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10 from COMC

As seems to always be the case these days, I'm behind on a few trade packages that I need to thank some generous folks for. Since I haven't had the time this week to scan in any of those goods though, you're getting ten randomly selected...Show More Summary

An Intellectual Curiosity

"We treat all stakeholders with a vested interest in the site with the same intellectual curiosity, which means we interact with and learn from local populations, dealers, collectors, looters, government employees, archaeologists, museum...Show More Summary

2016 Topps Series I 36-card rack pack

Top section #216 Logan Forsythe #8 Michael Brantley #336 Mark Melancon #72 Chris Young #187 AL Wins Leaders - feat. Keuchel, McHugh and Price #80 Carson Smith #BB-32 Tony Gwynn - Berger’s Best insert #119 Sean Doolittle - Rainbow Foil...Show More Summary

Walk Off Wins

Cross two more inserts off the 2016 list. A Bryan and a Brian brought me closer to never having to think about 2016 Topps Series One again with a couple of small envelopes. First off, Golden Rainbow cards sent over a pair of want list needs recently. Show More Summary

A Whopper of a Trade!

A while back I was contacted by Chris of the relatively new blog A Blog to Be Named Later. We worked out a rough framework of a trade, and I was more than happy to purge out some unwanted Heritage and Archives baseball cards, especially...Show More Summary

Shots Fired

I'll never get organized at this rate. Jaybarkerfan fired the opening salvo of what will go down in the annals of history as The Great Trade Wars of 2016. The always generous JBF got the #supertraders thing up and running. Here's just a few of the great Cards on cards that he sent my way. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Bobby Doerr

A really quick post for Signature Sundays this week. Between an insane work week and then a great weekend spent with friends and family there's been little time for cards. I did have this awesome Bobby Doerr autograph queued up to go though. Show More Summary

Collecting topics - awesome outfield action

More cards from an 87-card mix I put together at a card show for $20 - I tried to build up a 'run' of mini-collection adds perhaps with an emphasis on the assorted star cards [I was finding for the most part] as opposed to strictly commons. Show More Summary

One Card Post - Pronger RC

What: 1993-94 Fleer Ultra #339 - Chris Pronger RCWhere: Chris, from A Blog to Be Named LaterHow Much?: Came in tradeWhy?: File this one under "I didn't have this already?!?!". I can't believe I was missing this classic Chris Pronger junk wax era rookie. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Flops

My first and last look at 2016 Topps Series One. I've made a little noise about giving up on buying Topps flagship products for the foreseeable future, but you can't honestly judge something until it's right in front of your face. I'm...Show More Summary

Hockey Randomness!

Today seems as good a day as any to toss up a completely random assortment of hockey cards that have come across my desk in recent weeks. Sort of a draft folder "catch all" of stuff that didn't make it into any other posts, but cards...Show More Summary


A Most Wanted card arrives to complete a set, and more! This poorly scanned Yogi Berra card that you see above was the final card I needed to complete the 2010 Topps Turkey Red inserts set, and I'm feeling very accomplished as a result. Show More Summary

Random pick ups - a trio of Pat Burrell

These cards were a part of an 87-card mix I put together at a card show for $20 - I was kind of in a frenzy since I hadn't gone to go a card show in a long time, so I wasn’t as picky about adding and subtracting cards from the stash of cards I was building up. Show More Summary

Basketball Club Renewal

If you like NBA cards, read this. I made some updates to my Guilt-Free Basketball Card Club today, cleaning up the list a little bit by purging a few people I've lost contact with and adding some folks from the Super Traders list. In...Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Better Than 2016 Topps

Another Sunday, another 2005 Baseball Heroes autograph... I was fortunate enough to win this beautiful Al Kaline on eBay recently, and it marks my 16th Emerald Autograph from this set. It's just my second of the horizontal, painted variety though (each player on the checklist had four standard vertical cards and one painted horizontal one). Show More Summary

COMC (Clearing Out My Chest)

I just shipped myself the last few months worth of cards from my COMC inventory, so I need to make some room in my card chest before they arrive. Towards that end, I pulled and scanned some individual cards this afternoon from the drawers holding COMC loot, until I ran out of both time and motivation. Show More Summary

TTM autograph received: Ed Sprague Sr.

After not bothering with TTM requests, I really want to start sending off random cards again bit-by-bit so once in a while, I start getting something back in the mail - I sent a request to Ed Sprague Sr. and got my card signed in black ballpoint in nine days. Show More Summary

Abject Failure

Luck runs out, especially when you buy Bowman Chrome. I've been on a bit of a hot streak lately with my meager card purchases and I've also been on a bit of a Chrome kick. After I ran across a blaster of 2012 Bowman Chrome at a reasonably reduced rate, I took the plunge on something I ordinarily avoid. Show More Summary

Piles and Piles of Ginter

Some giveaway goodies from @jedijeff13 help me get my Allen & Ginter act together. Look at me, I've finally got a proper want list going for one of last year's sets that I collect! Although there's still a ton of work to do, I'm no longer totally embarrassed to hyperlink to the list of 2015 Allen & Ginter cards that I need. Show More Summary

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