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What I like about you

Although this post is not about the the 1980 hit by the Romantics or the sitcom that ran on The WB over 10 years ago, it is about you. Earlier this year I changed the way I keep statistics for this blog. I had to make this change because the old way of keeping statistics […]

What’s in your pocket?

During the busy week, I will empty my pocket of change and place it on my dresser. When it gets too piled up I will see if there is anything worth a further look before dumping them into a nearby container. After a year, the container is emptied and the proceeds go to charity. But […]

Next stop for the famed Double Eagles: SCOTUS

Earlier this months the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the procedural appeal that the ten 1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins did not have to be returned to the Langbord family. This is a case that has been ongoing for ten years following the “discovery” of ten 1933 Saint-Gaudens $20 gold Double […]

PCGS ups the bounty

Catching up with the numismatic news from the last few weeks, I saw a note that Professional Coin Grading Service is offering a bounty of $10,000 each to view and grade five of the very rarest coins. PCGS will grade the coins and return them to their owner along with the $10,000 reward. It started […]

Will you help?

There are no bigger heroes in daily society than teachers. Teachers are entrusted with our children to teach them while working through the societal, social, and political issues to ensure that our future is educated. In the face of attack by people who think they know better and politicians who want them to do more […]

Good Luck Ducks, Week 2: Step 2

The Ducks face their second test of the season with a moderate jump in skill level. It was great to be back in Eugene last weekend for me personally. I got to visit the triumverate of Eugene breweries, eat at some of my favorite Eugene restaurants and do the great walk from campus to Autzen. Show More Summary

Old Friends and New Friends

This past Wednesday I had what was a new experience for me; meeting a couple of other collectors out for dinner, beer, and baseball card talk. The infamous Mark Hoyle, Matt from Bob Walk the Plank and I sat around for a good three hours just talking shop at a brewery/restaurant in Providence. Show More Summary

What is This Nonsense?

You can't, like, own a digital card, man. Imagine baseball cards. They're little rectangular pictures of baseball players with words on them. They're numbered and there's a whole lot of them. Fans of the sport and fans of collecting things like to collect them. Show More Summary

Supersized Supertrade!

The want lists take a beating again thanks to @sanjosefuji and some huge goods from two sports. After complaining for years about having no A's fans to trade with, I unloaded a pallet full of Oakland-based cards on a couple of people this summer, with Supertrader Fuji taking a healthy share. Show More Summary

Birds of Young and Old

The want list takes another hit. It's still early in the week for me after a long weekend and the always bittersweet return of football to the scene, but here's a few cards of Cardinals of past and present that I was mailed recently by the Cards Stacks Blog. Show More Summary

2016 Bowman Platinum blaster box

This Walmart exclusive product seem to be flooding into various Walmart locations now and I grabbed a blaster and two 12-card packs - while I consider these cards a secondary, 'lesser' product, the foil board cards are a change of pace from the regular Bowman / Bowman Chrome products, which gets repetitive and boring. Show More Summary

Boston Braves MVP

Just a quick one tonight, featuring the latest 1949 Bowman to join my collection, third baseman Bob Elliott of the Boston Braves. I picked this one up simply due to my love of the early Bowman baseball releases, and because it's always nice to add some Braves to my Boston sports collection. Show More Summary

Angels Topps stamped buyback cards

These dingy old Topps cards add wrinkles to my Opening Day collection - the Topps buyback stamps make the cards a curiosity of sorts [even if the cards are literally fillers] and depending on a specific card or player, I might seek them out on impulse. Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - From the National!

Haven't done a Signature Sundays post for some time, but a beautiful holiday weekend here in New England seems like as good a time as any to revive the series. Especially since I have some autographs from this year's National to show off! No, I did not make it down to the show. Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 1: Recovery

The Oregon Ducks begin their football season anew with another new senior transfer at quarterback. Let's just get this out of the way right now: last season was brutal. After the first game, I was fully prepared for the Ducks to return...Show More Summary

Random Loot

Except for a couple of trade packages, my scans folder is nearly empty for a change, so this morning I've got a hodgepodge of assorted cardboard to get me that much closer. Let's start off with a few cards from my last trip to the hobby shop, which sadly was many months ago now. Show More Summary

Featured autograph - Ryan Jackson

The journeyman infielder had played a little bit with the Angels AAA team the past couple of years and appeared in 22 games with the big league team in 2015 - primarily a second baseman, Jackson didn't do much as he was hitless in 9 at-bats with a walk and 5 strikeouts.

Buyback Franken-set: A Word Association Experiment

Let's imagine we're engaging in a baseball card collector word association experiment. The rules are simple; we state a word, and the subject of the experiment states the first player that comes to their mind. In this context, I think there are a lot of test words that would elicit a different response depending on who you asked. Show More Summary

Keeping the Cubs Fans at Bay

Fresh out of Cubs cards, thanks to @ TwitchWasHere (not that I mind.) I can complain about pulling Cubs all I want, but I will never run out of fiends clawing at my door, ready to get their sweet, sweet fix of the blue stuff. Sheesh....Show More Summary

2016 Topps Archives Mike Trout Super

Inspired by a stand alone Topps oddball set from 1969, this is a cutesy Topps insert from 2016 Archives - I like the minimalist design with the rounded corners and facsimile autograph, so I added on the cheap. Trout has to be 'the guy'...Show More Summary

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