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2002 UD Vintage Aces Mike Marshall

This $2 pick up represents an oddball find for my award winners collection - a 14-year old card with some sort of game used material, featuring a workhorse reliever who won the 1974 National League MVP. I figured this card was the best...Show More Summary

A National Hero

An impressive collection of basketball cards sent my way included my new most prized possession. Jon of longtime website Community Gum was lucky enough to hit up the National this year, something I've scarcely even dreamed of doing.Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Khalil Greene

I have tried to get as many 2005-2006 Topps Turkey Red cards autographed in-person/TTM to varying degrees of success - I spotted the Greene TPA signed card, when looking through certified autographs of players who remain curiosities for whatever reason. Show More Summary

Antique Store Haul - Part I

I've teased it a couple of times now, it's time I finally got around to posting about the awesome batch of cards I picked up at an antiques store here in Rhode Island last month.It was my last day of a week's vacation from work where I didn't really travel, more of a mental break. Show More Summary

Sports Wishing

The Cardinals could use a little Freese Magic (circa 2011) right now. A few weeks back we looked at some cards from Jeff of Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum. Lo and behold, tonight we have some more to show you from an envelope that arrived last month. Show More Summary

Chase Utley - it's all part of the game

I've only really watched bits and pieces of the MLB postseason, but what Chase Utley did to end Ruben Tejada's season perked up my interest - I didn't want to see Tejada getting hurt on an apparent takeout slide, but when it counts, fans needs to see some of these players act like heels to show that there is something at stake. Show More Summary

Who the Hella is Joe Ciccarella?

Time to showcase the latest batch of nine Red Sox cards that I received courtesy of my friend Mark Kaz of This Way to the Clubhouse... We'll start off with a name that I confess was new to me (hence the title of the post), Joe Ciccarella. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Rico Petrocelli

For the second straight week, I've got a star player from baseball's past to feature here in my Signature Sundays segment. The player on this week's card may not have the same cache as last week's (few can match Yogi Berra after all), but he's no slouch either... Show More Summary

Award winners collection reboot

I have a binder of 'award winners' where I've tried to add cards featuring the recipients of the three big MLB awards [Most Valuable Player, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year] - about a few weeks ago, I was inspired to go through the binder...Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 6: We Can Get Down

Oregon heads back to the road with a lot of moving parts. Last Saturday's win over Colorado raised as many questions as it provided answers. It appears that the Ducks are going to try to ride out Vernon Adams Jr's broken finger for a...Show More Summary

All Over the Map

Man, last week was something else. Work has been insane, and it's the primary reason that there's been less activity than normal here on the blog. I'm very grateful for the long weekend, let's see if I can get back on track here with a random smattering of cards from all over the map... Show More Summary

Airbrushed Fridays: 1975 Topps #572

Just happy to be here. Who is he? Roger Nelson pitched professionally for 17 seasons, though he only appeared in 135 big league games. His minor league career began in 1963 and ended in Portland in 1979 with Pittsburgh's AAA affiliate. Show More Summary

Something About the Playoffs

The time is nigh. The Cubs and Cardinals have faced each other more than two thousand times, but none of those times has been in the postseason. This is all about to change tomorrow. I thought about doing my usual preview that I've done the past few years for each playoff series. Show More Summary

Cards from the West, Cards from the North

Time to play incoming mail I've got two great packages to share that have arrived at Shoebox Legends World Headquarters within the past couple of weeks. First, a small package of cards from the West Coast, representing my very first trade with Adam (aka arpsmith) of ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession. Show More Summary

So Many B's

Piles upon piles of cards from a fellow Allen & Ginter collector. Braves fan Matt, who runs the blog Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits (hereafter referred to as BBBBB) reached out to me a couple of times this year to get ahold of some of my unwanted Ginter goods. Show More Summary

CN 22 from Poland

Yesterday I received a silvered bronze plaquette depicting a WWII event by the Polish artist Bohdan Chmielewski (1927-2014). The medal is interesting but instead of blogging about the medal I will show the Customs Declaration. The CN 22 form tells us that the item is a 'Podraunek' (gift), a medal, weighing 26 pounds (or 261 grams?). Show More Summary

The Season is Over

And soon there will nothing but hopeless bleak despair. Until then, it's playoff time! On Saturday afternoon, I snagged a $9.99 rack box of the new 2015 Topps Heritage High Series. Almost every card save for the inserts was a duplicate...Show More Summary

2015 Topps Heritage High Number set

Though I haven't kept up with most baseball releases, I picked up a 2015 Topps Heritage High hand-collated 200-card non-SP set as a tease - there may not be the cheap thrills gained by pulling assorted inserts and short prints in blaster and/or loose pack breaks, but at least I can go through have all the regular cards in the set. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Yogi

For my birthday last month, I received a $30 gift card from my mother in law. With some money to spend on myself, of course I thought of cards! I didn't have anything in particular in mind, but a couple of weeks later while browsing around on eBay I found a card that I knew was perfect. Show More Summary

Grading Parthian Coins

Many Parthian coins in very high grades are available for purchase. I have no data but it seems like dealer inventories are larger than usual. I wondered if this indicated new hoards had been found. I wanted to see if I could measure a change in the average grade of dealer advertised stock. Show More Summary

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