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Buyback Franken-set: Lew & the Lawnmower

Just a quick post tonight, no time for much else. Lew Krausse already made my buyback franken-set, but for less than a dollar on COMC I've now got him with the Red Sox as well. I believe this is the first lawnmower to make the set, and...Show More Summary

2016 Topps Heritage Minors leaders

I prefer individual player cards, though these two cards have some novelty - Jose Martinez [featured on card #195] is a journeyman who hit.384 with the Kansas City Royals AAA team in 2015. I learned about Martinez while listening to a Baseball America podcast and found this story on their Web site - he was sold to the St. Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 6: Streak on the Line

It's Oregon vs. Washington time with the Ducks at their lowest point in decades. It took all the enthusiasm I could muster up to not post a lazy GIF of a burning dumpster and calling this post good. After back-to-back close losses where...Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Mark Prior

With a 103 win season in the books, this maybe the year for the Chicago Cubs to smash up their World Series curse, like once upon a time when Prior was a phenom looking to pitch the Cubs into the World Series back in 2003 - of course, it wasn't meant to be and the Cubs are still down-and-out after 108 years. Show More Summary should be back should be back online. It is now hosted by Amazon.

Will Work for Cards

This past week I made it to my local hobby shop for the first time in nearly 6 months I would guess. The reason for my stopping in was to help the owner, my buddy John, with a computer question. Since I was there though, and had an hour...Show More Summary

Happy Birthday to Me - A COMC "Card Show" - Part 2

Time for the second and final installment featuring the birthday presents I picked out for myself on COMC last month. With my $75 credit I ended up with eight cards in total. You can see the first four here, today I've got the remaining four. Show More Summary

I Don't Learn, You Don't Listen

Starting things I can't finish again. The Topps Heritage line has been around for 16 years now, which is more years than I've put into seriously collecting cards, and twice as many years as this blog has been around. You would thinkShow More Summary

Happy Birthday to Me - A COMC "Card Show" - Part 1

My birthday was just about a month ago now. Since I don't typically get anything sports card-related as a gift (though I did receive an eBay gift card from my mother-in-law), I decided to treat myself this year. I loaded $75 of credit...Show More Summary

Trevor Delivers

Another multi-sport trade package heads to the NW. Things are happening! We get to take a one day breather from six months of baseball before the play-in games begin, followed by weeks of cold hard (literally cold) playoff baseball. For the first time since 2010, my Cardinals will not be a participant. Show More Summary will be back soon

My web site is down. I hope to have it up again tonight. Until then, you may access the AWS mirror. It was not hacked. The operators shut it down because it went over quota. It is apparently under attack by a virus.

200 Hits - An Update

A week or two ago, when Mookie Betts recorded his 200th hit of 2016, I put together a post on 200-hit seasons in Boston Red Sox history. Well, I guess I should have waited a bit longer to hit publish on that one, because over the final...Show More Summary

2016 Topps Heritage Hyun Soo Kim #721 image variation

I wanted a rookie card of the Korean import and ended up with a rookie-year variation - it's a random pick-up, but the story behind Kim's first season in Major League Baseball fascinated me. After a banner season with the KBO DoosanShow More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 5: The Crossroads

The Ducks start the first of a back-to-back Washington school sortie, smarting after another close loss. Oregon's first conference game last week went about as well as the previous week's matchup with Nebraska. Close, but no cigar. The...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: HOF Hurlers Edition

I nearly went the entire month of September without a buyback franken-set post, so I'm sneaking one in here just in time. Today I've got the very last of the large lot that started this project off for me, and this post will start and finish with HOF pitchers. Show More Summary

The Elusive

Some hard to find items arrive in an envelope. It's a strange card collecting world that we live in when some of the toughest cards to nail down are ones you used to find on big box store shelves. Retail exclusive inserts, parallels,...Show More Summary

2016 Topps Heritage Minors recaps

I picked up a couple of pre-sell boxes from Blowout Cards and got them the same day the product officially hit the streets - from two boxes, it looks like I was able to complete a 200-card base set, which was a relief since I didn't want to worry about looking for any missing set cards. Show More Summary

My First Collectible Coin Find

I have been collecting coins since I was ten years old and of course I would go through my change and admire my coins for something unusual and exciting.

1945 Penny with Buffalo Nickel backing

My grandfather left this coin to me, but do not know much about it. Can you help?

1971 white penny weighs 3.23 grams

Today I found a penny. It is white but doesn't appear to be silver and it weighs 3.23 grams. I would like to know if it is an error coin and if it has

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