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One Card Post - Old School Rosen

What: 1951 Topps Red Back #35 - Al Rosen (PSA EX-MT 6)Where: eBayHow Much?: $10.99Why?: While I don't pursue this set with much vigor, I'll always jump at the opportunity to add a nice example from the first Topps baseball release to my collection. Show More Summary

Fantasy Basketball, Anyone?

Trying to gauge interest on potentially starting up a league. I know I have a few hoops fans among my readers, and while I'm a longtime fantasy baseball player I haven't tried basketball in awhile. I'd like to change that this year.Show More Summary

COMC - From Canvas to Yoda

Nothing seems to illustrate my all-over-the-map, complete inability to focus in this hobby better than my COMC orders do. To help prove that point, I've got 30 or so cards that have come in my last couple of orders to show you today....Show More Summary


Emotions running high. Aledmys Diaz belted a grand slam tonight in his second at-bat since returning from a temporary leave of the team. He was mourning the loss of his close friend, of course, the All-Star pitcher with otherworldly talent, Jose Fernandez.My first ever card of the rookie SS came to me from a Cardboard Collections group break. Show More Summary

Jose Fernandez - when it's it, it's it

I only knew of him as a star pitcher who had a God given right arm, so my big takeaway from Fernandez' death last Sunday is that you have to enjoy the run - because even for guys we put on a pedestal, watch on TV and have on fantasy teams, life can be fragile and unforgiving. Show More Summary

Topps Now - Enough Already!

Ah, Topps Now. Looking back on it, my mistake was buying the first one. I should have known with my OCD/completist personality that if I picked up one of these I'd be chasing them all. At this point though, I'm officially sick of Topps Now. Show More Summary

The Ripper's Dilemma

What do I do with this? Over the weekend, I hit up the monthly card show for the first time since the end of April. As usual, most of my time was spent poring over the nickel/dime/quarter boxes, and since the summer is over, the retail guy was there in full effect with his discounted blasters. Show More Summary

A Shlabotnik Pick-Me-Up

As was the case with probably all sports fans in general, I was saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of young star pitcher Jose Fernandez yesterday morning. I didn't post anything here because I really didn't know what to say,...Show More Summary

Autograph request through the mail received: Ryne Sandberg

The Hall of Fame second baseman signed my two cards in blue Sharpie and sent them back in about a couple of weeks c/o a working address in Illinois - after seeing a fairly consistent stream of successes posted with Ryno, I finally put together a request on my own with a small fee and sent it out.

One Card Post - Yawkey

What: 2016 Panini Diamond Kings #45 - Tom Yawkey (Blue Framed #'d /99)Where: COMCHow Much?: $1.45Why?: Well done, Panini! A perfect subject for a set without logos. This is just my second card of the man who owned the Red Sox for longer than four decades, and it's by far my favorite. Show More Summary

Good Luck Ducks, Week 4: Conference Play

Oregon enters conference play with more questions than answers, and a whole lot of injuries. Last week's tussle with Nebraska was supposed to set up the shape of the Oregon Ducks season, but all we got out of it were some rotten injuries and the bitter feeling that the better team lost because it couldn't get out of its own way. Show More Summary

Value of one-sided nickel

Question: Okay so I have a nickel that has the tails side but not the head. It literally looks like only one side was minted and the other is flat. The

What does 2 of Date over 1 mean?

Question: In my 2010 Rotographic Collectors Coins GB Annual I keep coming across notes against coins as under:- 2 of date over 1

kennedy 40% half dollar weigh?

Question: What does a Kennedy 40% silver half dollar weigh? My Answer: The weight for the Kennedy Half Dollars dated 1965-1970 with a composition of -

How many 1982 d small date pennies were minted?

Question: I would like to know how many 1982 d small date us cents were minted. My Answer: Nick, as far as I know, the Mint has never released the mintage

Tennessee State Quarter

The Tennessee State Quarter was the first state quarter issued in 2002 and the 16th in the series which was authorized by the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act.

Is there such thing as a large cent minted without denticles?

Question: I am a new collector and may have been possibly taken in by fake coins. I bought one lot of 5 large cents on e-bay. Two of them I have suspicions

Rare Nickel

Question: I have a 2005 nickel, the face of the president is not centered, could this be a rare nickel? thanks My Answer: Saundra, the nickel you describe

1795 Jefferson Head Lettered Edge Liberty Cap Cent

Question: I believe my son has a 1795 Jefferson Head Lettered Edge Liberty Cap Cent. The details are difficult to determine because of what looks like

US mint wrapped coins

Question: Should you take coins out of the mint wrap paper and put into safe tubes or will it devalue them? My Answer: If you are talking about rolls

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