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1986 Topps Kurt Sohn #100

I must have seen this card somewhere online and I wanted a copy of the card because it shows this NFL player, football in-hand glaring with his game face on - maybe Sohn was stuck on the bench, but the eye black makes it like he's ready to get involved in the action at any given moment. Show More Summary

3,792 Miles

The cards in today's post came a long way, across the Atlantic Ocean in fact, to join my collection. I know many folks feel the same way, but to me probably the single greatest thing about writing this sports card blog is the fact that...Show More Summary

Angels frankenset - random adds

I haven't forgotten about the frankenset I started last year, though I've been content to let it sit otherwise - I wanted to pick up cards for the project, so I went rummaging around to conjure up this assortment of cards. 1971 Topps...Show More Summary


You'd be pretty excited too, if you bought a lot of 1998-2000 Stadium Club Triumvirate/3X3's for only $22.

Just One Bryce, Please

While I still primarily focus on Red Sox cards of any age, shape or size, the fact is I'm way too scattered and random in what I enjoy in this hobby to stop there. Sometimes it's a shiny set that catches my eye, other times a player who is significant enough that I feel the need to add them to my collection. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Stadium Club finds

I picked up 39 cards out of a 'small brick' of loose 2016 Topps Stadium Club at a card shop - I’m not trying to complete the set but I wanted to see if I could score a handful of the stand out base cards before touching any unopened packs or blasters. Show More Summary


Just one All-Star nod for the Cardinals means I'm taking the year off from the farcical game. While it certainly seems like a down year for the Cardinals, there were a number of All-Star candidates on a team that has mostly been one of the top offenses in the league this year. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Series II four count blister

I was shopping at Target and picked up a $8 Topps blister [with four 12-cards packs and a Changing of the Guard bonus card] since Angels superstar Mike Trout was featured on top - the Trout may not be quite a big hit, but it's kind of an oddball to put away. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set - July 3rd No-Hitter Edition

As I enjoy the fireworks going off both on my street and way off on the horizon, let's take a look at another ten buybacks for my slowly growing franken-set... #543 - 1970 Clyde Wright To begin this batch, we've got my very first entry from the 1970 Topps set in pitcher Clyde Wright. Show More Summary

2016 Panini Diamond Kings hobby recap

I picked up a box on eBay for $65 and while I bought a few more things so I could use a $15 off $75 eBay promo code - I chose to make believe I applied the discount to this box purchase and just added on the other purchases. I wanted...Show More Summary

2002 Topps Tribute Paul Waner #71

I looked for one more card to add to my stash before checking out my cards and found this shiny base card from a 15-year old high-end Topps set - Waner was the 1927 National League MVP with the Pittsburgh Pirates, becoming the first player in the team's history to be honored with the MVP award.

So Long Rusney? (and Other Cardboard from Dimebox Nick)

Towards the end of last week I found a plain white envelope in my mailbox with a nice Elvis Presley stamp on it. That can only mean one thing, goods from Dimebox Nick! Nick always manages to stuff a great variety of cardboard into just a single envelope, and he certainly did so again this time. Show More Summary

Repack Hits?

Who knew? As I recently teased on Twitter, I bought a few of the drug store variety repack boxes over at Walgreen's on Monday. I was only going to grab one as my reward for running errands that actually involved said drug store, but they happened to be on sale ($3.99!) for some weird reason, so I bought all three that were on the shelf. Show More Summary

Assorted Angels prospects pick ups

The Major League team is mostly down with the exception of Mike Trout and the farm system is barren - perhaps there aren't a handful of 'future Angels' to latch onto before they reach the Major Leagues. After the Angels drafted MattShow More Summary

Yeah, I Guess I Collect Xander Bogaerts

A few weeks ago, a comment left here by Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown kind of opened my eyes a bit. I had mentioned that I don't player collect any longer because trying to get every card of a particular player is maddening (not to...Show More Summary

This Again

Most Wanted card number 26. There have been a number of Ozzie Smith rookie card facsimiles produced by Topps during this millennium (or Willennium? are we still calling it that?), but nothing beats the real thing. Topps added another...Show More Summary

The Buyback Franken-set Grows By Ten

Let's take a look at another ten buyback cards to see if they make the cut for my newly formed Buyback Franken-set. Spoiler alert, this set is so new for me that all ten cards made the cut since they have no competition yet. It won't...Show More Summary

Orange is the New Black

I've tried watching the show "Orange is the New Black". Not awful, but not exactly my cup of tea either. I think I made it through the first season and then trailed off. Anyway, this post has nothing to do with that show. It's just that...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Fred McGriff

I probably didn't need another certified autograph card of the longtime MLB slugger [I picked one up several years ago] - but the autograph is bold and clean on the baseball material used, so I picked it up for ownage sake. Hopefully...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Albert Belle

I like these certified autograph cards where presumably a baseball is ripped up and the sweet spot [the area between the seams, the preferred spot for single signed baseballs] - is put together to mimic a signed baseball on a trading card. Show More Summary

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