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Weekly Numismatic World News for August 20, 2017

In my nearly 12 years of writing this blog and occasionally delving into the reasons for the fluctuating prices of precious metals and their impact on the numismatic market, there have been some fundamentals that have driven that market. As I was reminded in one of the articles in today’s list, “Is Now The Time […]

Unlucky at the ATM

You need a quick amount of cash. After all, not every transaction can be made with a credit card. You hop in the car and drive to the bank to use the ATM. Within seconds, the machine spits out money and you drive away. Early the next morning you look at the bills and notice […]

Learning from History using Numismatics

One of the most popular aphorisms was written by philosopher and essayist George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Although it was one line in Volume 1 of his five volume The Life of Reason, the statement is so profound that it stands out as a seminal statement. Events […]

Adding Collecting Guides

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a few writing projects that include primers about collecting numismatics. While some of these articles have allowed me to repurpose blog posts, I have had to create some content not posted before. In the past, I posted a few including the series on small dollars […]

Weekly Numismatic World News for August 13, 2017

The reasons why counterfeiters are successful is that people do not pay attention. Even when people do allegedly pay attention, it is almost as if the brain is not engaging. A report from the U.K. says that people returning from mainland Europe are trying to pass euros because they look like the new £1 coin. […]

Lack of leadership at the U.S. Mint

Following the sell out of the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set, a few readers asked if I was going to post a comment. I declined to let the rest of the industry have this discussion. I would rather have a discussion about a different issue related to the U.S. Mint: the lack of leadership. […]

Sirius Collecting

Ancient Romans used to measure time by the position of the stars. One of the stars they observed was Sirius because it was the brightest star in the sky. During their observations, they found that starting about 20 days prior to its apex and 20 days that follow, the temperatures would be its hottest. This […]

A Night to Remember

After going all in on Red Sox Topps NOW cards during the inaugural season last year, I vowed to stay away in 2017. I've managed to stick to my guns, but I did make an exception a few weeks back. On June 23rd, the Sox retired David Ortiz's #34. Show More Summary

A Pair of PWEs from Longtime Friends

I've got a pair of PWE trades to share with you on this sunny Sunday, both of which actually arrived a few weeks back now. First up is longtime friend of the blog Mark Kaz. Mark isn't keeping his own blog any longer, but he's still collecting away and accumulating as many Mets cards as he can get his hands on. Show More Summary

Buyback Franken-set: '87s

Today's round of buybacks all come courtesy of 1987 Topps. Arguably the most over-produced set of all time, and with a design that's been recycled to death by Topps in recent years. Will any of these make the binder? Let's find out... Show More Summary

TTM autographs received: Chili Davis

Davis signed my two trading cards in black Sharpie in about 12 days c/o The Boston Red Sox, where he is the hitting coach - on SCN, it looks like successful responses are spotty at best but I must have seen a posted success on another collector's Instagram account and figured to try and get a couple of my loose Angels cards signed. Show More Summary

Dime Box (Nick) Red Sox!

I am long overdue in thanking Nick from the fantastic blog Dime Boxes for two exceptional packages of cards he shipped my way this summer. Here's the first! I'm guessing this fantastic Luis Aparicio from 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970s is a dupe or cast-off from Nick's players signing autographs collection. Show More Summary

TTM autograph received: Mark Whiten

The former MLB outfielder personalized and signed my trading card in about 4 weeks - Whiten's most memorable big league game was when he slugged four home runs against the Cincinnati Reds in 1993.

Pack Rip - 1996 Fleer Update

Quick pack rip for you tonight, 1996 Fleer Update baseball. 14 cards for $1.99 in 1996, or you can wait 20 years like I did and get the pack for half that price. Not bad either way given that your average pack nowadays contains just 8 cards and costs $2.99 or more. Show More Summary

The Chase for Base

Cards are disappearing from the shelves at a rapid rate. This year more than ever, it's been tough to put together my Cardinals team sets by the method with the most collecting satisfaction (if not the most economical): buying packs....Show More Summary

TTM autographs received: John Schuerholz

The longtime general manager and president of the Atlanta Braves signed my two cards in blue Sharpie in about 10 days - I saw that the 2017 Hall of Fame inductee was a pretty good signer TTM, but since I didn't have anything in particular to send him, I figured why not send him a couple of 'generic' team cards. Show More Summary

A Shlabotnik 12-pack

I'm so backlogged with trade packages that tonight, when I had a few minutes free for a change, I decided to just randomly grab one from the stack I have waiting to be processed on the desk in my office. The winner was a PWE that I received from Joe Shlabotnik just this past week. Show More Summary

A sign of the times?

Over the past decade, collectors of ancient coins have been faced with constant pressure from left wing radicals of academia—particularly the archaeological community leadership and their sycophants. Among the ardent supporters of anti-collector groups are a small but well entrenched cadre of bureaucrats in Washington. Show More Summary

Old Sox - T206 Stahl

I've been absent from the blog here, and from pretty much all aspects of my personal life, over this past week. I've got a major project going on at work that has basically had me working around the clock since Monday, and I've logged around four hours a day of drive time as well during that stretch. Show More Summary

2017 Topps National Baseball Card Day

It was probably not in the spirit of national baseball card day, but instead of ending up at a card shop to pick up a NBCD promo pack as well as spending $10 to get some sort of Mike Trout bonus card - I ordered a set of 29 cards [plus the Trout] on eBay for about $15. Show More Summary

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