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Radness Update

A contest update as the field of teams has narrowed from 64(ish) to 16. After the first week of the frenzy that is March Madness, I find myself in my usual position with my bracket: somewhere between laughable and pathetic. I shouldShow More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: '74s & a Pilot

Ten more buybacks to look at today from the large lot I won a while back. All of today's save one are from the 1974 Topps set. Let's see how they fare... 1974 Topps #12 - Dave May Dave May was coming off the best season of his career here. Show More Summary

Shiny Sox from Mark Kaz

A week or two ago I found a surprise PWE from my good buddy Mark Kaz waiting in my mailbox for me after work. I'm grateful that, despite the fact that Mark is no longer blogging, we can continue our back and forth mailings of Red Sox and Mets. Show More Summary

A Sunday COMC Blaster

Had a little free time to do some scanning this morning, and it's been a while since I did one of these COMC "virtual blasters". So, I hit up my card chest where I store my backlog of to-be-processed cards from past COMC orders and grabbed and scanned at random until I reached the $20 mark. Show More Summary

BoSox & Buybacks - A PWE from Joe Shlabotnik

Tonight I've got the contents of a wonderful PWE that I received from Joe Shlabotnik to show off to you. Joe is someone who, like me, seems to appreciate a lot of variety in his collection, so our back-and-forth PWEs typically contain a wide assortment of cardboard. Show More Summary

2017 Topps Opening Day pack breaks

It looks like a fresh box was open on the counter and while I really turn my nose at this more cutesy, 'flagship-lite' alternative - I wanted to bust some packs and for a dollar each, was there anything to lose? Pack one #189 Todd Frazier...Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: Work Week Relief

This week was a long one, but I'm now at home for the weekend and ready to relax. What better way to celebrate than with some new buybacks for the franken-set project? Here are ten more from a lot of 68 that I picked up for the price of a blaster at the beginning of the year... Show More Summary

2017 Topps Heritage blaster recap oddity

I purchased a blaster box the day I picked up my random card shop packs a few weeks ago - I remember listing out what I pulled from my hobby pack breaks first, then feeling like maybe I should go on with the blaster box. It looks like...Show More Summary

Pack War - 2017 Topps vs. Grab Bag

Well, I finally got around to checking out Topps' 2017 flagship baseball offering for myself. I happened to be driving right past a hobby shop that I don't usually frequent with a few minutes to spare, so I stopped in and picked up a pack. Show More Summary

March Radness Reminder

The field is set. The contest is free. Sign up now and start filling out your bracket! Are you going to pick Duke? Everyone loves Duke!

Buyback Franken-set: Contributions from Chris the Collector

Today's buyback franken-set contributions come from Chris, who writes over at The Collector. Chris busted 5 hobby boxes of 2017 Topps Heritage and came away with a pretty sweet Carlos Correa autograph. The fate of that Correa is still...Show More Summary

Signature Sundays - Star Wars

Growing up as a child of the '80s I was, like many kids my age, a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. The films from the original trilogy were among my absolute favorite from childhood, and I still enjoy them to this day. I'm excited...Show More Summary

2017 Donruss hobby two pack break

With a look inspired by an updated take on 1990 Donruss, the base cards are sharp, though still otherwise feel generic - maybe my small sample size of two packs doesn't quite tell the entire story, but it's hard to buy into these cards when they don't really stand out. Show More Summary

Dear Topps, I Hate You

This is what a card back looks like. Full stats!Also, don't forget to sign up for the March Radness contest. The Radness starts Thursday.

Stat Kings - 1983-84 NHL Scoring Leaders

It's time for another Stat Kings post here on Shoebox Legends. In this series I take a look at statistical leaders from sports history and match them up with relevant cardboard. My hope is that these posts will help me to more closely...Show More Summary

A Trio of '59 HOFers!

Recently I scored 9 pretty significant additions to my '59 Topps set build when an eBay seller listed out nearly an entire set individually, with each card starting at a penny and combined shipping offered. I showed off the first three a while back, today I've got the second trio to get to and each one happens to feature a Hall-of-Famer to boot... Show More Summary

There's a Lot to Like About Topps Heritage

And a few things that are not so much full of awesome. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this year's Topps Heritage product, and was recently considering what the end point might look like for my collection of this product line. (The...Show More Summary

Setsmas All Year Round - Day 8: Junk Food

True facts: One of the first trading cards I ever had if not THE first card was a 1978 Burger King card acquired in Toronto on a family trip. That card was of a Tiger and is long gone like my memories of that trip. If it even happened,...Show More Summary

Video on creating 'coins' with CNC machine

I stumbled across this 9 minute video which shows the process of creating a medallion with realistic bust using a CNC machine. The medallion produced looks quite good! It looks better than most of the 'coins' featured in do-it-yourself coin making videos. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: A Red Baron Request

I'm probably one of the few collectors who is actually pleased about the gluttony of junk wax buybacks that Topps is including in their baseball releases this year. I'm also very grateful that some other folks out there have thought of me and my buyback franken-set project when they've pulled some of them. Show More Summary

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