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Why I'm NOT Renewing My Beckett Baseball Subscription

Yeah, I know. It's been a while since I've done one of these things. Sue me. Look, I'm not knocking Chris or Sooz. But there's only so much content two people can put out in a month; and it's just not worth the $40/year anymore.

NSCC Box Break: 2012 Upper Deck MLS Soccer

Call me old fashioned, but when I evaluate the pros and cons of a product, and whether or not I want to spend any hard currency in acquiring it, the number of BIG MOJO HITZ!!!1! in a box is (usually) ninth or tenth on my priorities list. Show More Summary


I just did something I haven't done in about 10 months. Buy packs, rip them, and post the results to YouTube.

2013 NSCC: Y U NO HAPPIE? And An Observation on "Added Value"

Last week the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention convened in the "Village" of Rosemont, Illinois, and I spent three days checking out the scene. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of my best pick-ups, but I want to start with something I noticed at the NSCC.There are a whole lot of unhappy people in The Hobby. Show More Summary


Oh yeah, it's back. You know what to do. And when you do, let everyone know about it: #BipWars2012 For the uninitiated: Go read Thorzul.

2015 Topps jumbo pack recap

In the last couple of years, a collecting ritual is to pick up at least one, loose hobby jumbo pack from Topps / Bowman products - it doesn't mean I won't end up buying any more hobby jumbo packs or even splurging for a jumbo box, but I've got to get that initial, hobby jumbo pack break out of the way. Show More Summary

Five Bucks and a Quarter Box

Today I've got the goods from a very quick stop at my new favorite card shop, Central Sports Cards in Pawtucket, RI. Since I didn't have much time to pick last time I was there, here's just $5 worth of cards I quickly grabbed from the quarter bins. Show More Summary


Some Blazers, a Wizard and a Duck walk into a blog... At some point this week the power went out in my place and I have been too busy to figure out why my scanner and PC were no longer on speaking terms. A few cables were unplugged and...Show More Summary

Grade This Card: 1956 Topps Roberto Clemente

I'm not a professional grader, just a longtime collector. I have a pretty good idea what constitutes gem mint, and what's considered poor. It's just everything in between that throws me. I've scanned one of my cards here. Help me out by giving it a grade in the embedded poll.1956 Topps Roberto Clemente #33This is just an awesome card. Show More Summary

Panini Prizm Part 3

It's been a long couple days, and I don't have much time to write this, but in the interest of getting something up on the blog let's rip through another four packs of 2013-14 Panini Prizm hockey. At just four cards per pack this should go quickly. Show More Summary

2015 Topps Spring Fever pack

#SF-29 Ryan Braun#SF-42 Adrian Gonzalez#SF-49 Chase Utley#SF-39 Michael Brantley#SF-30 Billy Hamilton

The Perfect Gift for Any Celebration

The Congratulations Set is perfect for any occasion and includes one of the most popular American coins – a 2015 American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin. The packaging includes an outer sleeve and inside folder, and there is space inside to write a personalized message to the recipient. “Congratulations!” is printed on both the […]

Harvesting Pumpkins!

Dear Readers, With fall in the air and Halloween around the corner, it’s pumpkin time at the farm! I have a large pumpkin and winter squash patch that [&hellip...

A Fresh Batch of '73s from Mark Hoyle

The name Mark Hoyle has become synonymous with awesome trade packages on many card blogs. After receiving a couple of bubble mailers now myself, I can certainly see why. I would love to see Mark's collection, given that he's probably mailed out more cards to others than I own in total. Show More Summary

Harry S. Truman Presidential 2015 $1 Coin Rolls, Bags and Boxes

Order the Harry S. Truman 2015 Presidential $1 to keep in your own collection, or to share your love of coins with others! Now available in bags, rolls, and boxes, these coins’ designs – with circulating finishes minted at the U.S. Mint at Denver that have never been placed into circulation – display large, dramatic […]

Signature Sundays - Rollie's 'Stache

A couple of years ago, I finally got around to picking up an autograph of the great Rollie Fingers. The card came from the 2009 Upper Deck Goudey set, and I was really happy with the pick-up. Here's a look at it: Just a great card. I love the Goudey design, and Rollie has quite a signature to boot. Show More Summary

Stamp Issuer Datasheet - Armenia

This chart represents a detailed analysis of stamps issued by Armenia, as supported by the 2009 issue of Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalog..nobrtable br { display: none } Armenia Basic Philatelic Information Date of first recognized...Show More Summary

Pack Rip - More '95-96 Upper Deck Series 2

Another snowy Saturday night in New England, let's take a look at a dozen hockey cards from 1995 in a shiny, foil wrapper... Nice start. I already pulled the base version of this card, now I have the Electric Ice parallel to accompany it. Show More Summary

1971 Topps football Jack Snow #44

I wanted a card of former NFL player Jack Snow [passed away in 2006] to 'tie up' the bloodlines connection with his son J.T., whose career in pro baseball, I am more familiar with - since J.T. was a former Angel [though mostly a former...Show More Summary

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