T207 - The Red-Headed Stepchild of the T206

Any baseball card collector with even a mild, passing interest in vintage is aware of the T206 tobacco cards. I'm no expert, but I'd say the average collector is more familiar with T206s than any other pre-war set. But, how about the T207 set? I don't recall ever seeing any of these myself until stumbling across this one a while back. Show More Summary

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